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Topics of conversation  

Music Aiden Faulconer  
Red vs blue Death Rebel  
-[Inactive]- Death Rebel  
1:1 LEGO Halo Magnum  
Assassination Vignette Contest Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Genera1 Conver2ation Max Kester  
Ages Death Rebel  
Favorite Covenant vehicle Garett Smith  
what we like about halo and hate about cod Death Rebel  
Halo Weapons quiz Death Rebel  
firefight voice help Tron 117  
Xbox Live Death Rebel  
warthog or revenant? Death Rebel  
Brutes vs Elites Death Rebel  
grunts or jackals Death Rebel  
isthe hornet in halo 4 Death Rebel  
Assassination Vignette Contest Entry Thread Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
The new kinect for xbox! Aiden Faulconer  
I changed my name Death Rebel  
halo planets quiz Aiden Faulconer  
I feel like we're inactive... Death Rebel  
Halo Ship Quiz! Tron 117  
HALO Assault carrier contest. Tron 117  
Judging Guide Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
My 3rd year! Blueeey Fett  
Time Zones? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Spartan or Elite? Blueeey Fett  
Spartan II or III Death Rebel  
Halo 4 Crazy Awesome #1  
Possible Contest? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
whats your favorite armor-charecter and level in halo Aiden Faulconer  
Halo 3 or Reach? Death Rebel  
The Covenant Yapdap the Powerful  
why do you like halo? Aiden Faulconer  
Speculation about Nobel 6 Shawn Purkis  
BR or DMR? Death Rebel  
Who is better Chief or Six? Death Rebel  
Favorite Character? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Do you want Halo 4? Death Rebel  
New Halo 4 Warthog haloguy guy  
More Conversationizing Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Dead... Aiden Faulconer  
Halo 4 Nick Brick  
ODST Themed Contest Nick Brick  
Take Your Place in the Living Monument Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
MOC Updates Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
I'm Sorry To Say It, But We're Dead Yapdap the Powerful  
Halo 4 And Aniverssary Aiden Faulconer  
G4nral conve Aiden Faulconer  
Bungie Day Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Bungie Day Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Anniversary Aiden Faulconer  
Guess wat? Mor inactivity :| Aiden Faulconer  
E3 2011 Shawn Purkis  
Topic is locked Halo WIPs? Yapdap the Powerful  
Halo Movie Yapdap the Powerful  
reality vs. gaming. Frank Yariman  
Summer Plans? Aiden Faulconer  
F&D Story Tryout Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo 4? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Genera1 Conversat1on Max Kester  
Continued Halo Quiz 9 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Summer Plans? Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked Continued Halo Quiz 8 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Easter eggs Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Group Contest :D Aiden Faulconer  
Contest Sign Up Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Favorite Mission? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Seven Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
yep thats right Inactivity :l Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked HALO reference in CoD GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Question topic Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked yep thats right Inactivity :l Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked yep thats right Inactivity :l Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked admins! i hav questions! ORACLE BALL FORGE  
ODST Action Sequence Contest Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Please Help Nick- F  
Ideas for Our Next Contest? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked General Conversat10n Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Can we promote halo reach maps in this group? Nick- F  
Fight the Innies! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Bets Forge maps ever Aiden Faulconer  
Favorite Firefight Voice ~Benji Man  
Game Changes  
I have choosen Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Defiant Map Pack Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked New Admins Zach Mills  
RvB Season 9! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Im Back with some big changes Aiden Faulconer  
Guess that Line! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
MOTM Votes for January Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Good 'Ol Times  
My second year on the pages! Blueeey Fett  
My new series Blueeey Fett  
Again, can I please become an admin? Tom Achronos  
The game of Dodge Hog Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
More members Blueeey Fett  
Topic is locked 2 NEW CONTESTS!!!! Zac, "Restless Movement"  
MOC of the Month Program Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Join this contest Blueeey Fett  
Promote Your HALO MOCs. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
I got live!!!!! Blueeey Fett  
Ban Game 1# Not this!  
