MOCpages Help
The MOCpages directory

What is it?
The MOCpages directory is a group of LEGO®-related subjects, such as "Trains", "Mecha", or "Mosaics"... there are over 50 in all.

Every one of your LEGO® creations can be placed in a directory.
Why should I add my LEGO® creations to a directory?
This will not only help visitors find your LEGO® creations easily, but it will also increase the likliness that a search engine, like Google, will index your page.
How do I see the directories?
To choose a directory for your page, just select one from the list provided. It's best to pick the most specific one.

How do I see the LEGO® creations in a directory?
Easy! Just go to the home page by clicking on the "Powered by MOCpages" logo in the upper left corner of your page.

If you don't see the directory you are looking for on the home page, choose a related subject. Keep "digging" in this way until you find what you are looking for.

Example: To find "Train stations", you can click on "Trains", then "Train stations", or you can click on "Town", then "Buildings", then "Train staions"