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This topic will be dedicated to all of the information you could possibly need for your story. It will include places, people and events.
Full information to follow.
| May 12, 2014, 8:48 am
 Group admin 
In 2080, the US, Canada, Russia, and Northern Europe joined together to form a government called the Galactic Imperium, the leader of which was one President Sorrin Worthington. Just four years later, it was announced that the Imperium leadership was being re-shuffled and that it would now be run by a select council. President Worthington was never heard from again, but it is assumed that he became one of the councilors. A small resistance group against the Galactic Imperium began forming in Central America; against the Imperium's control. The group became known as Aurelia. They didn't have the strength to challenge the Imperials properly and so only skirmishes broke out and they were branded a nuisance. But after a mysterious event known as The Shift dropped the Earth into another galaxy and solar system, the only starships left from the Imperium's massive fleet were those which were docked on the surface. As both sides find allies among the alien inhabitants of this new solar system, Aurelia has a chance to obtain independence, the Galactic Imperium has new planets to explore and make conquer, and the Marauders struggle to find their footing in this new solar system.

There had been uprisings and protests on Earth against the GI for a couple of years prior to the Shift, but the war properly started after the Shift occurred.
On the 20th October 2093, a nuclear bomb was detonated in the US city of Detroit, instantly killing 80,000 and causing another 100,000 related deaths. This was the first and so far only nuclear terrorist attack. The blame was placed on a GI deserter in the Aurelians named Tyrus Biggs and he has yet to be brought to justice for his actions. However, this atrocity left the city a wasteland and in the aftermath, the GI gained extra support from the rest of the world.

The shift occurred on January the 3rd 2094, and lasted from 8:24 to 8:31 AM, Greenwich Meridian Time.

To view the entire timeline of events so far, click here

The Galactic Imperium is a government, ruled over by a secretive council of 5, that spawned from Earth and eventually gained allies from it's neighboring planets; Qoter, Soateria, and Reador. This faction contains people of all races who want equality and peace throughout the solar system.

Aurelia is a nation of freedom-loving rebels, trying to win its independence from the rabid expansionism of the Galactic Imperium.

Marauders are the criminals of the galaxy. Though they have a small amount of organization, they consist mostly of freelancers and the like. Think Han Solo and Ridick.

The Collective are a race of intergalactic mystics who travel from galaxy to galaxy seizing power by force if necessary. They arrived on the 1st of March 2095 and after waging war on the galaxy for half a year, are now living peacefully alongside us. To play as a member of The Collective, you must complete the Collective training League.


--System 54:--

Galaxy map:

Earth - 2096 technology- antigrav, holograms and interplanetary travel and primitive lasers.
Faction: GI

Qoter - Most populated planet, full of sprawling cities and factories. Technology is about 80 years ahead of Earth's. The capital is named Regentis.
Faction: GI

Etrion - This small moon of Qoter was once a thriving independent nation, but after a devastating civil war, the population vanished and nomadic raiders moved through. Today, the farms have turned to desert, and the cities are technically empty, but gangs, smugglers, and spies have made their home here.
Faction: Marauders

Soateria - Jungle planet, crisscrossed by mountains and methane rivers. Few major cities, mostly built up of small towns here and there.
Faction: GI

Iapra - A unique planet, half of which is covered by thick tundra, while the other is covered in scorching desert. This is caused by the fact that it is the closest planet to the sun, and does not spin, causing the desert side to always be facing the sun. The snowy side does get sunlight, however, but only in reflections from the three moons surrounding it. Cities fill the equator of the planet.
Faction: Neutral; sympathizes with Marauders

Toliv - A planet covered with water, except for a few small islands. Below the water are a few major cities, with a Roman planet-wide civilization.
Faction: Neutral; sympathizes with GI

Zarus - The Aurelian's base world. This planet looks completely red from space because of the color of the clouds, which cover the sky. Although it has very little water, it has great mineral resources. Current main base of Aurellian operations.
Faction: Aurelia

TIRUNEI: A blue-purple gas giant. Two inhabited moons:

Fuyoria - A moon covered in thick jungle, inhabited solely by small tribes who only speak native tongue, and are quite hostile to outsiders.
Faction: Aurelia