A message to all admins Tom Achronos  
Machinima! Sentry Down  
Halo comic tryouts  
Continued Halo Qui7 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Coming soon Rick Amsler  
GAME? Sentry Down  
I have HALO 3!! Glenn streeter  
Halo- Forward Unto Dawn  
Topic is locked Gen9ral Conversation Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Got any ideas? ~Benji Man  
Topic is locked Continued H6lo Quiz Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
what to build  
Reposting Issues The Skyylan McG  
somethin to say.  
Eric Mickle has XBOX LIVE!!! Temporarily... Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Did anyone else notice Sander left? Zach Mills  
What did YOU want to have included in Halo Reach? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Forge World Discussion Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
RanDoM Aiden Faulconer  
//ROUND 2// Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Annual Halo Awards Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked What is your religion? Max Watrous  
Why is Glenn still an admin? Zach Mills  
Top 5 Christmas Presents Max Kester  
Dear Brian, Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Official Neat Chat,room for The Halo Group Aiden Faulconer  
inactivity =( Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked General Conversation 8 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Anyone wanna get involved? Tyler Steele  
Time is Dead Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!! Tyler Steele  
General conversation
//Nicknames// Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
"Important" announcement Aiden Faulconer  
Favorite Halo vehicle/Locked Topics Crazy Awesome #1  
some ramdom HALO groups  
I'm leaving mocpages but not the group,I'll comment and rate but my last mocs come out today, John Griffijl  
LEGO Universe Max Kester  
Any of you guys play.....? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
moc-off topic Rick Amsler  
ENOUGH! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked YOUR NO FUN!!! GEEZ! I suppose your not running huh? Max Watrous  
Topic is locked What is with you guys and locking topics? John Griffijl  
Topic is locked Good Bye,mabey John Griffijl  
Topic is locked Why do people leave you alone in a conversion waiting for hours? John Griffijl  
Topic is locked I'm just a lowly little **** and should give up trying to make friends... John Griffijl  
Halo Videos Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
UNSC "Fragment of Hope" Perry B.  
Topic is locked Gene7al Conversation Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Continued Halo Qui5 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked UNSC Ships Max Kester  
Contest Entries go HERE! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Round 2 Aiden Faulconer  
//SCORES// Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked 6eneral Conversation Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Youtubers here?  
Sandbox2 Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked ACM Malitia Cade .  
Contest Confusion, Questions, and Updates. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Everything Is OK Max Kester  
whats ur gamertag pplzz  
Halo Poll v2 Max Kester  
Topic is locked Um...please leave this alone,my pt2 of ODST has come out! John Griffijl  
Topic is locked Even though it's not an entry...can you look at John Griffijl  
Update Stricter and more rules Aiden Faulconer  
Advertising For Comics Max Kester  
Halo Poll Max Kester  
Negotiations..... Max Kester  
Reach Tribute Room GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
UNSC Eureka Max Kester  
Topic is locked General Conver5ation GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
What's your rank!? Green Man  
Topic is locked Sandbox Aiden Faulconer  
Honer The Vetrans Aiden Faulconer  
Remember Reach Contest Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Eric M-Max K MOCoff! Max Kester  
Topic is locked Gener4l Conversation Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
OMG EPIC FAIL! Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked Continued H4lo Quiz Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked celebration FAIL week =O Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked continued halo qui3 GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
hey aiden, are you still making halo breach? Zach Mills  
Topic is locked General Conv3rsation Tom Foolery  
Post your MOCs and get Feedback! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
UNSC Salvatori Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked get for free site Rick Amsler  
Topic is locked Contined Halo Qui2 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
:0 brickarms special! :0 GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
What Halo Wars should have been. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
WHY BUNGIE WHY: Again. Rye .  
Red Ring of Death!?!?! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Reach-Flood=??? Rye .  
