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Rogue Shadow form Force Unleas ...
Rogue Shadow form Force Unleas ... by General AC
Star Fox's Arwing (Black)
Star Fox's Arwing (Black) by General AC
Jakeblast v.2
Jakeblast v.2 by Adam Weaver
ROB by Adam Weaver
Jake Blast
Jake Blast by Adam Weaver
Dark-Blade Part 2
Dark-Blade Part 2 by Rahkshi Party
Dark-Blade: Lord and Hero Of G ...
Dark-Blade: Lord and Hero Of G ... by Rahkshi Party

About this group

(This Group is different from my First Group. So please Do not Compare them!!! And Aslo Please note that I will Edit this. And I will Use the Same Picture that I used for my First Created Group!! So don't Critise!)

Entering Data from Database.......



ENTER NAME, RACE, RANK, HAIR AND FUR/SCALE/FEATHER &/or SKIN COLOR, EYE COLOR, SHIP NAME(Please note that "Standard" Means Illeagally Modified, but a Certain Higher Power made them Leagal only for Team Star Blade), SKILLS & ABILITIES &/or MAGIC, AND CHARACTER BIO.

Name: "Dark-Blade"

Race: ??? Unknown.

Rank: Team Leader.

Age: around 17-20 years old.

Hair and Fur/Scale/Fether &/or Skin Color: Black Scales because of his Tail.

Eye Color: ??? Unknown

Ship: Presumably said to be from the Lylat System, N1-7 "Dark-Star" (DARKWING)

Skills/Abilities &/or Magic: His Skills out weigh every other Pilots' Skills(Those who he Did Fight). His Abilities are Un-identifiable, he is a Tactical Genius. He Uses all of the 5 Schools of Magic, but Mainly Uses Dark Magic(5th School, and it is Forbidden in all Systems).

Bio: "Dark-Blade" Once had a Name, not an Alias, but due to an Undocumented Event, he had to Hide his Identity and became "Dark-Blade". No one knows who he is now, not even his own team, and for a good Reason, He doesn't Trust his Team mates with his Identity for a fear of Assassination or the threat of a Bounty Hunter among them looking for an Easy Score. His Planet, that was apart of the Grandala System, was Destroyed by an unknown Source, the Pieces of his Planet still has that Rare, Indestructble Ore called Obsidian Damascus Ebony or more commonly know as "ODE" by the Miners. This Metal is near Impossible to Work with and with the Planet Destroyed, Countless Miners have to Mine Countless Pieces of the destroyed Planet that still follow the path that it was on. His Sword, that he Keeps with him at all times, was forged from this Metal and was forged by his hands, it also has a Black Coloration, due to the Obsidian and Ebony and Damascus. His Hand-to-Hand fighting Style is one of the Most Deadliest and hardest ones to use. It is a Primitive, Savage, Tribal Fighting Style and to make it even more deadly, is that his Race have Bladed-Tails and they use those tails for Medium to Long Distance Hand-to-Hand, their Tails can Extend to about 10-45 yards, and have a speed up to 65-120 MPH. They were a Feared Race, if that is if anyone Knew where they were, No one Traveled to his Planet, not even the miners, which an Explorer found the Ore and told a great many People about it. He still Keeps his Tribal Out-fit Locked away in his Room's Closet, but he wears every now and then, Which he has a Code that only he knows, on his Mother Ship, the N17-342 "Shadow Star-Destroyer"(Not in Resembilance to STAR WARS.) This ship is as big as a Medium sized Planet and has a crew of Only 6 People and one Robot! It also has Two "Destroyer" Cannons that out Size the Great Fox. "Dark-Blade" also has a Small weakness to Women, but not as much as Ano. "Dark-Blade" Wants Revenge on whoever or whatever Killed his People and destroyed his Planet. So, he has adopted a Dark, Mysterious, Life Style along with his New Alias. (From Database, the rest of his History is in another Document, and it is Restricted)

Name: Amber, the Red Vixen.

Race: Vixen, is Considered to be a Tri-Marian, of the Moon, Tri-Maria.

Rank: Second in Command.

Age: 4-6 Years Younger than Krystal and Fox.

Hair and Fur/scale/feather &/or Skin color: Palish-Pink Hair, and Rare Redish-Orange Fur Color (Main body) and Black (Under Belly)

Eye color: Rare Indeed, Yellow outside of Iris, Red Iris, and White Pupils!

Ship: "Standard" Velectrian Star Fighter RX7-82 "Lighting Thunder-Star" (STARWING)

Skills/Ablities &/or Magic: Amber is Quite Skilled in air and Ground Combat, but she can be a little Reckless. Her Abilites are, that she can Read Memories, but only Memories and even the Memories of the Ancestor of a Person. She can use 2 of the Schools of Magic, they are, Earth Magic(2nd School) and Air Magic(1st School).

