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The United Nations of Earth
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Topics of conversation  

Roll Call Josh B.  
New Faction  
UNE Conversation Thread John Dawn  
Random MOCs James Williams  
General conversation
Help a Brother Out. Dude theDude  
is this an acceptable weapon? michael ganzert  
size of round in AR-23 James Dell  
New AR or pistole James Dell  
New AR or pistol James Dell  
i was wondering... Jakub Becker  
How to get more support on a new MOC? Garett Smith  
Some inactivity...what else is new? Dude theDude  
Sound Off! John Moffatt  
Old UNE Shizz John Moffatt  
star wars is expiring in 2022 Isaac The Awesome!  
UNEC Reforms Danny Morgan  
Topic is locked Ugarian Freedom Army. Up and running. Dude theDude  
Cupcake Conversation 4 Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked How Tyler D  
Color Scheme and Armament Limitations  
Does une have robots? Cooper 311  
Story help? Delta Kevin 22  
Cupcake Convorsation 3 Matt the Backward One  
How's About a New Ship? Tyler D  
does the u.n.e use super weapon's ? michael ganzert  
UNE: The Contest John Moffatt  
Topic is locked Does une have robots. Cooper 311  
Soldiers Vallkirimrl _  
Of Bias and Bullets Matt the Backward One  
Hey, listen! John Moffatt  
U.N.E. Color schemes  
I got a question James Williams  
Is this acceptable.  
MAC, Rail gun, Coil gun, Guass gun James Dell  
One Last Thing...  
My new ship help Delta Kevin 22  
Gentlemen, Behold! John Moffatt  
So... Quantam Paradox  
A Coupla Things Dude theDude  
Can I?  
FTL Nature Delta Kevin 22  
Group theme? Finn C-Q  
Permission(s) Xarxes Camoran  
The 23rd Century Universe Danny Morgan  
My plans for a stealth bomber//recon plane. Perry B.  
Congratulations, Matt! John Moffatt  
UNE soundtracks Finn C-Q  
Cockpit Designs Tyler D  
Mech leg designs? Nolan C.  
Cockpit Designs Tyler D  
Back To Lego Nolan C.  
The Face of Two Factions Matt the Backward One  
Me and my page... the unseen... ThunderT0D :)  
Rifle Design  
Big question from John John Moffatt  
why was I removed?  
Score! John Moffatt  
Speed of Tachyon Bubbles Matt the Backward One  
The insanity ends here...  
Constructive criticism John Moffatt  
We need an ultimate member purge  
I need a partner Delta Kevin 22  
Being slightly Philosophical here  
Topic is locked Make-a-Planet! Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked Ban The User Above You #9: The Insanity Continues  
UNE- Its a Theme Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked Ban the User Above! #8 Mario and Meatballs!  
Official Ban The User Above You #7: IT'S STILL HAPPENING!!!  
Cupcake Convo. 2 Matt the Backward One  
MOTD Is Broken Matt the Backward One  
Science Talk On: Coil-Guns Matt the Backward One  
2011 Sets Matt the Backward One  
Unnecessary Topics Enactment Request Jake Almondy  
Topic is locked Gasp! Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked HEY Sergeant John Carr  
Topic is locked Hey im a new gruop member Sergeant John Carr  
Creature Design Contest Kay Why  
an idea??? or epix phail  
More Science Stuff Matt the Backward One  
Sectors Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked Member Purge Matt the Backward One  
Getting known Caleb R.  
Image Bank John Moffatt  
Story Contest Judging! Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked I want a MOC Off Ben .  
Controlled Planets Matt the Backward One  
And I Even Like the Color John Moffatt  
Controled Planets Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked Getting known Caleb R.  
Guys! Finn C-Q  
Question??? Captain X  
Topic is locked Cupcake Convo. Matt the Backward One  
Police: Important Keller Brown  
Clone Turbo Tank John Moffatt  
UNE Resurgence Ultramarine .  
Topic is locked I'M BACKKKKKKKKKKK!  
Questions.. Jonathan Ladner  
UNE Infantry weaponry Perry B.  
Just a simple question to our founding members... DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Before the Coalition? Matt the Backward One  
23rd Century Conquest Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked 10,000 years!!!! MAN HAS BEEN ON EARTH!!!  