Rerador - A colonial planet of Qoter. Really evil looking planet,covered in active volcanoes and brown rock. Features domed cities and smaller towns, linked via above-ground tubes/tunnels.
Faction: N/GI

Planets/moons from sun outward:

Iapra: N/Marauders
Toliv: N/GI
Qoter: GI
Etrion: Marauders
Soateria: GI
Zarus: Aurelia
Earth: GI
Fuyoria: Aurelia
Rerador: N/GI

---System 55---

Galaxy Map:

Husk – Formerly named Tolterros, the planet was destroyed 69 years ago (18th August 2026), bringing to an end an almost decade-long civil war, after a group of terrorists simultaneously detonated a mega-nuclear bomb in the planet core, and fired an apparent super-laser weapon at it from a star cruiser. The cruiser vanished after the event and has not been seen since, leaving some worried about the presence of such a powerful weapon somewhere out there in the system. Now, what remains of the planet is just an asteroid field. The largest of the asteroids has been named Husk, and has a small mining settlement on it, however, not many can work there due to the left over radiation. Nobody likes to venture anywhere near the field though as there are stories about creatures living out there. Some say they are monsters, others, that they were once humans who somehow survived the nuclear bomb and have turned feral, others say that they are the same thing. Some are sceptical, but it is well known that barely any who venture into the asteroids ever come out again. Whether because of the difficult piloting needed, or because of the feral humans, nobody knows for sure, but that doesn’t stop people from being terrified of “The Reapers”, whether they exist or not…

Shillios – Many millennia ago was a watery planet and developed towering coral structures. Now, completely dried up, the coral structures are all that remain. Nearly all of the coral is naturally pink in colour. Those who live on the planet now live within these naturally dried out coral structures.

Dulb – The entire planet is one big swamp. Areas of damp land surrounded by areas of murky, muddy sludge. The plants are overgrown and nocturnal predators stalk the planet, although there are small settlements all over the place. A perfect refuge for those trying not to be found.

Flouron – A lush forest planet, although constantly covered in layers of cloud. The natives are very peaceful and trusting in nature, which, in the past, has led to issues of betrayal, however the natives are forgiving and non-vengeful. They are content to examine the ways of nature and the cosmos.

Ark’lack – An industrial world, covered in factories, warehouses and scrapyards. The years of industrial waste and fumes have polluted the atmosphere so that it is full of smog and the air is thick to breathe.

Deltar Five – The capital planet of the system. Large land masses with numerous snow-topped mountains and shimmering blue oceans give for stunning scenery. Heavily populated but still beautiful in appearance. With both classical and very modern architecture, along with the latest technology, the planet is up-to-date and looking ahead to the future while also being very proud of its heritage. The government here runs all of the planets in this system. Despite it's beauty, there is an area approximately the size of Spain walled off by a one hundred foot tall wall, where there was once a biochemical accident. Nobody is allowed within the walled-off zone. Anybody who somehow manages to get in would instantly die. It is also a no-fly zone, so no ships are ever allowed to pass overhead.

Kepler Neos – A highly sophisticated space station that orbits Deltar Five. Military in nature, built to defend the capital planet. However, as the system has been in an era of peace since the destruction of Tolterros 69 years ago, it has seen little use.

Dracios – A freezing, barren, ice-covered world. Due to a meteor collision centuries ago, millions of tons of rocky debris circle the planet in a huge asteroid belt.

Planets & Space Stations in order from Helio (Hot sun) to Plio (Cold Sun):

.Husk (Formerly Tolterros)
.Deltar Five
.Kepler Neos (Orbiting Deltar Five)

---System 1---


Hasshu (the Collective word for home) is the traditional capital of the Collective Empire. The Collective Assembly is situated on Hasshu, and functions similarly to Congress or Parliament, except it is largely ceremonial today, as most of the running of the empire is done by the Council, the High Council, and the Archmage, from The Spire. Hasshu is also home to the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Archmage and his or her family. Another key part of Hasshu is The Last Tree; the only tree remaining on Hasshu grown by the original Singers. It is a point of reverence for many. The Last Tree is situated within The Black Room, the biggest temple to Deja anywhere in the Empire other than Quioxes. When building on Hasshu, think Gallifrey from Doctor Who mixed with Tolkien-esque elven architecture; metal and glass should flow as if they have been grown like a tree. Hasshu is majestic, but underground is a web of mystery and intrigue. In deep underground caverns lay the ruins of old cities built by the Singers, long abandoned, and even with the Collective's vast power, there are still mysteries that remain unsolved in the depths...


