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The Crimson Guard (T.C.G.)
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Topics of conversation  

Conversation #3 Benhamin Eukatah  
BRAINS!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
ZYLO CHAT #1 Benhamin Eukatah  
Darx Barney! Benhamin Eukatah  
The agreement Zylo .  
Hello? Benhamin Eukatah  
Rogue's CG Drawings Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked Yawn... What a nice nap Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked Vekens? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Common Conversation #1 Benhamin Eukatah  
Common Conversation #2 (NO VEKENS) Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Admin, for Ben... Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Factions That are Enemies with the Crimson Guard! Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Galaxy Squad Stuff??? Benhamin Eukatah  
Alright.: SBSY Spaceships!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
List of existing planets in the Xhalaraxius Galaxy Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked Hey Ghost! Benhamin Eukatah  
Lets bring some diversity into this galaxy! Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked WAKE UP WAKE UP! AND THATS AN ORDER!!!!!!!!! Rogue Outlaw  
Zylo! Benhamin Eukatah  
Santa Claus is Coming? Benhamin Eukatah  
Falling Horizon? Benhamin Eukatah  
Mario Falling Horizon! Benhamin Eukatah  
Who are we? Benhamin Eukatah  
Reason for my absence Zylo .  
Mad Scientist! Benhamin Eukatah  
New Spaceships... Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked the reason!! The Crazy, Baffled and Cunffuzzled Brit who calls himself Monseuir de la King de la Powerful de la Prime de la Minster de la Shcuz-Shcuz AKA Ross el Grand de Crckfx  
Topic is locked Neth bo beth? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Prince ALI! Benhamin Eukatah  
Falling Horizon decals? Zylo .  
Creating again Zylo .  
Colony Attack Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
BOO!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked SECTOR-B SPACEYARDS? Benhamin Eukatah  
June, aka Summer. Benhamin Eukatah  
I think this is the end. For now.  
Still Interested! Benhamin Eukatah  
New music up again Zylo .  
Main CG story Rogue Outlaw  
Cade's little secret! Benhamin Eukatah  
HE IS BACK!?!?!  
CG isn't entirely dead Zylo .  
SECTOR-B SCAN! Benhamin Eukatah  
Falling Horizon? Benhamin Eukatah  
James Skylarkk! Benhamin Eukatah  
We need more moderators  
WAR Topic! Benhamin Eukatah  
Anyone Home? Benhamin Eukatah  
We need to get serious.  
Back From The Brink...  
Your Admins aren't here in a time of war. Herschel Isacc  
Been gone way too long! Fox .  
The war is starting! Benhamin Eukatah  
SBSY Generals? Benhamin Eukatah  
Crimson Guard: the Game crew recruitment Rogue Outlaw  
Crimson Death Blade Rogue Outlaw  
Galactic Conquest Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
Need Info for a Book Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
Factions Allied with the Crimson Cuard! Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Help, Warbots are attacking... Benhamin Eukatah  
Gotten back to building! Zylo .  
who u are IRL  
Topic is locked Color Scheme of the CG? Benhamin Eukatah  
Still around Zylo .  
we need to get this group moving it's arse again...  
Planets Rogue Outlaw  
Game Rogue Outlaw  
why i aint postin  
CG poll-01 Zylo .  
CG activity voting thread Zylo .  
my plan to stop the scrap monsters  
Is this group dead? Benhamin Eukatah  
my plan to stop the giant warbots  
Dropships Over Stofakk commander Ryan  
I am back... Benhamin Eukatah  
I feel horrible Zylo .  
I haz bad news. NATASHA KEYS  
New Crimson Guard Game? Benhamin Eukatah  
Shcuz? Benhamin Eukatah  
Altair outfit Zylo .  
Drawings? Benhamin Eukatah  
Just losing interest Zylo .  
New Vehicles! Benhamin Eukatah  
CG VIDEO GAME!! Rogue Outlaw  
Inactivity! Benhamin Eukatah  
I've missed alot... Fox .  
Recruits! Benhamin Eukatah  
Enemy resistance! Fox .  
The Darx? Benhamin Eukatah  
Planet Types? Benhamin Eukatah  
Zylo and Sand Strider? Benhamin Eukatah  
Why are we not talking about the CG? Benhamin Eukatah  
Crushes Zylo .  