Topic is locked GAMAA Declarations of War Matt P  
good bye, for now The plague  
Naval Technology Ryz Wheeling  
My star fleet and I pledge an alliance  
The PDR John Moffatt  
*facepalm* John Moffatt  
Zodiac Revolution Danny Morgan  
Pledge of Allegiance James Dell  
Again? Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked My opinion of the UNE...  
Topic is locked Removing GAMAA from factions list  
Topic is locked The Chaos Union  
23rd Tech Standards Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked I Pledge Alliance... Dude theDude  
LOM details! Finn C-Q  
The COP Dictionary Matt the Backward One  
Brickworld 2011 Finn C-Q  
UNE attack plan...  
Revolutions is back...  
Big fat contest for MOCers  
Things That Need Fixing Matt the Backward One  
Brick Convention 2010 Jake Almondy  
Official Ban The User Above You #6: The Insanity Contuinues!!! Delta Kevin 22  
Topic is locked I didn't do it!!  
Topic is locked THIS CLAN STILL SUCKS  
GAMAA at war with COP  
MOCpages Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked THIS CLAN IS FOR MORONS  
Gentlemen! Direct Your Attention Here John Moffatt  
Undercover operation  
new at-ch batte suite Aiden Faulconer  
@ Areesta  
The Beginning of U.N.E. [Chat Topic] Matt the Backward One  
The Beginning of U.N.E. Matt the Backward One  
War On An 8x8 Contest!!!!!  
Contest Judges  
A Contest  
umm dont ask me...  
GAMAA as a miltary branch  
Am I any good?  
Right, You Lot! Shape Up! John Moffatt  
I need to know.......  
FOR FINN <-------------------------------------------------------- Matt Flanagan  
U.N.E creation colours Bartosz k  
Wow, what happened? Ultramarine .  
Home Page Music Tyler D  
What to build John Moffatt  
My new UNE stories Delta Kevin 22  
Random Ramblings Justin Li  
"Sheild Suckers" Tyler D  
Wait... John Moffatt  
U.N.E. Pyro-marines  
How do you add mocs to a group? Ian Michaels  
Take a look at this Axel ™  
Unit contest Evan Harder  
State of The U.N.Eion Quantam Paradox  
I bees agoing away Matt Flanagan  
Topics Jake Almondy  
"Beginning of U.N.E." Story Contest! Matt the Backward One  
Hey Matt, I have a question for ya DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
marine commando Glenn streeter  
U.N.E. Jumper Corps. Evan Harder  
My "Downtime" Tyler D  
Duplicates of one creation Ben .  
Cupcakes Finn C-Q  
See ya Finn C-Q  
The Darx empire wants to you to join against the c.o.p Aiden Faulconer  
i'm quitting lego and mocpages Joshua .  
A long awaited goodbye... DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Some tips plez? Blade-Hawk ™  
U.N.E. vs. C.O.P. 'The End' John Dawn  
An Idea  
***WARNING*** DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
A long awaited goodbye... DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Fall of the UNE Finn C-Q  
Structure Contest RESULTZ! Ben .  
You have to admit this is epic! Finn C-Q  
Contests Ben .  
UNE Labs Amo Ordonez  
I be returnin'  
VOTE John Dawn  
i need a mod or admin comment approval DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
About the UNE Finn C-Q  
We need cures Matt Flanagan  
Needin' Yer Assistance John Moffatt  
UNE War stories ending Finn C-Q  
The 1st Science Fleet soon to unveil new cruiser DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Things to build Areetsa C  
While We're Ahead Matt the Backward One  
For the 23 C universe Finn C-Q  
Is therre a way of adding a mute button for the music on the homepage?  
Color problem. Joshua .  
Voting: moderators Areetsa C  
Music on the homepage Ryz Wheeling  
hey! i gots a bone to pick!!! DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Seriously Matt Flanagan  
Is it just me...  
Brickworld 2010 Tyler D  
I'm BACK! Ben . Ben .  
Sub-Factions: Your Own Call to Arms Matt the Backward One  
Read this Areetsa C  
I'm off again John Moffatt  
my book so far critisism zac barton aka ziberoo  
book critizm zac barton aka ziberoo  
UAV Contest Tyler D  
Thumbs up or thumbs off? Finn C-Q  
Oi! Look over here you spazzy Helghast piece of scum!  
