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TT R2: Willy's Windmill
TT R2: Willy's Windmill by Julia LeeP
TT Round 2: Functiontastic!
TT Round 2: Functiontastic! by Zach Lucia
TT Round 2: Talking to Fire
TT Round 2: Talking to Fire by T  of Legend
TTR1- The Ruin by the Lake
TTR1- The Ruin by the Lake by Thomas of Tortuga
TT R1: The Red Flags
TT R1: The Red Flags by Julia LeeP
The Tourney Round 1: Entering  ...
The Tourney Round 1: Entering ... by Zach Lucia
TT Round 1: Scuffle at the Tra ...
TT Round 1: Scuffle at the Tra ... by T  of Legend
TTR1: The Storage Inn
TTR1: The Storage Inn by Jacob Pennington
TT Intro- A Warm Welcome
TT Intro- A Warm Welcome by Thomas of Tortuga

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< font color=orange>Lol hacker alarm?/big>

*I burn all the pesky weeds that grow by my house so that they go away. Does that count as weed smoking?
*Yes. Unless you live at a low altitude, in which case you wouldn't be high...

Swiper, no-- *cough*, Hackers, no hacking!
*You know, now that I think about it, it's kinda sad that them poor hackers are so lonely and have so much free time that they like to use it reading through online conversations that take place between people they have never met.*

Oh sorry *Walks away*

I Saw Halhi/Asad hacking the group to read the conversations so I made It private again.
~Anonymous Hacker~
*^This. The most ironic thing eva'.*

No more hacking. I'm done with it, and I'd like you to stop too. -Halhi
*Halhi 'da Hacker has reformed.
*Or has he?
*When once you go down the hacker's path, forever will it dominate your destiny!
*Why would you even want to hack in the first place Hal?
Because he can!
*Because Halhi the Hacker sounds so boss.
*Yeah, shut up Hal.
*As long as you people remember the HACKER TRAP, we won't have this problem...

MDF Members:

Thomas "Tent Nazi" "The most annoying member" of Tortuga,Stalker-for-Life, Doggy-for-Life and Dictator-for-Life wannabe *Doggy? Really? That's the best you could think of?*
*No, but it's cute, and it is a good nickname name for a Dictator-for-Life wannabe. Wait a minute, ARE YOU QUESTIONING THE NAME I HAVE GRACIOUSLY BESTOWED UPON ONE OF THE LOWER KINDS OF PEOPLE IN MY MAGNIFICENT REALM?!? FOR SHAME! OFF WITH ITS HEAD!!!*
*Am I a "lower people" or a dog? Make up your mind!*
*You are a lower persononian as well as a doggie. As the queen of this realm, I am allowed to give you as many names as I please.
*YOU'RE the QUEEN now? That was fast. Good thing I'm still dictator-for-life.
*Nope, I'm the queen and the dictator-for-life. As the dictator-for-life, I can give myself as many names as I want to :P
*Are you dictator or dictatoress? Make up your mind!
Thomas of Tort quotes

"After Justin Bieber entered the room and removed his shirt, it was all over... I'm here to serve, and so was he..."

"Nah, it's more like three-way between David, Halhi, and I"


Julia "Assistant Dictators Assistant's 14th cousin who happens to be a peasant" LeeP, member of the MDFs. A cat. Very sensible.
*Why is everyone an animal now?
*But I'm *achoo* severely allergic to cats! *achoo*
*Okay, this is Julia, and I talked to my friends, and they said if I had an animal that would represent me, that I would indeed be a cat. So I guess that means that I'm allergic to myself?...
*You retype my description again at your own risk, Thomas.
*Your execution is on: December 10, 2014, 5:00 pm EST. Have a nice day!
*It's funny, when I first saw that Thomas was going to marry Julie, I thought he was talking about your character
*Yes, really. And Thomas is going to marry Julia, not Julie, that would just be wrong :P And yes, that is really confusing though.
*I swear, I named my character's GF after Julius Caesar's mother, not after you! Maybe you should change your name...
*Obviously. I created my account after you had already created your Julia. And no, you should change her name :P
*But retcons...
*Well, considering Thomas is 53, judging by how old he was after the battle of Blood Bay, and Julia was 18 when I introduced her... Yeah, she's going to need some of Asad's aging potions :P
*Sure you are...

