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Project AEGAKS (Exo Force Redux Project)
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 Group admin 
Mankind has always been on the verge of self-destruction. It's a part of us as human beings, or fear of the unknown and the desire to remove it. But on the start of the 22nd centruy, mankind nearly succeeded in wiping itself out. A war like no other, a mere 25 minutes which affects us many decades later. The aftermath was horrifying, billions dead in minutes. The damage? A toxic, radioactive fog now covers 97 percent of the Earth's surface. The result of nuclear weapons, biological warfare, and chemical attacks. The only safe places left on Earth are its high places, mountains. Life now flourishes in these places, Islands of green surrounded by the toxic oceans of sickening grey fog which surround them. The Himelayas, the Rockies, even the mountains of Buenos Aires. In Japan, Mt Fuji became a fertile refuge, though split into three by the upheaval and destruction of weapons of war. This area soon became known as the Sentai Province by its new residents. Large bridges were built between the three sections of the mountain, and the survivors built again, their homes and their lives. Here in the Sentai Province, life goes on.

Before the war, robotics had achieved high heights, massive war machines, automated infantry. After the survivors began to pick up the pieces, old wardrones were being refit to aide in everyday life. To further enhance the laborers, 11 overseer AI's were created, each to hold each other in check and to provide a smooth operation. Each overseer was paired with a human operator to complete the interface system. The prototype, codenamed Mecha ONE, was paired with a young guardsman by the name of Keiken. At first, things went smoothly, and a new society rose from the ashes of the old torn world. But no paradise lasts forever. One dark night, cries rose through the blackness, cries of pain, suffering, and death, and the cacophony of destruction rang aloud once more. It took the Sentai Province by surprise as the robots had turned on their masters, killing humans, and burning their homes. Elements of the Sentai Provincial Army engaged and drove back the rebelling robots, but the overseers, especially the leader of the rebellion, Mecha ONE, could not be found. Keiken was profoundly changed by these events, having proved himself to recieve a battlefield commission.

Peaceful years passed, and now, a new generation had moved foreward. Late one night, at an outer settlement, a mine settlement, on the northern section of the mountain, in the industrial sector, the music of destruction sounded again as the robots reappeared, in larger numbers and far better equipped. Only a handful of survivors managed to escape the carnage with their lives. Soon, town after town fell before the powerful robot army. It wasn't long before the industrial and urban sector of the Sentai Province had fallen to robot control. The humans, refugees once more, took refuge in the third section, the agricultural sector, and detonated most of the bridges between the other sections. The robots stripped their sections of the mountain of its vegetation and structures, and began to mine out the mountain's rich resources to build more and more robots. The SPA was hard pressed to defend their sector, and was close to losing ground. Keiken was selected, due to previous experience, to begin a special operations team of the finest soldiers and pilots to aide the SPA in their campaign to repel the robot threat, and protect the human survivors. This force was christened the Exo Force.

This new Exo Force would recieve the newest and latest combat gear and mecha, and would act like a precision operations team at strategic points. Only the best and brightest would be accepted.
| July 28, 2010, 12:43 am
 Group admin 
Takeshi (revised)

Takeshi was a little boy during the initial stages of the Second Robot Wars, having lost his mother early to sickness, and his father when the robots marched on the Sentai Province's 3rd district Primary Research Facility. He was found alongside his childhood friend, Sakura, whose grandmother had also perished in the attack, by then Lt Keiken, a young guardsman in the SPA, and future leader of the Exo Force. Takeshi was raised within the SPA compound, where he ate, slept and studied. As a teen, many of the mechanics would notice his expressionless staring at the AEGAKS 101 models. He learned about the mecha and how to pilot them and would eventually join the fight when the resurgent robot threat began the Second Robot Wars. He is highly competative with his friend Hikaru, who he original loathes, a quick temper, and sometimes overly passionate about his views. He also tends to be a sore loser. He has feelings for Sakura, but finds it difficult to convey these feelings to her.

