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Decisive Action 3 Updated yesterday   matt rowntRee  
Your contest here group Prime governor Edison Lutz of the M.I.U  
Blog or Die! contest matt rowntRee  
Lego Castle Building Techniques Contest 2017 Classical Bricks  
Lego MOContests! Ethan Quantz (Inactive)  
The Mocdecathalon Vitruvius Mint  
2016 MocOlympics! Dawson Jones  
Intergalactic Space-Off Werewolff .  
Lego Survival Kit Contest Samuel "samiamuc" Charbula  
The SECOND Annual STAR WAR MOC OLYMPICS Dr. Whatdoyoueat  
Attention all fire buffs and builders! Lane Spyksma  
Heroes Wanted!  
2016 MOCathalon matt rowntRee  
Lego Castle Building Techniques Contest Classical Bricks  
!ULTIMATE MICRO CONTEST! High Emperor Duckiiiiieeeeeeeeeee  
The Horrible Puns Contest Yuri Fassio  
Contest Central This account has been hacked by the MOCDestroyers!  
Neo-classic space minifigure contest! Marley Mac  
2015 MEMO A. Sargent  
Blaze's 50 PC Blaze .  
Traykar the swift's Mixel racer contest 2015 Damon Corso  
New! Star wars Imperial Operations two, Best build contest! captain maximan  
Top Gear contest! Anyone welcome to join! Timothy Mai  
Fantasy 2015 Mitchell Long  
Elemental Self-MOC Contest (Bionicle) Timerus The Weird One  
Decisive Action 2 matt rowntRee  
The army competition! James Douglas  
if you have built or want to build a camaro , please join my camaro contest colby james  
2015 Brick Built Figure Contest matt rowntRee  
guys if u know what clash of clans is, please say so, because i thought of a contest that has to do with it. leah Gluck  
2015 Narnian Lego Olympics Thomas .  
2015 spacecraft tournament Judges lounge Commander Bricks  
Moc-off Challenge! Mathan .P  
1st Brick cars contest!!!:Combine 2 cars in 1 brick car  
guys i need help on this website please answer to show u care leah Gluck  
hi! im new to the website, can u help me a bit? leah Gluck  
Sci-Fiathalon Ethan J.  
The Mecha Moc Contest! Toa Nik Brusk  
Artistic Shot Contest 2015 Mitchell Long  
I need ideas for a contest Xander B  
Holiday building Challenge Caleb S.  
2014-15 Middle Earth Lego Olympics Ian Spacek  
Bioformers surprise Yuri Fassio  
2014 LEGO Percy Jackson MocOlympics Choco Taco  
The 8 piece building challenge. Lo var Lachland  
Weird Living Room Callenge Elias P  
Speedy September 2014 Sam the First  
mini BUILDING CONTEST Centurion Cone Centurion Cone  
WWII Vehicles, Ships, and Aircraft Contest Jerry Temple  
Not a contest just a cool halo group about  
Fighter plane contest Nicholas Smith  
Fighter plane contest Nicholas Smith  
Star wars dio contest Cow seizure Gaming  
Junior LOTR Lego Olympics Pieter Dennison  
Anyone have any min figure contests? MRgstarx Hillier  
The Guild Wars ~ Caleb ~  
Super Smash Brickers Tournament Beardless Dwarf (Evan)  
Photo Editing Contest' Bumblebee 5253  
15-piece vehicle contest Ben Smith  
Make a minifigure and vignette contests!  
Matoran Vehicle Contest 2014 Timerus The Weird One  
M.A.L.O. 2014  
Avengers fan group ST M.  
1st Annual Narnian Lego Olympics Thomas .  
The Great SNOTing Contest Noel Peterson  
thormagniss bio-gun contest Thormagniss .  
RITF Contest Group Matthew Fremon  
Yuri's 5th MOCiversary Contest! Yuri Fassio  
Percy Jackson and the Olympians Contest Thomas .  
Brick Studios' 2014 vignette contest!!!  
Fantasy 2014 Mitchell Long  
Caleb's Minifigure Contest Caleb R.  