The Object of Legend, His Supremacy, the Perennial Alpha Arch Decider of the First Court of the Seven Realms: (Sub-Earth, Dreams, Hypotheticus, Shadows, Pseudo-space, Nether, and Anti-terrestria) In case you wonder.
Zach "Psychopathic Ginger" Lucia, peasant
*you're all dead*
A rat. A black, dirty rat.
*No, he's a clean rat. Maybe a lab rat. In college, my mom got a summer job injecting illegal drugs into lab rats and counting how many times they walked in a circle, each direction, once they were high. Do you like walking in a circle, Zach?
*Poor lab rats.
*Screw you all*
*You're welcome XD

Joe McGill, irritating, opinionated and extremely outward person who shouts louder than everyone else. Also infallible.

*No big 4 u.

Jacob Pennington Hello. My name is Jakigo Penningtoya. You killed my father, prepare to- Erhem! Sorry wrong scene. My name is Jacob, aka, Master Builder, 2013 Tilt contestant, Professional Trash Gut, and all around amazing guy.
*Gee, you seem almost as humble as myself :P
*Such humble
*Much amaze
*Such wow
*Well someone finally discoved the internet
*That's funny for the most part, but please don't post things that make jokes around rape, even in that lighthearted manner, as it's not something that is funny at all. Sorry if that seems harsh, as I know you didn't mean it in that way, but IMO it's inappropriate to joke about something horrible like that that should be taken seriously. And yes, I just killed this conversation :P
*Aww, come on! It's just a picture of a doge dog. Besides, considering how much we joke about murder here, I'm not sure why you think that meme's so terrible. Unless that's OoL, but it sounds more like Julia.
*Besides, you don't want to let all those narcotics go to waste.
*( ͡� ͜ʖ ͡�)
* Don't. Just don't. I may not be able to convince you that it's wrong, but I know at least one friend of mine who might, and since you're not a girl, you don't even have a right to argue on this case. A funny pretend execution-- not exactly with the connotations that the word "murder" has-- with fictional tortures are one thing, but joking about sexual abuse is not something that I'm going to put up with-- not here, not anywhere, not ever.

Yes, you're going to say that's it's only a joke, and that it isn't meant in "that way," and it's not even the focus of the picture, but rape is a horrible, horrible thing, and to treat it lightly as a joking matter is to basically say it is not as such. It might seem funny to you, but I doubt any intelligent-- as in, not stupid or extremely foolish-- girl or women in her sane mind would agree with you, and I definitely do not. Yes, I'm serious-- the first time I wrote asking you to stop was me trying to be nice, trying to be understanding and to some point diplomatic about the entire issue, hoping that you would at least try to understand why this isn't a joking matter, but if you can't understand it that way, or at least not joke about it, if you post this again or something like it, Joe, there will be consequences. And even if I don't have your support, Thomas, I think, I hope you're wise enough to shut up about the whole matter.

Remember when I said there were some things I would consider leaving over? Well, this is one of them-- if that explains how serious I am about this.

*Oh COME ON. This (^yes this^) is utterly flawed! ow can you even even THINK of arguing against a lighthearted mention of rape when you post stories on the internet about killing people! Not just that - you watch films and play games directly supportive of killing - basically endorsing it. If you want to for a minute give a viable case concerning that comment you'd have to believe that murder is a more acceptable crime than rape.

Furthermore, you think you have a right to defend the unheard masses (sarcasm, if you couldn't tell) because you have a FEMALE FRIEND. And that I am not allowed to have opinions or feelings towards this because I'm of a different gender?! That's as segregative as it is preposterous!

And thinking that sexual assault is a crime inflicted purely against women by men is naive and inconsiderate enough for me to deem you unworthy of even producing a debate on this matter. Maybe get your facts right before you try to make a case.

And it was Thomas who put that picture there, not me, so work out the progression of dialogue from there and see that I've given no offense throughout this entire page except for just then, to you.