Sakura (added)

Sakura's parents had been killed prior to the First Robot Wars in a transit accident, while she was a little girl. Her grandmother, a researcher working on the same project as Takeshi's father, in the same facility. Sakura's grandmother was also killed in the same attack that Takeshi lost his father in. She was found alongside Takeshi by the then Lt Keiken. She was a very quick study, and easily became one of the best snipers in the SPA, until her joining the Exo Force. She is a kind, somewhat withdrawn individual, quickwitted and cool under fire. She has yet to admit her feelings for Takeshi, worried that she would lose her friend. She also views the rivalry between Hikaru and Takeshi as childish. She does not get along with Hitomi well.

Ryo (revised)

Ryo is older than the others, and so remembers much more about the First Robot Wars. He was seperated from his family, his parents and three sisters, during an evacuation in the 1st district. It is unknown what became of his family, and though official records state them as dead, Ryo believes that they are still alive. Ryo was the first recruit to join the newly formed SpecOps unit Exo Force, bringing his father's old ZK-32b Mobile Defender with him, though later on this is destroyed. His mechanical skills are invaluable as he often does more in maintainence and repair than fighting, despite his being a skilled fighter. Ryo is very intelligent and extremely good with machines, however this tends to make him seem aloof and condescending. He tends to do as he pleases in regards to repairs and building his own equipment. He is extremely loyal however, and eventually warms up to the others. He doesn't get along with Takeshi very well, who dislikes "his attitude".

Hitomi (revised)

Keiken has always had his hands full with his niece. When Hitomi attempted to join the Exo Force, Keiken tried everything in his power to prevent his neice from being accepted, out of concern for her safety. However, she proved to be a valuable asset. Hitomi makes for an excellent longrange defensive fighter, excelling in the use of artillery. While Keiken is pleased that this most often keeps her off the front lines,she is very unhappy about it and makes a point of letting everyone else know about it. She's hot tempered like Takeshi and the two often fight needlessly. She's also pushy, dictating what she believe to be the best for everyone. But she's a loyal friend, quick to jump in to help those she cares about. Keiken definitely has his hands full with her. She eventually develops feelings for Hayato, though at first she despises him.
| July 28, 2010, 10:04 pm
 Group admin 
Hikaru (revised)

Hikaru comes from a very wealthy and influential family. As an only child, his parents ssaw to his education quite thuroughly. He was trained in the martial arts as well as diplomacy and specific skills as befitting a diplomat's son. Imagine his parents' dismay and shock when they had found that he had enlisted. His father forbade him, but he went through with it. Hikaru's father pulled strings to have his son assigned to the Exo Force, though he was accepted on his own merit. Hikaru has an unrequited interest in Hitomi. Hikaru is more refined than the others, who often regard him as snobbish. He is cool and level headed under fire, and puts priority on the mission objective. He is very good at tactics and strategy as well, and often serves as the unit's "eyes and ears" on the battlefield.

Hayato (heavily revised)

Hayato grew up on the streets, and was one of the lucky ones to survive. He was caught stealing when he was fifteen and was given a choice, imprisonment of military service. Hayato, ever the one for excitement, decided to choose the military service, as imprisonment didn't sound particularly interesting. He was placed in the infantry where he learned to be a soldier. Hayato display a constant disregard for authority, and has been arrested three times. In fact, Hayato was in a cell when the first battle he fought in occured during the second Robot Rebellion. During the war, Hayato was able to distinguish himself by commandeering a downed 101 AEGAKS and holding off the enemy single handedly. Shortly there after he was transferred to the Special Operations Exo Force unit, on Keiken's request. Hayato is recklessnand an adventure seeker. He doesn't get along with Hikaru, who sees Hayato as riff raff, and openly mocks Hikaru. He instantly fell for Hitomi, who at first doesn't recognize that he exists. He attempts to disregard Keiken, but Keiken has shown great skill in controlling him. Hayato is quick-witted and clever, streetwise, and indifferent to the others, at first. Unbeknowest to Hayato, he has an older brother who flies fighter craft. He learns later on as his brother joins the Exo Force to fly the new experimental Nueral link fighter using the AEGAKS system.