Crimson Guard Credits? Benhamin Eukatah  
Dynamo Racing? Benhamin Eukatah  
Awesome Zylo .  
Admins chat deleted Zylo .  
What the H*ll was that? Fox .  
Trouble on Zelchar Benhamin Eukatah  
How are we doing? Benhamin Eukatah  
Good news Zylo .  
Cordelto, Wasteland Devil Attack! Benhamin Eukatah  
Crimson Guard Mischief 1 Benhamin Eukatah  
Pictures of the CG craft! Benhamin Eukatah  
Outside Cordelto, Wasteland Devil nest Zylo .  
Sand Strider Contest! Benhamin Eukatah  
Minifigure! Benhamin Eukatah  
Cordelto, sector limits Zylo .  
I'm sorry. Fox .  
Bro's in Iraq. Fox .  
Music problems Zylo .  
CG Falling Horizon: homepage ideas + credits? Zylo .  
Moderator? Benhamin Eukatah  
Where is Xaxian Scum? Benhamin Eukatah  
Sky or Land? Benhamin Eukatah  
Temporary absence Zylo .  
Colors of the CG. Benhamin Eukatah  
Use Creations? Benhamin Eukatah  
THE BIG REVEAL + Help design Falling Horizon Zylo .  
This Group! Benhamin Eukatah  
The Language? Benhamin Eukatah  
Armor? Benhamin Eukatah  
New Mocs Please... Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Area Description 01: Zewk City, Industrial area Zylo .  
Falling Horizon! Benhamin Eukatah  
Happy New Year! Zylo .  
Zylo, are you back? Benhamin Eukatah  
Music 2! Benhamin Eukatah  
Please wake up! Benhamin Eukatah  
Short & Sweet, answer these questions and give a good reason Zylo .  
Hello? Benhamin Eukatah  
A new Comic! Benhamin Eukatah  
Email poll-01 Zylo .  
Group Members? Benhamin Eukatah  
New Aircraft? Benhamin Eukatah  
Countries, Planets? Benhamin Eukatah  
Wavykue construction site, Voltos R5 Zylo .  
New planet: Varadissia Zylo .  
Is the Crimson Guard Dead? Benhamin Eukatah  
The Birth of CG? Benhamin Eukatah  
Dynamo Racing revive Zylo .  
What is up with this Group? Benhamin Eukatah  
LEGO MOCS? Benhamin Eukatah  
Darx? What has happened to them? Benhamin Eukatah  
Halloween! Zylo .  
Mysterions! Benhamin Eukatah  
Ruptured tanker! Fox .  
Central undersea vents Zylo .  
Art block... need help! Zylo .  
Water Main Chip! Benhamin Eukatah  
Bad news... Really bad news... Zylo .  
Music week-01 Zylo .  
Zylo? Fox .  
Haloween? Benhamin Eukatah  
That's it, we're going to be done... Zylo .  
Hovercars for Sale! Benhamin Eukatah  
Attack on CG? Benhamin Eukatah  
Exclusive Crimson Guard desktop wallpaper Zylo .  
Underground Water Mains Zylo .  
Hostige Situation! Benhamin Eukatah  
Desolation Mechs... Benhamin Eukatah  
RPG topic rules, follow em... Zylo .  
Friendly down! Nightcrawler .  
Hello Everyone! Benhamin Eukatah  
Assault on the Mech Suit factory Zylo .  
Name Clay  
Com'on guys!!!! Zylo .  
Oh yeah Zylo .  
Inactivity Zylo .  
DARX Reviving? Rogue Outlaw  
Email us! Zylo .  
DARX Reviving? Rogue Outlaw  
War ended Zylo .  
All Units Radio In Here Sentry Down  
Where is War Bot 666? Benhamin Eukatah  
Rouge Outlaw and the Enemy! Benhamin Eukatah  
Chat-NO SPAM Zylo .  
New Enemies? Benhamin Eukatah  
Veken Invasion 2! Benhamin Eukatah  
bad news for Xaxian Scum Zylo .  
Bombing Venator function Zylo .  
Hero Factory mini series Zylo .  
Cutest, most awesome video EVER Zylo .  
Wikia contribution Zylo .  
Lego Bots? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked Wikia HTML question... Zylo .  
Lego Crimson Guard? Benhamin Eukatah  
Crimson Guard Commando Rogue Outlaw  
Benhain Rogue Outlaw  
NEW CG Wiki Rogue Outlaw  
Xhalaraxian names Zylo .  