~Zach *Well, this got dark. After a four month hiatus I decide to read the homepage chat, and this is what I get? Jeez. Even though this ended a long time ago, or maybe a few days ago for all I know, but here it is. My unwanted and unneeded two cents on the matter. Ahem. Rape is a disgusting thing that should never NEVER be joked about. And for the record, Julia was VERY nice about it when it first began, but it slowly got out of hand. I'm not going to look back on this conversation and take sides, just state my opinions. Killing and rape are two entirely different things, but there similarities are comparable. Rape is the removal of virginity/innocence from a person by force, murder is removal of life by force. In both cases there are other options. Sex, the removal of virginity by choice between a man and a woman, and killing, a lawful removal of life were the person killed has been deemed worthy of death. Because of that I never joke about rape or murder, but killing and sex are open ground. Per say my execution, was that not "deserved?" In a way, it was. My crime in question was a joke, so it was dealt with like a joke. To finish, here is what I'll say. I won't tolerate any jokes about rape, or murder. *deep breath* Wow, that was a LOT of talking.

*I'm not sure who you think you're talking to, but I (Julia) wrote the above. I'm sorry that I attacked yelled at you for what I thought you had did, but to me at the time it seemed as if it was you; I didn't think that Thomas would be the kind of person to repost that sort of thing (no offence, Thomas, as you did apologise, it's just that it didn't really seem to fit into the personality I thought you had). You're right in a lot of what you said, but about the "female friend part"- if need to make that clearer- that friend was sexually assaulted. She's gone through oceans of pain since then, and it's really only through knowing her and her eventually told me about what everything felt like afterwards that I now feel strongly against joking about rape.

I wasn't saying that rape is only by men against women, but honestly, it's probably at least 90% of all cases. Also, if you noticed, in my stories, none of my characters (aside from the totally reformed assassin :P) have ever murdered someone. IMO, life is a wonderful and precious gift, and to treat it lightly, even in bricks, is something that I don't think right. Also, I make an intentional effort not to play video games or watch movies that support lighthearted killing either, so I think that you're a bit confused on that point. Anyways, though, overall I do agree with you.

*Oh, I was debating with you Julia? And you're friends with a victim of sexual assault? Well that's made half my argument redundant. I thought I was talking to Zach. Never mind, I'll just ignore that.

ADRESSING THE PERSON ABOVE WHAT JULIA SAID. Wow, I never realised the majority of rape victims were virgins. Or were you just saying that because you're too inarticulate to properly express what you want to. Anyways, you mention "handling jokey mentions of killing" jokely, so why not handle an inherently passive, non-offensive, lighthearted comment about a different crime any more seriously; surely you should be even more able to see the funny side?

~Zach I never saw the image, those were my thoughts on assault as a whole. And no, not all rape is against virgins, but it is a dark and violent act, thus forceful removal of innocence. Listen, I don't like rape jokes on a principle of what it is, assault on a woman. I can take a light hearted joke, there are even circumstances where I've heard light hearted rape jokes and laughed. But I've never said one, light hearted or otherwise, and I never will. A light hearted joke never hurt anyone. The question is, how light hearted was that joke?

~Zach And by the way, what made you think you were talking to me? Here, I'll just put my name by my comments.

MDF Motto:


LOADING... 2% (Please wait)

Crazy Corner:
*It's a scout song, for pete's sake!!!

It's olive cheese, it's olive cheese, it's olive cheese slopes that makes the world go 'round,
It's olive cheese, it's olive cheese, it's olive cheese slopes that makes the world go 'round,
It's olive cheese, it's olive cheese, it's olive cheese slopes that makes the world go 'round,
It's olive cheese slopes that makes the world go 'round, hey!

Rowin' down the river, rowin' down the stream, rowin' down the river to the great big sea.

happy lama/ sad lama/ overly excited lama/ super lama/ drama lama/ big fat mama lama/ moose/ alpaca/ moose, moose/ alpaca/ DUCK!/ moose/ alpaca/ moose, moose/ alpaca/ DUCK!/ awkward turtle makes weird babies/ angry mr. coconut/ grows into a palm tree

You stay classy, San Diego! (Thanks for dropping by, San Diego)
*But.. but San Diego was never classy in the first place!*
*Please tell me somebody's watched Anchorman????*
*Don't worry; I have. I'm not a goody two-shoes like these scrubs.*
*I miss you, Joe.
*Commence sad violin music
*Cease sad violin music. I have returned and you are blessed.

Post your Tourney characters here!

The Object of Legend: An idea for my tourney character. What do you think?