Keiken (heavily revised)

Keiken began his career as a guardsman, the military charged with safeguarding the Sentai Mountain settlements.The robots were designed to be heavy labor and Keiken with the overseer designated Mecha One, the eventual leader of the Robot Rebellion. Though he doesn't know how Mecha One changed, he blames himself for the Rebellion as well as his wife and child's murder at the hands of Mecha One. By the end of the Rebellion, Keiken had established himself as an able leader. He was given permission to create a special operations unit. By that time, Keiken stopped being referred to as Colonel and the personnel under him refered to him as Sensei Keiken. He is less a commanding officer and more a teacher, a mentor to the elite pilots under his command. He has his hands full trying to make his band of youths into a team. Keiken is very patient and has been seasoned with the wisdom of life. And he constantly has to mediate in the fights of the pilots.

Kenichi (added)

Kenichi is a brilliant young researcher working with the AEGAKS project. HE is impertinent and thinks he is always right, which in regards to the AEGAKS, he generally is. When he was 12, he was the lead programmer on the original prototype, the work of his father. Kenichi has an ego to match his intellect and is constantly butting heads with the Exo Force Pilots. He frequently shows more concern for the AEGAKS than for the pilots, putting the machines at first priority.
| July 28, 2010, 10:08 pm
 Group admin 
Tsubaki (added)

Tsubaki is a quiet, reserved individual who doesn't say much to the others. She has been blind since she was very young. The refugee transport she had been on had been hit during the Sector 1 evacuation during the beginning of the Second Robot wars. The survivors had been picked up along the way by other refugees. Tsubaki has a younger sister, Kiyomi, who was paralyzed from the waist down in the same incident that had robbed Tsubaki of her sight. Kenichi is largely responsible for Tsubaki's being able to pilot an AEGAKS. Her AEGAKS specializes in intel and counter intel, and that makes her the best scout available. This is possible because Tsubaki's AEGAKS is the only model to utilize a full body neural link. While piloting, she sees and hears and feels what her AEGAKS does. Kiyomi feels that the military is taking advantage of her condition, but Tsubaki doesn't mind, if it means helping her friends. Tsubaki has a secret crush on Hikaru, though most of the others can see it, Hikaru and Hitomi excluded. Hikaru is very polite to her though he seems clueless to her feelings. Hitomi is often cold and indifferent to her. Tsubaki is literally the sharpest pilot in the group, able to find enemies and defeat them before she is detected. However, she doesn't have the endurance for frontline battle. If stealth is involved, Tsubaki's right for the job.

Misato (added)

Misato remembers nothing about his and Hayato's parents. They had been abandoned at an early age. Unlike Hayato, who had no knowlege of having a sibling, Misato tried to find his little brother. Misato had found himself in sector 2, working for what little he could make on the farms intil he met LT. Takai, who convinced him to enlist. Once enlisted, his skills showed him to be a superb aircraft pilot. He quickly became a vetern ace. He is finally reunited with his brother, despite Hayato's shock and disbelief, when the Exo Force's Head Director of Research, Kenichi, had him transferred to test fly a new neural linked fighter craft, the FA-132a "JacKnife". Misato has been through many different experiences, and as a result, is a much softer, friendlier individual than his brother. Hikaru attempts to bait him like he does Hayato, but Misato respectfully diverts each attempt. Fast thinking, Misato flys by the book, unless it's necesary not to.

Kouki (added)

Kouki is Hayato's best friend from the SPA infantry when he served as a soldier. He is cocky, flagrant, and a tad narcisstic. He is a self proclaimed lady's man. Kouki specializes as a sniper and was transferred to the Exo Force with LT Takai and his troops. An excellent sniper, one of the best available to the infantry. Imagine his surprise when he tried to show off for Sakura and she one upped him. He has something of a love/hate relationship regarding Sakura. He rotates between attempting to impress her in order to score a date and loathing her. Sakura takes particular pleasure in shooting him down. For all his bluster, Kouki is extremely loyal and trustworthy.
| July 28, 2010, 10:33 pm
 Group moderator 
We would like to invite all of you that to join Project AEGAKS: Spearpoint (, the new group created by Jason Dominguez (, focused in Redux of the original Exo-Force stories. Also, the AEGAKS is a very interesting building technick that we 'd love to share with anyone interested in building it (credits for Jason). Well, what you think guys (and girls, of course)? For those who want to join: Grab your gear, soldier and come to Sentai Mountain!
| August 3, 2010, 12:30 am
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