For a table giving the rough time it takes to travel from world to world, click here:

Note: This is only a rough guide and, as such, does not show every planet to every planet, but it can be used to work out the rough times to travel to and from them all.
Engine quality should also be considered. If you have a top of the range, brand new fighter, it's going to be quicker than a thrown-together junk rustbucket. However, this difference, for the purposes of simplicity, should only be hours.

WARP DRIVES - Once you have completed Build 3 of the "Space Engineers" League, you can also use your Warp Drive to travel from planet to planet, not just system to system. Warp Drive travel times take A QUARTER of the times stated on the above table. Eg. If that table says a journey takes 4 days, with a warp drive it will take 1 day.

For further information about each planet and for pictures, click here:


For the full Species Directory, click here:


GI - Blue, grey and white. The style for most Galactic Republic buildings, vehicles, and equipment are clean and sleek. Very futuristic and smooth, without much messy greebling.

AURELIA - Grey, red and gold. Most of Aurelia's vehicles and weaponry are purchased illegally from weapons dealers or GI military suppliers, so styles vary, but overall, Aurelia's vehicles are more dingy and less sleek than the GI's. Think the Rebel Alliance.

MARAUDERS - No colour scheme. Style is whatever they can get their hands on.

COLLECTIVE - No set colours or schemes. Different Collective clans/families have their own emblems and colours. Robes and armour are the most common forms of dress. Think Jedi.


The Galactic Imperium:


The Marauder Council: - Note, this isn't the logo for the faction in general, as there isn't a faction for that. This is the logo for the Marauder Council.

The Collective:
Every Collective family has it's own emblem/symbol.


.The GI is run by a council of 5, secretive, unknown leaders from all of the GI controlled planets. Their base is Washington DC, Earth.

.The GI was formed in 2080 with President Sorrin Worthington in control. In 2084, the leadership was re-organised so that the Imperium would be controled by a select council. President Worthington was never seen again, but it is widely believed that he became one of the select councilors.

.The GI has a legion of winged soldiers nicknamed, The Wasps, led by Wing Commander Nicholas Rocksholme.

.In September of 2097, Aurelia revealed the Angels - their version of the Wasps. Made using stolen Wasp technology.

.There is a sort-of Marauder council. It is made up of 6 members (5 male, 1 female) and they have a hideout (like Jabba’s Palace) on Etrion. From left to right as you look at them sitting, the council members are;
Rocko Bite, Rakat Noiren, Brock Raith, Hansen Jones, Ellie Outast and Fru’kah Te’reh.
(Check the photostream for more details on each character.)
The council chamber looks similar to The Hutt Council in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, with the curved stone table.

.ROBKAT Engineering Shipyards are the biggest and best spaceship making and repairing in the system. They are aligned to the Galactic Imperium.

.The Hey Now Space Station orbits Etrion and is a popular meeting place for criminals of the galaxy, with trading posts and taverns galore on board.

.Aurelia is the faction name. The people are Aurelian and the plural is Aurelii.

.The founder of the Aurelians was General James Corvin.
He led them until his death in 2096.

.The current leader of Aurelia is General Convo.

.Inter-planetary travel has already been established between the different worlds in the galaxy, long before the arrival of Earth, so there are different species from different worlds spread across all of the planets, wherever civilization is found.

.There were humans in the galaxy before the Shift occurred. The reason for this is yet to be explained.

.The Collective is headed by an Archmage (Current one: Eris Arathon). The Archmage has a council of advisers.

YES - Primitive laser guns, primitive plasma weaponry, energy shields, anti-grav, holograms, inter-planetary travel, portals (Collective only), primitive warpspeed travel.
NO - Lightswords (or any similar devices), super-bombs, time travel.