The deep space fleet 5 [6th cohort][2nd leigion]  
Check this out Finn C-Q  
Builder's Block Tyler D  
Mekanik Dude theDude  
Admiral Rotgers Finn C-Q  
Aliens in the U.N.E? Lea Khan  
Whats with these people?! Jake Almondy  
Planets loyal to the UNE  
Invasion of Valpari  
Admin Powers Activate! John Dawn  
Attention Klay! Jake Almondy  
Opinions on Saber-scorp's Nova refuge Finn C-Q  
How do you....... Jaysunn !  
Bounty Hunters Commander Hawx  
A old comfermation Finn C-Q  
For the Love of a Decent Build John Moffatt  
Topic is locked Allies or Enemies? Clay    
Help Finn C-Q  
2010 MOCie Awards John Dawn  
Topic is locked Allies or enemys Zylo .  
Hmmm... The plague  
YES! Finn C-Q  
Brikwars: Mutilation frenzy Jake Almondy  
hmmm... The plague  
Dictator time John Moffatt  
Topic is locked My Apologies John Moffatt  
42 42 Finn C-Q  
Too Many Matts Matt Flanagan  
Civilian Habitation Contest Lea Khan  
New group  
Anyone notice this? Finn C-Q  
Hi I'm back. Rawr Batin Trenche  
Gmail Finn C-Q  
Moc of the week for une Jake Almondy  
My new story is up. Delta Kevin 22  
Flickr! Jake Almondy  
Story feedback  
Topic is locked Suspect Inactive members list Jake Almondy  
Topic is locked HEY!!!!! Dude theDude  
Website for GAMAA and whoever...(read) Matt Flanagan  
Suggestions/improvements/complaints Areetsa C  
Conversations Finn C-Q  
Topic is locked Decals/stickers? Jake Almondy  
The Endless War (BK) ()  
Big get together with C.O.P. and U.N.E. Finn C-Q  
help Perplexed Opossum  
Topic is locked Nice new music Mr. Moffatt. Matt Flanagan  
Vig/ Dio Contest entry thread  
Input please John Moffatt  
Topic is locked John, shake your fist in bitter jelousy! Finn C-Q  
Topic is locked Vig/Dio contest entry thread  
In case you didn't know John Moffatt  
banned? Benjamin L.  
A Call to Arms John Moffatt  
C.O.P. Vs. U.N.E. Battle-scene MOC-off. Danny Morgan  
Vig/Dio contest  
My U.N.E warstories comic is up Josh H.  
Story progress  
The One, The Only . . . BAN THE USER ABOVE YOU #5 Delta Kevin 22  
... wait, whut?  
story characters  
Concerning Admin Status John Moffatt  
Admins John Moffatt  
attention! Jake Almondy  
Other stories  
Ban The User Above You #5 Delta Kevin 22  
Brikwar tactics: A stardestroyer or no stardestroyer?  
The Infamous, The One, The Only . . .Ban The User Above You Number 5! My God!!! When will the insanity end??? Delta Kevin 22  
Good God, they've found me! John Moffatt  
Story Criss Crossing  
New Members Jake Almondy  
Story part contest  
Alliance Clay    
JUST SHUT UP! Matt the Backward One  
Exactly how big IS the U.N.E.? Matt the Backward One  
Sorry Callum Jake Almondy  
It appers the wave of Clonetards (luckly no stupid kiddies or Halo kiddies)...) Finn C-Q  
Oh Finn C-Q  
Topic is locked What is our status ith the incredibly strange crimson guard?  
"3rd faction" Areetsa C  
Sanity check/required reading for members new & old Areetsa C  
Topic is locked DARX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Lare  
Topic is locked DARX !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Lare  
DARX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Lare  
CRIMSON GUARD!!! W00T!!!!!!!! Rogue Outlaw  
A Poll John Moffatt  
Music John Dawn  
Topic is locked DARX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Lare  
DARX!!!!!!!!!!! Noah Lare  
Topic is locked Operation Snow Flurry! Matt the Backward One  
Sorry Fox .  
