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LOM-Remember by Joel Tyer
LOM-Hunted- by Joel Tyer
Tourney 2017_
Tourney 2017_ by Joel Tyer
LOM-R & R?-
LOM-R & R?- by Joel Tyer
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The Legend Of Daeron Freebuild ... by W The Wise™
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LoM - UC: Outnumbered? by Sam J.
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LOM: The retired pirate. by Korben Lawrence
LOM: the Valley of the dead.
LOM: the Valley of the dead. by Korben Lawrence

About this group

Welcome to Nerogue!

Welcome to the official Nerogue faction group of The Lands of Mythron.
Here is where all of the Nerogueians meet and discuss their plans whether it is a crossover, planning for a challenge, or ranking up through the Rank challenges.

Head over to the Directory thread for direction on how to navigate this group easily.

MOC of the week!

5/22/16 Shadow Formations, by Dr. Whatdoyoueat

5/10/16 Sage, by Rove Random

3/13/15 The Massacre, by Graeme Straughn

The Massacre

---- Statement of Nerogue:
~ Nerogueian rulers, warriors, soldiers, and citizens alike all stand together in the cause of justice. We are free, energetic, and strong - willing to fight alongside our brethren when we see injustice prevailing. We know that nothing will be accomplished by working alone, so we band together and create the best. Justice must be done, we will fight to the end. We are of one mind, we are Nerogueians. ~

Here is the current map that shows all of Nerogue's territory.
If you reach 150 character points, you can then build a fortress under the banner of Nerogue that you own! It will then be added to the map.
If you have 20 points and build in one of the towns located, you can claim that town and become that town's leader. Just notify me in the Map and Locations thread.

- Capital is Zorthan
- Tomeu
- Morthog
- Rogath

- Consord
- Ronck
- Valdan
- Dengard
- Kord
- Galdon
- Zord
- Aramoor
- Larton.

---- Important facts:

~~ Official Colors: Dark Green, Dark Red, and Black.

~~ Official Building Styles for cities/towns: A mix between polished Mythron and barbaric Rainos. Clean and sturdy, but they have character. Think Romanesque.

~~ Leaders:
Faction leader:
- David FNJ (Zorthan)
City Rulers:
- Hildigrim Took (Tomeu)
- Reese Hawthorne (Consord)
- Joel Tyer (Galdan)
- City Creator Ronck

Character Bios:

Joel Tyer

weapons=has been trained to use most weapons but prefers the broadsword, a longbow, and throwing knives

Jako was raised in Wascond bay but, while he was still young his family moved to Tomeu to join Nerogue. from there they moved to a small town. very unexpectedly(or was it)his father and brother were killed in a orc raid. his mother died a few weeks after of grief. he later joined the Nerogueian army and he and a childhood friend(Matthias)took on the lead of a small group of rangers. after the death of a lifelong mentor (Jeshua)Jako became the leader of the rangers of Nerogue.


Ben Ehre

Maeglin the Rogue is a human from the far off Isles of Camthalion. He is battle-smart, reserved, and somewhat brooding. He can use many different weapons, but prefers a sword and bow and arrow. An expert hunter, Maeglin is also part of the spy network Edrid Torr is a major part of. That's all for now.


Reese Hawthorne

Emerson Thornbrush is one of Nerogue's ambassadors to the other factions and a member of the Nerogueian High Council. Despite his peg-leg (after losing his real one in a scuffle with a dragon), he remains active and useful in both the government and in his own personal quest... to hunt down and stop the mysterious Silver Knight.


Joseph Olson

Edrid Torr took over his father's Spy Network (centered in Valdan) upon his death. After killing the organizer of his father's assassination and being acquitted of Treason charges Edrid found out that he had another relative, a niece named Avelyn, when he had thought he was the last Torr. He finds her only to learn that his organization's mortal enemies; the Shadow Guild, had gotten to her first. he is currently trying to recapture her while investigating rumblings of a new organization with his Cousin, Johnathan Gideon.


Caleb Walker

Name: Daniel Airan
Daniel was once a son to a wealthy Mythronian Soldier. After the Battle of Unbinding he and his family was forced to leave Mythron. Nerogue became his new home. When the Black Lotus still roamed, Daniel's father, an important leader in Nerogue, was murdered. Daniel seeks revenge to the man who killed his father, and nothing stands in his way. Daniel is a skilled warrior. He is trained in the sword, bow, and any weapon he can get his hands on. Daniel hates Orcs, and anything that is foul and evil. He will fight to the end to defend Nerogue!


Sam .