Why Bungie, why?! Perry B.  
new update CMNeir Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked continued halo quiz GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
moc tag anyone??? Rick Amsler  
Noble Map Pack! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
How the Judging will Comense Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Objective Maker Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Banned Forever from Reach... Matthew Novosad  
halo spoilers Aiden Faulconer  
what would you add Rick Amsler  
General Conver2ation Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked =O GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
R'A'N'D'O'M'2 Matthew Novosad  
@ Izak Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked EMERGENCY TOPIC Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked HAHA!!!!  
Topic is locked random  
Topic is locked what should i build?  
Topic is locked what should i build?  
Is Halo breach dead? Zach Mills  
No More Neat Chat! Aiden Faulconer  
I just noticed... GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
My Gamertag  
MacFarlane Halo figures Tom Foolery  
Topic is locked Neat Chat Vote!!! Max Kester  
is halo just a game?quiz time! Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked //NEATCHAT MEETINGS// Max Kester  
Topic is locked R'A'N'D'O'M Aiden Faulconer  
The Legendary Campaign on Halo 3 Senan O' Sullivan  
Topic is locked 800 Jake .  
The best halo story evar!  
Spartan or sangheili?which do you play as?  
Really Deep Inside the Halo Narrative. Shawn Purkis  
halo easter eggs and hacks and gliches! Aiden Faulconer  
Getting Kicked for Glitching Matthew Novosad  
Topic is locked how now, brown admin? GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Ultimate Halo Quiz Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
is master cheif dead or alive,halo quiz! Aiden Faulconer  
cookie monster GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Topic is locked Ban the person above you GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Reach vs Black Opps Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
what rank are you? Aiden Faulconer  
mod GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Skull locations[help topic] Aiden Faulconer  
Acheiment Help Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
WE are one of the most active groups on mocpages! Aiden Faulconer  
Whats Your Favorite Halo Wepon? Aiden Faulconer  
Admins please read  
I'm building my first "Halo" moc!  
halo rampages! Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach: The Other Side Max Kester  
OMG OMG OMG Max Kester  
s.w.creations reporting for duty sir! s.w. creations  
//IMPORTANT// Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
whats your favorite vehical? Aiden Faulconer  
favourite halo games noble 7 .  
Topic is locked My MOCiversary Max Kester  
official halo breach postpone page Aiden Faulconer  
Looking for Opinions Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Movie Shawn Purkis  
Get Your MOCs Noticed Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Hmm What Do You Guys Think Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach campaign: Emile's helmet Heber .  
Spartan Survey Max Kester  
Review Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
3000!!! Aiden Faulconer  
Ever heard of Red Vs Blue?  
Request for Aiden Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Farewell condor, you will be missed Zach Mills  
army halo cod group. Blueeey Fett  
FLL Max Kester  
ok moving on Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked Punish the Heretics Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked ODST on live  
Topic is locked ODST Fire Fight  
Topic is locked New poll: Is Gaz and/or Ghost dead?  
@ blue shadow adminship rules Aiden Faulconer  
fav halo song?? Tyler Steele  
Random talk, self promotion, and et cetera Tom Foolery  
Halo Group Updates!!! Aiden Faulconer  
A Proposal Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
megablox at it again... GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
Topic= Forge World Dos and donts Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Reach Custom Map Advertisment Aiden Faulconer  
To all the friends of Timeboyzzz (Aiden and Shawn)  
halo music Blueeey Fett  
Time Zones? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
puns about the flood  
Xbox Live Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach Aiden Faulconer  
creepy stuff in halo Sentry Down  
Fire and Darkness Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
fav. maps Aiden Faulconer  
top ten screanshots lol Aiden Faulconer  
can i be a moderator Blueeey Fett  
Are hunters and scarab tanks the same species?hunter trivia time!  
Topic is locked halo contest please join Blueeey Fett  
What convenant species are you?  
The yanm'e civil war :A halo story you can make!  
Jackal and man hand in hand alliance on distant worlds?trivia quiz!  