Todays News! Benhamin Eukatah  
Vekens in the CG 2! Benhamin Eukatah  
MEET ME IN THE IM ROOM! Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked Xhalian Name Benhamin Eukatah  
Xxagon spotted in Zewk City! Benhamin Eukatah  
Xaxian Scum? Benhamin Eukatah  
Lost world Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
Test Exersise. Benhamin Eukatah  
Thats it Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
YOGURT!!!!!!!!!!!! Zylo .  
Wow... Zylo .  
CG Strategic RPG Board Game Rogue Outlaw  
:D Jon L -  
666 is back!! Zylo .  
Zewk City Location? Benhamin Eukatah  
Using Mocs! Benhamin Eukatah  
CG Planet Types? Benhamin Eukatah  
Rate the person above you! Benhamin Eukatah  
New Patrol Craft? Benhamin Eukatah  
Activity Booster #1: Finish the Story! Axel  
Robot Remix Zylo .  
Topic is locked Xxagon spotted in Zewk City! Benhamin Eukatah  
Zewt city under attack NATASHA KEYS  
Where is Neth? Benhamin Eukatah  
Music? Benhamin Eukatah  
Moc War? Benhamin Eukatah  
Most active member? Benhamin Eukatah  
Darx: changed Dr. Shock  
First Look: edition 02 Zylo .  
Um, war Dr. Shock  
Articulus discussion thread~ Sentry Down  
yeah!! Zylo .  
War Clay  
That's it Zylo .  
Bing Bing Bing... Clay  
Bang Bang Bang.... Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked pew pew pew - lol, battle outsiders Sentry Down  
Project Dystopia Axel  
Completely random nonsense v1 Sentry Down  
On Topic? Benhamin Eukatah  
Topic is locked ^w^ Zylo .  
First Look: edition 01 (caution! spoilers!) Zylo .  
Topic is locked First Look: edition 01 Zylo .  
Topic is locked First look Zylo .  
Topic is locked Custom Grav-Board designer Zylo .  
Vekens in the CG! Benhamin Eukatah  
Official temporary lockdown Zylo .  
You Have Our Support Clay  
"DON'T LOOK BACK!" Sentry Down  
Capture Deer King/Queen! Sentry Down  
Folders Zylo .  
Hi I'm new vasilios nikolaou  
Our best builders? Benhamin Eukatah  
MWAHAHAHA vasilios nikolaou  
Veken Invasion! Benhamin Eukatah  
Love that song Zylo .  
War is a Bad Idea Clay  
War?You Got It! Commander Troika  
ummmm...woops Commander Troika  
Darx and CG: Resentment? Benhamin Eukatah  
HIT IT! Zylo .  
War Zylo .  
brickfair Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
What the future hes in store for you... Commander Troika  
Deetradoons! Benhamin Eukatah  
War Bots planting bombs... Benhamin Eukatah  
More Neroskeets Spotted! Benhamin Eukatah  
Ally(maybe) Commander Troika  
Tactical Insertion Unit Axel  
DARX SPIES! Benhamin Eukatah  
Possible Changes.. Jon L -  
Nikon's demotion Zylo .  
ZYLO are you ok? Benhamin Eukatah  
Possible C.G LDD Collabartion? The Crazy, Baffled and Cunffuzzled Brit who calls himself Monseuir de la King de la Powerful de la Prime de la Minster de la Shcuz-Shcuz AKA Ross el Grand de Crckfx  
Wars Zylo .  
Updates Jon L -  
Brick Bonanza Contest... Flare .  
Crimson Guard MMORPG Rogue Outlaw  
For Whom it May Concern  
Lego Universe beta Zylo .  
MOC War Clay  
New Contest (With Actual Prizes!) Jon L -  
Bomb Squad Ready! Benhamin Eukatah  
New rules Zylo .  
Wow Flare .  
No Title/Unknown? Benhamin Eukatah  
Xhalaraxian dictionary! Zylo .  
GHAAAHHH!!!! Zylo .  
CG progression Zylo .  
Heavy Resistance Part 4! Benhamin Eukatah  
??? Zylo .  
Wasteland Conflict Zylo .  
Veken Ambassador Topic... Benhamin Eukatah  
Heavy Resistance pt. 3 F@#%IN' PT. 3 MAN!!! Zylo .  