.System 55 info:
System 55’s government is run by a group of representatives - one from each planet. Every month they meet to discuss the affairs and concerns of each world. They sit at a large table with 7 seats - One empty chair in remembrance of the destruction of Tolterros and one for each of the planets’ senators.

System 55 Senators:

.Helia Vall’ard - Deltar Five - Head of the Representative's Council.

.Atrya Toryn - Dulb. (On the right.)

.Harik - Dracios.

.Fenic Malkov - Flouron.

.Skarnic - Shillios.

.Julian Snyat - Ark'Lack.



GI -





Copy and paste the following text if you want a banner for The Insurgency on your homepage or in your mocs.

<a href=><img src=""; alt="The Insurgency"></a>

| May 12, 2014, 9:14 am
 Group admin 

Q: Help! I don't understand what this group is about!

A: This is a science-fiction story-telling group, where you can join one of four nations and earn points to win the war by building the story of your character. For more information, please see the homepage or the Getting Started thread.

Q: Where is the Getting Started Thread?!

A: Right here!

Q. When will the next challenge/results from the last one be up?

A: Patience, youngling. We're most likely working on it already.

Q: My character is an exiled alien prince. Can I show him fighting to return to power?

A: No. If he was fighting for power, why would he be here instead of on his own planet?

Q: My character is an exiled alien prince. Can I show him joining the cause of one of the other nations?

A: YES! Remember, it's all about your tone when you're making an off-beat character like this.

Q: Can I make a warp-speed ship and go find a new planet?

A: No. The story is set in the established star systems only.

Q: Can I have a lightsaber/electric plasma sword/any blade with some nifty technological upgrades?

A: With several limitations, yes. The blade cannot be punch-through-a-blast-door powerful, and it has to be a fairly crude and imperfect weapon.

Q: Which side should I join?

A: Whichever suits you best!

Q: Can I switch factions?

A: You can, but we don't encourage it. If you change faction, you take all your points and spending coins with you. The faction you leave loses that amount of points and the faction you join gains them.

Q: When can I enter a Faction Promotion challenge?

A: See below.
Click here for the 'Promotion' thread.

Q: How many creations am I allowed to enter?

A: Per month you are allowed;
. 1 GC (Monthly/Galactic Challenge) entry
. 2 League Build entries
. 5 Freebuilds
. 1 Faction Monthly Challenge Entry
. 2 Race Entries
. 2 Bounty Hunt Entries
. 2 Robot Combat Entries

Q: What is the difference between points and Spending Coins?

A: Every entry gains you points which are added to your faction's total and move your individual position up the leaderboard. Spending coins can be gathered and then spent in several ways. Your spending coins do not change your standing on the leaderboard.

Q: How do I get Spending Coins?

A: You automatically get given them. Every 10 points you get, gets you 5 Spending Coins. These are automatically added to your Spending Coins total, which can be found in the Spending Coins thread.

Q: Can I combine build types? (e.g. A League Build with a GC Entry.)

A: No. They must be separate builds.

Q: Can I show other people's characters?

A: Yes, as long as it is agreed to! We encourage players to have cross-overs with each other and have a dedicated conversation thread:

Q: How do we earn points? / How does the points system work?

A: See below.

| May 12, 2014, 9:22 am
 Group admin 
The Points System:

For those of you who may be a little confused about how the scoring works: This is how we mark things:

.Character Intro: 7 points
.Monthly Challenge: 10 points
.Winner of the Monthly Challenge: 10 bonus points plus a point for every entry into that challenge.
.Free Builds: Up to 6 points.
.League Builds: 7 points.
.Rank Up Builds: 10 points.
.Faction Monthly Challenges: 7 points
.Faction Monthly Challenge Winners: 7 bonus points plus a point for every entry to that challenge.
.Race Entries: 7 points.
.Bounty Hunt Entries: 7 points.
.Robot Combat Entries: 7 points.

I hope that clarifies the questions.
| May 12, 2014, 9:26 am
 Group admin 
About the Different Build Types:

.Character Intro: (Intro):
This is your first build. It introduces your character and gives their name and faction.

.Galactic Challenge: (GC):
This must show one of the topics/subjects described in that month's GC briefing.

