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Freedom Soldier (An ODST Book)
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About this group

This group is going to be used to show you my new Halo ODST book I'm writing called Freedom Soldier. Feel free to add any halo creations, make creations for the book, give me some ideas for the book, and comment on the book. I might do some contests for creations about Freedom Soldier and I also have made some stuff for this book that I will try to post soon.

Series 1
Book 1

Chapter 1
“Life is Hard but it’s Harder When You’re Stupid”

“Clink, clink, tap, tap.” Sounded the rain upon the roof of the very unstable bus that which Trevor Robert Johnson was aboard. He was headed once again to the place he hated, school. This was no ordinary school however, but an Odst training school.
“Uh, I hate Mondays.” Trevor thought as the bus neared the entrance to the dreaded place. Trevor was only 16 at that time and usually the government wouldn’t allow it, but since earth was the last stand for human kind against an alien race of creatures called the Covenant, they decided to let it go. “There is one thing to look forward to though,” Trevor suddenly thought, “my brother David will be returning from his ‘vacation’ to Hawaii. Man, I haven’t seen him in, well at least a month.” Indeed, Trevor was correct, his brother had returned from, what was actually, a mission in Hawaii. David was the toughest guy Trevor new, a year older than Trevor, but still quite strong for his age. He was also the ladies man with his dark brown uncut hair. Trevor was less attractive and wore a shortcut, brown, army looking, sort of style. Even though David wasn’t always the modest type, Trevor still loved to be around him. It was people like David who made his life still bearable.
“Crank!” the wet bus came to a stop, “Alright, everyone out!” ordered the ugly bus driver. The young soldiers began to swarm out of the crowded vehicle and enter the army school.
“Here it is, another day that I have to get through, but at least I have,” Trevor said to himself, but was unable to finish as someone tapped on his right shoulder.
“Come on, you remember me, don’t ya Trev?” asked David in a kind voice.
“David! Man it is good to see you! I missed you a ton!” replied Trevor happily as they both walked, together, into the building, “Boy has school been horrible since you were gone, although we did get to go to the shooting range a couple of times.”
“Well, just remember the most famous quote of all time: ‘Life is hard but it’s harder when your stupid.’ And that’s what you’re here for, to get smart, in a way I guess.” David encouraged as the two teens made their way down the metal hall, “I’m going to have to report in at the commander’s office, but I’ll see you later at lunch, kay?”
“Oh, um, alright I guess I’ll see you then.” Replied Trevor while David turned into the commander’s room.
Later, at twelve p.m. the two brothers met ounce again, in the lunchroom of the Odst School. “So how was your meeting with the commander?” asked Trevor strangely.
“Um, it was fine. Is something wrong Trev? You seem to be acting kinda strange.” Observed David while taking a bite out of his sandwich.
“Well, I don’t know, I guess I feel as if my life has no more meaning. You know like,” Trevor began, but was stopped when he heard a booming sound from above, “what’s going on?”
“I’m not sure Trevor, come on we need to get out of here and to the weapons station, I think we’re under attack!”
“Attack! We’ve never been attacked before!” Trevor announced.
“Well that’s what your training was for! Now let’s move!” ordered David as they both darted to the weapons room, “We’re here now hurry up and grab a gun before this whole place goes down!” Trevor immediately followed his brother’s order and snatched a DMR with a Magnum. David was more of the close-combat type and grabbed two Machetes with an Assault Rifle. The two brothers ran to the exit of the army school as the ceiling began to collapse and the walls started to crumble.
“Eh!” the two teenagers leaped through the exit just in time to watch their “home” be destroyed by their archenemy, The Covenant.
“They kill our parents and then they crush many of our friends, but they won’t get away with it.” Said Trevor under his breath.
“Trev, we have to get out of here now! They’re going to shoot down any survivors they see! Get into that warthog now!” David pointed towards the military vehicle parking lot. They both maneuvered their way to the intact warthog as Trevor covered and David powered it up, “Alright she’s ready to go, now hop in that turret and shoot down a couple banshees while I drive us out of this death zone!”
