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Rebuildable Theatre Stage
Rebuildable Theatre Stage by Campistron 1684
Woe NB: being "judged" by a pa ...
Woe NB: being "judged" by a pa ... by D J
Woe NB: a brush with the law
Woe NB: a brush with the law by D J
Woe GC- corporal,your men!
Woe GC- corporal,your men! by D J
'eend van Duffy' WOE-WEC
'eend van Duffy' WOE-WEC by Stephan Schumann
November GC-brother agaisnt br ...
November GC-brother agaisnt br ... by D J
WOE Morning exercises
WOE Morning exercises by Stephan Schumann
The cursed skeletton island
The cursed skeletton island by Stephan Schumann
Pirates hideout
Pirates hideout by Liwnik Liwnik

About this group

This is a pirate RPG (role playing game) like all the others, LOM, GOH, etc. here is the map, this is a pirate era RPG, so hence the pirate-themed map:

So, as you can see, there are many factions you could join. Which one fits you personality most?

they are a kind people
Who started out as rebels, but are now a massive nation. They love justice,peace, wisdom, but have a strong army and navy. They wear what they want, when they want, but they have a Scottish highland/lowland, welsh, English and Irish community who started the nation.

The pirates are not jolly souls. They could kill someone, and walk away without remorse. They are not liked anywhere, but are popular because of the stories of their brilliance. However, being a pirate is risky. And you need to have no mercy when Youíre a pirate. Your friends would kill you for a half penny. The pirates wear anything, But mainly stripes, red, blue, black, yellow and white.

Order of Mainos
They started out as a group of brave, Christian Knights, but are now a army and settlement who are made up of the odd criminals, Knights in armour, archers, medieval equipped soldiers, and a few normal soldiers. Their colour, for both medieval and pirate era soldiers is green (duh) mainly dark, but not always.

Emprovious has always been massive, but it never owned any islands until people rebelled, it invaded everywhere so it could keep land. They value strength, they value being kind, but not TOO kind, and few are religious in it anyway. They usually wear red, and have a large, fully trained army, but not such a good navy, and it struggles to fight pirates.

Laones are the owners of a medium sized island, they value mainly bravery and courage (itís a lion, duh) and love intelligence, but not if you are a smarty pants. They do like strength, and are very superstitious. Their army is quite small, and not too good, but their navy is decent, in both size and skill. Their colour is, well, guess.

They started out as pirates, but after a row with the high admiral, their leader, the third captain, left the pirates. They are basically the same, they said they were better, but are just a small bit less ruthless. Now, they are basically pirates, though a bit more of a country. They arenít just sea criminals,there are highway men, too. They wear the same as most pirates, though with more jackets/waistcoats, and lots of blue/brown and green.

Skeleton soldiers
The skeleton soldiers are skeletons,and recruit from any faction.They have no main navy,but sometimes send out
Scout ships.They have a large army,they donít have a religion,but believe in what they want to believe in.they usually have Morden weapons /armour,but sometimes use older equipment.their island rose up of the sea,and to join them,someone must die with a cursed talisman.

Well, when you decide, simply put in your intro. More info in the info thread.
Wins points, and get ranks! Become the new pirate high admiral, or the new king of laones, but first, you need to how win points. Again, more info in info the info thread.

He rank system!

Here is the full, set 1-3, ranks.

Set one:

Set: set 1
Points needed: 20
Points for challenge: 1
Challenge: show yourself helping to defeat a far larger enemy
Army,who are standing in line formation,you can either go round behind them,outflank them, and let your main army,who are a unorganised rabble after the volleys of almost 50 bullets from enemy soldiers, (if you donít have fifty men,like me, they have all fired several times,making fifty bullets being fired) you signal to the army to fire and charge,and,while the enemy is fighting of you and your brave men,they donít see your army,and you win! Or,show yourselves helping,by playing dead and waking up to surprise your enemy or something,just show yourself helping,by distracting the enemy etc. To help win the battle,but keep it realistic, 4 men canít fight off 20!
Equivalent: lookout,or wheel steerer. (Helmsman)

Points needed: 20
Points for challenge:1
Challenge: show yourself buying some land,but,seeing it will be a not so good story because itís just someone buying land,the build has to be brilliant,and,it has to be this size or over15 studs ,long and wide. and if you use a baseplate,over half of the studs you are using have to be covered over with a building,or a tree or something. or,you could do something where you are defending someone else's land from invaders,and they reward you with some land,or,you take land from your enemies, by any means necessary! (There is no seize barrier for the last two)

Rank:lookout/helmsmen/midshipman (a midshipman is a very junior officer, a NCO almost)
Points needed: 20
Points for challenge: 1
Challenge: show yourself as a sailor,when,where ever you are,as a helmsman,lookout,or just a either spot something in the water, (eg.. A bottle,treasure,a map) and, having a adventure by following the map or something) or, seeing a enemy country/ship/fleet! And going into battle,and yourself,having spotted whatever it is, have giving your ship/fleet time to turn away,or,time to prepare for battle,you fight,and you win because of the help of your seeing and bravery.or yourself spotting a storm,etc. you are rewarded,as a lookout,a helmsman,or a cook,or a midshipman something. Equivalent: corporal.