*That is SERIOUSLY creepy. Almost as creepy as Thomas's grin...
*If creepy is what you're going for, OK. I'm assuming it is, given the piles of blood. I (Thomas) definitely can't swing the helmet or the armor, but I can manage the rest.
*You would have to know the story to understand the picture. What do you mean "swing the helmet or the armor"? To try to build him? I can't build any of your characters...
*"Swing" is more of that newfangled slang they use these days. Yes, I think I can build him. Sort of. Or maybe not very well at all.

Thomas (Arthur Finartian and Friend.)
*It's a golem, Julia.*
*It's still creepy :P*
*Hey guys*
*If you want to be anonymous, don't use the Brit spelling, Joe*
*ditto what he said*
*Sorry everyone. Next time I'll say stuff like vacation and sidewalk*
*Yes, that's much more family-friendly*
*bit racist*
*how is that racist?!?*
*you're saying english is unfriendly to families*
*No, some folks think yo mamma/ur mum jokes aren't f.f. English isn't, unless you misuse it*
*ah, that's what this is about. I was a bit confused.*
*Duh! You're writing here, of course you're confused!*


Dundar of Iremore (Will look different once Joe has sleeve technology)
*Doesn't he already have it, from the dude holding the axe?*
*I don't know what you mean, are you referring to the decapitated arm in the background?*
*Of course, it's the only other sleeve in the picture*
*That sleeves is incapable of representing the MDF*
*A little paint could fix that*
*:o How could you, [Censored]!*
*Hush, girl! No one must know my secret identity!*
*What? I'm really confuzzled, 'cause I wasn't talking, and as far as I know, I'm the only girl here...*
*u callin' me a gurl, boi?!*
*XP You made several mistakes in impersonating me, Joe. I never say "you" as "u", and I never say "girl" "gurl". If you want to be a impersonator, you're gunna have to do your detective work a little better, boi.*
*I figured Julia was much more likely to be shocked at that than Joe was XD.*
*'Kay, now I'm REALLY confuzzled :P*
*This is what total anonymity brings us.*
*Don't worry, I can clear up. I never impersonated anyone, Thomas thought I did. I only said stuff as my self and me and Thomas were the only one's who said stuff*
*Yeah. Usually, Joe's more likely to say "I'm not a goody two-shoes" than to be shocked at anything.*
*No, actually, I "said stuff", so now I'm even more confuzzled :P Whatever.*
*Shtuff Shtuff Shtuff. Evwybody shays shtuff.*
*To clear up, before Tommo said hush girl, it was just me and himself talking.*
*And me.*
*No, I was there too.*
*Yes, that's what I said.*
*No it's not.*
*Yes it is. I said it first, then you did.*


Action shot!

(Write your own paragraph. Zach, your turn!)
*Dis kiddie hez teh banter*

See the pretty water. Listen to it glisten. Rejoice in its wetness. Feel the smooth, silky bubbles in its soul. She flows mightily, like a fox, scampering after butterflies in the water. After her bath, the river sighs deep and wide. Rocks sign happily by the glazed water. It wriggles with glee. See the pretty water dance with him.

From every faction, the world's barrel riders have united under the shining banner of The International Barrel Riders Association. Five have been nominated to herald a new era of imagination and to claim the honor of the Tourney!

Once upon a time there was a magical pony, named scrubreker69. He embarked on a magical quest to became the ultimately powerful mega pony. He won life. He now lives behind you, he's there RIGHT NOW!

See Jane run. Jane runs fast. The ball is rolling fast. Will Jane stop the rolling ball? Oh no! Jane can not stop the ball! The ball rolls under a car. Jane is sad. Daddy gives her a new ball! This ball is red. Jane is lol'ing coz julias a scrub.*
*Jane is laughing out loud because Julia's awesome.*
*Thank you for the translation.*
*0/10 less accurate than bing*

