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 Group admin 
Alright folks, im gathering some information to make something like War Chronicles. I want to ask all of you a little favor, plz post everything there is to know about your force; story, HQ, tactics, active units, etc... this "resume" would help alot! thx
| August 13, 2009, 9:53 am
 Group moderator 
The Sirrushian Dragons

The Dragonflight: Comprised of Mechas

The Dragonkin: Foot Soldiers and Minibots

The original Dragons were formed 2000 years before the Coming of MAOX (BCoM). They were disbanded 1200 years BCoM. The current Dragons were founded 75 years BCoM. Joined MAOX and 12 years later was given Mercenary status by Sirrush.

Current leader:
Guardian Gaia

The Interstellar Battlecruiser "Wrath of the Wyvern"

Mass Bombardment-Pummel them with an endless artillery barrage.

Overwhelming Power-Strength in Numbers and an all-out assault.

Armageddon-Use of the Giygas Destroyer.

Current Orders:
The Dragon are currently stationed in a defensive position around Sirrush.

| August 13, 2009, 12:32 pm
 Group moderator 
The Corpsers were founded 10 years before joining MAOX as a mercenary group lending there services to witch ever side paid enough. they are stationed on there home world of Ifrit and own several manufacturing companies.

There flag ship The Anubis is currently investigating the dissapearance of a destroyer sent to investigate a mistearious blip on the edge of the solar system.

the current leaders of the corpsers are Gideon and his sister Lilian, Yuri Fassio and Bernardo Silva.

main tactics
Orbital bombardment

Surgical strike teams

Full frontal assault

nuclear strike
| August 13, 2009, 1:25 pm
 Group moderator 
The Mercenary Force Five (MFV) Was founded 10 years ago, first starting out as a mining company, Dr. Explo Shun found that the crystals they were mining had a mysterious exploding property to them. And thus, the MFV was born.
Omega Squadron: Elite squad of infantry, that can steal mechas, using micro bot's just like Jibs.
Alpha Force: The strongest mecha force in all of the Volatious star system. Several Neo Party Crashers, two archauss, and a small infantry force.
Beta through Narcissis squads: Mecha, and infantry squadrons.
HQ: Inside Explosus, a moon of Volatious.
Tactics: First we try to destroy all infantry, then use our infantry to gain control of enemy mecha, as our mechs assault the opponents.
Active units: all units except for Omega Squadron, they are settling a dispute in Gadunka.
| August 13, 2009, 2:26 pm
The Phoenix empire was formed 238 PET (the Phoenix Empire's dating system) in a small system relatively unknown by most factions. In its early days the empire consisted mostly of defectors and other break-away groups from larger empires. The empire first began colonizing other star systems at 310 PET, which also started the first wars in the history of the empire.

Citizens of phoenix tend to have a distaste of violence, which is why they tend to attack from distances and only destroying the necessary targets.

| August 13, 2009, 7:10 pm
Hadron Industries: Founder and CEO; Gary the Frog
Precinct 13 (Riot Control and Thought Suppression Force); Composed of the many police forces across our Corporate Empire. Precinct 13 is headed by the Arbites Board of Directors. A standard enforcer is referred to as an Arbiter, and each Arbiter is equipped with a Standard-Issue Beating Stick, and a Not-As-Standard Riot Shield. Vehicles issued to Precinct 13 so far include the Sentinel Walker, the LT-956 APC, the Model 208, and the Konisberg LRV.

Hadron Shipping Lines (Shipping and Border Control): Hadron Shipping Lines is the largest branch of Hadron Industries, consisting of all naval vessels, space craft, and Air Corp vehicles. Hadron Shipping is in charge of border defence, supply delivery, and the safe moving of troops from one combat zone to another.

Robotics Division (Defunct, soon to be revived): No information is currently available, as the Robotics Division Staff were killed in a Robot Uprising.

Mecha Corps (Tax Collecting, Package Delivery, and other misc. duties) The Mecha Corps function as the general-purpose arm of our company. They perform small tasks (levelling an apartment block when residents refuse to pay taxes) and more important ones as well (Planetary Invasions, the acquiring of Coffee for board meetings, and Homefront Defense).

Intelligence Division: Ribbit Ribbit.

History: Unavailable, Security Clearance Level 5 required.
| August 13, 2009, 11:00 pm
 Group admin 
Archeogenis is a mercenary branch of MAOX focused on researching Ancient bio-tech.
Years ago, MAOX scouts reported from a large asteroid, where they found an ancient, abandoned base. 3 non-functional transport ships were in its hangar, each containing a pod with a gigantic BioMech inside.
Archeogenis' forces are mostly a consequence of reverse engineering on those immense BioMechs.
Basically all biomechanical parts of Archeogenis' mechs are cloned from the same type of stem cells.
These were found deep in the Brain Core of the original Ancient war machines from which it all started.
A clonig pool is filled with Ancient stem cells and nanobots. They are suspended in a nutrient made of carbon, water, silicates, rare metals and other minor stuff.
The Overseer device is in constant communication with the nanobots, which condition the cells's growth into Core Cells (crystalline, Power-generating and programmable like a data crystal), Body Cells (sturdy but flexible on the surface, regenerating), or Bionite (inhert condensed cells, extremely sturdy, flexible, but non-regenerating).
The principle making the parts connetct between them and able to move is still under study, since no gears nor muscle connections are visible near the joints.
Each cloning pool can provide a fully grown body part or brain core in one to three weeks, after that the stem cells in the pool need 3 to 10 days to regenerate.

