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Parental guidance warnings

What is it?

MOCpages flags some LEGO creations to let you know they might not be appropriate for young children. They won't be shown to you unless you want to see them.

This is not a category for pornography, racism, or other topics that MOCpages strictly disallows. Content that violates our terms of use is deleted entirely.

This is the kind of content you might see on prime time or late night TV. More mature themes, depictions of violence, light profanity, or nonsexual nudity may be present but not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned.

Isn't LEGO for kids?
MOCpages is also home to a huge community of teen and adult LEGO hobbyists that create some of the most amazing LEGO creations the world has ever seen. They are a huge inspiration to the children that visit MOCpages. Many would have otherwise left if they felt censored.

Safeguarding creative freedom

MOCpages believes in safeguarding creative freedom. There are two parts to this idea:
  • Creative freedom is the opposite of censorship. Our community members should feel like they can be themselves... They are the true heart of MOCpages, and without them, we have no one to look to for inspiration.

  • Safeguarding gives people a way to avoid content that they may find objectionable... which is a subjective and personal decision.
It sounds like it's an oxymoron, but these ideas can coexist when there's a rating system and content warnings.

Safe browsing mode

When you use MOCpages, you are by default in a safe browsing mode. This means that a LEGO creation that might not be suitable for children will be blocked from view until you opt to view it.

Safe browsing mode OFF
When you have left safe browsing mode, you can view all content freely, without any warnings or obstructions. A message appears at the top of every page that lets you know safe browsing mode is off. You can click on the link in this message to return to safe browsing mode.

What protection do I have?

In lists and searches
When you come across one of these LEGO creations in search results, groups, or any other kind of list, it will appear as (Title hidden) and might not have a photo. This is MOCpages' way of hiding the content from you until you have a chance to indicate whether you'd like to view it.

Viewing the LEGO creation
When a you try to view one of these LEGO creations, you are warned that the LEGO creation may not be safe for children and asked if you want to continue. If you continue, you will be brought to the LEGO creation. At this point, safe browsing mode will be switched off, and MOCpages will not warn you before viewing future pages.

Who puts the warnings in place?

Anyone who adds a LEGO creation to MOCpages can declare that it may not be suitable for children. They can also edit existing LEGO creations and set them this way.

MOCpages moderators can flag any page if they feel it is appropriate. Once this happens, the person that added the LEGO creation will not be able to remove the warning.

Community members can also suggest content that they feel should be flagged by submitting it to a moderator in our Help forums.

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