“I’m on it!” answered Trevor as he climbed onto the back of the warthog and started to operate the machinegun turret. First, he shot down an incoming banshee that almost hit them while David swerved to dodge the bomb. Next, two of the “Purple Planes” or PP’s were attacking with full force. Trevor shot down the first one and just barely nicked the second, which, fortunately, hit the wing and made it crash.
“Nice job bro, we’re out of dead man’s land.” David complimented.
“Thanks, but where do we go from here?” Trevor asked in deep thought.
“Well I heard they were setting up another U.N.S.C base about three or four hours from here near Espa, North Carolina. We’ll be headed there after we search for anyone who made it out of that battle, I’m pretty sure we weren’t the only ones.” Replied David as he turned the warthog West and headed back towards the crushed base.
“Yeah you’re probably right, I wonder if Julie or Seth made it through.” Trevor threw out while they turned in the maze of wreckage.
“Well, if they were tough enough and smart enough then they probably did. Knowing Julie, I think they must have. After all she does have the highest GPA on knowledge in our school.” Mentioned David as he stopped the warthog, “We’ll have to go on foot from here, there’s no way the warthog could drive through that mountain of crud.” The two survivors quickly walked around the obstacle and cleared the crash site, now on the Western side.
“Julie and Seth’s unit was on the Western side of the compound so they probably exited out the Western doors. In turn, they should be around here. See anyone?” Trevor remarked as he searched the landscape for any signs of life.
“No I don’t,” David was stopped by the sound of a flare shooting up into the sky just over the ridge, “well there’s something to go investigate!”
“Yeah, let’s go!” Trevor replied quickly as the two sprinted up the steep ridge and over it into the gully.
“David!” Julie yelled as she saw David and his brother appear from the smoke and dust.
“I knew you guys made it out!” exclaimed David with a grin.
“We’re headed for Espa, you two mind joining us?” asked Trevor sarcastically.
“What do you think?” replied Seth with a laugh.
The four young soldiers made their way back to the warthog and headed for Espa with one thought in mind, “Is this the end or will man kind stand and win?”

Chapter 2
Espa Base

It was chilly the night that the four escaped soldiers entered the city of Espa. The ground was wet and the streets were covered in trash. Many of the skyscrapers were on fire and some buildings had collapsed. There were very few officers or soldiers around to make sure that the place didn’t go into full chaos. It wasn’t like Chanton, Virginia. Chanton was very isolated and there were few attacks there, until now. But Espa was a city, a large city, and the Covenant would probably focus on killing as many humans as possible, so they bomb the cities with the most civilians. That’s how the Covenant works; they destroy the populated areas and then make their own base smack where that city was. Trevor couldn’t understand how the aliens didn’t even care if they killed people who weren’t in the war. But after all, they are ruthless killers who seek nothing but power and they won’t stop until they get it.
“This isn’t very good,” Seth started, “it looks like the Covenant got here before us.”
“Yeah. Come on let’s help some of these civilians get to safety, we can’t just leave them here.” Said David with a sad look. He never liked to see when people were beaten or killed, but he’d always slaughter and destroy Covenant without even a tear. Trevor sometimes didn’t understand what that meant, but he went along with it anyway.
After rescuing and helping many victims of the bombing, the four friends headed towards their main destination, the Espa Base. “Just a few more clicks and we’ll be there.” Trevor announced while looking at the radar.
“That’s good. I’m tired of sitting in this warthog and not doing anything.” Seth added.
“Well at least I have the turret now.” Announced Julie with a grin.
“Hey, I’m not too bad of a shot am I?” Trevor replied to her remark.
“Course not, I’m just a better shot.” Julie answered proudly.
“Oh yeah?” replied Trevor.
“Um, yeah.” She answered him with certainty.
“Whoa, whoa, are we talking about who’s the best shot, cause if anyone is it would be me, after all I have the sniper.” Seth stopped the argument by making himself better than both the arguers.
“Well, can’t say ‘no’ to that one, Seth. You are the best sniper I’ve seen.” David decided with a laugh and a push on the warthog’s forward peddle.
“Hey, guys look! There’s the base! Man I barely even noticed it!” Trevor yelled as David swerved the warthog towards the direction of the base.
