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's favorite builders
john's bricks website
Templum Ignoti
Visions From The Mind, Recreated In Bricks.
Brutalism & the Golden Age of Ocean Liners
The Eggplant Emporium
Swash Buckler's Personal Legoland
The Guy With The Halo Guns
The World is Changed
The brick is strong in my family.
Art with LEGO bricks
Green helmets LEGO web site
Lightning HQ
M<0><0>DSWIM's Sea Of Dreams
So Say We All
Prime Time
Vincent's MOC Page
The Work of a Boy and his Bricks
NKubate: Think outside the box
The Whimsical World
Home of the Perpetually Young...
My LEGO creations
Diego's LEGO workshop
The Place Where It Fits
The Galactic Anthropic Imperial Armada
My LEGO creations
Zackhariah's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
It was acceptable in the eighties
The Webpage Of D00M!
Construo ergo sum!
DS9's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
The Dawn Core /The Dawn Crown
Amhakia Visions
Ludgonian Industrial Union
Lee's LEGO web site
Another Saber-Scorpion's Lair
Mad Dragons And Burnt Wagons!
My Nothing Box
The Kamikaze Is In
You might be wondering, why the red suit?
Spencer's Models
The Doghouse
I'll be on Flickr if you need me.
Brickville Fire Rescue
Home of Ray Roe Limited
The Doctor is in the House
The Brick Hub
Kyle's LEGO web site: over 57,000 views!
Building community
Mondaynoodle's Lego Page
Paradise City - Steffen's LEGO website
Speak "Friend" and Enter
My LEGO creations
Quark Soup
Gallery of Creativity
Kik's Bricks
The Brickcave
Matt's Cannon Fodder
Lego Creations
Tony's Toybox
Dan Jassim's Lego Creations
Misriah Armories, Mars
Patrick's LEGO web site
get your spare parts here!
Eric Hunter's MOC Collection
Paulo's LEGO web site
About as social as a bag of badgers.
Blake's Baericks
Plenni LEGO Creations
The Expendable's Armoury
Do you smell the nostalgia in the air?
Willis' Star Wars collection. Mostly.
The Space Works
Tremendously Preposterous Inc.
A Handful of Bricks
Stacy's FFOL Lair
Stuff and nonsense
Yo-Sub's LEGO web site
Brickitecture by DecoJim
Nostalagia and Advertising.
My Creations
The Pine Crest Fire Dept
You'll Have to Excuse Me, I'm Not at my Best
A Little Collection of Bricks
The Monitogo Building Site
The Mudd Hole
Jordan "Sir Nadroj" Schwartz -
Brick Magic
My LEGO World
Welcome To My World...
Constant Brickering
Cutlass-Crocodile's Abode
Orbiter HQ station "Glassire"
everything including the kitchen sink!
May Contain Nuts
Castle Creations!
LoneWolf Engineering
From the Movies
The Shipyard
You scratch my back, I get my back scratched.
House of Nabii
RGF Productions
Fruits of a Wasted Childhood
What am I supposed to type h
Amarok's Warren
City archive of Kennemerburg
Dark Space
Arthur's LEGO Landmarks
Akara's Realm
My LEGO creations
Planet Blupi
The Straight Little Kingdom
Jeffrey's LEGO web site
NickGreat's LEGO Minifigs
Fiction, where dreams, nightmares, and all forms o...
Skinny's Page
Hovig Art
Sideways is always harder.
James' LEGO web site
Agitatis Ultramarini
The Dark Ages Cometh...
"When you mess with time, you're gonna get punched...
fear the swarm!!
"I will finish what you started."
Brian's LEGO web site
Empire of the Hand
Matt's Historical (sci-fi and fantasy) Domination
Car lovers unite!
Inter-Galactic Shanty
M2's Creations
The Quest Of Life
Other Shannon's site of ABS dealies
Vigilance Defense Systems
Mythic Works
Zirk's Works
Welcome to Jason's Weaponary Arsenal!
I'm Not Dead Yet, But We're Still Closed
Brick Architect
Shredder's Agency
My Land of Lego
The MOCpage of a Lazy Person who Refuses to Come u...
And Then There Was Lego....
The Skunk Works
Torn Veil Productions
Dem Bones
The LEGOings of a teenage Ewok
Legohaulics Anonymous
Government Commissions
Im back Finaly....
G.U.A. Industries
United People's Arms, Tech Branch
Welcome to the land of Philipp, The allmighty
Welcome, to Jurassic Park
Aperture Science
Christian's LEGO Themes
Welcome to the Savannah! :)
cole's LEGO web site
Shadow and Light Incorporated
Brickin' in the Borogoves
Ghostman's LEGO Creations
Josh's LEGO web site
Sven's LEGO web site
FonchyTime Legos
Aaron's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
My Lego lair!!!!!!
