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Daniel's favorite builders
Oh snap, snap! Spark, spark! It's time to light up...
You can call me Edge!
My LEGO creations
lummerlander's collection of creativity in bricks
My LEGO creations
"Don't laugh at live dragons" -Bilbo Baggins
Welcome everybody to my page
Hey, what's up you guys?
LEGO shipyard
Why, hello there, Old Sport!
Alas, my madness is without method, for I am genui...
2GodBDGlory's Technic MOCs
Boldly going somewhere!
No one here but us chickens
My LEGO creations
CIABS Design
Destroy the Core!
An Adventure In Lego
Sven's Lego Stuff
Starfleet Shipyards and other Sci Fi
My LEGO creations
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
My LEGO creations
It's like a sci-fi museum!
NKubate: Think outside the box
Blaine's and my kids MOC's
My LEGO creations
the cliffs of insanity
Wisely Wonderings and Wizened Witticisms with a Wi...
Welcome to the Jungle!
One Homepage to Rule them All...
We're most alive when we're building
Little corner of the internet
The Work of a Boy and his Bricks
My LEGO creations
The Well of Lost MOCs
Batmapple's Lego Den
The Puff Central Command
My LEGO creations
So Say We All
My LEGO creations
Brick Plania Works
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Welcome, traveler, to the World
Dec's page. Hello there.
My gallery
AFOL from September 2014
Now on Flickr
Lightning HQ
Picking your nose doesn't make you a bad person, i...
My Life is Lego
Philippe's basement
I build objects out of plastic bricks.
My LEGO creations
I really hope this is what Blizzard meant when he ...
The Brick Hub™
My LEGO creations
Miscellaneous LEGO
Welcome to my Palace!
Cameron's palace of lego
JLiu15’s Lego Studio
Got tofu?
The Wolff's Den.
I Dreamt of Rust
My lego creations
Tanks, Tanks, and more Tanks!... and also spacy th...
Alternate Builds are my Specialty
Fauxx Creations
I Work and Play with LEGO
EIN's Creations /
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Finns` creations
"The Bricks Unleashed"
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My stories and creations
Ken Wind's LEGO MOC creations
just some builds will do.
Imperial Armada
North Studland Fire & Rescue
My LEGO creations
Visions From The Mind, Recreated In Bricks.
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
LEGO folies
De Oersoep
'Ello there, I'm me.
My LEGO creations
Starfleet Master Shipwrights
This is Madness!
Ivory and Leather
NILSOBRIX - Mostly Studless
BWTMT Brickworks
The Whimsical World
LegoOri's Page
MOCpages' newest AFOL!
LegoMathijs' MOC's Corner
Captain's Quarters
On the way to Alpha Centauri!
Christian Lego Creator
Alex's creations
My LEGO creations
Jackalope's MOCs
The Vehicular War zone
Jensens creative desk
Grapefruit Face's Lego Stuff
Cheep Buildz
My LEGO creations
Kurt's LDD Models
I challenge you
A Hive of Scum and Villiany
A shot at making good MOCs
Bak318 LEGO creations in LDD
My LEGO creations
Swash Buckler's Personal Legoland
Lego stuff
Retro Lego Space Forever!
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Didier's Lego creations page
My LEGO creations
My LEGO web site
Brick Long and Prosper
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Is it bad I prefer songs with screaming to the one...
Superfluously redundant!
Technical LEGO®
Fantasy Force Construction
My LEGO creations doubt, add more boosters!
My LEGO creations
My LEGO Cars and Other Stuffs!!
Currently Inactive and On Flickr
. . .
M<0><0>DSWIM's Sea Of Dreams
Welcome To Aeos - Magna
The Inc Verse
My LEGO creations
Engineering and Art
Home of the Contenders
SMARTAN 427's Adaptably Specialized Armada(ASA)
One Brick at a Time
Welcome to Floriduuuhhh
Brick Tricks - Lego Comics
Lupus ex machina
WELCOME to my LEGO(R) Creations, my VISION and my...
Gabor Pauler's LEGO Technic Helicopters
@Claww04Lego's LEGO MOC Creations
Hello there!
It was acceptable in the eighties
"But it was done so artistically"-Thrawn
My LEGO creations
ZX Turbo's LEGO web site (Set # 8150)
Thank You For Your Purchase! We Will Now Take Your...
Just one guy in his own little world
My LEGO creations
This page is now mostly an archive.
My LEGO creations
In the Baptist Bible, gluttony isn’t a sin. It’s a...
Michael Pickard's LEGO Creations.
Rediscovering Childhood
Dead Man's Land
The Land of the Sharax!
The coding WIZARD...
Lego Workshop
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Purple Edgelord
Back for a new series
“If I am mad, it is mercy! May the gods pity the m...
No theme.