BEAUTIFUL LEGO 2: DARK - new contest call for entries mike doyle  
unique car club contest #1- Lexus LFA!? Sam the First  
2013-14 Middle Earth Lego Olympics Ian Spacek  
City of Legopolis Halhi 141  
Bill's 1st Annual LEGO Contest. Wolverine ~  
Youtube MOCing contest Daniel T. Fol  
The Contest Group Halhi 141  
make a set contest link [ ] jayden squire  
The Biannual Bio-Revamp Cup 2013! A. Sargent  
2013 Builder Triathlon J-rod Smith  
One on One Contest Group J-rod Smith  
Caleb's 3rd Annual 4x4 Contest Caleb R.  
The Bionicle Mocing Challenge Smooth Jazz  
The Awesomest Contest Ever Mitchell Long  
Minecraft Olympics! Dylan Something  
under 18 10 wide+ super car contest!! Sam the First  
The Mech Challenge ThatGuy YouKnow  
The 2013 Bio Cup! Yuri Fassio  
i Brick contests TX-008 [1998]  
The Middle Earth MocAthalon A. Sargent  
Halo Olympics! Dylan Something  
Beckett Open 2013 Nate Beckett  
2013 Ford Explorer Christian Collins  
The Ultimate LEGO Contest! This account has been hacked by the MOCDestroyers!  
The 3 to 2 Contest! Yuri Fassio  
Forced Perspective Contest (FPC) Jensen Anderson  
The Vignette Contest Halhi 141  
Star Wars landspeeder contest 2012! TX-008 [1998]  
Make a Crew  
Extravagant Minifigure Contest ~ Caleb ~  
The HF amateur contest Logan Edgar  
2012 LDD humvee contest Nate B  
my droid themed contest Jack Gillis  
The Better Equipped Brixwhiz .  
The 2012 Custom Military Contest - Join now! Michael Stenz  
Contest: books into movies Trevor CLASSIFIED  
Project Paradise Contest Netro .  
HALO Assault carrier contest. Tron 117  
The Alternative Contest Halhi 141  
Best lgo minifig collection bronco15, thunder35 broncothunder  
Bio-Cup 2012! Yuri Fassio  
Logo for group MFU  
Clone Kiddie Star Wars Mocathon Noah .  
"We are the Force"--Custom Star Wars Minifig Contest Ryno .  
"Fill base !" contest  
Logo Contest  
Junior 2012 Mocathon Noah .  
The First Official Moccer Cup  
apocalypse hero contest  
Logo Contest  
Contest: Star Wars The Fate Of The Jedi Sir. Knockin'  
The AT-RT Contest Noah .  
The "Out of Your Comfort Zone" Contest 2012 Nate B  
The Great Jedi Purge Competition republic commado  
Collectable Minifigures Contest! The Timinater !  
Contest: Star wars fate of the jedi (please join) Sir. Knockin'  
Adventure contest! Nate B  
The GearoeCup Contest Ruler of evil  
LEGO creature contest  
Vignette Contest 2012 Luke, Builder of the Awesome  
Vignette Contest 2012 Luke, Builder of the Awesome  
First MOC I Ever Made Autarch .  
6-wide police cars? marcel urbanija  
Gun Contest Brixwhiz .  
Creation that can take down Chuck Norris 1Tish 2Many  
The Star Wars Moccer Paired Contest 2012  
The Superhero MocOlympics Commander Starblaster  
The Galactic Empire Contest hong liang  
Aperture Science Innovators Deep Thought 2.0  
Please look at my contests Commander Starblaster  
Out of Your Comfort-Zone Contest Quad 9363  
Extinct Cars: How They Would Look Now Austin Nomorinfo  
Futuristic aircraft spacecraft contest Caleb Smith  
The Spinning Top Contest 2011 Yuri Fassio  
Cuban Contest Owen S.  
Halloween on MOCpages - by Deep Thought 2.0 Deep Thought 2.0  
n64 comp  
MOCmurder Tag 2 Yuri Fassio  
WW2 minifig contest Jack O'Brien  
best brick contest anouncement The Guy  
my lego star wars clone base devin benson  
The Tree Contest Round 2 Max Pointner  
Lego Universe Faction building contest Band of Bricks .  
First Exclusive Timelord Contest Mr. Xenomurphy  
freestyle TARDIS contest Chocolate .  