“It looks like they’re under attack by a couple banshees and some ground units, possibly elites.” Julie started, “I’ll take down the banshees and you guys handle those elites!”
“Great! I love the ground!” Trevor said as he pulled out his DMR and a magnum. Seth was right behind him and was carrying a sniper and a few grav-grenades. Unlike Seth however, David darted straight into the battle with his machetes raised. “Come on, Seth!” Trevor began to run, “Let’s catch up to him before he kills them all!”
“Nah, I’ll just snipe them from here, you go ahead though.” He replied while loading a clip into his high-powered, center point sniper. However, Trevor was already half way down the slope and could barely here his remark. David was already in the fight, hacking heads off of little grunts and splicing sprinting jackals in half. Trevor shot down two elites with his DMR and ran in shooting grunts with his Magnum. It was a small battle and eventually the Covenant retreated from the base by the help of the ODSTs in training.
“Well, I’m sure I decapitated the most aliens out of all of you!” Seth remarked while putting his sniper away.
“No way, my machetes chopped of the most heads by far!” added David as he returned his trusty blades to their sheathes.
“Um, excuse me, but I think that the warthog turret did the most damage thank you very much!” returned Julie with a grin.
“Uh, yeah you all got great kills now let’s get in that base before more Covenant arrive. I really don’t get why you guys argue over these kill streaks, everyone here is great at what they do.” Trevor finished the conversation as he started walking in the direction of the base.
Once the four friends entered, a soldier immediately greeted them and led them to the commander’s office.
“Well, I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your services young men and women. I was very impressed by your performance.” The commander began, “May I ask where you came from?”
“We came from the ODST training center in Chanton, Virginia. The base there was destroyed and yours was closet to ours so we headed for it. When we saw that you were under attack we began to help and then the Covenant retreated.” David finished the story and sat down.
“I guess that explains your military skills, this base is only a marine training school not an ODST, but it is, as you said, more of a base then a school. We train here, but this base is mainly for a protection area against Covenant forces. I see that you do not have ODST armor, where is it?” the commander asked while glancing at the four of us.
“Some of us never graduated at the school and those of us who did, well, our armor was destroyed when our base collapsed.” David continued to answer the questions of the commander.
“I see, well graduated or not, we need as many soldiers as we can get in this war so I will equip you with the supplies you need. Go to the supply room and I will order ODST suits to be made right away. You now will be an ODST squad of Espa base and I will give you commands when you are ready.” Commanded the leader of Espa base.
“Well, I guess we don’t have another choice since this is the only place we can really go. We’ll report to the supply room as soon as you are done with us here.” David replied to the commander’s order.
“Alright, well, I’m done so head along and after that I’ll show you to some rooms.” Decided the commander as he spun his chair around and flipped on his computer.
After walking through multiple hallways a passing many soldiers, the four ODSTs entered the supply room. “Ah, hello, are you four the ODSTs my commander sent?” asked the supply room manager.
“Yeah, that’s us.” Trevor quickly answered.
“Aren’t you guys a little young to be marines let alone ODSTs?” the manager continued his questions.
“Well, actually, some of us haven’t graduated yet, but your commander said that he was ‘very impressed by our performance.’” Replied David and then suddenly added, “He said we could be ODSTs of this base and that he would send us on missions.”
“Oh boy, an ODST squad for Espa, nice.” The manager started, “Hey, come on in and I will get some stuff.” When the four teens entered the room, they gazed at thousands of improved and silenced assault rifles, walked passed high impulse frag grenades, stared at elite DMRs and snipers, and finally they saw the four ODST suits upon the front wall.
“Hey we need nicknames since we’re an ODST squad.” Trevor announced and continued, ”I’ll be Razz because of my middle name and Seth can be Sparks!”
“Yeah, and Julie could be Juliet and I’ll be, um, Leo, from my middle name Leonardo.” Decided David while walking closer to the suits and trying to decide which to wear, “We’re an ODST squad now, we’re an ODST squad.”

Chapter 3
Mission 1

Over an hour after being shown to their rooms and trying on their armor, the new ODST squad made their way back to the commander’s office for instruction. ”Hello, my new ODSTs. How are your rooms?” the commander of Espa base asked curiously.