Story chapter Zylo .  
Hero Factory Zylo .  
Xaxian Scum; MORE previews Zylo .  
Topic is locked Heavy Resistance Pt.2 Jon L -  
Hey Zylo, about commander zak... Fox .  
random TyPiNg pAgE Commander A.P.E  
Topic is locked Heavy resistance comin' in hot! Fox .  
Attack on Dustuss! Sector 4-G8! Rogue Outlaw  
Goodbye? Jon L -  
Guess Who's Back! Seph .  
Vote: Alliance with Darx? Jon L -  
how to do stuff (instructions on how to do cool stuff you see on MOCpages)  
New admin chat on the homepage! Zylo .  
Commander Zylo comic cancelling Zylo .  
Robots! Zylo .  
701st marine corps can helpyou! Spartan Fang-BS96 lieutenant commander  
Gold Credits! Zylo .  
URGENT, URGENT,URGENT; how to destroy the giant warbot on xaxius  
Planet choosing (see description) Zylo .  
URGENT, URGENT,URGENT; how to destroy the giant warbot on xaxius  
Cool, and look me up! Fox .  
might be leaving the pages Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
Best songs/videos ever Zylo .  
4,000 conversation! Zylo .  
Xaxian Scum story Zylo .  
LOOK AT THIS commander Ryan  
The District Zylo .  
General Conversation 2 Jon L -  
Traitors! Benhamin Eukatah  
Resolving the GF Rogue Outlaw  
New Allies Jon L -  
Comic help commander Ryan  
OMG Zylo .  
Darx Clay  
Help Jon L -  
Concept art! Zylo .  
OMG Zylo .  
Music Idea Rogue Outlaw  
A New Type of Soldier? Jon L -  
Can we have another war please? Axel  
I have a song for the front page Rogue Outlaw  
Topic is locked What the hell, why did this happen! Fox .  
Topic is locked who here likes basketball Zaktank .  
Topic is locked My CG Acount Removed!!!!! Rogue Outlaw  
Another fan art. WE WANT YOU! Rogue Outlaw  
My fan art Rogue Outlaw  
The Xalar Saga Rogue Outlaw  
Explore? My Turn.. Jon L -  
Absolutley AWESOME! Fox .  
Point Zero Comic Tryouts Jon L -  
Darx attack! Fox .  
Xaxian Scum series group Zylo .  
DARX? Allies?!?!?!?!?! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!!!! Rogue Outlaw  
CG creations talk Zylo .  
Your favorite and least favorite things about the CG Zylo .  
Mah comic Axel  
CG credit earnings! Zylo .  
Darx Clay  
I'm not very active. Fox .  
Get (virtual) credits here! game 9 Zylo .  
Dynamo Racing! Zylo .  
No Comments? Jon L -  
Anymore war? Zylo .  
broken heart... Zylo .  
Video Games Jon L -  
MOC-OFF Axel  
Sub-Factions Axel  
group ideas day! Zylo .  
The War Clay  
Xaxian Scum planning Zylo .  
My birthday! Zylo .  
Gotta go to school! Fox .  
Crimson Guard fan art Zylo .  
Alliance Clay  
Yay! Jon L -  
group ideas Zylo .  
Going on the most discussed group of MOCpages! Zylo .  
street guard Zylo .  
Krimson Guard costume! Zylo .  
Changes Jon L -  
Zaphy billabong! Zylo .  
Avatar Jon L -  
I'm not a mod anymore! Fox .  
Xaxagon attack!!! Zylo .  
Klay is leaving Zylo .  
Cazza Nulaa resort! Zylo .  
New Music? Benhamin Eukatah  
Xaxian Scum wiki! Zylo .  
Xaxian Scum spoilers! Zylo .  
Flare's credits inheritance Rogue Outlaw  
Wow. Fox .  
New Creations? Benhamin Eukatah  
Recuiting day! Zylo .  
CG fifth admin contest! Zylo .  
The war, ended. Zylo .  
Custom CG Mech Suits! Zylo .  
Inactivity!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
Star Wars? Benhamin Eukatah  
New threat! Benhamin Eukatah  
Ambush!!! Zylo .  
Skylarkk Hypercraft! Benhamin Eukatah  
Attack!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
Check out this cool group! Seano Stace  
Ask Zylo? Benhamin Eukatah  
Inactivity! Dr. Shock  
Happy Birthday...............................To ME! Fox .  