Points needed:20
Points for challenge: 1
Challenge: pirates: show yourself and maybe a adventure team of maybe five/six finding out about the Indians in holm,or about the Crimson division (a anti pirate organisation,made up of a few Alegre ninjas,normal soldiers.knights, and even banned pirates,all trying to destroy the pirates.but,are becoming more pirate friendly,and,word is,they are going to turn on emprovious! But thatís just a rumour, or is it?)
Everyone else: (or pirates)show yourselves finding and charting new lands,and fighting off any strange (or,I donít normally allow it.but,mythical creatures are allowed,maybe even encouraged) or,yourselves getting into trouble with natives,sea monsters,or,another group of adventures from another faction! But,always win,and,maybe you could get rewarded.

Set 2:

Rank: merchantís apprentice:(or MA for short)
Points needed: 40
Set/level: set 2
Challenge: show yourself in the village/town/city/hamlet/castle/ship/whatever helping your merchant,wether itís defending goods from attackers,or going out to see for trade,keep you merchant stuff safe,but,remember,your only a apprentice,donít get too big for you boots!this category is quite loose,and it can even just be you working in a workshop etc. ask a member of staff what you want to do, and theyíll (or Iíll) tell you if you ideas ok.

Level: set 2
Points required:40
Points for build: 2
(everyone but pirates)
Challenge: there's a siege under way! You are either attacking or defending, butÖÖ The enemy are close to getting in/ holding their position! You see a gap.. Not just a real one, maybe there's a recruit out there fighting, and you no you could sniper himÖ. Or maybe there is a literal gap- a hole in the wall! You decide, anything you want! This can even be,if one wishes,slightly humorous! Show,at one point or another,yourself,in some way,either grabbing the rank or being given it.

Petty officer
Level: set 2
Points needed: 40
Points for challenge: 2
(Everyone but emprovious)
Challenge: Aargh, me harties! Youí e been on who for agesÖ Months,years maybe. (Or maybe a day. :D) you have yet to prove yourself to, well, anyone really. But thenÖ The opportunity arises! Either you get engaged (not planning to marry,the other one) with a enemy ship,you are invaded, you attack land, run out of food, this category is soo open, you can really be doing anything. But a few tís amd Cís someone, a petty officer or officer, must betray you all,die, or become gone for whatever reason. You replace them as you are a officer, ,but barely.

Set 3:
Points needed: 60
Level: set 3.
Points for challenge: 3
Challenge:it's been a hard time Im reassert times. With the londes civil war,and every country at each other's throats. Youíve been attacked, destroyed, homeless, or any of the above, (or whatever you choose!) or some of you still are. But, you have had a brainstorm! Weather it be a new business idea, a new product, or maybe, just biusness is booming! UntilÖ.. Something happens! Once more, a very open category. Maybe youíve been robbed, maybe a close family member has been killed, it's up to you. But, you do so,etching, (I said it was a open category!) and our praised for it! Maybe you catch. Criminal a spy, or stop a invasion, it's really up to you! At the end,show your achievement being rewarded, by you getting
Another shop, or
Money, or a official trade certificate, or whatever.

Rank:first mate
Points needed: 60
Set/level: set 3
Points for build: 3
PIRATES AND CANANES: (or anyone else who has a big navy,not emprovious or order of mainos)but if your pirate or cananes,you dinít have to do this rank
Challenge: show yourself leading a ship,after all the officers have been captured,show yourself taking command,and stopping the crew panicking,then, lead your ship through a great storm or battle, the ship being massive,or,if you are sinking show you taking charge,and evacuating,or,interrogating prisoners. Basically,yourself taking command of a large ship,if you donít have a large ship base,then you can just do a bit of a ship, so it looks like the whole ship,or,just make a large ship out of bricks.

Rank: lieutenant
Level: set 3
Points for challenge: 3
Points needed:60
EVERYONE ELSE: show yourself leading a rather large army into battle,after the captain and
Lieutenant are dead,you have had to take charge! Lead them into battle,using superior tactics against their numbers.OR show yourselves,having no way to fight,retreating,and making sure that,while you run,you hit as many enemies as you can! Or,as they case you,get rid of them in the most creative way possible! You can use a spy,ship,boat, or even a balloon to help you escape! But,make it REALLY creative! But,nothing too humorous or silly! :).


1: bone breaker (lovely title,not violent at all :P)
Points needed: 20
Set: set 1
Challenge: show yourself executing or getting ready or after executing a prisoner.
Rather short challenge,but credit goes to marly mac!

2: weapon smith:
Points needed: 20
Set: set 1
Challenge show yourself making new weapons with iron of leftover bones.
Once more,thanks to marly mac! :)

3: navy gosht
Points needed30:
Set: set 1 1/2
Challenge: your in a scout ship,you need to stop attacking invaders,but are they friend or foe? Or,just any activity in a scout ship for the skelies.

Senior soldier:
Set: set 2
you have got rewarded by the skeleton king for years of service to the skelies, and have been knighted,that's what to show in your moc, and/or,have a flashback to the/a battle.thanks to marly.


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