Bio: Amber doesn't Remeber anything of her Original Planet that she was Originally Born on and Believes that she was Born on the Moon, Tri-Maria. She was taught the Ways of Magic by her "Foster" Parents and Tribe, but mainly from the Cheiftess, who was a Master of the 4 Schools of Magic, and the 5th School was forbidden from her tribe, and if anyone was caught Studying the 5th School were Punished, but if they Resisted and attacked, it was an automatic Death Sentence, and no mercy was given until the final blow, and a few words of Prayer and Forgivness that were whispered in their ear. Amber Heard the Legend of the Faorian Crystal, which was an Emerald Crystal, that was Stolen and Lost Centuries ago, the Temple that the Crystal Resided in was called the Tri-Nayruna Temple, named after the Tribal Goddess of Love, Tri-Nayruna. This Temple was Cursed and the Legend Starts with a Small Group of the Shadow Worshipers who used the 5th School of Magic to Taint the Temple, where the Most Holiest of Cerimmonies were Held. those Cerimmonies were Weddings. And when one wedding was being Preformed, Just Before the Shadow Worshipers had Tainted the Lovers' Blood and thus Tainted the Temple after their Victory to their Evil God, Thesuarianist. The Lovers who were tainted by this Foul magic were said to be the Destroyers of the Tribal Empire, if the Female Gave Birth to a Red, Vixen Daughter. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. the Empire was destroyed, by Fear, anger, and Hatred, and the People Fled and now lived in Different Tribes. This was Centuries ago, Before Amber. and Amber fits in the Prophecy of the Red Vixen or more Precisely, the Prophecy of the Tainted Blood. But Amber wasn't Born on this Moon, but she arrived on the moon at the age of 3 months, but whose to say that her Mother and Father weren't from Tri-Maria, and also happen to be the Decendends of the Tainted Lovers! Amber Explored the Temple with an Explorer who went by the Name, Nathan Akira Hikimura(Who Dies later after "Dark-Blade" Bring's the Crystal back to the Temple). Nathan was also a Mercenary-for-Hire, and he was Hired by the Civilized Planet of the Tri-Maria Moon, Tri-Gran. (From Database, and the Rest of the Amber's Bio is in another Document within the Database)

Name: Phoenix Flare.

Race: Falcon. Cornerian, she was Born and Raised in the Lylat System.

Rank: Corpral.

Age: at least in her Late Teens.

Hair and Fur/Scale/Feather &/or Skin Color: Purple Fire-like hair and Pink and Red Feathers (Main and Under Belly).

Eye Color: Deep Sea Blue.

Ship: "Standard" Cornerian Star Fighter, FS29-04 "Blue-Talon".

Skills/Abilities &/or Magic: Phoenix Flares Skills are well earned by her Determination. Her Abilities are, when she is on the ground it seems like that she is fooling around when she is using her "Unique" Hand-to-Hand Fighing style, which is like a Dance that a Pole Dancer would do when she doesn't have a Pole to dance with, it has Proven Quite Effective, and during Ranged Combat, her "Unique" Style also Proves Quite Effective when dogging lazers and other Semi-Automatic Weapons, but she does not dare use it when her enimies use Rapid-Firing Weapons, because that is Gambling with Death, and everyone knows that Death always Wins, no matter what! She doesn't Use magic.