My LEGO creations
Miniscale Vehicles
Land of the Toa
Old Mocs here, New Vids on YouTube
A wretched hive of procrastination and inactivity
AngelGUARD Industries
Zach's Brick Domain
Lego Creations
The Fact That Bunnies Exist Is Proof That Every...
New posts on Flickr
Lego League of Legends (Pico)
Doug's LEGO web site
The "Mini" Garage
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
A bigger pile of LEGO in a bigger apartment...
ABS Shipyards
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Meutainer's Domain
Why Are You Looking?
Brick Alchemy
Home of the Brick Isle Defense Forces
My LEGO creations
Legos are cool
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
St. Bricksburg Fire Department
Bionicle Mocs
MoreCityBricks LEGO creations
Space Stuff
Buggyirk's LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Ted's LEGO web site
Commissioner's office
Pip's Peculiarly Perfect Profile Page
Things that I have made and then taken pictures of...
Posting whenever
Bricks and things.
The Brick Federation
Doctor Figglefrump's Wonderfully Wacky World
Lord of War 'N' Bricks
My LEGO creations
Master of ninjas
Just swinging and hoping I hit something.
~ Play Well ~
AlphaLegendary's Amazing LEGO MOC's!
This page is made of: Lego and Piece
Redal's LEGO web site
Dusty bookshelves of nothingness...
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Diary of an AFOL's partner
My LEGO creations
More Than Meets The Eye
My LEGO creations
Exitium Protocol
Build. Post. Review. Attack.
My LEGO creations
Why don't hedgehogs just share the hedge?
A TFOL's Corner of the Sci-Fi
Seth's LEGO Studio
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
The Tranquil Nova
Stop Fox Lego HQ
The Legends in the Making...
Art with LEGO bricks
A Haunted Wood You've Stumbled Into...
LEGO Cars & more
My LEGO creations
I'm not dead anymore!
My LEGO Lifestyle
Bricks, Bots and Science Fiction
Cars and other stuff
My LEGO creations
Death by Broken Uploader.
My LEGO creations
Star Scape
My Concepts
The Emporium
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Steven's LEGO web site
Ego Igitur Aedificabo
My LEGO creations
The Bionicles took over my room and I'm never gett...
this page is dead, go to my youtube for content.
LEGOs From Home
Peace By Piece
My LEGO creations
DavideSacra MOC - ABrickDreamer
Bricks n Pieces
The Guy With The Halo Guns
Harbor Port (Motorized Boats, Engines, etc.)
My MOCs, MODs, and WIPs
A proud member of LOM resides here...
“I speak about the power of the Book of Mormon and...
Hi :D
The Standard Happenings Of Me
Stars & Steam
The Awesome Creations of Samiamuc
God made the ultimate moc
Creativity Hall
Miniature Modeling
Always Watching!
The Assembly Line!
nahtE724 LEGO Home
OptimalRed 10's MOCs!
Jackalope Builds
The Home of MP news
Medieval, Middle-Earth, and More!
Death to MOCpages
Norton74 LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
amaman's LEGO creations
LEGO Cabinet
My LEGO creations
The Cornflake Masters Kingdom!!!
My LEGO creations
My Brick Wall
John 10:9
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Godwins Hollow of Outer Godwinia
I only work in black...and some times very very da...
Building my life away
Procrastination station!
My LEGO creations
Lego Girl's MOCs
Another Brickhead
Hello everybody!
Determined to Defeat the Dark Ages Since 2012
Vincent's Creations
Just Stuff I Made
Go to my Flickr
Route 67
Automatic Doors Make me Feel Like a Jedi
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
The MOCer formerly known as DennisDegasStudios
I'd rather be skiing
Journey to Warden's World
When life was simple and times were sweet...
A Builder's Brain
Christian, lego fan, Tolkien fan
Welcome to the friends...
Can't disappoint your family if you never make the...
Cars and More
My LEGO creations
Elven Ranger's Bricks
I'm one piece short of Legoland
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
A Brick a Day
Now entering my lair......
Work possibly in progress.
I'll Be Back Eventually
Mostly Microscale
Turbo's Garage
Pure Creation
Christian Builder
My LEGO creations
Preparing, guess who's back.
Thorough Design Consolidation
My LEGO creations
LEGO addict
My LEGO creations
The Constant Dripping Wears Away the Stone
Don't post here anymore.
My LEGO creations
Why not?
Comedy with LEGOs
Slimy?! Mudhole?! My home(page) this is!
My Lego Creations
MOCing for the Glory of God
Brick Yeah!
Phall's MOC's.
Home of the Perpetually Young...
The Hangar
My LEGO creations
Brick Sash's Creations
Keep on Brickin'
Out of the Woods
Welcome to The Verdant Pyre.
Enter the Dark Realm
Jamesbrick's Liar
Logan's scifi building area
*Insert Title Here*
Release the Bricken!
My LEGO creations
Daniel's LEGO web site
The Place Where It Fits
Marek's Bionicle moc page
Ultimate Devastation: The Apocalypse has begun!