Valentine's Day! Jake Almondy  
DARX GROUP WOOT!!!!WOOT!!!! Noah Lare  
Topic is locked DARX GROUP WOOT!!!WOOT!!! Noah Lare  
Ban the user above you-4~A Finn C-Q  
Where do my strengths lie? Jake Almondy  
Alrighto Finn C-Q  
Winter olimpics! Finn C-Q  
UNE scum! Zylo .  
UNE scum! Zylo .  
UNE scum! Zylo .  
UNE scum! Zylo .  
UNE scum! Zylo .  
Did we defeat the C.O.P? Josh H.  
Awesome-o-saurus! Finn C-Q  
A new "enemy"  
A Poll John Moffatt  
Ban the user abouve you #4 Finn C-Q  
Music Nick Axel  
Galactic Conquest - Sign up here! Sam Harris  
Faster than light technology?  
I am currently a suspicious grizzly bear Zylo .  
About the gun... Finn C-Q  
Backfired insults + laugh at the mindless Areetsa C  
Help? Jake Almondy  
Heads up Robo Man  
Well... Finn C-Q  
Muwahahahahaha!!!!! DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Moc of the week Jake Almondy  
Plese vote! Jake Almondy  
The Official Propaganda Topic John Moffatt  
BAN THE USER ABOUVE YOU-#3 Will the madness stop!? Finn C-Q  
Anyone having trouble? Tyler D  
U.N.E.A. Special Operations Dropship Contest Jake Almondy  
Ian will probably have answers Finn C-Q  
Thanks, but no thanks John Moffatt  
new UNE command Delta Kevin 22  
Message from COP Evan Harder  
This Won't Do John Moffatt  
Need yer help boys John Moffatt  
Every notice something... Ultramarine .  
*NOTICE* Matt Shack  
Ethical debate go! Areetsa C  
Ever notice something... Ultramarine .  
"3rd faction" Areetsa C  
I wish to extend my hand and sword... LegoTrooper 101  
Zenexabas Finn C-Q  
U.N.E. Anthem? Finn C-Q  
Quaid? That you mate? John Moffatt  
U.N.E.A.\ Jake Almondy  
New group for U.N.E jordan miller  
Hey Finn C-Q Perplexed Opossum  
Congrats Robo Man John Moffatt  
Didn't think I'd be doing this again... Lea Khan  
Another similarity that I noticed Finn C-Q  
Female Troops James Dell  
Areetsa, about that small weapon your guys carry... Finn C-Q  
I have a question Matt Shack  
Hey, John.... Jake Almondy  
HEY! that sounds familiar.... Jake Almondy  
Anyone notice this? Finn C-Q  
I'm back... Ryz Wheeling  
Topic is locked Ok, this is for my comic about sigs Finn C-Q  
The BEST U.N.E. torso? Blade-Hawk ™  
Buddy Icon~Matt the Backward One  
Opinions? Finn C-Q  
Charactors for mah comix!! Finn C-Q  
Sorry. i locked it. TOPIC: POLITICS  
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finn C-Q  
Can I do a purge?  
The one and only Cupcake John Moffatt  
U.N.E.A. Chat Topic The Second. Blade-Hawk ™  
Now here's something... Finn C-Q  
Special Forces of Spec Ops.  
Sanity check Areetsa C  
Merry Christmas! John Moffatt  
New years count-down???? Finn C-Q  
Global warming oucho t cactus  
cop + une Irish Boy Aka Mike Ginsburg  
What on earth? TWO Mocpages? Finn C-Q  
I finally got a LOM fig! Finn C-Q  
I finally got a LOM fig! Finn C-Q  
U.N.E. Politics 1: Let the Chaos begin! Blade-Hawk ™  
Had anouther Brikwar, questions about presentation. Finn C-Q  
Contest idea Jake Almondy  
Topic is locked Ban the user above you The Second! Blade-Hawk ™  
Topic is locked Ban the user above you Areetsa C  
Better then LOM Torsos Matt the Backward One  
Battle Dio contest  
Prusso-Egypt... Super Kaiser Pharaoh  
UNE then-now.....  