Red-eyes Rider's celebration contest (ends until October) HydreigonMuppetMaster (Red-Eyes)  
The Tree contest Max Pointner  
Build-A-Brickbuster Contest Dylan Krider  
The Suepr Bionicle Contest Blaze Phantom  
The Create your House contest. The Timinater !  
The Create your House contest. The Timinater !  
The Create your House contest. The Timinater !  
cool city contest Ian Simmons  
cool city contest Ian Simmons  
Blitz Wants You!!! Hero the Mercury Knight  
Game Show contest ~NC_RAIN_KING ~  
Ultimate Bad Guy Hideout Contest C. Alexander Clay  
Listen up Kamen Rider fans! Leaith Flex  
5 Famous minifig contest ~NC_RAIN_KING ~  
Robot/Machine Contest Quad 9363  
The official 4x4x4 contest! Yuri Fassio  
The Collectable minifigures series 3 & 4 contest The Timinater !  
Back in time contest  
Down the bunny trail!!! Flicker ~  
The Amazing Train Contest The Timinater !  
OH NO YOU DON'T SPOCK! higuyjoe from mars  
The Super Awesome Contest of Pure Epicness!!! Autarch .  
2011 Moc-Athalon! Master Shifu Leo J  
lego V/S lego Commander Fox  
Double Down (Titan Self-MOC) Aslangorge (The Failed Artist)  
Punked Contest C. Alexander Clay  
funny vig contest! LWC guy  
Contest - Create a Substitute W. Mark  
The One and Only Neo Time Cruisers Contest! BobaFett 2  
Weekly contests! Jswish Productions  
The Great "Ouch" Contest C. Alexander Clay  
Old Spaceship Contest 2011 Nathaniel Ely  
Me and my Mini-Fig Aodhán Gorman  
MOC Wars Contest Mr. C C  
WW2 Contest  
Legofreak's Under 30 Pieces Vig Contest! Legofreak2444 ~  
Avatar Building Contest Josh Cooper  
Lego Tractor Contest Mason M  
Cliffhanger Contest C. Alexander Clay  
crimefighter contest Callum The Nerd  
MC's 4x4 contest Caleb R.  
Junior mocolympics Daniel Holland  
Star Wars MOC Contest Legofreak2444 ~  
awsome lego star wars MOCS of DOOM Commander Fox  
awsome lego star wars MOCS of DOOM Commander Fox  
2010 Mocpages tournament of 3 rounds  
Star Wars Contest Justin S.  
Star Wars MOC Contest Legofreak2444 ~  
Minifig contest!!!! Falcon Racer  
Classic Story or Book Scene Contest amanda F.  
Custom Bounty Hunters and Assassins Contest Max Pointner  
Tourney The Scourge of the North  
Lego Halo Set Contest Jack Morgan  
Star Wars Diorama/Scene/Vignette Contest Luke Skywalker  
Sci-Fi Fig Contest! Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
SWLC Contest must start soon!! Space Gypsy .  
week contests! Bumblebee 5253  
G1 transformer contest Bumblebee 5253  
bumblebee transformer contest Bumblebee 5253  
King of the Hill Building Contest BobaFett 2  
NEOS Tourney!  
Are They Equal? Contest Luke Skywalker  
SWLC's biggest and bestest contest ever!!! Space Gypsy .  
Voting needs to be done. Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Mocpages Survival Contest  
Dem Bones Haunted Halloween Contest Master Shifu Leo J  
Marvel heroes Contest Sean-Michael Grifin  
THE BUILDA-ATHON Commander Fox  
Halloween Bionicle contest Toa Phosphorus  
Halloween Bionicle contest Toa Phosphorus  
SWLC 2nd tournament Space Gypsy .  
cod contest Blueeey Fett  
Mysterion Battleships! Yuri Fassio  
Halo Contest Group Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
BIGGEST little CoNtEsT!!!! Master N the Making  
Join the WMD III contest! Cade .  
Join Blank  
Join Custom Clone Contest!  
Join the Impending Doom Contest! Justin Li  
Bottom of the MOC Contest!  