Contest n.0 1 the spartan contest :117 member contest) Glenn streeter  
new contest Blueeey Fett  
Ep. 2 POSTED! Aiden Faulconer  
Alright I'm back, are you happy now?  
Topic is locked unrelated to the halo subject.  
New Name Max Kester  
Topic is locked YOU GUYS COMMENT ON HALO BREACH EPISODE 2 Glenn streeter  
Demotions :( Max Kester  
Shawn? Come in Shawn? Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
can i be a mod Blueeey Fett  
halo reach-advice topic Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach Music Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
117 people in the group!! Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Breach,Might Be canceled =,( Aiden Faulconer  
thoughts on reach Commander RC-4357 Jex  
The Forge World 500 Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Music that makes you :'( Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
"We are ODST!" Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Were's Sander? Aiden Faulconer  
. Halo breach ep,2 coming today!! Aiden Faulconer  
spartans 2.0  
HONOR THE CODE Tyler Steele  
<<<NOBLE Actual>>> <<<<Spoilers>>>> Green Man  
DATA PADS! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
ODST Team Foxtrot Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
New Games Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
hey ppl look at mah stuff on the group home page vasilios nikolaou  
Reach Memorial Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
HEY AIDEN OVER HERE Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Help Needed ~Benji Man  
//Halo Reach// Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
halo reach firefight. Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked reach spartan contest GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
halo appointments Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach Review Aiden Faulconer  
Forgeworld review Aiden Faulconer  
Achievements Perry B.  
Vasilios' custom mini figs vasilios nikolaou  
live Tyler Steele  
Halo Reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aiden Faulconer  
?whats up guys? Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach Pre-Order Hope Aiden Faulconer  
halo reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blueeey Fett  
They fled, as we set fire to their planet. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo music you like? Finn C-Q  
1 MORE DAY LEFT TILL.... Aiden Faulconer  
halo breach-halo reaches glass story Aiden Faulconer  
Custom minifigures Líte .  
Topic is locked "Justin Bieber is a Murderer! Mother watched Daughter die of BIEBER FEVER!" Sentry Down  
Campers Aiden Faulconer  
Covy Ship Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Topic is locked Justin Bieber's Discussion thread Sentry Down  
600th comment! Aiden Faulconer  
!!! Tyler Steele  
the group is almost dead Aiden Faulconer  
Firey Rain of Death Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Countdown to Halo Reach! Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked I'm now taking requests! Heber .  
Wow! Indy Beetle  
Halo Easter Eggs Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
[IMPORTANT] Questions: Halo Reach's Recon helmet Heber .  
I have a question Indy Beetle  
How To Make an odst without decals! Aiden Faulconer  
im coming online now!!!!-xbox live!! Aiden Faulconer  
OMFG Tyler Steele  
Qoutes Game Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo 3 ODST Easter Eggs and Glitches Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
New Dropship Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Poll: Do you have stuff'd animals? Sentry Down  
Who's getin Reach. Joe H .  
lol contest Aiden Faulconer  
Yay! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
dieing group!! Aiden Faulconer  
Favorite Halo 3 Multiplayer Armor Commander RC-4357 Jex  
New Halo M.O.I Project - Project Autumn Ocean Sentry Down  
ITS DONE!! Aiden Faulconer  
group fun vote Aiden Faulconer  
It was called the Pillar of Autumn Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
FIRE!!!!!! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
A game of banhammer Aiden Faulconer  
New Topic Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Halo Breach Eps. Come Every Friday Aiden Faulconer  
HEMMORHAGE TOUR!!! Tyler Steele  
halo reach coming in 2 weeks!! Aiden Faulconer  
Halo breach trailer+mini comic being made now!! Aiden Faulconer  
halo reach forgeworld Aiden Faulconer  
halo skulls Aiden Faulconer  
reach secrets i know em Aiden Faulconer  
halo breach trailer coming tomorrow!! Aiden Faulconer  
Halo Reach live action trailer: Deliver hope Heber .  