Name: Athenaeus Paers
Athenaeus Paers was never a strong boy, and was sent to an orphanage in Nerogue after his father died in war and his mother in childbirth. While they weren't the best days, the headmistress was a kind woman, and the fellow children were friendly. Even with a warm bed and even warmer food, Athenaeus still longed to leave the orphanage and travel around Mythron. When he turned 16, he was forced to leave the orphanage anyways. He learned the world was a cruel place, that there won't always be a warm bed and food, and that not everyone is as nice as the ones in the orphange. He eventually adapted, but that was a long and horrible process. He met a fair woman named Carmella in the town of Zord, and saw a future with this woman, but women will be women, and after many years, they never did end up marrying. Lonely nights drowning in the temptation of cheap women and fine beer. Or was it fine women and cheap beer? He can't remember, either way he was a drunkard. However, when the town of Zord was sacked by Rainosians, his former love was killed and this snapped him awake. With a burning passion in his heart, Athenaeus Paers began to travel again, doing mercenary work for Nerogue, but never anything unlawful. To this day, Athenaeus travels the land, and if he sees a Rainosian in need of assistance, he will keep walking.


Dave Zambito

Name: Zeph
As he is new in the area, and Zeph knows next to nothing outside his family's farm and the tiny town down the road from the farm. He has no real combat experience and is not looking to join a military or guard force. He is good at accidentally getting things done.


Hildigrim Took

Name: Jaron
Jaron is a man loyal to Nerogue and his community, Tomeu. He highly regarded the bond between Mythron and Nerogue, a bond of which has recently been broken. Jaron and his brother Micah run an inn named "The Brother's Inn". Jaron loves discovering new things. He is an expert marksman and uses his bow and arrow to catch food for the inn. Only he and Micah know about his hidden past. This is most likely the reason Micah is always grumpy.


Micah the Fire-breathing Hobbit


Name: Terrenen Vjorstrad
Terrenen Vjorstrad was born in Mythron to a Nerogueian family. After several years, Terrenen's mother was brutally killed by Mythronian extremists, his father committed suicide and Terrenen was left to fend for himself. He became apprenticed to a blacksmith, and narrowly escaped hanging for being Neroguian at the age of 24. He made an exodus to Nerogue to seek his fortune and see where his journeys would take him.


Name: Torch

Torch was a slave for as long as he could remember. The infamous Bloody Jack kept him locked up and beaten down for a good 25 years. He was never allowed to leave one of the crewmembers' sight or speak to any other humans for all his years of enslavement.

That changed when he rebelled against Bloody Jack. At the moment of his execution, he struck, escaping with his life and a boat. But the thing that changed his life the most that day was this: His hand lit on fire.

From that day he found himself in one dangerous situation after another. He fought everywhere he went, including in Rogath, where he fought of the dwarves and joined the troop of Captain Sornan of Nerogue.

But soon he realized that his power over flame was a thing of fear, not wonder, and fled to Meids. There he worked with other humans to drive away the dwarves, and met a mysterious stranger named Zephyr in the process.

Now he's on his way to Zorthan, Zephyr in tow, to pledge his loyalty to Nerogue and try his best to start a new life.

Little does he know that his old life would soon catch him up...


Pedir Frost

Name: Thomas Gavin.
Thomas Gavin just joined Nerogue after his friend Falcon Greyway was slain by a mythron soldier. He will continue to strive in his new home.

Name: Curtis Oakenbranch
Curtis and his family moved to Nerogue after the Battle of Unbinding when he was about 12. A few years later his small village was taken over by members of The Black Lotus. They took Curtis to train him as when of their own, but was saved by Neroguian Rangers. They took him in and cared for him for many years. He will search for the man he believes killed his family. He has been trained with a sword, bow, and is great with knives. He usually stumbles into trouble, but is always lucky to escape. He also thinks of the most complex ways to accomplish tasks.

City Creator ~

Name: Luke
Age: 25
He is a proud soldier who left his family at 16 to join Nerogue. After five years of training, he was accepted into the army. He only fights when there is a large threat to the country. While he is stronger at defense than attack, he has been trained to use a wide range of weapons. He spends his spare time gathering food and forging weapons for him and his fellow sidekicks, and enjoys fishing. He lives at a lakeside wooden house not too far from central Zorthan.

Dr. Whatdoyoueat

Guryn Hildeson's became an orphan at age 13, when his family's farm was burnt down during a Black Lotus Raid, leaving him with his older cousin, Marmaduct, Commander of Nerogue. Thanks to Marmaduct, Guryn joined the Nerogue Rangers. When his cousin was mysteriously killed by a man by the name of Darcryn the Shadow of Mythron, Guryn begins to wonder what his motives were and who he really is.

Styles, environment, and features of the different cities of Nerogue.
(for town environments, just use the general features of the city nearby and what it looks like on the map. Each of the towns has a small wall around it with at least 4 watchtowers. If the town is near woods, then make the wall out of wood, and if the town seems to be in a dry location or little trees around, then probably light stone would be best.)

