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Topics of conversation  

IM BACK Brick Armory  
Where To Find Gun Insparation? Bbwalldude Bbwalldude  
new gun ideas shawn edwards  
New Contest? Victor Vorchevski  
Check out my group! Caleb S.  
Join my new group! Caleb S.  
Next Build?  
bolt action sniper  
Handgun Ideas John Smith  
History making pistols ROUGE  
Attachments Rule? Ward-99 .  
Help For Newbies  
W.I.P/Next MOC ( Part 2 )  
How do you print 1:1 scale pictures Brixwhiz .  
Activity Max Kester  
contest? ROUGE  
Blueprints mike laryo  
Hello guys mike laryo  
Brickshooting gun mech ideas  
Question Magic Head aka Will  
GoldenEye wii  
Need help with a part of a gun Dan Maul  
What WWII Weapons have you actually shot? Mars Ultor  
SAR21 Guns And Stuff  
WIP/what your gonna build soon  
Real guns that you own Nate Andrews  
Gun Contest Brixwhiz .  
New Contest Guns and Ammo .  
So if you want a REAL gun...  
How do you print 1:1 pics? Brixwhiz .  
We Need to Make Revolvers! Mars Ultor  
If you want to see my MOCs...  
NEED: Dimensions of LWRC M6  
What are your favorite World War II guns? K. Asch  
Annoying Comments Weston Wedeward  
Taking requests for next gun captin pasquale  
Unfortunately.... Tom J  
Deleting account (if anyone cares)  
Do you want be on my show ?  
The Admin Can't Do Anything Chas Irish  
Delete The old Topics..? Square Box  
I might delete my account  
Which WWII gun do you want me to build next? Cole Edmonson  
Delete some old Topics..? Square Box  
Contest ODSTs Heavy Weapons  
What do you think is the hardest gun to model?  
Can I get some help? General Frazier  
Where to buy lego pieces? Ongy n/a  
How do I become a Hall of famer?  
How un-active can we be?  
Concerning a member  
What's your favorite gun. Perry B.  
M4 collapsible stock cody mayo  
I'm still alive giovanni tuzzi  
See you guys later  
Is there anyway to add windows movie maker videos? cody mayo  
Dimensions of M16A4  
Suggestions, again giovanni tuzzi  
Moccomparison 2  
Please help me  
Hello! Brickdev Industries  
can you not put videos on your page anymore? Oscar PyeKim  
Diemaco C7 Perry B.  
Worlds best Combat rifle your opinion cody mayo  
Diemaco C7 Perry B.  
NEED OPINIONS legolordman legobuilder  
NEED OPINIONS legolordman legobuilder  
LegoArmory is return and brickarmory is online  
what should i make i am bored jacob richardson  
playstation network was hacked ~NC_RAIN_KING ~  
Goodby! ~NC_RAIN_KING ~  
PP2000 or Skorpion K26 Admiral Sarveckk  
Today its my birthday  
Black Ops  
H&K G11 HELP cody mayo  
Who want make a MOCcomparison with me????  
Idea. Glenn streeter  
Track turbo RC base  
First-person-shooter video video jace elliott  
Handgun help.?  
Gun Range Nate Gonzales  
New lego gun contest  
win a free ipad and mac book air Oscar PyeKim  
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john shilou  
Ideas, Help Marco... Lego J Lego K  
Beretta new rifle  
need ideas  
Thomas Cooper MAC-10 legolordman legobuilder  
9 Day's prepare your self Glenn streeter  
Do those Cell Phone Surveys cost money?  
My project: air rifle Lego stock.  
Hate Asking for favours...  
NEW GUN OPIONS WHEN FINISHED legolordman legobuilder  
First day of high school...  
FORBIDDEN LEGO GUN legolordman legobuilder  
atachment ideas  
LegoArmory have delete his account  
BrickArmory is FAIL ?  
ok,i have to ask you something again redmist 28  
For all my fans (Especially Jasper Jasper ; D) Tom J  
hi.i'm new here and i need to ask you somthing redmist 28  
pistol grip help  
SUGGESTIONS giovanni tuzzi  
uploading a new creation problem head shot  
Help on giving a gun weight  
asualt rifle help  
unoticed gun builders  
Uploading new AK-74u after update  
What you gonna build soon #2 Perry B.  
forbidden lego gun legolordman legobuilder  
I'm searching for a good stock mech! KEKS KEKS  
The sickening modern warfare 2 obsession  
a hand please Glenn streeter  
Fire Selector Mechanisms for RBG  
my problem Glenn streeter  
MocOlympics 2010  
Pretty Cool VDV Promo Vid  
why the new flametower of Germen Warfare on youtube is forbidden at the minor ?  
limited brick gun contest  
Should I Post it?  