Buck in Reach: CONFIRMED Green Man  
Jericho Supporters Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Uh Sentry Down  
Desk Designs Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
fav. carecter Aiden Faulconer  
Miniscale Ship Ideas Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
whats your fav. thing about halo and why? Aiden Faulconer  
OMG! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
M6C/SOCOM Building instructions - now available! Nick Brick  
Neat Chat!? Green Man  
gamertags Aiden Faulconer  
Music embed code UNSC SPARTAN || NinjaIan13 || H117  
series-halo breach..delay Aiden Faulconer  
Hey Aiden Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Safety Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Contest Nick Brick  
Reach Info. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
is there going to be a 5th halo? Aiden Faulconer  
halo reach coming very very soon!! Aiden Faulconer  
halo breach coming in 3 days!! Aiden Faulconer  
halo skulls Aiden Faulconer  
The Atlas Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
darn it! Tyler Steele  
hello aiden are you online ? Glenn streeter  
halo weapons Glenn streeter  
Need some laffs? GaMeCuBe, Destroyer of Worlds  
halo breach premire next friday!! Aiden Faulconer  
Topic is locked @glenn Aiden Faulconer  
Insanity Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
low activity Aiden Faulconer  
winner of halo breach contest! Aiden Faulconer  
lolz Aiden Faulconer  
birthday mocs request exlusivly for vips Aiden Faulconer  
new front page updates...any ideas? Aiden Faulconer  
Blood Gulch is BACK In REACH!  
halo reach carecter rumors Aiden Faulconer  
halo contest coming!breach for impact! Aiden Faulconer  
vip group. Aiden Faulconer  
halo breach is almost here! Aiden Faulconer  
stay more active Aiden Faulconer  
Story Ideas Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Bungie has confirmed Buck MIGHT return in Reach!!!!! Commander RC-4357 Jex  
Halo reach is almost here! Aiden Faulconer  
Forge World Nick Brick  
Topic is locked Halo Contest Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Background change? Green Man  
Halo Questions Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
whts your favorite halo game and why? Aiden Faulconer  
"Good" Warthog Nick Brick  
Favorite ODST Commander RC-4357 Jex  
MA37 Assault rifle brickbrain .  
rate the persons halo moc Aiden Faulconer  
what languges do you know Glenn streeter  
HALO THE MOVIE !!!!LOOK HERE!!!!! NOT KIDING no actual vid thought duh UNSC SPARTAN || NinjaIan13 || H117  
whats your opinion on halo reach [beta} Aiden Faulconer  
winter warfare Glenn streeter  
the nuberlimpics! Aiden Faulconer  
halo forging tips Aiden Faulconer  
history clutter Ryan Jackson  
have any ?s Aiden Faulconer  
whats your favorite vehical? Aiden Faulconer  
halo map advetisment! Aiden Faulconer  
need help with recon? Aiden Faulconer  
New vip Group for active ppl Aiden Faulconer  
New credit system! Aiden Faulconer  
news updates- Aiden Faulconer  
hello aiden Glenn streeter  
stay more active Aiden Faulconer  
italiano language help! Aiden Faulconer  
Halo breach tryouts contest Aiden Faulconer  
forge tricks [traps] Aiden Faulconer  
upcoming halo mocs Aiden Faulconer  
spartans Glenn streeter  
how do you make the background for homepage Glenn streeter  
how do you make the background for my homepage Glenn streeter  
We are the most popular halo group on mocpages! Aiden Faulconer  
homepage picture Zylo .  
[HELP] PICTURE [HELP] UNSC SPARTAN || NinjaIan13 || H117  
halo moc's in progress Glenn streeter  
do you no your halo cs? Aiden Faulconer  
group icon contest! Aiden Faulconer  
top ten halo mocs! Aiden Faulconer  
Random rampages! Aiden Faulconer  
this years odst helmets Aiden Faulconer  

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