“They’re really nice commander, but, um, we’d like to know why you called us here.” Answered David.
“Oh, right, of course, well, you’re here because I am going to assign you to your first mission. Since you are the first ODST squad we’ve ever had at this base, you shall be ODST squad alpha. David you’re Alpha 1 or by your nickname, Leo, Julie now Juliet, you’re Alpha 2, Seth is now Sparks and Alpha 3, and lastly, Trevor now Razz, is Alpha 4.” The commander listed.
“Sounds good,” interrupted Razz.
“Now then, your first mission is to move out to the south and follow the group of Banshee and Vampire bombers. I want you to destroy them and keep them from destroying anymore of our cities. We need their bombardment to end, you will move out immediately, there is a Falcon waiting for you in the hangar, understood?” the commander finished his orders.
“Sir, yes sir!” ODST squad alpha replied and then headed towards the hangar for their new, and for some, their first, mission.
The hangar was large and many fighters were landed inside of it. There were Falcons, Hornets, Pelicans, and Long Swords all ready for action. “I believe that’s our Falcon.” Announced Razz looking at the fighter, prepped and ready for take-off.
“I call turret!” yelled Leo while running ahead of the others. The squad boarded the ship with no delay and immediately, the pilot took off.
About fifteen minutes later, the falcon entered a huge battle scene that was filled with covenant. “He expects us to kill all that?” asked Sparks curiously while gazing over the army of Covenant.
“Looks like they joined up with the rest of the Covenant, those Vampires and Banshees.” Pointed out Juliet while the Falcon landed.
“Yeah, but I think I have a better idea for killing all those.” Razz told the squad, “Why don’t we just blow this place, I know we are supposed to prevent destruction, but this might be the only way. We need to get through to the heart of the city. There, we’ll find a huge generator that powers the whole area, we’re gonna blow that straight to heaven.”
“We’ll have to fight through a heck of a lot of Covenant to get to that generator. Everyone load your weapons and let’s move!” Leo ordered, “Hey, bro, nice plan.”
“Thanks, Leo.” Razz replied acknowledging his brothers new name. The four ODSTs moved out toward their designated destination and immediately began to encounter Covenant forces. Leo was all out, using mainly his machetes and just chopping aliens apart. Razz was right behind him, when suddenly a huge brute jumped off a rooftop and tackled the young ODST. Razz pulled out his magnum and repeatedly shot the brute in the face while being hit by its strong fists.
“Crackow!” a loud sound echoed down the alley as the brute fell dead.
“Thanks Sparks.” Razz said slowly, exhausted.
“That’s what me and my trusty sniper are here for bud.” Sparks replied with a grin and a look at his weapon.
“Wraith, incoming!” Leo shouted as the ODSTs darted for cover.
“Boom!” the sound of the plasma blast was intense.
“Eh, it’s blocking our way to the generator, we gotta take it out!” Razz announced over the blast.
“Dang thing sure does have some power packed behind its plasma launches. We’ll have to distract the driver and kill him from behind.” Decided Juliet with a glare at Leo, “Let’s go.” Sparks and Razz raced across the alleyway shooting at the wraith with everything they had, while Leo and Juliet maneuvered around the alien vehicle from behind.
“Lookout!” Razz screamed as a plasma blast landed right next to Sparks, “Sparks!” Razz darted over to the fallen soldier and lifted him up over his shoulders, but it was too late, the Covenant tank was charging its blast and they wouldn’t make it.
“Crash! Fwoosh!” the dust from the explosion of the Covenant vehicle spread out and the other two ODSTs appeared from the fire.
“Didn’t think I’d let you two die that soon did ya?” asked Leo, smiling with satisfaction.
“No, I knew you would kick that guys butt.” Replied Razz, “But you sure did cut it close.”
“How’s Sparks?” wondered Juliet.
“I’m fine, just put me down Razz.” Muttered the wounded ODST.
“Oh, sure.” Razz quickly placed his friend on the dirty ground.