The average BioMechs are stronger, tougher, quicker than most mechanical devices, plus they are self healing and have more autonomy, and they don't suffer EM blasts, but the cost and the slowness of the growing process doom them to remain an elite among more traditional military forces.

Land forces
The current top in ArcheoGenis mass production are the BM05 "Majin", and the RBM07 "Gargoyle".
The Elite model BM06 "Daimajin" is still a top-performing team leader.
A unique piece so far, the PM01 "Indra", experimental Psi-Mech, is a strike force on its own.
The PM02 "Shiva", twin of the Indra model, is currently under construction.

Space forces
The only biomechanical models so far are the BS01 "Scourge" and the BS02 "Scourge Deluxe" gunships, hybrid ships efficien both in space and in different kinds of atmospheres.
However, the BS03 "Scourge Bomber" is on its way, and a lighter class of fighters is under construction.
Also, a mobile base is currently under study.

Being mostly a R&D group, ArcheoGenis has no regular infantry. On occasion, Psi-operatives are used as team leaders by other factions, or in extreme cases, for defensive purposes.

Status: soon engaging the COP under contract by UTM.

ArcheoGenis Chronology here
| August 13, 2009, 11:28 pm
azar technical workshops
an ex-U.N.E r&d group, removed from their position because of dangerous and blasphemous experimentation. uses a mercenary cover to aquire funding for continued arcane research. named after a mythical avian creature said to transcend time and hold limitless power within their bodies. believe that their research will lead to the sum of all mankind. the ultimate in human evolution, they believe, is the perfect fusion of man and machine, and will stop at nothing to attain their goal.

leadership: a rank-based hierarchy, exarch=infantry unit. wyarch=officer. ziarch=development team. zeroarch=spiritual and wartime leader. iarch= a rare position only held by the succesor to the zeroarch.

current leader: knoll grey, claims to be a descendant of the azar. held position for over eight hundred thousand years. the only one to ever hold the position of iarch

primary warttime function: weapons development and distribution

primary armament: artillery and forward attack units

primary location: orbital satellites encircling multiple moons throughout the galaxy


| August 14, 2009, 8:47 pm
 Group admin 
thx you guys, appreciate it! =)
| August 15, 2009, 10:12 am
The Felag

Story: The Felag find there beginnings on Earth around 12 - 1300's. Basing there culter on the Norish Mythology they later found that the Vanir were not gods, but travellers from outside our solar system. Later around the 23rd century the Felag order was organized and planned to travel to the home of their "Gods". Around 26th century the finally found the Vanir homeward, void of all humanoid life, all the Felag found was cities and technology. Today the Felag have flurrished and built on the technology left behind by the Vanir. Today the Felag are a multi-planetary population with one philosophy in mind, "Why fight amongst ourselves, when we can fight others, Honor and Code of the warrior"!

Modern battle tactics:

Spec Ops Units: self sufficient, extremely versatile capable of assuming many covert missions.

QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Made up of many elements form highly trained personnel and several branches of the Deploymant package. Deploymant packages depend on the mission and area of operations. Packages can include: MECHS, drones, orbital trackers, artillery, mounted infantry divisions, arial support, and transport ships with escorts.

Felcas: Main assault force comprising of: Armour, Mechs, Drones, Infantry, Aviation, Artillery, Support, and Command.

Numbers and Tactics classified!
| August 18, 2009, 9:40 pm
Backstory: The giant ore-containing planet known as Vulkanus was the birth world for the Anvil Coalition, a race of metalworkers and engineers whose prowess with machinery was matched only by their desire to experiment. The Coalition was formed of the leaders of the 13 Factory Cities, the cities being referred to as "Anvils". Although the fabric of Vulkanus' society was based on experimentation, the one boundary they would not cross was the creation of sentient machines. Vulkanians considered the fusion of mind and metal to be the ultimate sin. Unfortunately for them, Engineer-General Greyhein and his Anvil did not. Greyhein was disgruntled at how Vulkanians were so short sighted when it came to production, and so Greyhein's Anvil began to cut off communications to the rest of Vulkanus piece by piece, as their city's society began to embrace the concept of thinking machines. Each forge was slowly shut down, and production began to turn to the metallic monstrosities that the Engineer-General and his acolytes were designing.

