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Heroica PvP Rules
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Okay, so I've been testing rules for a player VS. Player version of Heroica, where each player uses three characters and start on opposite sides from each other.

The rules can be used with normal heroica (Although the movements are scaled down, of course) but they are best suited for PvP.

It's fun to play with other game modes as well, like capture the flag.

It works best on Minotaurus or Ramsee's pyramid.

First of all, there are two dices, the combat dice and the movement dice. 

The combat dice is the normal Heroica dice, and the movement dice is the Minotaurus dice Except the black side of the dice is replaced with a shield. (or a normal dice with 1 being the shield) 

Each turn, you have three movement rolls. (Only if you are playing on a large map)
If you land on the shield with the movement dice, you can either use your ability or move six spaces. (if you are on a large map)

How pvp works:

A player can move directly in front of another player, initiating a battle. The player who is attacking rolls the combat dice first, and the person who is being attacked rolls after.

Here are the outcomes of the rolls:

(The effect is under the rolls)

Attacker. Victim. 
Succesful attack, Victim takes 1 damage.
Optional: The attacker may roll again, and if they get a sword, their attack does 1 extra damage.

Parry, no one takes damage and the attacker moves back 2 spaces.

Victim takes 1 damage, but the attacker is knocked back 2 spaces.

Attacker rolls the combat dice, if they get a skull or a skull/sword, they take 1 damage.
Either way, they are knocked back 6 spaces.

Shield-Anything except sword or Shield.
Attacker uses their ability.

Victim takes 1 damage.

Both players take 1 damage and move back 3 spaces.

Attacker takes 1 damage.

Attacker takes 1 damage and both players are knocked back 2 spaces.

Nothing Happens and the battle ends.

Victim uses their ability.

Nothing Happens

Both players take 1 damage, and the victim is knocked back 2 spaces.

Victim takes 1 damage, but both players move back 1 space.

Victim uses their ability, but also takes 1 damage.
If you decide to play with multiple lives, you come back the same way you do in normal heroica.
New abilities for classes (Only if you are playing on a large board like Minotaurus or Ramsee's Pyramid)

Move 5 spaces and do 1 damage to target.

Roll the combat dice, if you get the shield, the target gets the bleeding affliction. 

Do 1 damage to ALL enemies in a 1 (or 2) space radius and then move 2 spaces.

Roll the combat dice, if you get the shield, the target becomes stunned for 3 turns.

Do 1 damage to a target 5 (or 6) spaces away, even around corners.

Choose 1 of these additional effects:
Roll the combat dice, if you get a shield the target gets the fire status condition for 3 turns.

Roll the combat dice, if you get a shield the target gets the frozen status condition for 3 turns.

Heal yourself or an ally entirely,

If you are playing with multiple lives, the Druid comes back with full health.

Move 2 spaces and do 1 damage to a target.

Take 1 of their gold, and 1 gold from the shop. If they have no gold, take 1 from the shop.

Do 1 damage to a target 8 (or 10) spaces away in a straight line.

Pick up an item up to 6 spaces away, even through walls.

But you don't just have to play as heroes, you can play as monsters too.

Here are the current monster rules I have:

Goblin King:
(Summon Skill)
Summon 2 Goblins Wariors anywhere on the map.
They disappear after they have been defeated in battle, or after they kills someone. 

Goblin General:
(Melee Skill)
Charge ahead 4 spaces and deal 1 damage to any foes hit. Foes are knocked aside.

Goblin Guardian:
(ranged Skill)
Attack an enemy 4 spaces away in a straight line, then move 1 space.

Goblin Warrior:
You play as 3 to 4 Goblin Warriors. They share a movement roll. Each has 1 health. (or if you are using 3, one of them has 2 health)
(Melee Skill)
Move 1 space and do 1 damage to target.

Golem Lord:
(Summon Skill) 
Summon 1 Golem Guardian anywhere on the map.
It disappears after it has been defeated in battle, or after it kills someone. 

Dark Druid: 
I'm still thinking of something that isn't summoning or that isn't a copy of the druid >_>

Giant Bat:
Giant Bats can move one extra space.
(Melee Skill)
Fly-by attack, move 3 spaces. You can even pass over enemies. Any enemies that are passed over take 1 damage.

Golem Guardian:
Golem Guardians move 1 space less than what they roll.
(ranged skill)
ALL enemies in a 5 space radius take 1 damage, even through walls. 

Still thinking.

