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Baron characters
 Group admin 
Welcome to the LOM's list of influential characters, staff-created and player-made. The people on this list are the kind that show up in Universal Challenges, setting events in motion that can shape the whole world. Players with the Baron rank may each add one player to this list to be considered to play a role in future UCs.

For players with the Baron rank:
Add a comment below with a brief description of your character. When the staff are browsing this list to find people to include in universal challenges, it's more important for us to know about a character's goals, tactics, connections, affiliations, resources and skills than their entire life story, so make sure to include those to maximize your character's chances of being included in world events. If you really want to give a lot of detail, link to a wiki article on your character.

Note: Since the rank requirements changed for the Baron Rank on July 30, 7 AU (or 2015 for those of you who use real-world years), any character biographies posted before that date need to confirm that the posting players have met the new requirements before their characters will be considered for use by the staff.

Faction Leaders:
King Sadon of Mythron
King Bartok of Rainos
Reia Loda of Enalica
Sozo of the Outlaw Confederacy

Other Staff Characters:
King Rowan of Mythron (Deceased)
Prince Borin of Mythron
Sir Eric Malmesbury, Eccentric Noble
Guillame Marechal, Revolutionary

Player Characters:
Boss, the (Criminal Overlord)
Gideon, Johnathan (Lord of Grorm)
Jako (Military Commander of Nerogue)
| August 15, 2014, 7:13 am
I submit Lukas Spine Jr.

Lukas is the Archdruid of Hadran and the duke of Hadran. However, he is stranded on a rock right now, and can't come to the phone. Leave a message, and he'll be sure to return your call when (if) he gets back.
| August 15, 2014, 7:15 am
I submit Jonathan Gideon (archenemy Mardlore, lord of the shadow guild)

Jonathan Gideon is a Rainosian who controls an enormous network of spies, and is also in alliance with Edrid Torr's Supreme Spy Council. Gideon is close with much of the Dragon Clan, though he has contacts in all the clans. He allies himself with Nerogue, but feels distaste for the Outlaws and Enalica. He hates Mythron for personal reasons.
| November 30, 2014, 10:09 am
I submit Edrid Torr, archenemy Mardlore, Lord of the Shadow Guild.

Edrid grew up in a small Neroguian fort under the protection of one of his father's friends. He ran away at age 17 and was captured by some ex-Black Lotus outlaws who killed his former guardian. He pretended to join them only to leave them when they were defeated. In this sequence he picked up a mute Minotaur named Argus who acted as a sidekick.
Soon afterward Edrid met his father for the first time in about a decade but his father was killed before his eyes during that meeting upon which he was forced to take up his father's mission in Rainos where he met Johnathan Gideon, who he later learned was his cousin. On his return to Nerogue however he was captured by some 'Ibers' (whom he had sided against) while at home a fake note was left in which he declared himself the enemy of his father's spy organization. Johnathan Gideon eventually rescued him and in the subsequent trial he was acquitted of charges and made head of his father's spy council.
Following that sequence he left for Rainos again with Johnathan Gideon where he met the organizer of his father's death, Ageld (from the Shadow Guild) and killed him. In the battle Argus was slain and Edrid, following his late sidekick's last request, brought his body to his people (in an Island south of Nerogue) their land which he consequently claimed for Nerogue (to protect them from slavers). He is currently in Nerogue awaiting the arrival of his only surviving relative whom Donjnir* had searched out and is currently with him in Guaire.

*I assume this is where we submit NPCs? because Donjnir would be mine. He is my Tourney Entry and a diplomatic operative for the Torr/Gideon Spy organization.
| December 8, 2014, 2:37 pm
 Group admin 
Name: Cedric
Titles: The Bull, Lord of the Bulls, Member of the Black Flag Trading Company's Board of Dictators
Affiliation: Bull Clan of Rainos, Black Flag Trading Company
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Appearance: Short black hair, grey eyes, bristly mustache, weathered face, twelve-plate height, wiry build. Likes to dress well, often in red with gold trim, and wears a hook on the stump of his left wrist. Often wears a black, dragon-crested traditional helmet.
Biography: Cedric formed a clan after leading a local serf revolt early in the War of Unbinding. As the war progressed, he built up a formidable and ruthless war-band to help drive out the Mythronian lords, and during this time he came to realize how much more organized warfare and society could be. As the war came to a close, he turned his energies toward developing a professional army, integrating isolated villages and towns across northern Rainos into his clan's territory and making alliances with other clans such as the Boars and Ibers. He bases his descisions on risk and benefit rather than moral standards and sided with the Black Lotus (even taking a high-up position just below the Inner Council) during its alleged attempt to destroy Mythron. When the Rainosian Civil War broke out, his clan won and lost several battles on and around its own territory. Currently, Cedric is using peace, his profits from the Santuario Gold Rush and his position on the Black Flag Trading Company's Board of Dictators to build up his clan's economic standing and establish some operations beyond mainland Rainos.
| December 12, 2014, 7:06 pm
I've got a baron character to add!

