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Clash of Chaos: Freebuild: The ...
Clash of Chaos: Freebuild: The ... by Papa Haz
The Clash of Chaos: Intro
The Clash of Chaos: Intro by Papa Haz
Centrum Dark Aeon
Centrum Dark Aeon by Dark Aeon

About this group

Welcome to The Clash of Chaos!

This is the role playing group for the Bionicle MOC Division Group!

In this RPG you can explore, battle, hunt, scavenge, and more!

This takes place in a alternate universe to Bionicle, but it is still Bionicle :D.

Make sure to look through the threads! Read the Faction intro threads!

The Factions!
Elletar [Ee-let-are]
"Land of plentiful Life"

Bystanders of the war, good at defending themselves, don't generally get into fights. Have lots of beautiful landscapes and nice livestock. Usually green or any other light color, to symbolize their love for the living. The Elletar are a pristine and civilized people. They can be polite, but quite terrible in battle.
Their lands are blessed, anything may grow. Even darkness, they have a good perimeter to the mainland, but Evil still gets in every now-and-then.

They have an Archer's division to their army, which holds thousands of skilled men.

They love life and all of its inhabitants, the show love and worship for The True Great Being, this is why they wear green: to symbolize life.

Their main goal in life is to make peace with all the nations, but they will not hesitate to defend their land and the land of their allies.


Their land has wonderful Life properties, anything may grow, and it will grow fast and efficent. The lands are perfect and green, the trees are beautiful, there are nice rocks and rivers, everything is beautiful.

Here's the HTML for the Elletar banner: Just remove the spaces between the tags!
< a href=>< a href=>< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/104244/13993322583">< img src="" border="0" width="500" height="186" alt="">< /a>< /a>< /a>

Faida [Fye-duh]
"Land scarred by Pain"

Beaten and taken by the Zavar. Most being forcefully used by them. Most of the countryside is desert, wastelands. A couple springs with food and water sources, the people who aren't enslaved suffer. Usually in grey or brown, to blend in with the deserts. The Faidans wanted nothing to do with the war, originally. When the Zavar cam and threatened their lands, the Faidans were not strong enough to fight back they went to the Centrumites to ask for help, but they were forcefully turned down... That sparked their hatred for the Centrum's people, making some of the Faidans wish to join the Zavar in overtaking them, while the others were beaten into slavery. The battle for Faida lasted 37 days, scarring the lands, giving it it's name "Land scarred by Pain". For many Faidans did not survive.

The Faidans are a scattered people, many living on the other islands in disguise; and another many either Fighting, or being enslaved alongside the Zavar.

Most Faidans are poor, but many have learned very intricate fighting styles and weapon designs, they are good with tools, and good at surviving.


Most of the land is desert, with a few springs dotted across the island.

< a href=>< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/104244/13993322582">< img src="" border="0" width="500" height="186" alt="">< /a>< /a>
Halal [Hu-lahl]
"Land of terrible Death"

Enemies of all, they wish to rule all the lands, and they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. They have no allies as of yet. Generally red in color. The Halals were always strange in nature, but when the Zavar started the war, they approached the Halal with the idea of being allies. The Halal didn't like that idea very well.

The Halal want to rule the lands, but they still hate the Zavar as much as any other. They drove the Zavar out of their lands and started thinking "If the Halal started this, we should take advantage of it!". They piggybacked off of the idea to take the lands for themselves.

The Halal have no allies, but are a strong and populated people. They are good with brute force, with makes them a terrible foe.


The land is one of black soil, effectively nothing grows there. There is a jungle filled with terrible creatues, there is a legend something great lies there, but no-one is brave enough to search for it.

< a href=>< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/104244/13993322571">< img src="" border="0" width="500" height="202" alt="">< /a>< /a>

Szerel [S-zer-ehl]
"Land filled with Love"

Don't generally wish to fight, but can be fierce warriors, great craftsmanship, allies with the Faidans, Centrumites, and Teremtes. Usually any color. The Szerels are a loving and generous people, who don't like war. They don't like being called hippies though, they are very much not. They are fierce warriors, and wonderful craftsman, making the most beautiful and stable structures out of some of the most primitive materials.

They make nice trade with others for their sculptures, most kids make beautiful things in their early years of schooling. The are also skilled in weaponry and forging, making pretty, but deadly arsenals.

The Szerels main goal is to promote peace and happiness, but they'll be happy as long as the war is over.


The land is filled with trees, you rarely see the ground here. The main land is a gigantic tree, this is where most Szerels abide.

< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/104244/14001175211">< img src="" border="0" width="500" height="186" alt="">< /a>

Centrum [sen-tr-uhm]
"Centre of all"
Centre of all the islands, current ruler of the lands. Allies with the Teremtes, Szerels, and Elletar. Usually white. The Centrumites live in the centre of all the islands. They are the most powerful, organized, and defenseful people in the lands, hence their current leadership.

Their goal in the war is to not be included, but will defend their lands if needed be. But they will not let the Zavar take their reign.


Lot's of the land is kingdom, but what hasn't been built over there is lot's of rocks and various greenery.

< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/59494/1399169072m">< img src="" border="0" width="468" height="60" alt="">< /a >

Teremtes [Ter-ehm-tees]
"Start of the Great Creation"

The first island in creation, the land is most plentiful, and the peoples are most loving towards The Great Being. All colors. The Teremtes island was created first, it has been imbued with a blessing. It's people live longer than the others, and the land is plentiful, anything may grow there, this is one reason they make excellent trade.

They are the most loving towards The Great Being out of all the islands. They are a much happier people, and have excellent craftsman and forgers. Their weapons usually glow when it is used to attack, they are almost unbreakable. Most of their weapons have special properties, their bows can catch on fire if shot far enough, and their hatchets bring forth lightning when struck hard enough.

Their main goal is to have peace in the lands with everyone loving The Great Being.


The land is beautiful and green, there are lots of meadows, forests, rivers, and streams.
Teremites Start of the Great Creation

< a href="" title="Teremites Start of the Great Creation by ~ Hazeroth, on Flickr">< img src="" width="500" height="185" alt="Teremites Start of the Great Creation">< /a>

Zavar [Zuh-Vahr]
"Point of raging Chaos"

The creatures of darkness which started the War, generally black in color, they are evil beings which generally don't give any mercy or love, good fighters. Usually black or grey. The Zavar had their doubts about The Great Being from the start. They didn't believe the stuff the others were spouting out, so they started the uprising. They hate everything in the world, so they wish to end it. They show no mercy in their murders, the show no love towards each other in life. They will kill all until there is nothing left to kill.

They have no allies, but they have enslaved some of the Faidans.


Their lands are not the best, but the conditions are fine to live in.

< a href=>< a href="/image_zoom.php?id=/user_images/104244/13993322021">< img src="" border="0" width="500" height="186" alt="">< /a>< /a>
How the Game Works
Hey guys, thanks for joining! I'll help you figure how to get started!

Step 1:
If you are Interested in playing, you're going to need a character! You can use any of your custom-made Bionicle MOCs that you wish, or just create a new one.

Step 2:
You must affiliate your MOC(s) with a faction! It's not mandatory, but recommended that you stylize your color to that faction (It's fine if you can't though!).

Step 3:
Post your character and some facts about him (especially his faction! :P).
Then add it to the group and paste the link in the here!

Step 4:
Earn points! Participate in group events and build and earn points! Points give you rank just by the number you have. See more Here

Step 5:
Have fun! You're all set to play the RPG! Check here if you have any questions!

Also, I'm working on a Map of the lands! :D
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