Working Gun Contest Connor Johnson  
SMOKE-A-COLA WWII TANK CONTEST! Sean (that guy over there)  
Joining Bionicle contest! Arthur Floren  
Custom Clone Contest!  
how to make contest Callum The Nerd  
Bionicle Duel-Element contest Singe,Keeper of Dark Metal (Sgamer360)  
Marvel heroes group Sean-Michael Grifin  
bionicle moc contest. jason pene  
Halo contest Jswish Productions  
The atlnaits contest Chocolate .  
Best US Marine! Fox .  
Sci-fi contest! Starts August 15!!!!! Jonathan S. (aka Brick Star)  
Custom Clone Contest Code Red  
Best tank with instructions! Sean (that guy over there)  
The 2010 MOC Olympics! Yuri Fassio  
SWLC 2nd tournament Space Gypsy .  
The Big Ka-Boom contest Autarch .  
ODSTs in action contest Eric 'Hawk' Mickle  
Custom clone contest Joshua Lego  
Best Battle Scene ever Tyler Steele  
Best Battle Scene ever Tyler Steele  
C.C.C. (custom clone contest) Gus (Formerly Blarck)  
Best HAOMD BDV!! Tyler Steele  
my big fat competition #1!!!:) nathan forshaw  
The BrickArms Contest-ENDS AUGUST 1ST Matt Bartholomew  
2010 Minifig contest Dayton L  
Star wars clone base building contest!!!! Joshua Lego  
Impulse Set Design Contest Xerxes .  
custom microship contest Josh H.  
Make a Jedi or Sith Contest!!! Seano Stace  
Dragon of Darknesses Group Sky Hawk  
Custom Lego Weapon Contest Cublikefoot .  
Halo vs Gears of War Tyler Steele  
Custom clone commander contest. Josh H.  
2010 Minifigure Contest Clay    
n00b Olympics judges and contestants needed! Evan Campbell  
NEED JUDGES Parker Blue  
Judges and contestents needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Josh H.  
2010 New Years Vignette Contest Jacob C.  
2009 Winter Mocolympics Jacob Semcken  
MOC off anybody? Parker Blue  
My custom clone contest Lucas Wyatt  
micro starship contest James Hoy  
Ornament Contest! Noah Nieman  
Star Wars Contest! Jacob C.  
Custom Ship/Boat contest Andrew A.  
Space police contest! James Stewart  
MOCoff anyone?  
Moc Off Jacob Semcken  
Anyone fancy a MOCoff?  
Motivational Contest at the Epic Clan Yuri Fassio  
minifigure contest D. Techno  
Angryraccoon's Vignettes Ahoy Contest!  
The Contest Of Digitally Designed Lego Creations (T.C.D.D.L.C.) General Frazier  
stairs legolord 123  
Contest Contestants Needed Fizzy Poppers  
judges and particapants needed Joe the ARC commander  
My First MOC Off Condor .  
Judges needed for the Contest of the CENTURY! Blade-Hawk ™  
City Tech contest group. Owen Williams  
bionicle vilian contest Joe H .  
8x8 Challenge Xerxes .  
idea Sophia Snuggles  
Gun contest Jacob Semcken  
Star Wars_Episode V_Vignette_Contest George Jomjom  
Star Wars Speeder Contest!  
EAW now recruting!  
Piratical contest!  
Looking for moc-off contestant Fizzy Poppers  
Vehicle Contest  
THE LEGO PLANE SHOWDOWN Judges Needed Sergio José Salazar  
Car Contest need 5 contestants and 2 judges Jacob Semcken  
Awsome Bionicle Contest Sky Hawk  
LAAT contest commander Vulcan 79  
checkout my page Grimblade master of doom  
Contestants needed for a bionicle contest Grimblade master of doom  
Crazy car contest  
custom clone contest commanderaxe (CC-4563)  
Need Judges and Contestants Kyle- Demolition  
venetor contest! James Stewart  
Judges needed  
Pimp your 'vette contest Alan Crisp  
Get Your Creations Noticed Is still going on! Mike P  
Transformers 2 contest  
Contestants Needed! BrickWasp .  
Tuned Autos' 1st contest: "Stock to Tuner" Alex Beringer  
custom gun contest  
Air Battles Mechs! Baron Von Ben ~  
MOCGames 2009  
mocpage police force group pic contest  
Like a Laugh? Kaylee B.  