I need some help  
I need some help  
What to build next? Perry B.  
Bolt-Action Mechanisms? Alex Schneider  
youtube group  
What's your favorite gun? Perry B.  
I want talk with Jack Streat I build his ak-47 and I have a problem  
please respond  
whats your Favorite gun's in world at war Glenn streeter  
Bolt action Sniper Jack Streat  
Videos on your page  
videos without youtube  
custom gun contest  
Getting rid of elite commander teabagger's creation  
help wanted, rbg mech, high capacity, medium size  
What's your favourite, senseless, non-group oriented topics?  
What's your favourite senseless non-group oriented topics?  
Whats Your Favorite gun's in mw2 Glenn streeter  
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 eeeddyeeeeeeeee .  
Stanley Cup Finals  
No attachments?  
Call Of Duty: Black Ops Nate Andrews  
Jack streat/Lego armory hun shop?  
modern warefare 2  
Release or don't?  
revolver help  
BROTHERS OF WAR!!!!!!!!!! john shilou  
You destroy your guns?  
NICK AXEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! john shilou  
Does anyone want to have a moccomparison?  
someone to make a moc comparison with giovanni tuzzi  
I'm looking for someone to make a moc comparison with giovanni tuzzi  
dragunov and g36c giovanni tuzzi eeeddyeeeeeeeee .  
What's going on? giovanni tuzzi  
Who plays Bass Guitar? [Aero]Division Industries  
stock help  
Moc-off, anyone??? Perry B.  
Bass Guitar [Aero]Division Industries  
why are there a bunch of tanks in this group? head shot  
Aug A3/para/h-bar jamie anton  
Is Gun smiths dying?  
Osgood Schlatter... Not Fun Stuff  
creations that are not guns eeeddyeeeeeeeee .  
My old YouTube account: Tommygunfreak Tom J  
No attachments? Nicholas Knisley  
Crossbow Pistol Nick Axel  
Gun Smiths Elite Group = NGLGG  
Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 Lego J Lego K  
Modern Warfare 2 Pro Perks Guide  
Elite members attention. Bogdanski Olegovich  
SO I finished this project and...  
How many of you got in hardcor fights?  
LDD Gun Contest Anyone?  
New contest anyone? Weston Wedeward  
Banning "Teh Gun Master" Soren Skies  
Selling my lego's? bin dover  
Rifles contest Nick Axel  
Black Pieces Chris A .  
M4 STOP MOD ( Call Of Duty 4) Nick Axel  
Heart Beat Sensor The Dawg  
What did you all get for Christmas!  
m1911 contest winners stephen .h  
Moderators Nick Axel  
Gun help! Tom J  
New Year  
HK416 CQB instructions Jack Streat  
full auto UZI instructions Nick Axel  
New creation Tyler Asplund  
new mechanizm for my P90(i think...)  
mw2 class convosation  
big gun help  
my guns Teh Gun Master  
Nick Axel`s Accuracy International Nick Axel  
Small guns  
2 studs wide magazine  
New Guns That You bought john shilou  
help stephen .h  
m4a1 deleted not getting posted stephen .h  
Modern Warfare 2 worth it?  
my band Roadkill 55 xD  
gun ideas  
lmg experts  
The Airsofters WhiteSkinny Male  
SMG Contest! Weston Wedeward  
survey for my guns  
I'm coming back Alter Ego ROFL  
FAMOUS Lego J Lego K  
Weston, please help! Tom J  
Can anyone confirm this?  
airsoft anybody? Kyle McMillan  
Prestiege. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Gun Releases  
Congratualtion The Dawg and PyBrick Replicas! Bogdanski Olegovich  
General conversation
caspelll brick master  
Im Back to MocPages  
Home page Bogdanski Olegovich  
ATTENTION ELITE MEMBERS! Bogdanski Olegovich  
Shooting footage  
Operation: Good Fire General Frazier  
pistol problems  
First Timer  
Rubber Bands Rob Hanson  
Thing that have absolutly nothing to do with anything Jake Smithton  
Working Grenade Launcher  
Critics General Frazier  
Combat Arms Simron B  
My bolt-action rifle is up finally1 jake holbrook  
bolt action gun head shot  
I Seek Help From Experts General Frazier  
crossbows head shot  
brick shooting mech  
i need ideas! michael morabito  
ideas head shot  
Lego Brick Machine Gun? Weston Wedeward  
lego BELT FED machine gun michael morabito  
instructions head shot  
a lego gun first!!!! michael morabito  
moc pages head shot  
wikepedia page help  
Elite member group? Bogdanski Olegovich  
Working Lego Cartridges  
what gun shoud i make next  
Grenade Launchers  
gun safetys  
Please Post Guns only! Weston Wedeward  
Commenting on other group members guns.  