Bio: Phoenix was Born and Raised on Corneria, in the Lylat System. When her Parents were killed by a Notorius Murderer, called by his Given name, the Death Stalker, when she was at the age of 3 years old, and at four, he came after her, only to meet his Demise from a 4 year old! She was very resourcfull, and used a Make-shift Dart Gun, that only shot one dart at a time, and she only used one because she shot him in the neck. She was going to be on the Streets soon and didn't want to go to an Orphanage, so she looked for someone who would take her in, and no one did, and she was left out on the Street. A few months later, she saw a "Place" that she didn't know anything about, and she talked to the Manager of this "Place" and he felt sorry for her, and he gave her a Home. What was this "Place"? It was an Exotic Pole dancing Club. For years she watched the Teenage and Young-Adult Girls Dancing and she studied their Moves, and when she was old Enough, Like around 16-18 years old, he Placed her on the Pole Dance Floor, and she had her own Style, and everyone, Even the More Experienced Pole Dancers were Shocked to see her Preformace, which got Her "Foster Father", the Owner of the Pole Dancer's Club, Major Credidation and the Customers Chose her More often because her Style was Unique! And Her Super High Scores made her the Top Dancer in about 2 Years! But to make sure that she can still Preform, he had a Restraining Order on her, which Only Limited the Male Customers down to a touch on her, if anything Exceded a Touch, Like a Slap on the Butt, that Guy was Suspeneded from the Club(if he is a member), others, would just be thrown out. And when his Old Friend, who was in the Grandala System, Stopped by, he betted his friend to see who had the Better Dancer, it was a Bet that would Change Phoenix's Life. And when she Lost, due to her Opponet Cheating, she was now her "Foster Father's" Friend's New Dancer. She was Placed on his Ship and was headed back to Grandala. Then When they reached Grandala, and they only had an hour of Peace and Quiet, Phoenix was looking out her Room Window and saw how Beautiful it was, like she was Brought to a Negative System, but the Reason for it's Unique and Negative-like ways was the Planet Senom. A Luscious and Extremely Beautiful Planet that was able to Change the Atmosphere, and color of Space in the Grandala System. Then they were Attcked by "Bored" Space Pirates, which destroyed the ship and everyone except for Phoenix who managed to get an Emergancy Oxygen Tank before she was shot out into Space. Her Air Tank was almost empty in just 45 to nearly 2 hours, and she feared that she was going to die, but then a Ship came out of nowhere, she thought that it was an ARWING from STAR FOX, because of it's Style, so she thought that it was STAR FOX, the Heroes of the Lylat System. But then she saw that the Cockpit Opened and she was shocked to see a Person just Float out into Space and grabbed her, and luckily their was a piece of Debris from the her Transport Ship and he used that as a spring and went back to his ship. When the Cockpit closed, her air tank showed empty, she asked who the person was, and he replied, "Dark-Blade". Ever since then she felt like she owed him for the Kindness, Selfishless and nearly Sacrificed his life for her's, he showed her that Day. (From Database, but the rest of her history is in another Document in the Database.)

Name: Ano Madrono

Race: Dimond-Back Rattle snake. he was born on the Planet Senom, the Counter Sister Planet of Venom! (Believe it or not!)

Rank: 1st Private.

Age: The Youngest Member on the team, around 14-17 Years of Age.

Hair and Fur/Scale/Feather &/or Skin Color: Black Hair and Dark Gray Scales(Main Body) and White(Under Belly).

Eye Color: Sea Green.

Ship: "Standard" Senom War Fighter, TTH13-45 "Venom Striker".

Skills/Abilities &/or Magic: Ano's Skills are Like Panther Caroso's, and Panther is like Ano's Role Mode, but he has his differences, like he is much more of Respectful to Women. Ano's Abilities Vary, but when he is mad, he has something called, Rage Strike, Which is a Moc of "Dark-Blade's" Hand-to-Hand, but a Lot Different. Please Note, that Ano's Moc Fighting Style Is NOT Tribal or Savage like "Dark-Blade's")

Bio: Ano Madrono is considered more of a "Love Snake", though he has tried with other girls, he is mainly after Amber, Raptor, and Phoenix, he is Extemely Weak when it comes to Women. But he Makes up for it in skill and Taunting a Large Group of Enemies, and often wins, because he is deadly with a Tail Blade, that he made himself, which is an Accessory Version of "Dark-Blade's" Tail Blade. (Ano's Histroy is Unknown but is in Our Database)

Name: Raptor Velastasia II Velasa.

Race: Velociraptor, Velectrian.

Rank: Third in Command.

Age: Older than Amber, but Younger than "Dark-Blade".

Hair and Fur/Scale/Feather &/or Skin Color: Blonde Hair and Dark Purple Scales(Main Body) and Light Blue(Under Belly).

Eye Color: Pink.

Ship: Experimental "Standard" Velectrian Star Fighter, RCT130-09 "Black Rain".

Skills/Abilities &/or Magic: Raptor's Skills in any kind of Combat is unmatched by any foe she faced, except "Dark-Blade" during Training Excercises. Her Ability to Repair and Create things for her Team mates are far more Advanced than Slippy Toad's, because she took Highly Advanced Classes in Mechanics, she also has a Playful Life Style to suit her skills, she "Plays" with her Opponents before she takes them out.

Bio: Raptor Velasa is the Princess of Velectra, her mother, Velastasia I(Vel-a-st-a-sia), is the Queen. Raptor was kiddnapped by Pirates who wanted to Hit the Big One, by Kiddnapping a Princess, which was a Bad Idea, because not only did they Capture the Princess, they Captured the Princess of a Planet that has Planetary Cannons that are able to take out Large Fleets of Armadas!! And they didn't succeed because Raptor was a well Trained fighter! She took out the Entire Crew, and Captured the Captain! Then he was Sentenced to Life in Prison, but also had to watch his ship become Scrap Metal thanks to the Planetary Cannons! The Sentence of Capturing a Princess is Death! Raptor didn't know why her mother Spared the Pirate Captain's Life. All her mother told her was, "You'll find out soon enough." And Raptor didn't like the sound of that. When "Dark-Blade" Came to Velectra, he was hired to Execute the Captain, and his Profile Fit him Perfectly, a Person masked and his Identity Unknown to all. Raptor saw the Execution and was scared of "Dark-Blade" at first, because he was so Ruthless even to a man that Pleaded for Mercy, and that goes to show you that Pirates are Wimps, when it comes to something like being Executed! And "Dark-Blade" Used his Sword to Execute the Pirate Captain, then he saw Raptor. He asked Velastasia I if Raptor could join his team, though it took some convincing, Velastasia was Surprised how much of a Back-Bone he had when they were discussing it. Raptor was Lisenting behind the Door, and heard that her mother Finally Agreed, and then she pleaded her mother to change her mind, but after a few weeks on his Mother Ship, she got use to him, she started to like him more and more. (From Database, but the rest her history is in another Document).