Two Crimson Guards? Benhamin Eukatah  
No war Zylo .  
Another Traitor Within Us.. Jon L -  
Spies! Benhamin Eukatah  
mods Dr. Shock  
War Dr. Shock  
What colors are the Crimson-Guard? Benhamin Eukatah  
Weapons on Starships? Benhamin Eukatah  
Today's News? Benhamin Eukatah  
Mods? The Crazy, Baffled and Cunffuzzled Brit who calls himself Monseuir de la King de la Powerful de la Prime de la Minster de la Shcuz-Shcuz AKA Ross el Grand de Crckfx  
Crimson Guard 2! Benhamin Eukatah  
Crimson Guard 2! Benhamin Eukatah  
Im back!!!(A.P.E) Commander A.P.E  
Captured? Clay  
Crimson Guard Logo? Benhamin Eukatah  
XB-238 Cargo Craft? Benhamin Eukatah  
Volunteers? Jon L -  
CG credit jackpots!!! Zylo .  
Attacked! Sentry Down  
Lareum Jon L -  
The Vekens! Benhamin Eukatah  
The Bandarkin Guard (T.B.G.) Fox .  
Assault in sector 92: Stofakk Zylo .  
Absolutly amazing! Fox .  
Organization Jon L -  
How much do YOU know about the CG? Zylo .  
100th MOC! Jon L -  
Some CG ideas Rogue Outlaw  
New CG Sub-Division Jon L -  
New CG home page!! Zylo .  
Deviss! Zylo .  
Hey Terry Ewing  
I have always rooted for you! Benhamin Eukatah  
Rokter Extended! A C.G. Craft!!! Benhamin Eukatah  
Greetings from MAOX Bernardo BLITZ Silva  
Xalaraxius galaxy maps! Zylo .  
MY Hover car order Rogue Outlaw  
The War? Jon L -  
LOL! Fox .  
I have a ship? Benhamin Eukatah  
Group Logo Bernardo BLITZ Silva  
Xaxian Scum preview! Zylo .  
Inactivity Sentry Down  
Sigfig comic names Zylo .  
Get your custom Armored Sand Striders here! Fox .  
i hav a question Sting S.O.E.L.  
Customize a hover car! Zylo .  
New icon Zylo .  
Xalaraxian language sheet Zylo .  
The 2010 Brick Awards Jon L -  
Favorite Pokmon! Sentry Down  
Zylooooo.... Sentry Down  
The fifth admin contest! Zylo .  
Honoring Joseph Dionisio Fox .  
Zylo™ Comic spoilers Zylo .  
NEED MORE RECRUITS!!!! Sentry Down  
Favourite Movie The Crazy, Baffled and Cunffuzzled Brit who calls himself Monseuir de la King de la Powerful de la Prime de la Minster de la Shcuz-Shcuz AKA Ross el Grand de Crckfx  
Get (virtual) credits here! game 8 Zylo .  
Favorite actor/actress? Zylo .  
Nicole Anderson fanclub Zylo .  
vote for the war Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
William SigFig Sentry Down  
Siggy Colton Figgy! Fox .  
Chad(A.P.E) sig-fig Commander A.P.E  
homepage Commander A.P.E  
Check out meh homepage! And this! Fox .  
Siggy Eric Figgy Zylo .  
CG stop-motion Zylo .  
Does anyone know who can draw a Rebel soldier? Daniel "501stLego" Smith, Retired High Admin of the GFoFW  
Militia Men Zylo .  
Our war must be won! Zylo .  
Mission Complete  
We are now at war with the DARX! Zylo .  
Coffee Post: The Chat Room and Fuel Zone Sentry Down  
Adminship Rogue Outlaw  
Alliance with the Galactic Federation, to help you fight the DARX? Daniel "501stLego" Smith, Retired High Admin of the GFoFW  
LEGO organization? Zylo .  
Da big 100! Jon L -  
Lynx is here.  
dont let this group die peoples Neth the Crimson Guard high commander  
Prepare, men... Sentry Down  
The Neutral group for CG and DARX members Zylo .  
New Company!!! The Crazy, Baffled and Cunffuzzled Brit who calls himself Monseuir de la King de la Powerful de la Prime de la Minster de la Shcuz-Shcuz AKA Ross el Grand de Crckfx  

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