*Whoever wrote this, it reminds me of the books school forced me to read when I was little*
*That was the point...-Someone that you used to know*
*but you didn't have to cut me off...*
*...This is from the 50s. How old are you again?*
*I'm not sure if you mean me, but, FYI, I'm 347 years old. AND WHO CHANGED MY LITTLE PARAGRAPH TO A TRAGEDY?!?!*sniffsniff* -STYUTK*
*Whas goin' on?*
*Death to the editor, or death to Jane?*
*(sarcastically) Hmm, let me think... DEATH TO THE EDITOR, OF COURSE!*
*What if Jane survived, grew up, made a MOCPages account, hacked this group, and THEN edited your story?*
*Ooh! I like a good plot twist.*
*She would still die if she edited this. Oh yeah, and your public execution is scheduled on September 10, 2014, at 6pm EST if that is convenient for you. And, BTW, your poor usage of grammar is killing me, so use correct grammar or I'll murder your ghost. Have a nice day!*
*Who's execution? We are anonymous...*
*And yes I know how to spell whose.*
*I can just kill off the main suspects; it doesn't really matter as as long as I get the guilty person. Oh, and I just realized that you'll be getting executed on my mom's b-day :P How exciting.*
*I'm sure you and Zach will do well as a Tourney team :P*
*I wouldn't kill off Ool, because I doubt he would have written about a nuclear power plant exploding and killing children, or a child getting run over by a car, and hey, guess what? As the first person invited here, after Thomas (you?) is killed off, I automatically become the head admin/PIC (person in charge)! I probably would invite JP and hmm... Professor B.? I'll have to think about that :P
*What about Asad? He's alll lonely in the main group.*
*Nah-- while he's nice, he has several major flaws in building, although he's improving. I totally forgot about Fraser Robinson, though- I'd probably invite him. Zach, Ool, myself, JP, and Fraser would make a good team, perhaps even better than what we have now, to be honest :P*
*Yeah, Julia's basically 2nd-in-command here. But you know what? JP isn't very active. Neither is Fraser. How do you know they'll compete?*
*Really? I didn't think that that "second-in-command" thing would work, to be honest :P Anyways, Fraser said in some Mythronian thread a couple months ago that he planned to, and there is always Professor B., Mr.Cab, and a bunch of other at least somewhat talented builders out there.*

El Sneek Peak!

Here's the original layout for the dragon-

*Like the dk metallic Ninjago swords. They look good for wings. Use them.

His head!!!-

*Wow, that looks very nice. The knives and the crest on the back look great. One thing to note is that having the eyes so high makes him look kinda cartoonish. If you want a more "realistic" dragon, see if you can flatten it out more.
*Try using viking horns for eyes, like Infy does, that'll make it like Thomas said.

*Anyone see this*
*I see you!*
*What do you saaa-ay?*
*What da heck guys...?!? Where are your manners?*
*Please! We have a LADY among us!
*apologetic animal noise
*Thomas's cow is sorry?*
*Yeah. A really fine and proper lady. And I will only accept animal apologies if that animal is a cow, BTW.*
*here's a mega block pig*
*Well, you DID say that cows were too expensive for you. Here's a duck- Scrooge McDuck!
*I didn't before know that cows cost, like 15 bucks per, and I would rather spend that on 100 dark green 1x1s. Which I did, as well as 100 1x2 clear plates. And 75 light tan 1x2 plates. And 50 light tan 1x2 tiles. And 50 dark tan 1x2 plates....
*Wow, $15 EACH? Makes me super-glad I got both of mine from Medieval Market Village. That set was great.
*I want that set*
*No, of course not silly. With 15 dollars I bought all of the above. And I so want that set too."
*I got all those and more in a PAB cup for 16 bucks.*
*Well, I don't live close to a LEGO store, so this is much more convenient & cost efficient :P
*My closest Lego store is in a different country, pity me.

*Wait a minute, I need to pick up my jaw off the floor, and clean up my drool.
*Dude, that's awesome. Why haven't you ever posted this? Is it one of those "Always a WIP" projects?
*I don't know, I've considered uploading it before. About 70% of it is my brother's, but I should upload my school at least which is the pride of my city building. It has the bell tower that you see at the end of the square.

*Ool, this is huge! And you say you have a small collection? Too bad you're probably not going to sort all these pieces...
*Yeah, that's where my pieces are tied up. As you can see though, it's so worth it.
*Eh, if had those sets, they would have been demolished within one hour of finishing building them :P In fact, almost all of the sets that I build now are only for their parts.
*Same here, but mostly because I can't afford anything better. The longest I've kept a set built for was the bad-guy ship from this set, for about a year and a half:
*It's hilarious watching my tablet's spell check try to handle that link: speedup urchins

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