The Master(real name unknown) was part of the inner council of the Black Lotus during it's prime,and led a large group of BL followers,including Karon.After the attack on Reedus,when Prince Borin was revealed,the Master still held together some followers of the Black Lotus.
Currently,the Master has gathered supporters of the Black Lotus,and hopes to revive it and topple Mythron.But unknowingly,he has an enemy who is currently plotting revenge against him:Karon,a previously loyal supporter of the Master,until he discovered his father,Markaus,and left the Black Lotus to found his own organization,the White Lotus.Karon is now undercover within the Master's group,along with Markaus and part of his red council.
The Master looks like a rignwraith and so far hasn't displayed any combat abilities aside from firing blasts of energy.
| February 2, 2015, 2:14 pm
 Group admin 
We are trying to involve a few baron characters in the current challenge, but are having a hard time finding the information we need. So here is a tip for people with baron characters if you want to make it easier on us: Instead of giving us a page-long history of what your character has done, just give us a quick summary. Describe some of your character's key personality traits and some of their goals. Then, list the character's affiliations, which faction s/he is in, which factions s/he favors, and which factions s/he dislikes. Also, if, for example, my character is in charge of an outlaw raiding party, I would describe the party's tactics and conduct (rather than going on about how my character killed his cousin). In other words, if your character controls a spy network, a group of fighters, a section of an army or anything like that, tell us what your character controls and what this organization does. If your character is in charge of a city, tell us that, too.
| February 12, 2015, 10:36 pm
 Group admin 
(3.0) Baron Character: Diana Zappora, daughter of Henry and Felicity Zappora, sister to Ella Zappora.

A young sorceress still getting used to her own power along with the power of her mystic staff, she is torn between the alliance of the Velmonts and the alliance of her family with the Golden Empire of Enalica. However, soon disillusioned with the current actions of the Velmonts and the Masked Ones, she leaves them to follow her own path into the ranks of the Golden Empire, intending to discover the truth of its actions and ideals, which aren't as apparently corrupt and evil as she first thought. Surrendering her enchanted staff to officials as an act of loyalty(as well as anxiety over an intense conductive power she didn't know it possessed), she accepts the status of scout and recruiter for the Golden Empire, relying on her own magic ability to cope on her assignments.
| May 5, 2015, 5:23 pm
Baron Character: Aleric.
In short, Aleric is a wanderer of the whole map. He is a Rainosian, and although he does not show it much, proud to be one. Also he identifies with the Outlaws, knows many of them at least somewhat, and supports their new confederation as well. He does not like Mythron at all, and could care less about Enalica as a country. Nerogue he supports, to an extent. Overall, he does not care much for countries, more about the people in them. He is a member of the Supreme Spy Council and knows Jonathan Gideon well. He also is in charge of a small clan, the Bear Clan, who are basically warriors that banded together instead of just wandering around by themselves. Now, they follow Aleric's orders, and help him in his objectives as well as they can.

I hope that's helpful.
| June 7, 2015, 6:04 pm
 Group moderator 
Now that we have the rank system 3.0, all current baron rank-holders must do the requirement (3 MOCs at 3 point MBC level located in a similar area that show different important aspects of a region, with a short description of each) in order to regain their baron rank. If you get the new requirements for your rank, could you edit the text "3.0" (or something like that) near the top of your baron character comment? Thanks!

Oh, and I'll post my baron rank challenge in a couple days.
| July 30, 2015, 9:01 pm
 Group moderator 
Jako is 19 and, the character of Joel Tyer, is a human. Jako was raised in Wascond bay but while he was still young his family moved to Tomeu to join Nerogue. From there they moved to a small town. Very unexpectedly his father and brother were killed in a orc raid. His mother died a few weeks after of grief. He later joined the Nerogueian army and he and a childhood friend, by the name of Matthias, took on the lead of a small group of rangers. After the death of lifelong mentor Jeshua, Jako became the leader of the Rangers of Nerogue; and later became the leader of Nerogues military. He has been trained to use many different weapons but prefers a broadsword, long bow, and throwing knives.
| August 1, 2015, 2:29 pm
 Group moderator 
The Boss is a criminal leader of a vast organization of prominent individuals, representing nearly every faction. His goal, supposedly, is to become the leader of a large trade empire and to overthrow the authority of the current leaders of these lands. He's currently focused on control of Enalica, as he believes that faction is the best target for his economic goals.
| August 1, 2015, 3:05 pm
(3.0) Jonathan Gideon is a master spy, who's network of informants stretch from Bodus to Iremore. He is a well-accomplished Rainsoian, and has represented his faction in negotiations, as well as carry out personal missions for Rainos. He has friends in Enalica, despite that he fought against Enalica in the Rainosian Civil War. He has a deep hatred of Mythron because of his parent's death. He views the Outlaws' chaos government with doubt, but is willing to ally with them. He retains many friends in Nerogue.

| August 10, 2015, 8:25 pm
Group moderators have locked this conversation.
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