Name: Ralf(Raphael) Rascal.

Race: Rat. Verminian.

Rank: Lieutenante.

Age: at least 3 years older than "Dark-Blade".

Hair and Fur/Scale/Feather &/or Skin Color: Dark Blue Hair and Black Fur.

Eye Color: Silver.

Ship: "Standard" Grandalian Bomber, RTF312-88 "Drakonis Ripper".

Skills/Abilities &/or Magic: Ralf's skills are that of an Assassin, he was taught the Traditional Kung-Fu Style Hand-to-Hand if he ever had to resort to hand-to-Hand. His abitlities are hard to use, but not Impossible, they are senseing near by threats and other Abilities that an assassin needs.

Bio: Ralf was born on Verminia. and Taken in by an unknown person when his Parents died from an accident. Ralf only knows this man as his Master, and calls him Master. It has been years of Hard Training and he finally perfected it, every course except one, and that course is called "Primal Rage", a Course that is So Legendary that it isn't even considered to be a Fighting Style that is within all fighting styles. Ralf then Left and Became an assassin, he went to the Lylat System because he was hired to Assassinate a certain person. Amber and "Dark-blade" and the Team are within the Lylat system at this time, on an Outpost for Mercinaries, Merchants, etc. Outside of Corneria. They were Looking for Recruits. Ralf was in a bit of a jam when he was caught trying to assassinate a Senetor of Corneria. "Dark-Blade" also Encountered Krystal, she was curious to see what he looked like and kindly asked him to remove his Mask. He refused, and told her that he doesn't trust her. She understood his problem, though she tried to read his mind but she was quickly stopped by a shocking sensation in her mind, he used his magic to counter Krystal's Telepathy. Then Ralf Ran into Krystal by "accident" trying to get away from the Police, Angering Fox McCloud and Fox called the Police Officers to come over to arrest him, because he saw a Wanted Poster for Ralf, who was known as the Assassin of the Senator, and then "Dark-Blade" Stood in the way, Fox was about to push him away, but then saw "Dark-Blade's" Tail, and Fox didn't want to anger this Masked Stranger, and so he told the Stranger to step aside and let him and the police through, but Ralf had already Signed up to be a member, and Phoenix called out to him, saying his Alias, and he turned and walked away to greet Ralf, the Police tried to arrest him, but "Dark--Blade" Told them to leave his Team mate alone, but the Police said that he had a Warrent on him, and he replied, "Don't worry, at least he will atone for his crime by doing some good by helping me." And the Police didn't believe him, and tried anyways, but "Dark-Blade" pulled out a large puch of Money and said that this would pay off whatever crime that Ralf had done. They took it and they left, saying that the Court will have to verify it, Fox was Outraged by the Transaction stormed off to blow some steam by going to the Shooting Range tht they had on that Outpost. Krystal was confused by this Act of Kindness, but well enough left it alone, but she never filled her Curiousity by who this Masked man was. Then Ralf told the Team about his master, back on Verminia, but after he tried to get out of the Team after "Dark-Blade" Bailed him out of that Jam, and they Plotted a Course to Verminia, to Meet this Master of Ralf's. When they got there and asked him to train his team mates, Ralf's master told "Dark-blade" to Remove his Clothing/Armor and mask, but he Refused, but then Ralf's Master said, "In Private we will be, your team mates should not see your face, because of a trust issue. You and I shall Train in Private and in the dark we will be in, just to conceal your Identity.", and he Agreed, so in the darkness they went and the others heard Intense Fighting in the dark, and when they returned outside, the old man was well worn out. "Vicious, he is, well trained in the Ancient, Tribal Art of Primal Rage was he." Said Ralf's Master, and everyone was Shocked to know this! Amber asked if he could teach her the Art of Primal Rage. and he told her the Conditions and Risks. Though Being naked was not Raptor's "Fortee" but to Amber and Phoenix it was something like wearing their Original Clothing, only Amber was more used to it than Phoenix because Amber wore a Much More Revealing Tribal Out-fit than Krystal! Ralf asked if he could try one more time. And his Master agreed.
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