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Why are there rules for appropriate content?

When MOCpages was new, comments were not moderated or blocked. Soon, angry parents were e-mailing every day telling Sean how awful he was to "let" this happen. And lots of awesome adult builders left because they were tired of immature nonsense cluttering their inboxes. And lots of kids left MOCpages because they were insulted, or hurt, or being bullied, or because they were told they were terrible builders. That's not what MOCpages is for.

Every day, hundreds of bullying, rude, insulting, or just plain nonsensical comments are written. One person wrote "F U" 500 times in 3 days, to everyone he could find. Someone else kept telling someone they were fat. Is this what you'd like to have on your pages? What's the point of that? MOCpages is supposed to be a place where we can all share together.

These rules have always been in place
These rules have been in place since 2004. For all these years, MOCpages deleted inappropriate comments automatically, right after you wrote them. The only difference now is that MOCpages lets you know what you're doing wrong so that you have the opportunity to write a good comment instead. Automatically blocking bad content before you submit it helps you understand what kinds of comments would just be deleted anyway. This way you'll know how you can do your part to play by the rules.

The rules only apply to comments
MOCpages only censors the comments you make to others... But you're free to write whatever you want on your pages. Why? Because free speech is the right to stand in your house and say what you want. It's not the right to go over someone else's house and act rude and vulgar... For that, you can be expected to ask to leave.

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