Has 1 less health than other characters.
(Ranged skill)
 Target enemy that is 5 spaces away in a straight line is either stunned (if you roll a sword or skull) or poisoned (if you roll a shield) for 5 turns. 
Nothing happens if you roll a sword/skull.
See status effects for how these work.

Vampire Lord (or whatever his name is :P):
(Transformation Skill)
The Vampire lord can turn into a giant bat or vampire bat for a maximum of 4 turns. When you are a bat, you have an extra movement on top of the extra movement the bat gets.
Do 1 damage to a target within a 1 space radius. You also gain 1 health. (Unless your health is full)

Vampire Bat: 
(Melee skill)
Do 1 damage to target, you gain 1 health.
(Transformation Skill)
This effect lasts for 2 turns:
Reduce 1 (or 2) from your movement rolls. When you are in battle, your opponent has to roll twice and take the worst roll.

Other Heroes:
(Melee skill)
Move 1 (or 2) space(s) and do 1 damage to an enemy. You also regain 1 health.

(Melee Skill)
Move 4 spaces, ignoring all terrain. Enemies that you pass through take 1 damage.

Heavy Knight:
Moves 1 space less than that rolled. Also takes 1 less knockback.

The Heavy Knight has a two different effects for combat rolls:
The Heavy Knight does 1 damage to target and is moved back 2 spaces.

Nothing happens.

(Melee Skill)
Move 1 space and do 1 damage to target.

The Pirate may re-roll once when he is looting a treasure chest.
(Melee Skill)
Do 1 damage to target and move 2 spaces.

(Summon Skill)
Add a random potion to your hero pack.

(Transformation Skill)
The Gladiator does +1 damage in combat for 3 turns.
(Melee Skill)
Move 2 spaces and do 1 damage to target.

When battling an opponent, the opponent is knocked back 2 more spaces than normal.
(Ranged Skill)
Push target that is up to 4 spaces away from you 4 spaces back, even around corners.
(Transformation Skill)
Use the closest hero's Ranged or Melee skill.
(Cannot use transformation or summoning skills)

(Transformation Skill)
Gain 1 extra roll for every shield rolled.
Status Effects:
Every turn, the effected character rolls the combat dice before they make a movement.
If they land on a skull, they take 1 damage.

If they land on the Shield, they are cured.

Has the same effect as poison.
Thaws out frozen characters.

Effected character rolls the combat dice before their turn. If they roll anything except a sword, they cannot move.

They are cured if they roll a shield.

Same thing as stunned, except they can take 1 dmg. on the last turn if they roll something bad.

The target is slowed by 1 for 2 turns. At the end of the second turn, the target takes 1 damage. 
New Items and Additional/Changed Rules for previous items.

Chicken Leg:
If you wish to eat it, roll the combat dice.
Here are the possible outcomes:
Sword/Skull: Nothing happens, and the chicken leg is consumed.
Skull: Indigestion, your movement speed is lowered by 1 for 3 turns.
Sword: Your movement speed is increased by 1 for 3 turns.
Shield: Your movement speed is increased by 3 for 3 turns, and you do 1 extra damage for 2 turns.
The chicken leg costs 2 gold.

Crystal of Deflection:
If you would die, come back with 2 health and move 4 spaces.

Has 1 use.

If you are playing with multiple lives:
Same effect, but you come back with full health.

Has -1 uses to the amount of lives you are playing with.

Costs 4 gold.
A last note, the game is best played with extra health. :P

So that's all I have so far, please give constructive criticism!  ^_^

| January 5, 2013, 10:26 am
Hey, I liked your idea for the cristal of deflection. Sadly I don't have Minitorous (or hovever you say it) so I can't try it out. I've also got some ideas for the dark Druid and warewolf:

Move 1 space more than rolled.
If you deal health to any character, add the bleeding effect to the victim.
(In my heroica game, I've made an extra dice that you roll at the begining of your turn. This determines the time of day for your turn: Day or Night. If you use something like this in yours you could also make it so that he deals double health a night, and daytime cancels out the movement effect.)

Dark Druid:
1st ability:
You may, if you roll a shield, (Not in battle) teleport to any space, as long as it is at least six spaces away from any opponents.
2nd ability:
You may, with the roll of a shield, add the fire effect to any opponent up to three spaces away.

I would also make a slight change to the fire effect: it also makes you move 1 more space than rolled. (This stacks with any other effects)

| April 2, 2014, 3:29 pm
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