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 Group admin 
This topic is just a list of all of the main characters featured in my series. I will add to the list every time a new character appears. Nobody else is to write in this topic only me, so I shall lock it.
| July 13, 2010, 3:01 pm
 Group admin 

.Elite Commander Robert Kit (R.K.) Blast --Head of the U.R.S.. Former head of the F.I.S. Killed by Iadsgb on Korriban in Season 1, but brought back to life by Bisvernicof on Manaan in Season 2. Kind, generous but fierce, especially in battle.

.Commander Padfoot --U.R.S. Second in Command. Replaced RC-1140 Fixer when he betrayed Blast. A loyal and true friend to Blast from the beginning. Down-to-earth and battle-ready.

.Commander Flare --Joined the U.R.S. from a Republic base on Wayland in Season 4. Loyal to R.K. Blast. Short-tempered but a kind and good soldier.

.Flight Commander Falcon --Loyal U.R.S. leader. In love with Jelli. Flight specialist. Youngest member of the U.R.S.. Kind, not very experienced but a good man.

.Vasilios Nikolaou --Loyal U.R.S. leader. Died in the F.I.S. base on Hoth in Season 3. Specialist technician.

.Commander Hess --Loyal U.R.S. leader. Quite often teamed up with Nightblaze after Vasilios's death. Weapons expert. Funny and warm-hearted, a good friend and soldier.

.Commander Nightblaze --Loyal U.R.S. leader. Quite often teamed up with Nightblaze after Vasilios's death. Quiet and calm, even in battle. Trust-worthy.

.Commando Slash --Loyal U.R.S. leader. Mysteriously showed up on Manaan and was granted permission to join. Head of N-Section and a tactics specialist. Quiet but an expert in battle. Down-to-earth.

.General Electrock --Former F.I.S. droid general. Blast wiped his memory and got him to join the U.R.S.. Killed by Iadsgb on Christophsis in Season 1.

.Lieutenant Shock --Loyal U.R.S. trooper. Was the only surviving non-main role from the mission on Hoth in Season 3. A joker with not much experience but a lot of passion.

.Forrel --Loyal U.R.S. trooper. Was part of the squad who entered the secret F.I.S. base on Hoth in Season 3. He annoyed Blast with his careless attitude but in the end, sacrificed himself to save the rest of the squad and killed Null 1 Slack in the process.

.Zak --Loyal U.R.S. trooper. Was part of the squad who entered the secret F.I.S. base on Hoth in Season 3. Killed during the escape.

.Sator --Loyal U.R.S. medic. Was part of the squad who entered the secret F.I.S. base on Hoth in Season 3. Killed during the escape.
| July 13, 2010, 3:23 pm
 Group admin 

.Supreme Commander Iadsgb --Head of the F.I.S.. Former best friend to Blast. Hard, no-nonsense and battle-ready but with a sense of humor.

.Jamie Clift --F.I.S. Second in Command. Was promoted when Iadsgb fell out with Null 9 Denser. Battle-hardened but with a stern yet kind heart to his men.

.Galactic Marine RC-1140 Fixer --Loyal F.I.S. leader. Former U.R.S. Second in Command. Betrayed the U.R.S. in a battle on The Calm Before the Storm over Coruscant in Season 2. Mechanics expert. Funny and quick in battle. Never afraid to speak out.

.Eve Nazarenko --Became Iadsgb personal assassin in Season 4. A female human with mild force powers. Highly attractive and madly in love with Iadsgb.

.Captain Biosnake --Head F.I.S. scientist. Thought to have been killed on Racshaw in Season 1 but returned as a cyborg in Season 4 to continue his job creating new devices and chemical weapons for the F.I.S.. Partially insane. Has a hook for a left hand.

.Arc Commander Stallion --Loyal F.I.S. leader. Weapons expert. Quiet and collected, a fierce foe in battle.

.Commander Rogue --Promoted to Commander during Season 4. Expert sniper. Fearless and cold but kind to his comrades.

.Elite General Callum --Loyal F.I.S. leader. Joined the F.I.S. just before the battle on Endor in Season 2. Least experienced member. Youngest member of the F.I.S. Slightly bumbling but a good man. Only wants the best for his team.

.Elite Captain Jelli --Used to be U.R.S. and was in love with Falcon. Least experienced. Betrayed Blast under mysterious circumstances.