Naturally, when the rest of the Coalition discovered the Engineer-General's heresy, they immediately declared war upon Greyhein's Anvil, threatening to annihilate the Factory-city unless Greyhein ceased research and development of sentient machines. Of course, the Engineer-General refused, and as the Coalition began to march on his factory-city, Greyhein revealed the true extent of his treachery. For months, the Factory-city had been slowly added to and fortified. Strange machines had been installed all around the bedrock, and other Anvils had reported strange lights around the city. Now, as Anvil forces closed in, a terrible rumbling shook the very air, and the colossal city began to rise into the air, propelled by thousands of kilotons of nuclear energy, which blasted away the bedrock surrounding the city for almost twenty kilometers. Greyhein's Anvil had been converted into a sentient ship, and as its massive engines began to push it into orbit, it tore a massive chunk of Vulkanus' ore-containing rock with it. The force of the city rising caused the fracturing of half the planet, cracking it and opening huge fissures to the planet's core itself. As the Anvil, renamed the Vendetta, powered up its Jump drives, it left behind the smouldering ruin of Vulkanus. It has never returned.

Current Leader: Engineer-General Greyhein

Forces: Mostly consisting of sentient engines of destruction. At the moment, the Anvil is only constructing light scout units, such as the Scour Hound and a prototype mech, though heavier units are going through the last stages of their development. Few to no infantry units.

Currently there are no real divisions, other than the 1st Legion scout force.

HQ: The Vendetta, Factory-class supercarrier

Tactics: Fast-moving forces roar past the enemy lines, relying on their size and armour, before wheeling around to attack the rear, causing fractured forces. When orbital defenses are downed, mech legions are drop-podded to the surface to shock attack the enemy forces.

Current Deployment: Assaulting the deserts of Tetriarch II in order to obtain the rare ore neuronate, used in brain circuits.

Whew, was that really half an hour? holy cow...
| August 19, 2009, 12:59 am
 Group admin 
Quoting Greyhein :)

Current Deployment: Assaulting the deserts of Tetriarch II in order to obtain the rare ore neuronate, used in brain circuits.

Whew, was that really half an hour? holy cow...

If you need brains, just get some brain-core cells from ArcheoGenis. A brain-Core is both a CPU/memory bank and a power generator. Plus, if damaged beyound self-repair, it does not explode: it dies.
| August 19, 2009, 8:00 am
 Group admin 
AcrheoGenis Command relocated on board the Galamoth Administration Carrier.
| August 22, 2009, 6:32 pm
Quoting Yuri Fassio
If you need brains, just get some brain-core cells from ArcheoGenis. A brain-Core is both a CPU/memory bank and a power generator. Plus, if damaged beyound self-repair, it does not explode: it dies.

Hmmm, that would do perfectly to avoid the flaw in the prototype mech the Anvil will be churning out shortly, in terms of heat dispersal. At the time, neuronate requires an immense amount of heat energy to function as a brain unit. Would ArcheoGenis be willing to give us a few sample brain units to work with?
| August 23, 2009, 12:33 am
 Group admin 
Quoting Greyhein :)

Hmmm, that would do perfectly to avoid the flaw in the prototype mech the Anvil will be churning out shortly, in terms of heat dispersal. At the time, neuronate requires an immense amount of heat energy to function as a brain unit. Would ArcheoGenis be willing to give us a few sample brain units to work with?

I will post a BC generator model sometimes during the Olympics... you'll be welcome to use a link to it then :)

| August 23, 2009, 9:23 pm
 Group moderator 
hey anyone interested in some high energy explosive, or powercore crystals? They will never exlode if they are being used as energy, but the only problem is if you shatter them, they are quite a bear to dispose of, but they can also be "fused" with a human being, if you somehow manage to sneak it into his food, and if the subject dies, you will have about 30 seconds to get out of the radius, then.....KABLAMO!
| August 23, 2009, 9:35 pm
 Group moderator 
| August 27, 2009, 6:09 pm
 Group moderator 
Quoting Infinity Life
Hmm How much a Container load?

well, depends, we sell by crates, and the color changes the explosive properties, and the power emitted when being used as a power cell.
light green(neon)= strongest.
yellow= ancient cell enhanced.
Remember that since they are crystals, they can be any size, or shape.
payment: Subjects for...."experiments", or scrap, or other metals.
| August 28, 2009, 8:34 am
 Group admin 
Quoting Mike Johnson
AMWD (Autonomous Mechanized Weapons Division) Data Log

Cool concept :)
| August 30, 2009, 9:45 pm
 Group moderator 
Well, Gaia herself was born on the Wrath, and has known no other lifestyle than that on the Wrath: Militaristic, Spartan, and tough. In fact, many Dragons have lived their entire life on the Wrath. It ain't easy being a Dragon.
| August 31, 2009, 4:42 pm
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