.Free Builds: (FB):
Can show whatever you like. Normally used to advance your character's story. Can be set in the past or present but not the future.

.League Builds: (LB):
These must follow the briefing for whichever round of your league that you are entering. See the 'Leagues 2' Thread for more.

.Rank Up Builds: (RU):
This must show your character being promoted. OR, alternatively, if you do not wish to use your rank in the story, build something that shows your character doing something WORTHY of a promotion.

.Faction Monthly Challenges: (MMC/GIMC/AMC/CMC):
Occasionally each faction will have it's own, separate, monthly challenge. Your entry must fit the given briefing.

.Race Entries: (Race):
See the Racing thread, here -

.Bounty Hunt Entries: (BH):
See the Bounty Hunting thread, here -

.Robot Combat Entries: (RC):
See the Robot Combat thread, here -

| January 2, 2016, 11:35 am
 Group admin 
Promotion Levels and Points:

Each faction has 'ranks' (so to speak), which you must work your way up through.

When you reach the amount of points required to 'rank-up' you must build a 'rank-up' challenge build.

---Galactic Imperium---

0 points: Cadet
50: Private
100: Corporal
150: Sergeant
200: Lieutenant
250: Captain
300: Major
350: Colonel
400: Commander


0 points: Recruit
50: Officer
100: Corporal
150: Sergeant
200: Brigadier
250: Commodore
300: Captain
350: Chief
400: General


0 points: Thug
50: Thief
100: Criminal
150: Marauder
200: Bounty Hunter
250: Mercenary
300: Headhunter
350: Respected Marauder
400: Mastermind

---The Collective---

0: Drone
50: Soldier
100: Initiate
150: Acolyte
200: Knight
250: Mage
300: Tutor
350: War Mage
400: Lord Mage

| January 2, 2016, 11:35 am
 Group admin 

.The Imperium Council. - The entire Imperium is controlled by the Imperium Council. A secretive group of 5 members who control everything that happens.

Here, the chain of command splits into two sections. Military and Political.


.The Grand Admiral - The Grand Admiral is in charge of the entire Imperium armada. This comprises all spaceships, ground vehicles and soldiers. Everything that the Imperium has to offer.

Then the chain of command divides again into two branches - space and ground.


.Admirals. - There are numerous fleets of spaceships in the Imperium and each fleet is headed by an Admiral.

.Vice Admirals. - Not every fleet has Vice-Admirals. It is up to the fleet Admiral if they chose to promote an individual to the rank of Vice-Admiral.

.Captains. - Each ship in the GI armada has a Captain who controls it, but who answers to the fleet Admiral.

.Lieutenants. - Answer to the ship's Captain.

.Ensigns. - Answer to the ships's Lieutenants.

.Petty Officers. - Ranks 2nd Class, 1st Class and Chief.

.Cadets. - Fresh recruits.


.Commanders. - Usually in charge of an entire Imperium base or region, they are in command of all beneath them.

.Generals. - The next step down from Commanders, but still highly respected and experienced. Usually in charge of the Colonels beneath them.

.Colonels. - Answer to the base's Generals but are still in charge of the Major's beneath them.

.Majors. - Answer to the base's Colonels.

.Sergeants. - Ranks Sergeant and Sergeant Major.

.Corporals. - Answer to the base's Sergeants.

.Privates. - Fresh recruits.


.Governors. - Every Imperium-controlled planet has a Governor in charge. They oversee the entire planet and report only to the Imperium Council. Every Governor has his or her own advisers.

.Planetary Secretary. - Every planet has a Secretary in charge of it's affairs and whom answers only to the planetary Governor.

.Senators. - Classes Junior and Senior. These make up the planet's Senate body and are the people who vote on which laws get passed into regulation.

.Government. - Each region of a planet has it's own Government. They decide what is best for their particular region, but cannot make decisions on a grander scale.

.Mayors. - Usually of cities or towns.

.Civilians. - Everybody else under Imperium rule.

| January 2, 2016, 11:36 am
 Group admin 
If you want any more information or have a question to ask; Ask away in the 'Questions' Thread.
| December 12, 2017, 9:36 am
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