• Zorthan:
- High level of detail, the most polished of all of the Nerogue cities. Use light gray. Nice and clean inside as well. Very nice buildings (fine wood and fine lighter-colored stone), and some brick and cobblestone streets. The center of the city is quite rich with various markets from other places besides Mythron. Near the center of the city is a large fortified castle where the rulers of Nerogue, famous warriors, and visiting allies stay (use light-colored stone like white or light gray). People gather at the castle square to discuss policies and other things relating to Nerogueians and their relations with the other factions. It has big strong gates and fortified walls. Famous warriors dwell here, with the most famous ones being the Riders of Zorthan, who are known all across the map to be skilled in their abilities in riding horses, troop skills, and their hand-to-hand combat. Only specific people are invited to take on a challenge that will demonstrate whether or not they are top-notch and ready to become a Rider of Zorthan. The army of Nerogue is trained here. The people here trade lots of goods that are plentiful in their markets. The surrounding villages do livestock (especially horses) and some agricultural farming along with light hunting. Some mountains nearby are rumored to contain gold rubies, and other valuable stones and metal. The forest to the West of Zorthan is its main source of all kinds of wood. Around Zorthan there are flowing plains of short grass with patches of trees here and there along with some some large rock formations at the tops of the tall hills.

• Tomeu:
- Use tan and dark tan bricks for the wall around the city. Cobblestone makes up the majority of the ground. Fairly nice buildings (wood and lighter-colored stone). A good ways Behind Tomeu lies the Mountains of Kord, the largest mountain range on the map. The mountains are very large and they have large snow caps on the top. It is mostly rocky around Tomeu along with some dryer grass and some trees. Many people sell many kinds of fish as they are fairly near the water. Tomeu has many exotic markets and export many goods to Zorthan. Because of its proximity to the water, Nerogueian guards are always on the lookout for fraud. Mining is starting to become big for the people of Tomeu as it is only a few days journey to the Mountains of Kord. Shipbuilding is also flourishing here.

• Morthog:
- Use light and/or dark grey for the walls around the city. The houses and buildings in this city are either made of wood and/or darker stone. The streets are cobblestone and brick. It has taller grass and more small patches of trees than the environment surrounding Zorthan, making it a prime location for hunting game and gathering wild fruits, nuts, and other natural resources. The soil is very good here, and agricultural crops flourish. When visitors come here, they always feel at home. The experienced soldiers from Zorthan go here for further training. Those skilled enough become warriors of Nerogue. Morthog is the powerhouse in terms of creating battle weapons and defense mechanisms due to the rich iron-ore mountains south of its location. Graduates of the Morthog defense and offense Academies are some of the most feared warriors in all of Nerogue.

• Rogath:
- Use light and/or dark grey for the walls around the city. It is the second most exporter of wood, second to Zorthan. It is also a fairly large exporter of fish, game, agricultural goods, wood, stone, and precious metals due to the sea, mountains, plains, and woods nearby. News from Reedus normally comes here first and then gets passed along to the other Nerogueian cities. It exports most of its goods to Morthog or Reedus. They use the river flowing from the sea for exporting goods to Morthog. Many travelers come to Rogath due to its location between Mythron and the Outlaws. The environment around the city is grassy with a fair amount of trees. Of course, a day's journey allows for plains, woods, mountains, and a sea. A strong defense of the city and a decent amount of troops are stationed here for defense against surprise attacks. The people here tend to keep to themselves, but are generally friendly to visitors. The inn-keeping business does very well due to the many travelers here as it is the quickest way to get to the ocean.

Faction Leader: David FNJ (Darvainian)

---- Nerogue is pronounced as Neur-rah-gue
'Neur' as in Neuron
'rah' as in Rauw (between ra and raw)
'gue' as in collage.

---- Statement of Nerogue:
~ Nerogueian rulers, warriors, soldiers, and citizens alike have one cause - Justice. We are free, energetic, and strong - willing to fight alongside our brethren when we see injustice prevailing. We know that nothing will be accomplished by working alone, so we band together and create the best. Justice must be done, we will fight to the end. We are of one mind, we are Nerogueians. ~


---- The story from the Nerogueians perspective:
When the barbarian island rebelled against the High King of Mythron and created Rainos, chaos spread over the whole land. Because of the restlessness of the land, people started to go their own way, people left Mythron knowing it would never be as it once was . . . Some joined Rainos, others went out to sea to plunder, and many more went by themselves. However, those who were by themselves, known as outlaws, banded together and schemed against the barbaric island known as Rainos and attacked.
After the attack, many of the outlaws knew that living the life of outlaws could not continue, they knew that in order to succeed, they had to band together in some way. Those outlaws then decided to march against Tomeu and make a new movement. They named it the Land of Nerogue.

Hopefully, Mythron understands our actions of moving away from the outlaws and claiming the independent and rebellious city of Tomeu (it was being ruled by Mythronian generals acting as dictators and sending fake letters reporting of how well it was in Tomeu). We are willing to fight alongside of Mythron as long as they don't do anything that would be against us. We hope to stay on good terms.

Nerogue has no king, we have strong rulers who work together for the betterment of the people. We are free, energetic, and strong - willing to fight alongside our brethren when we see injustice prevailing. We follow the guidance of our rulers, knowing we aren't being forced to follow them, and knowing that by working together, much will be accomplished. Justice must be done, and we will fight for it to the end. We are of one mind, we are Nerogueians.


Here are the shields that you can print on sticker paper and then put them on your shields!

text-shadow: 0.1px 0 0.05px gray;"> -->
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