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Galactic Conquest [Clone Wars]
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Black Death Providence-Class C ...
Black Death Providence-Class C ... by Darren D.
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor by Darren D.
74-Z Speeder Bike
74-Z Speeder Bike by S PLatyPus
The " Vectora"
The " Vectora" by S PLatyPus
Incinarater Class: "The Proto"
Incinarater Class: "The Proto" by S PLatyPus
Hammer head Class Flagship Ref ...
Hammer head Class Flagship Ref ... by S PLatyPus
Devastator- Munificent class f ...
Devastator- Munificent class f ... by swash buckler
The Vindicator
The Vindicator by Rocky W.
The Annihilator
The Annihilator by Rocky W.

About this group

Well here is the start of the new game Galactic Conquest!!!


Commander Fed - Coruscant and Kamino
Flagship(s): Dawn's End, The Punisher, Esperanza
Credits: 1400
Purchased: Venator-Class Star Destroyers [8], Acclamator-Class Assault Ships [22], Y-wing Fighter-Bombers [80] ARC-170s [80], [500] Clones, [10] AT-TEs, [10] AT-APs, Comunications Jammer

T Bird

Sean - Toydaria Hypori, and Iego
Credits: 2400
Purchased: 7 Venators, 3 Acclamators, Commander Appo , 750 clones, 10 AT-TEs

Corim - Raxus Prime and Rhen Var
Credits: 3200
Flagship: "The Shark"
Purchased: Frigates[3],Corvettes[7], Clones[200], V-19 Torrents[40], LAATs[40],Aayla Secura, Obi-Wan Kenobi,Rex and Corim

Foley - Cato Neimoidia and Felucia
PB: Hero, Heavy Vehicles [20]
Credits: 4050
Purchased:Venators[3], Clones[500],Fighters[20], LAATs[20], AT-TE[10], Speeders[20], Acclamator [2]

Matt- Althir and Gargon
credits: 4600

Michael - Utapau, Ord Mantell, Mandalore, Correlia, Dac, and Bespin.
Credits: 800
Purchased: Venators-Class Star Destroyers[10],Clone Troopers[1750],Y-wing Fighter-Bombers[60],Acclamator-Class Assault Ship [9],LAAT/i [40], AT-TE's [10], and Arc-170 starfighters. [60], Communications Jammer

Reek - Rothana and Centax 1
Credits: 3250
Flagship: Triumphant
Purchased: Anakin Skywalker, Clone Troopers [250],AT-TEs [10],5 Venator-Class Star Destroyers [1],ARC-170s [40], LAAT's [10], 20 TX-130, 10 AT-TE's, 10 Juggernauts, Commander Reek, and LAAT's [10]

G���r�{ M��h��{ - Byss and Carida
Flagship: The Tempest
Credits: 2150
Purchases:(6) Venators,(3) Acclamators,(1250) Clones,(20) AT-TE's,(40) Torrent fighters

Jason - Kuat and Geonosis
Credits: 2550
Flagship: "The Excruciator"
Purchases: [20] LAAT gunships, [20] TX-130s, [40] ARC-170 starfighters, Ahsoka Tano, Venator-Class Star Destroyers [4], Clone Troopers [1500], 4 Acclamators

Striker - Skor II, Alderaan, and Muunilist.
Credits: 4900
Purchased: Acclamators [4], Venators [2], LAAT/i [40], 74-Z Speeders [10], SPHA-T [20], CR70 Corrvette [1]

Ben Tice - Endor and Teth
Flagship: Skeptical
Credits: 2600
Purchased: Venator-Class Star Destroyers [13], Acclamators (3), Corvettes (2)

Leopard -Mon Calamari & Pandaloria
Credits: 4000
Purchases: 10 AT-TE, 2 blockade runners, Mace Windu, 20 ARC Fighters, 20 barc speeders, 750 clones, Venator,40 At-rts,Commander Fed,10 AT-OTs,20 Dropships

Wolf - Rodia and Trandosha
Credits: 1850
Purchases: 500 clones,40 LAAT's, 60 AT-TE's,6 Venators, 4 Acclamators

Rusty - Hoth and Nar Shadda
Flagship: Excelsior
Credits: 5250
Purchased: Acclamators[4],Clones[500],Commander Rusty[1] [20] AT-TE, [20] ARC-170

Tom -Gravlex Med & Thule Moon, Mustafar, Taris
Flagship: The Legacy, The Crusader
Credits: 300
Purchased: 16 Venators, 16 Acclamators, 40 speeder, 80 AT-TE, 1000 Clone Troopers, 20 V-19 Torrent Fighters, 4 Corvette, 20 LAAT

Fang - Dxun and Ordo
5400 Credits


Anders - Telos
Credits: 2200
Purchased: [1] Lucrehulk-Class Battleship,[1] Corvette, Providence-Class Destroyer/Carriers [7],Munificent-Class Frigate [1],STAP [10],IG-227 Hailfire-Class Droid Tank [10],AAT [10],Bounty Hunter Faen Helvete, 100 Fighters

Rocky - Sluis Van, Nal Hutta, and Korriban,
Flagship(s): The Annihilator, the Vindicator
Credits: 3550
Purchased: General Greivous, OOM-12, Lucrehulk-Class Battle Ships [8], Subjugator-Class Battlecruiser [1], MANTA-Class Starfighters [120] Hardcell-class corvettes [4]

Swash - Ryloth and Naboo
Flagship: Devastator
Credits: 1900

Typh - Polis Massa
Flagship: "Divine Shadow".
Credits: 2500
Purchased: 3 Commerance Guild Destroyers, and 2 Com Jammers.
Ground: 500 B1 Battle Droids

Bow - Deka Nemodia
2000 credits
Purchased: 2 Lucrehulks, 4 munificent, 2 Providence Destroyer



Daniel - Dantooine and Tatooine
Credits: 5800
Purchases: Droids [500]

Galvan - Jabiim and Korriban
Credits: 4900
Flahship:"The Regret"
Purchases: Lucrehulk [1], Vulture droids [20], B-2 [1000], Hero: Ricu Galvan

Commander J

Gus Indo - Colla IV and Kashyyyk
Credits: 2600
Purchases: 2 lucrehulks
5 squadrons of fighter(trifighters),2 munificents

Hawk - Kessel
Credits: 2300
Purchased: 7 Munificents
10 Hyenas,500 Supers,
Asajj Ventress,Devastator+OOA-96, Grievous, B2s [1,000], Speeders [30]

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Topic: Star Wars

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