Dak yuki's creations
I've been Canadized... eh?
welliAR - Cars with Bricks!
House of Wack
Graphic Lego
Some random creation from me
Retro Central
Chas' Page
Sean-Michael productions
Still looking for Waldo...
The Homepage of a Master Amateur
up the irons
Dylan's Lego Lair
Welcome to the Dawg Pound
My brickopolis
JTS Wings
A Boy and His Bricks
My LEGO creations
Hadron Industries
Lego Warfare Center
In the Search for Inspirado
My lego creations
Error 404: MOC Not Found
Guardian Combat Systems
Texas International Defense Systems
Casper's LEGO web site
Harder, Better, Faster and Stronger MOCs
Shipwrecker's Inn
Minifigure And Accessory Depot.
I have quit
Garth Danielson's HAPPY LEGO FUN TIME
I'm retired
The Brick Dimension
My LEGO creations
Building out of the Box
Brian's happy place
Jango Fett's Mandalorian Army
Union of Nova Scotia's Air Command Base
Shorty's Grotto
Condor's Nest
Mayhem, Mischief, and Marauding Co.
tam's LEGO web site
That Irish Guy
Alaska Legos
Please leave a message after the beep...
Ooo! Piece of Candy!
Brendan and Ian's LEGO Web Site
Colonial Guard
AOS Central Command
Lego Ghost Town - Grave Stone by TheBrickster, and...
My Creations
My Lego Creations
2012- My comeback
Oikidomos Ex Machina
LEGO Haven - A piece of Sweden
We're all a little bit crazy...
a Corner of Corhaven
Let's Build, LTD.
Awesome Bricks
This is my Page, my Legos, my EMPIRE!
Lego Brick Industries
The Hall of Fire
Lego is not just a's an ADDICTION!
Eric's LEGO web site
It's a dark age every other month! ^.^
All my stuff
Taking Baby Steps Torward World Domonation
Voidshifter = Minecraft
The homepage of that handsome visage in the square...
My LEGO creations
The Acid Assassin awaits
AWesty's LEGO Website
Justin's LEGO web site
Pushing Out of the Dark Ages
Just Two Cunfuzzled Comrades...
Catfish's Little Mall of LEGOs
A Bunch of Random Stuff
In a World of Pure Imagination
BlackTalon Inc.
You have entered my fortress!
- FutJJ's Gun factory -
You've reached the Boss level.
Nathan's LEGO web site
The Radical World of Rocky
Camp Luse
Home of the public social disorder known as Zylo
THE AWESOME BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Masa's LEGO web site
La Mancha
My Page
The Lair Of The Epic Lama
No More Group Invites!
Minifigures and accessories factory
Allarand's LEGO web site
Bricks *@#$!^^%#$ rule!
My Lego
Terra Corp Tech museums
Legoholic's Lair
The fish are dead.
Munition County Garrison
a great creation starts with 99% lego and 1% inspi...
New World Productions
My Evil Lair
Welcome to the madhouse
p nostalgic
Gods and Monsters
Me home pageh
The LEGO Factory
My LEGO creations
Awesome Factory
The Scarlet Maskirovkas
Jewell Shipyards
Star Wars
chmiello19's LEGO web site
Biomechanical Bricks on MOCpages
Captain Bolt's HQ
My LEGO creations
Gus Indo
A Liberty-ale Mister
Tyler's Garage
Welcome to Inspiration Inc.
"Another Brick in the wall"
EILB (Excellence In Lego Building)
the house of castle mocs
Commander Ryans page
DARK's Castle Creations
The 106mm- Home of Military Creations
King Borether's Fortress
The home of Walter's creations and stuff.
Just chillaxin c(o_Oc)
Scott's LEGO web site
michael's LEGO web site
Space Portal
My LEGO creations
Brick Bay and Iron Brick Industries
Bismarck-class battleship Tirpitz
The Lost Bumble Cave
A Project of Stupidity
Brea's Best Bricks
JiXiang's LEGO web site
Welcome to Koyan Nui
Workshop #37,956
Xenyo's LEGO Creations
Dedotated Wam
Weapons Research / Private Home Contractors
Brick Lover INC.
My Homepage
Charlie's MOC World
Ghost Dance
Ryan's LEGO web site
STC Shipyards
No Creative Title Here
My LEGO creations
hello mocers
Never hurt someone ever!
It's Good to be the King...
Carls home page
The Foundry
Paul's LEGO web site
Welcome to my page!
The Opossum Palace
LEGO from the Land Down Under!
spencer's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
801st Legion - the Ghostmakers (Gamma six Echo)
N.L.A (No Longer Active)
cornell's page............................
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
By the power of Grayskull I have the power !
I'll kill anything...if im getting paid
brian's LEGO web site
Colonel's Lego Productions !
