Inappropriate comments

How to delete
You can delete the comment (or any other comment) by going to the page and pressing the "delete" link next to the message.

Repeat offenders
If someone continues to attack you, contact MOCpages support and we will have their access blocked.

Why are bad comments allowed?
They're not. Comments that are programmatically deemed inappropriate are deleted, and others are programatically flagged and queued for manual moderation. We regularly filter through hundreds of comments and delete the myriads of bullying, rude, vulgar, nonsensical, and offensive comments that are written everyday. This is a much more sophisticated system than even those used by larger communities like and, which permit nearly any kind of content to be written.

Unfortunately, many inappropriate comments are not caught by our language filters if they contain relatively benign words.

It's impossible to prevent content that might offend (due both to language matching technology as well as the varied levels of what may or may not offend any particular individual) and we do our best. We're truely sorry if the comment has bothered you.

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