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Galactic Conquest [Clone Wars]
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Black Death Providence-Class C ...
Black Death Providence-Class C ... by Darren D.
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor
RZ-1 A-wing interceptor by Darren D.
74-Z Speeder Bike
74-Z Speeder Bike by S PLatyPus
Excelsior by Rusty S.
The " Vectora"
The " Vectora" by S PLatyPus
Incinarater Class: "The Proto"
Incinarater Class: "The Proto" by S PLatyPus
Hammer head Class Flagship Ref ...
Hammer head Class Flagship Ref ... by S PLatyPus
Devastator- Munificent class f ...
Devastator- Munificent class f ... by swash buckler
The Vindicator
The Vindicator by Rocky W.

About this group

Well here is the start of the new game Galactic Conquest!!!


Commander Fed - Coruscant and Kamino
Flagship(s): Dawn's End, The Punisher, Esperanza
Credits: 1400
Purchased: Venator-Class Star Destroyers [8], Acclamator-Class Assault Ships [22], Y-wing Fighter-Bombers [80] ARC-170s [80], [500] Clones, [10] AT-TEs, [10] AT-APs, Comunications Jammer

T Bird

Sean - Toydaria Hypori, and Iego
Credits: 2400
Purchased: 7 Venators, 3 Acclamators, Commander Appo , 750 clones, 10 AT-TEs

Corim - Raxus Prime and Rhen Var
Credits: 3200
Flagship: "The Shark"
Purchased: Frigates[3],Corvettes[7], Clones[200], V-19 Torrents[40], LAATs[40],Aayla Secura, Obi-Wan Kenobi,Rex and Corim

Foley - Cato Neimoidia and Felucia
PB: Hero, Heavy Vehicles [20]
Credits: 4050
Purchased:Venators[3], Clones[500],Fighters[20], LAATs[20], AT-TE[10], Speeders[20], Acclamator [2]

Matt- Althir and Gargon
credits: 4600

Michael - Utapau, Ord Mantell, Mandalore, Correlia, Dac, and Bespin.
Credits: 800
Purchased: Venators-Class Star Destroyers[10],Clone Troopers[1750],Y-wing Fighter-Bombers[60],Acclamator-Class Assault Ship [9],LAAT/i [40], AT-TE's [10], and Arc-170 starfighters. [60], Communications Jammer

Reek - Rothana and Centax 1
Credits: 3250
Flagship: Triumphant
Purchased: Anakin Skywalker, Clone Troopers [250],AT-TEs [10],5 Venator-Class Star Destroyers [1],ARC-170s [40], LAAT's [10], 20 TX-130, 10 AT-TE's, 10 Juggernauts, Commander Reek, and LAAT's [10]

G���r�{ M��h��{ - Byss and Carida
Flagship: The Tempest
Credits: 2150
Purchases:(6) Venators,(3) Acclamators,(1250) Clones,(20) AT-TE's,(40) Torrent fighters

Jason - Kuat and Geonosis
Credits: 2550
Flagship: "The Excruciator"
Purchases: [20] LAAT gunships, [20] TX-130s, [40] ARC-170 starfighters, Ahsoka Tano, Venator-Class Star Destroyers [4], Clone Troopers [1500], 4 Acclamators

Striker - Skor II, Alderaan, and Muunilist.
Credits: 4900
Purchased: Acclamators [4], Venators [2], LAAT/i [40], 74-Z Speeders [10], SPHA-T [20], CR70 Corrvette [1]

Ben Tice - Endor and Teth
Flagship: Skeptical
Credits: 2600
Purchased: Venator-Class Star Destroyers [13], Acclamators (3), Corvettes (2)

Leopard -Mon Calamari & Pandaloria
Credits: 4000
Purchases: 10 AT-TE, 2 blockade runners, Mace Windu, 20 ARC Fighters, 20 barc speeders, 750 clones, Venator,40 At-rts,Commander Fed,10 AT-OTs,20 Dropships

Wolf - Rodia and Trandosha
Credits: 1850
Purchases: 500 clones,40 LAAT's, 60 AT-TE's,6 Venators, 4 Acclamators

Rusty - Hoth and Nar Shadda
Flagship: Excelsior
Credits: 5250
Purchased: Acclamators[4],Clones[500],Commander Rusty[1] [20] AT-TE, [20] ARC-170

Tom -Gravlex Med & Thule Moon, Mustafar, Taris
Flagship: The Legacy, The Crusader
Credits: 300
Purchased: 16 Venators, 16 Acclamators, 40 speeder, 80 AT-TE, 1000 Clone Troopers, 20 V-19 Torrent Fighters, 4 Corvette, 20 LAAT

Fang - Dxun and Ordo
5400 Credits


Anders - Telos
Credits: 2200
Purchased: [1] Lucrehulk-Class Battleship,[1] Corvette, Providence-Class Destroyer/Carriers [7],Munificent-Class Frigate [1],STAP [10],IG-227 Hailfire-Class Droid Tank [10],AAT [10],Bounty Hunter Faen Helvete, 100 Fighters

Rocky - Sluis Van, Nal Hutta, and Korriban,
Flagship(s): The Annihilator, the Vindicator
Credits: 3550
Purchased: General Greivous, OOM-12, Lucrehulk-Class Battle Ships [8], Subjugator-Class Battlecruiser [1], MANTA-Class Starfighters [120] Hardcell-class corvettes [4]

Swash - Ryloth and Naboo
Flagship: Devastator
Credits: 1900

Typh - Polis Massa
Flagship: "Divine Shadow".
Credits: 2500
Purchased: 3 Commerance Guild Destroyers, and 2 Com Jammers.
Ground: 500 B1 Battle Droids

Bow - Deka Nemodia
2000 credits
Purchased: 2 Lucrehulks, 4 munificent, 2 Providence Destroyer



Daniel - Dantooine and Tatooine
Credits: 5800
Purchases: Droids [500]

Galvan - Jabiim and Korriban
Credits: 4900
Flahship:"The Regret"
Purchases: Lucrehulk [1], Vulture droids [20], B-2 [1000], Hero: Ricu Galvan

Commander J

Gus Indo - Colla IV and Kashyyyk
Credits: 2600
Purchases: 2 lucrehulks
5 squadrons of fighter(trifighters),2 munificents

Hawk - Kessel
Credits: 2300
Purchased: 7 Munificents
10 Hyenas,500 Supers,
Asajj Ventress,Devastator+OOA-96, Grievous, B2s [1,000], Speeders [30]

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Topic: Star Wars

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