.Null 9 Denser --Loyal F.I.S. leader. Killed by Padfoot on board The Desolation in a battle over Coruscant in Season 2. Weapons expert/specialist. Reincarnated as Null 1 Slack by Bisvernicof on Endor in Season 2.

.Null 1 Slack --Loyal F.I.S. leader. Was originally Null 9 Denser but reincarnated by Bisvernicof on The Desolation during the battle on Endor in Season 2. Killed by Forrel in the F.I.S. base on Hoth in Season 3.
| July 13, 2010, 3:39 pm
 Group admin 
Misc' / Other Characters:

.Bisvernicof the OvaSeer --Head of the mysterious OvaSeers. Wanted the war to end so went to Iadsgb for help. The war continued and so he went to Blast who promised he would end it as soon as he could. Brought Blast back to life on Manaan after he was killed by Iadsgb on Korriban in Season 1. Brought Null 9 Denser back to life and turned him into Null 1 Slack during the battle on Endor in Season 2. Is willing to help whichever side will end the war fastest. Declared war on both armies in Season 4 and captured all of the leaders, only for them to escape during the battle with the G.C.C.

.Zuricof The OvaSeer -- An expert OvaSeer warrior. Prefers the use of a whip. Helps the U.R.S. and F.I.S. escape in Season 4.

.Alldecof The OvaSeer --An ancient OvaSeer who uses a cane in battle. Related to Bisvernicof.

.Spillicof The OvaSeer --Head of The OvaSeer army. Fierce warrior who wields a massive sword.

.Smirnicof The OvaSeer --Female OvaSeer. Highly skilled in Battle.

.Commander Bobbahead --Head of The Galactic Colonization Crusade (G.C.C.) Who attacked both the U.R.S. and F.I.S. in the OvaSeer's home city. Killed by Iadsgb and Bisvernicof during a duel above the city in a stolen G.C.C. ship in Season 4.

.High Commander Charge --Head of the Republic Base of Wayland in Season 4. Organised for The Valentine and new soldiers be sent for the U.R.S. after they help defend his base from the C.I.S. Paid off afterwards by Iadsgb to send the U.R.S. into a trap.

.Zulcan Turso --Works for the F.I.S. providing an endless supply of medical equipment and bacta tanks. Works wherever the money comes from. Doesn't care about the war itself. Medical expert. Saves Blast's life in Season 3 and provides him with a temporary antidote to his condition.

.Argon Waart --Banished Jedi. Hid on Bogden after being banished from the order. Saved The Manipulator from crashing when it was destroyed in Season 1 and then fixed it. Attempted to kill Iadsgb but failed and was killed himself.
| July 13, 2010, 3:57 pm
 Group admin 
Cruisers / Ships:

.The Manipulator --The U.R.S. flagship. Completely designed by Blast and built as as one-off by Kaut Engineering Systems. Created after Blast was thrown out of the F.I.S.. The bridge was designed exactly the same as the one on The Desolation, using blueprints Blast stole before he left. There is a second Manipulator hidden somewhere in the galaxy. Blast hid it just in case anything happened to the first one and only he knows of its location. The first one was destroyed by The Desolation in Season 1 above Bogden but was saved and repaired by Argon Waart.
Important locations: Bridge, Crew Quarters, Blast's private quarters, Engine Room, Medical centre.

.The Valentine --A Republic Venator with a custom paintjob, given to the U.R.S. by High Commander Charge along with new legion of troops in Season 4. Collected from Ambria after being led into an F.I.S. trap.
Important Locations: Bridge, Medical Bay.

.The Desolation --The F.I.S. flagship. Destroyed by Blast on Christophsis in Season 1 but rebuilt by Kaut Engineering Systems as a favour to Iadsgb.
Important Locations: Bridge, Crew Quarters, Iadsgb's private quarters, Medical centre, Zulcan Turso's medical centre.

.The Calm Before the Storm --F.I.S. cruiser. Sister ship to The Desolation. Designed by Iadsgb and built by an unknown company.
Important Locations: Bridge, Medical bay.

.The Deliverance --F.I.S. cruiser. F.I.S. flagship under Blast's control. Replaced by The Desolation when Iadsgb took charge.
| July 13, 2010, 4:26 pm
 Group admin 
If I have missed any characters or ships or anyone would like more information on anyone/thing in particular, then just ask in the "Questions for the Creator" topic.
| July 13, 2010, 4:53 pm
 Group admin 
Okay, just to let you all know that this has been updated! So everything is now up to date!
| August 21, 2012, 5:27 pm
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