I humor you, Matt Finn C-Q  
Whats This? Matt the Backward One  
Am I still going to get paid or what? Matt Shack  
Ok, now I am seriouse, or not... Finn C-Q  
My first creation Henri JΓ€rvinen  
I need a raise of hands... Flare .  
question for admins The plague  
Topic is locked OH NOES!1!!!1 Finn C-Q  
Topic is locked CPOs? Eric Wheelhouse  
CPOs? Eric Wheelhouse  
Do we need to build a fleet? U.N.E Battle archive Bot  
About the C.O.P... Finn C-Q  
I need a vote..... Blade-Hawk ™  
Topic is locked UNE TO ARMS! RED ALERT! Dude theDude  
Im Still Here Tyler D  
Open invitation... DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Cloning? Lea Khan  
AHHHHHHHHH Aiden doherty  
UNE-COP TOURNEY Judging volunteer and info topic. Evan Harder  
U.N.E.A. Infantry Contest Areetsa C  
OI! Everyone! Finn C-Q  
Topic is locked Horrible news Areetsa C  
Comic Contest! Matt the Backward One  
Titans Tahn Bowman  
Comix? Blade-Hawk ™  
No John Moffatt  
Well that's annoying John Moffatt  
hypothetical question (s)  
What planets do we have in the U.N.E.? Blade-Hawk ™  
Topic is locked U.N.E.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACCEPT MY HONOR TO YOU!!!!!! Rogue Outlaw  
John! Finn C-Q  
Comic Contest! Matt the Backward One  
I need inspiration! Lea Khan  
Tyscunox Destroyer.... Blade-Hawk ™  
Choose your Senator and Ambassador. Rogue Outlaw  
Another Faction for this war? Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked The High Ground and why it just won't work Callum Wood  
An Idea...... Blade-Hawk ™  
Well, I think we should start building something new... Blade-Hawk ™  
Need a title for your latest? Areetsa C  
It was a joke  
Off topic... DarkKnigt88 U.N.E. Tech Commander  
Recruitment John Dawn  
Happy Halloween! John Moffatt  
Sooooo..... Blade-Hawk ™  
Sooooo..... Blade-Hawk ™  
Areetsa... Finn C-Q  
a small wondering about U.N.E space ruling..... Lieutenant Chris Jones  
Thanks guys John Moffatt  
The UNE, a How To Guide John Moffatt  
Join! Rogue Outlaw  
MOCIA Areetsa C  
Confused!?! Robo Man  
Topic is locked The Skaborr Theory Imran Kalashnikov  
A new idea just popped into my head ..... Lieutenant Chris Jones  
U.N.E. tag? Finn C-Q  
Fleets? Blade-Hawk ™  
Topic is locked I declare...  
Desert contest results Dude theDude  
Roblox? Benjamin L.  
Could you tell me a few things? Blade-Hawk ™  
sorry i've bin gone so long Pie .  
I'm Back! Matt the Backward One  
Well, I'm gane again John Moffatt  
Is there a reason we don't have a steel curtain? Finn C-Q  
We have them outnumbered.  
Oi! You lot! John Moffatt  
Ok Finn C-Q  
Can my faction join the U.N.E.?  
Mini-Starship/Battlecruiser Contest Tyler D  
I'm Free! John Moffatt  
C.O.U.-who do they think they are? Finn C-Q  
yet another question from me Lieutenant Chris Jones  
Brik-War, baby! John Moffatt  
UNE-COP Arms Limitation Pact Areetsa C  
Topic is locked Tojo's attack on a C.O.P. colony capital Finn C-Q  
Bringing hell (With questions!) Robo Man  
Just 2 small questions ......... Lieutenant Chris Jones  
MAOX Merc Services Bernardo BLITZ Silva  
Rogue Machines, COP Scrambles to recover! Gus Indo  
Executive, Legislative, & Judicial Heads Matt the Backward One  
So long! Christian Collins  
Topic is locked U.N.E. Labs Areetsa C  
What sort of things Tahn Bowman  
recruitments for the UNE 4th fleet The plague  
A few general Questions Tahn Bowman  
Attendance check John Moffatt  
A Little Understanding Matt the Backward One  
Topic is locked MAOX war? The plague  
privateering chris morris  
What does a moderator do Tahn Bowman  
3rd Fleet Recruitment John Dawn  
U.N.E. 4th fleet The plague  

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