“Now let’s go, I don’t want to fight anymore Covenant in this death trap alley. The young ODST Squad Alpha advanced to the city’s core and was stopped multiple times by more Covenant forces, but they kept pressing onward, onward into the pit of death where no one escapes.
“Die you little pieces of crap!” screamed Leo with his assault rifle as he shredded apart a platoon of grunts.
“Come on man, you’re taking all my kills.” Shouted Sparks from a roof top about fifty yards away.
“Guys, we’ve reached the generator. Razz, how do you plan to destroy something this massive?” Juliet asked with wonder as she turned and looked at her fellow ODST.
“Well,” he started to answer, “We might have to defend this area for a little bit while the generator overcharges. This will send an explosive power through the city’s power lines and then create a huge, oversized super nova that will completely impale the city and all the Covenant in it.”
“How do we over charge the generator?” Leo asked while reloading his assault rifle.
“Simple, we go to its controls and over power the circuit but it will take about an hour.” Razz replied easily.
“Well then let’s get to it! More Covenant will be here soon!” Sparks ordered and everyone got into position as Razz over powered the circuits of the generator.
“I just finished! I’m coming!” Leo’s brother yelled as he dashed out of the control room and next to the rest of his squad.
“Good because there’s a crap of a lot of Covenant approaching!” Leo announced as three Wraiths hovered in and behind them came battalions of Covenant infantry.
“Ha ha, they brought their whole dang hive with ‘em.” Scoffed Sparks as he sighted his scope in with a grunt’s face.
“Kapow!” the sound of the powerful sniper rang through the city and the grunt fell immediately. Wraiths began launching plasma blasts and elites swarmed the bunkers, the ODSTs wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.
About fifty minutes later, “Ah, they’ve got us pinned on our forward and left flanks, Leo. What should we do, we have ten more minutes?” Razz explained the situation to his brother while glancing at the army of Covenant.
“We can’t hold out that long. Razz, I’ll take out as many as I can, you get outta here with the rest of ‘em, I can take this.” Leo glared at his young brother for what seemed to be hours until he shoved him away from the bunker and jumped out towards the Covenant army, a grin on his face from underneath his helmet.
Razz raced towards the other two ODSTs and told them what was going to be done. The three called a Falcon down as they watched their best friend being shot; they would not leave without him. “I’m not going.” Razz told himself, “I’m not.”

Chapter 4
Sticking Together
An explosion roared behind the young soldier as he stepped away from the hovering vehicle and moved toward his fallen brother. He knelt beside the wounded ODST and with a caring hand, lifted him upon his own shoulders and darted away from the Covenant forces as they raced after him. The four ODSTs boarded the Falcon and the pilot hurriedly took off. The engines hummed and away the fighter flew with all the ODSTs on board. “He’s been hit bad,” started Razz, “neck, back, and soldier have been damaged with serious injury to the left leg.”
“Ouch, wouldn’t want to be him right now.” Explained Sparks as he helped Razz lay the fallen hero against the back wall of the Falcon.
“He almost killed himself trying to save us, the least I could do was get him out alive. He’s my brother, I wouldn’t let him go down without me.” Razz announced in a quiet tone.
“I’ll tell ya, your bro sure does have guts, going up against a Covenant army like that.” Sparks continued the conversation as Razz began to patch up the bleeding areas of his brother.
“More like stupidity. He would never be able to take them all, but I think he knew he couldn’t. Only a Spartan could ever do something that spectacular.” Added Juliet with a stubborn attitude as she walked closer to the other three commandos. As the Falcon began to approach Espa Base, the ODSTs began to smell smoke and plasma.
“Smells like Covenant.” Leo remarked with a little grunt.
“Leo! I thought you were unconscious. I’m glad you’re alright.” Razz exclaimed, “We got you out of there, I couldn’t leave you to die.”
“Well thanks bud, although I’m sure I would have been just dandy.” Leo laughed with sarcasm. Once the fighter reached the clearing the ODSTs went into shock, in front of them lay Espa Base, burning into ash and dirt.
“Oh my god, how did this happen?” Juliet wondered in astonishment as the Falcon landed.
“There must be more than we expected,” examined Sparks.