Sariel's LEGO web site
I Like Turtles
Dambaek's LEGO LIFE
"Speak friend and enter!"
Mostly Micro
The Calleri Boys
Drummer 501's creations
My LEGO creations
The King Of The Gods Amonst Men
Temple Manufacturing, Inc.
Bits & Pieces
Cars n' some other stuff
Ayy lmao
My LEGO creations
DreamDealer's Dungeon
MOCs from Every Theme!
TheRoboZ Lego MoCs
Sort of active. ;D
Bionicle Creations
I just deleted my entire homepage and replaced it ...
My LEGO creations
Alan Yap's MOC page
"Those were the stories that really mattered."
Heaven for Bad People.
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Making Space Colourful!
May the Lord Strike Thunder on you if you think Mo...
Brick Classics: Custom Lego Creations
x_Speed's Custom Cars Garage
Archives of a Biomancer
It was right here, now where is it!?!?!?
Cybercity the utopian town
PR0T05T33L's MOCs (Hero Factory and Racers)
Ludgonian Industrial Union
My LEGO creations
The Home Of LukeClarenceVan
bionicle mocs
My LEGO creations
Another Saber-Scorpion's Lair
It Pays to be Rich!
Still Waters Run Deep
Greetings Fwends!
"Whoever's the owner of the white Sedan, you left ...
My LEGO creations
Whero's the beef?
Classic Space Industry
My LEGO creations
Brett's Builds!
My LEGO creations
From the heart
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Lego... The Final Frontier...
ShineYU Lego corner
I sure hope there's LEGO in heaven...
The Workshop
My LEGO creations
Knux's Stuff
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
We don't stop playing cause we grow old, we grow o...
Insert generic title here.
MOCpages is Dead
Super Pikmin's Bionicle creations
My LEGO creations
Transformers Maniac
My Lego Creations
Virus Domain
Improving everyday
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Sill's City
Moved to Flickr
Look sir, unemployeds!
Omega's Reign
Some Assembly Required
Dog house
My LEGO creations
I'm Graham. I build with LEGO.
Not active anymore.
My LEGO creations
new account below
Mondaynoodle's Lego Page
My Nintendo Creations
Mr. #'s Lego Stuff!
My LEGO creations
"In some Worlds it's known as the Mask of Light, b...
Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fas...
My LEGO creations
Don't Split, Stay Here!
Bricks, sweat and tears.
Addicted to Bricks!!!
Brick Replicas
My LEGO creations
Joe's Basement of Legos
i'm bored a lot and i like talking
"It's the job that's never started that takes long...
My LEGO creations
My LEGO Design Portfolio
If only reality were this nice...
MOCs by DeeVee
My LEGO creations
A Sound of Thunder
The Realm of Sunder
Enrichment Sciences [NO LONGER ACTIVE]
House of Nabii
Lego Creations
Rods n' 4wides
Just One More Brick...
The Art of Lego
Not all those who wander are lost...
This Part of Me Has Died
There is no spoon...
My LEGO creations
A Page For Man.
Neo-Origin Armored Systems
I'm Almost as Dead as Bionicle 2017
. .
[Insert Good Title Here]
The 266th Squadron
Route 55
Bionicle built factory style.
Keep calm and brick on
Shadow`s Domain
''McAllen at your service''
"The only thing that's impossible---IS IMPOSSIBILI...
Damon's LEGO creations
My return is imminent
Title? What title?
The Crowe's Nest
Mainly on Flickr as Cevka
Jesus freak.
Another Brick in the Wall...
Hail to the King, Baby !
My Mid-Life Lego Crisis
My LEGO creations
Jacobs Creations of AWESOMENESS
Cars and the Occasional Iron Man
The motor pool
owo what's this
The awsome Mocs silai muller
My LEGO creations
Currently building...
My LEGO creations
The Not-So-Humble Abode
My LEGO creations
Max's Construction Sight
Bricks in Disguise
Jordan "Sir Nadroj" Schwartz -
Expect More Works In 2015
One Brick, Two Brick, Red Brick, Blue Brick
Autobot HQ
Suddenly... PINEAPPLES!
The Greasemonkey's Endeavor
Clicking Dem Bricks!
Nuclear Test Labratories
Eturior's Creations
The fish are dead.
The lair of Toa Horvox
Bricks from Blighty!
Christianity is NOT a religion it is a love for th...
Gone to Flickr
Hello fellow LEGO fans!
Legos in "..."
My LEGO creations
TFOL at last!
MOC Presentation
A.M.'s LEGO web site
Fallout New Vegas is the best Waste of Time since ...
Stop sending me invites!!!
[Crazy_Awesome.exe has stopped working.]
Iron Chef Lego
Base Plate (Home Base of the U.S.R.G)
Kyle's LEGO web site
Some of my creations
Lego addict

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