Tuned Autos' 1st contest: "Stock to Tuner" Alex Beringer  
Need Judges Masked Builder  
Star Wars Planet Contest  
Spartan II Contest  
The First RDF Lego Awards General Frazier  
MOC-Athon Tyler D  
custom clone making contest Iggy Pop  
house appliance contest.  
clone contest MOCrazy !  
transfomers blackout contest Joe H .  
My contest. Max Notforpublic  
Ladder 49 Contest Christian Collins  
Need more contestants for Lego Real Life Stormtrooper contest! Marshal Commander Caden  
My contest of stop motion!  
Get your Creations Noticed!! -Mike P Mike P  
Geonosian Vehicle Contest Josh Trahan  
Spartan II Contest WIN!  
new contest  
building contest!!  
building contest!!  
Dodge Viper Contest Athanasios Lazarou  
judjes wanted  
Custom phase II clone contest Blade-Hawk ™  
my contest Comander Kip .  
Top 25 Halo Moc Contest  
NEW FOR MAY/JUNE!! Minifigure contest!!!  
Dragon of Darkness' bionicle contest Sky Hawk  
joseph philips is having a contest  
Custom Minifigures and Decals Comic Kid  
Sith Tomb Competition Subject Delta™  
Non-Lego Part John Doe  
A new contest on A Universe of Lego  
MOC Beast Battles Skylar Schirtzinger  
MY ARC contest Spartan Fang-BS96 lieutenant commander  
Hey all you space cowboys! Alan Crisp  
airborne trooper contest  
The Squires Authentic Building Contest Tyberious Ericson  
Aircraft Contests that never end! Jeff (Jeffrey Saelee)  
I just created an LAAT contest! MOCrazy !  
Custom Bly Contest!  
I just made star wars custom cuntest. Commander Gree  
star wars custom contest  
Lego Mall Building Contest Mike P  
CBCBC: Custom Brick Community Building Contest!  
Lego At the Movies Group Mike P  
custom clone contest Sushi_AnD_DAT PLatyPus  
minifig contest  
Best moc contest! JD G  
the movie contest  
Pod racer building contest. Commander Fox the ninth  
-=ARC trooper contest=- Xerxes .  
-=Clone ARC trooper contest=- Xerxes .  
Gears of war contest! red shade  
Custom Firefighter Contest Christian Collins  
halo wars contest James chyten  
instructions contest Brickman .  
Custom Clone Or Custom CLone Commander! Alpha 40 From The 200th Legion  
Yeandso Elites Sci-fi Contest!  
contest!! Bittten Jedi Killer  
General conversation
Bionicle Matoran Contest! Theed Calibur  
power miner contest!! master cheif  
NEW! - Best WWI-WWII vehicle contest!!!!  
NEW! - Street scene contest!  
NEW! City building contest! Mike P  
WWII CONTEST!!-(Hurry! ends 12th March)  
Roller Coaster Build Off Cole Brickman  
Halo Forerunner Contest  
Cursed Theater Contest John the Imaginative  
contest 1 jason pene  
Castle Building Contest Lord Lego 436  
The Squire's Castle Vig. Contest Brik Masta  
Gladatorian / Agori contest Kyle- Demolition  
LRF (legonian Republic Forces) competition! Will Jarman  
Original alien contest Horatius .  
Vig Contest!!! Billy M  
WWII Vignette Contest!  
The "Discuss" Dark Demon Contest  
LAV Building Contest Christian Collins  
Gladatorian / Agori contest Kyle- Demolition  
<a href=> Gladitorian/Agori Contest </a> Kyle- Demolition  
<a href=> Gladatorian/ Agori Contest </a> Kyle- Demolition  
CEM contest A SwordFish  
Bionicle Titan Contest lightball20 - Neo BotC Milita  
Jedi Starfighter Contest Lord Star-Blazer  
Starwars Diorama Contest  
Best Story Contest in It's Not Just a Hobby, It's an Obsession Group Becca Anthony  
Pilot Minifigure Contest Becca Anthony  
Street Scene Contest in City Slickers Group Becca Anthony  
imperial attack contest tim mcpherson  
Cantina and Club ... Contest Darren Adams  
Mini Tank Contest Tyler D  
Arc Squadron 88 clone contest Lego Man  

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