“I don’t think this was the job of Covenant forces, they would take the supplies.” Remembered Razz as he hopped off the transport.
“Then, what did do it?” asked Leo with a grim look as he reached towards his helmet.
“Ah!” screamed the pilot of the fighter as small, tan, tentacled creatures broke the windshield and attacked him.
“What the heck are those things?” shouted Leo as he crawled off the Falcon and toward his friends.
“I don’t know but there the enemy so shoot ‘em!” decided Sparks while taking multiple shots at the gross figures.
“Man, those things are tiny and hard to hit!” proclaimed Juliet as she repeatedly fired her Magnum. All the ODSTs eventually finished off the large group of newly discovered enemies.
“What in the world was that?” questioned Razz as the ODSTs regrouped.
“I already told you and Leo, we don’t know.” Answered Sparks for the second time.
“Well, I think we’d better find out soon. Let’s get out of here before more arrive.” Considered Razz as the ODSTs left their second destroyed “home”.
“Sir,” muttered a large Covenant elite as he entered the hall of his master, “the human base in Espa is no more.”
“What? No more? How is that possible, we did not destroy it.” Commented his Lord, the Prophet of Regret.
“A familiar enemy of ours has done it my commander, the Flood.” Concluded the Elite.
“The Flood, that’s impossible. They’re extinct.” The Prophet reminded himself and the soldier.
“No! They are alive! We had spies overlooking that base when it happened, they saw it all.” The Covenant trooper protested.
“Very well, so, now we have another enemy to tend to. See to it that they don’t interact with my glorious plan.” Boasted the wise Prophet of Regret.
“Yes my lord, it shall be done.” Finished the Elite as he moved out of the throne room.
“These puny humans cannot stop me from destroying this world and neither will the flood. I am the Prophet of Regret and I shall not fail!” the prideful Prophet told himself.
“So where do we go now?” asked Juliet as she heaved a pack of ammo cartridges that survived the battle onto her shoulder.
“There isn’t another base for hundreds of miles so we can’t count on seeing any UNSC units soon.” Commented Sparks, “I suggest we find a safe place to rest for the night, what do you think Leo?”
“Well you’re definitely right about finder some shelter but look around, there isn’t anything for miles except blackened soot and maybe a small, dead tree.” Pointed out Leo, “There’s just not much to come by through this devastated area.” The ODST Team marched onward for hours on end until the found a large enough tree to make a shelter.
“Good thing we have these instant fire makers, they really come in handy.” Announced Razz as he quickly started a small fire.
“No dip.” Replied Sparks, “But cooking the food might take way longer if you keep talking instead of being a chef.”
“Yeah, yeah, I get you.” Answered Razz with a small laugh.
“I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t want to get ambushed out here. There isn’t really any cover and we’d easily be surrounded.” Proclaimed Juliet as she gazed over the bare landscape.
“You really think that the Covenant will come looking for us out here?” questioned Leo, “This place really isn’t the spot they would like to be in either you know.”
“I guess you have a point. Hey Razz, is our soup ready?” decided Juliet as she turned toward the campfire.
“Yep, hot and ready for eatin’.” Responded Razz as he handed the small bowl of food to the intelligent ODST.
Night fell shortly after the ODSTs finished dinner and most of them retired to their beds except for Leo. He sat in the darkness with his head down and his thoughts racing over the past. The death of his parents wasn’t something he could take out of his mind so easily. The growl of the tall elite still rang in his ear and the picture of his Mom and Dad slain, still in his eyes. The Elite wore shiny, silver armor with gold designs and he was stronger and smarter than the other Elites. His name was, the Arbiter. Those two small gravestones still hung in his head, which read: Jeremy N. Johnson 2489-2528 and Lisa E. Johnson 2492-2528. “Why,” he whispered in the darkness, “why did they have to die. They were the best parents anyone could ever have. They never did anything wrong.” Then, the great warrior and hero cried. He wept for his parents and he didn’t care that he was crying because he knew no one would laugh. “I will kill that Arbiter if it’s the last thin I ever do! That is our new mission. No more hiding, this time we attack them!” he encouraged himself in the shadows of the dark night. Finally, he slept.

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