desert eagle contest head shot  
head shot head shot  
gun contest head shot  
video trouble head shot  
Video! Weston Wedeward  
new kid head shot  
gun smith elite head shot  
Reason of absence Tom J  
Bushmaster ACR replacing M4??? Which do i make? ForLEMONS Guns and Stuff  
How about a working gun contest? Arion ...  
don't know what to buildthe one that stink or one that are good but hard to build legolordman legobuilder  
son't know how to build but the cheasy kind where it is rod powered legolordman legobuilder  
Assault Rifle Contest Simron B  
to many lego gun groups  
4th of July Nate Andrews  
lets clock up 2000 words of converstation  
I will most likely quit MOCpages in the following week. Bogdanski Olegovich  
M16 contest  
WORKING LEGO GUNS Jordan Ritchie  
some gun ideas stephen .h  
MOCcomparison Chas Irish  
h&k mp5 contest Teddy Van Winkle  
Gun Power(how to judge?)  
A good or bad idea Alter Ego ROFL  
get rid of the bolt action poll  
I changed my name Tom J  
im new Tom Jensen  
Need help with m4 Lt. Ghostbullet  
VINDICATION! Weston Wedeward  
Working Lego Cartridges Arion ...  
I was banned? Chas Irish  
Please help: Windows Movie Maker! Tom J  
Anyone Watch NHL Playoffs  
What to build???  
(sub)Machine gun contest results!! Tom J  
mechinasm help Alter Ego ROFL  
Vote here Bolt Action Rifle Contest  
do you know the best firing mechs cameron "lone wolf" dias  
AA12 shotguns jake holbrook  
Contest. GLOCK ONLY David Newton  
shotgun for me plz? black yoshi productions  
Gun Smiths chat Bogdanski Olegovich  
an-94 stephen .h  
Vote Here Bolt Action Contest  
Poll requests Bogdanski Olegovich  
New buyable models Samuel Lafleur  
Sorry for my unactiveness  
high capicity rubberband gun firing mechanisms  
JongeJanssie and Marder II Bogdanski Olegovich  
STOLEN MOCS! Weston Wedeward  
bolt action mechanism that would shoot  
Machine gun contest! Tom J  
Bolt Action Rifle Conest  
LDD Update Samuel Lafleur  
LDD Update Samuel Lafleur  
Vote here!! Tom J  
Brickgun-style hammers? Nate Andrews  
Buying LDD-made guns ? Samuel Lafleur  
gun tech Teddy Van Winkle  
Gun smith's mac-ingram(the label picture) Teddy Van Winkle  
sorry stephen .h  
Mini toothpick crossbow Hoang Phong  
Ideas for handgun Victor Z.  
lego gun sites Teddy Van Winkle  
Next gun FutJJ Futendra  
lego sites  
Invitation Chris A .  
conversation stephen .h  
Call of Duty "World at war" help. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Handgun Contest!!1  
Are Halo guns allowed? Nate Andrews  
VOTE HERE!!!! Chris A .  
Gun help! Tom J  
M1A1 Thompson Suggestions Weston Wedeward  
Bolt-action mechanism Tom J  
Something new... Heavykil 90  
I am out of ideas  
My Idea  
CONTEST!!! Chris A .  
Glock contest results. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Poll. Bogdanski Olegovich  
instructions scott .  
Thomas Cooper HELP PLEASE!  
Survey: Which Lego set(s) do you have? Hoang Phong  
FN G1 (Type C) Rifle Project David Newton  
JongeJanssie HELP PLEASE! Bogdanski Olegovich  
Glock contest! Bogdanski Olegovich  
Zack Goes David Newton  
ipod touch 2G VS iphone 3G Bogdanski Olegovich  
My new group. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Ideas Chris A .  
Gun Idea's Tom J  
Hall of fame. Bogdanski Olegovich  
group Chris A .  
Which set for best guns? Hoang Phong  
contest Chas Irish  
Simple semi auto system plz FutJJ Futendra  
Contest Judging Master Cheez .  
Post ALL of your guns. Bogdanski Olegovich  
admin guy...  
thompson v.2 to v.3?  
Working Lancer Assault Rifle?  
Have we invited *insert name here* yet? Joe McBob  
Other groups. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Contest! Master Cheez .  
Join my group! Chris A .  
Long run. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Gun Group Categories PyBrick Replicas  
Contest rules Master Cheez .  
What the heck guys. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Making real firing mechanisms William J  
Demoting. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Sorting the guns. Bogdanski Olegovich  
Hoang Phong's idea Bogdanski Olegovich  
Inviting new people to group Weston Wedeward  
Everyone post ALL of their guns please. I want to make a kind of gun archive. Bogdanski Olegovich  

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