Disallowed HTML

Why won't MOCpages allow me to put certain HTML on my pages?

Most HTML is fine! We're always glad to see you using HTML to make your pages fun and unique. But there are a few types of HTML that we don't allow you to add to your pages...

Some HTML tags, like embed script and iframe, allow you to run programs on your page. And even though you might just want to add some background music, add a counter, or do some fancy image tricks, allowing these tags opens up MOCpages for serious hacking. We've actually been hacked by people who have used evil little programs on their pages. It's a sad reality!

Bad etiquette
Other HTML tags are just really annoying to pretty much everybody. Tags like blink are so annoying that most web browsers have officially stopped supporting them!

Confusing your browser
Some HTML tags, like head, body, and style will confuse your web browser, because MOCpages uses these HTML tags to control how your pages are arranged on screen.

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