Ball Industries Interdimensional
I'm waiting for BrickFair
General Supermachjm's LEGO lair: home of the ULSF
The whimsical, wonderful world of LEGO
My LEGO creations
My Homepage
My LEGO creations
Leiva Defence Company, INC HQ
Woah.... This is Aqua's page!!!
My LEGO creations
Andrew's House Of Cheesecake
a place with lego creations
pollys creations
My LEGO creations
Caleb's LEGO web site
The Land of Star Wars!
The Underground Garage
THX 138's Lego creations
home of TASK FORCE 141
Master Derek
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
FixBayonets! House of Lego
Aran Archives
My Lego...And BrickArms!
Brian's LEGO web site
827th Attack Battalion
Archaonus's LEGO web site
Republic of Alaska Brick Force Headquarters
House of War
Please don't feed the animals
NERDpages- The LEGO Graveyard
The StarFox archives
Revons's Secret Layer of Legos
Leather Necks Marine Corps Page
connor's LEGO web site
It takes one mistake to make somethink, but it tak...
Ultimate Commander's Armory
Grand Baseplate!
David's LEGO web site
Lego Star Wars Rocks!!!
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Joaquin's Obsession Headquarters
The Golden Age
House Of Bricks
139th Seal Corps
The doctors evil Lair
Commando Flare's Lair
Oliver's Lego Domain
My LEGO creations
Hollow Earth
Xavier's Lego Creations
My LEGO creations
Lego war
Razor's Outpost
The home base of the U.T.M. (United Terrain Milita...
My LEGO creations
Future marine
Davey's LEGO web site
Marines of All Nations
Gungnir Industries, Construction Division
731st Legions Base
Warriors LDD
G.D.E (Green Dragon Empire)
Froy's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
Jaye's LEGO web site
jake's LEGO web site
The Black Knights' secret hideout.
My LEGO creations
(The Terminated) House of rock 'n roll
My LEGO creations
A New Generation...
Welcome to the Jungle
Timberwolf2's LEGO web site
The Tribrick
Small amount LEGO Creations
Scoot's hideout of LEGO shtuff.
My LEGO creations
Mariann's LEGO web site
Ownage's LEGO web site
Ed's LEGO web site
Wings and Things
Fox Kupo's Friend's Page AKA The Armory (Be sure t...
Clone's LEGO web site
My Military Mocs
My LEGO creations
Thomas' Lego Stuff
Will's Crib
My LEGO creations
Dylan's LEGO web site
Jail's Bricktopia
Razion's Hellgate
My LEGO creations
82nd airborne div.
Niko's LEGO Website
Marshall College
The Faithful Area of Courage
Nodyme's Creations
Kadco Modular Designs
Chrispy Bacon Lego Creations
Alexandre's LEGO web site
My Star Wars
Halo's Destruction
Military and World of Warcraft
An Aussie gose Yankee
Paul's LEGO web site
domain of desperation
That one page where I post things I build
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Custom Lego Military Creations
Welcome to Savo's Home Page!!!!!
Orange yoshis LEGO web site
T.O.'s Legos
I am gone.
my page kthanxbai
Matt's creations
Coasties Watch
Welcome to my page, Dear Visitors...
Republic base of the 501st
A 6-Wide Auto Show
Hello, check my lego creations.
Beauty in Bricks
. .
i'm DONE with legos
Home of The 613th Legion
WARNING: You are Reading Matt Shack's File.
Lieutenant Jones
bricks galore
The Engineering Department
Isaac LEGO web site
Darth Maul's Lego Star Wars MOC's
The Point of No Return
Odds and Ends
Scorpier's Lego Garrison
Dennis' LEGO Things
Isak's Creations
Bohdan's tools of destruction
Nicolas' LEGO web site
Sebastian's LEGO web site
Marcin's LEGO web site
Chris' LEGO web site
Binkmeister's MOCs
House of MOC's
Lumby's Lair
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
A site full of LEGO
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
The Henshin hero
Tyler's LEGO Page Of Nonstop Fun
JLee's Lego page
A Power Stroke
The Royal Nathanian Republic's Military Headquarte...
World of Brickedy Brick
My LEGO creations
the lego lair
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
welcome to wolfs gunship hangar
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Kingjaron's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
Teh wikidestz Muchz 2
Brickopolis Defense Force-- Defense Command
European Union Headquarters
The page of Awesomeness.
DJ's LEGO web site
Nerd 7's home base.
The Scarred Crow's Perch.
Spike's home page
My LEGO creations
All The Small Things
Brian's LEGO web site
My LEGO creations
My LEGO creations
Dan's LEGO Page
My LEGO creations
Confederacy of Independant Systems
ethans lego creatoins
My LEGO creations
T's LEGO web site
Gendo's LEGO web site
LegoBendy's LSS Ember Rayne (a work in progress)
Noah Owens
Stephen's LEGO web site
brecht's LEGO web site

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