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This is a JAWA character i used to role-play with ... i don't rpg anymore, but i thought it would be fun to bring him back to life in LEGO form !
About this creation
To make a long story short ... (the LONG story is further below) ... i would like to introduce an old rpg character of mine called BrightEyes ... he's the taller Jawa (Lol) ... seriously, he's alittle taller than the other two. =]

BrightEyes belongs to the *Bantha-hair-clan* ... members of his tribe can be identified by the sash of braided Bantha hair they wear across their shoulder.

Anyways ... after serving 12 years on a Sandcrawler, BrightEyes decided it was time to strike out on his own ... well, maybe not *entirely* on his own ... he's accompanied by two of his fellow clan members, along with two droids.

Atm, he's currently on Tatooine ... exploring the streets of Mos Eisley.

BrightEyes is armed with a small lightweight blaster, which he crafted from other blaster parts ... and he has a Tusken Raider Rifle slung behind his back. BrightEyes also carries a leather satchel with food, water, and a few small tools and items.

His two friends each have an Ion Blaster ... used for short-circuiting and disabling stray droids that are unlucky to cross their paths. =P

The protocol droid carries a backpack for BrightEyes, and translate for him.

The BIG black and silver droid (no name yet) carries a larger backpack, and serves as a Bodyguard for BrightEyes ... it also serves as an *intimidator* during times of trade and price haggling ... if BrightEyes feels like a deal is going sour, he'll push a button on his wrist band - which activates a *PUNK-Program*, and causes the droid to lift the stubborn customer off his feet, glare at them with it's big red eye, and emits a growling noise.

So, as you can imagine, BrightEyes usually gets the price he demands for his wares. (heh')

In this pic, i just wanted to show ya the backpacks and gear that everyone in this group was carrying ... naturally, the droids carry most of the heavy stuff. =P

Character name: BrightEyes
Character type: Jawa Trader / Tech
Species: JAWA
Gender: male
Height: 4 ft. 1 inches ( ? meters)
Weight: 72 lbs. ( ? kg)
Age: 18
Eyes: bright yellow
Homeworld: Tatooine

*Language spoken*

Trade Language ... Jawas have developed a very quick-spoken, and confusing "jibber" language, that can be unintelligible to other species ... when Jawas want it to be.

*Physical Description*

BrightEyes is slightly taller than most Jawas (and alittle more buff). He wears a braided Bantha-hair-sash across his right shoulder over-top of his bandoleers, and carries a Tusken Raider Rifle slung across his back. He also packs a toolbelt and backpack (sometimes), and he always has his brown leather credit pouch securely attached beneath his desert robes.

BrightEyes also keeps a satchel of food and water slung to the opposite side of his Bantha-hair-sash, resting on his right hip. BrightEyes usually has a droid (of some sort) following him around. Currently, he's got a HUGE black and silver droid carrying all of his extra gear, and a Protocol Droid which translates for him.

So anyways ... if you ever need to find BrightEyes, it should be fairly easy to distinguish him from other Jawas ... just look for a taller than normal Jawa wearing a Bantha-hair-sash ... he's also followed by at least 2 droids ... which are usually carrying heavy backpacks.

*Personality, Motivation, and Skills*

BrightEyes got his name for being a clever and witty tradesman. All of his customers began calling him that mostly out of anger, because they could hardly ever out-witt him. However, they were usually pleased with his workmanship.

BrightEyes is highly excitable (as most Jawas are), particularly when high-tech machinery and items are concerned. He prefers the company of other Jawas, but he isn't against the company of other sentients. In fact, he enjoys meeting new "suckers" ... (err, customers) in order to "hustle" unsuspecting customers ... (umm, i mean to do *fair* business with). =P

When BrightEyes isn't busy with customers, he is energetically involved with his work. To him, nothing else matters in the Universe except tinkering and building, improving and modifying, salvaging and recycling, trading and selling, and sometimes stealing ... and then re-selling those stolen items over and over ! BrightEyes is very good at stealing, but he doesn't think of it as a crime ... he only sees it as a "great bargain".

*Background* ... (the LONG story)

BrightEyes was born on Tatooine. He lived at the Bantha Hair Clan village, until he was old enough to work on one of the clan's Sandcrawlers.

While he was still young, BrightEyes would participate in a monthly ritual ... as all the young Jawas of this clan did. This tribal ceremony involved members of the clan to watch, and bear witness to the "Bantha Hair Trials".

This activity began with a group of young Jawas getting smeared with Bantha-foodoo ... this was to hide their scent. Then the young group would proceed to sneak upon a grazing Bantha, and try to grab hold of its tail ... in order to collect a hand-full of hair.

The ultimate goal was to collect enough hairs (over time) to braid a full-body length Bantha-hair-sash ... while simultaniously trying to avoid getting covered in any more Bantha-foodoo than neccessary ... which was flying everywhere from the panic-stricken beast.

While this event proved to be entertaining for those watching, the true purpose of this affair was to "ween" the young Jawas from their mothers as soon as possible, and to "encourage" the young to strike-out on their own. As you can imagine, this smelly ritual was very effective ... and is still practiced today exclusively by the Bantha Hair Clan. So, if you ever see a Jawa wearing a braided Bantha-hair-sash ... you will know exactly where he came from (heh').

So anyways, when BrightEyes finally completed his Bantha-hair-sash at age 6, he was more than willing to depart, and soon joined one of the clan's Sandcrawlers. Once aboard a Sandcrawler, BrightEyes quickly settled into his new home.

For the next 12 years, BrightEyes worked alongside very talented and inventive Jawas. He learned all the intricate workings of their
magnificent Sandcrawler. He gained an intimate knowledge of the desert, and learned many routes across it. He also learned where all the settlements, villages, towns, and cities were located ... as well as the space ports.

During their frequent stops (to sell and trade their goods), BrightEyes eventually learned to understand "BASIC", and a few other alien tongues. He also learned the subtle (and not so subtle) arts of bartering, bargaining, scamming, stealing, hustling, trading, and selling.

Ah yes, life aboard the Sandcrawler was great ! He was already selling small trinkets at age 7, and he quickly realized the importance (and power) of credits. It made him work harder. It made him more focused. And as his skills improved, it made him more rich !

Life aboard the Sandcrawler was excellent hands-on experience. BrightEyes got to experiment, operate, bash, build, program, repair, and tinker with everything imaginable. Wow, it was amazing how much stuff could be found in the deserts of Tatooine !

Many of these items would include ... weapons, ammo, armor, clothing, datapads, comlinks, various tools, a few credits here and there, even an occasional piece of jewelry ! These items would usually be found among the remains of some unfortunate soul.

Also, there was usually some form of transportation near the body, such as ... a landspeeder, a speeder bike, a racing pod, a sand skiff, a sail barge, and sometimes even a transport freighter, a starfighter, or an escape pod. However, most of these vessels were usually damaged or destroyed ... but there was usually something among the wreckage that the clan could salvage, and sometimes even repair.

Such items included ... power generators, power cells, power couplings, deflector shield generators, deflector shield projectors,
repulsorlift generators, repulsorlift projectors, tractor-beam generators, tractor-beam projectors, ship armor plating, gravity deck plating, coolant tanks, fuel tanks, oxygen tanks, water storage tanks, miles and miles of wiring, external ship sensors, internal ship sensors, life support systems, sub-space communication equipment, hyperspace communication equipment, holo-projectors, hyperdrive engines, hyperdrive generators, warp vortex stabilizers, hyperspace integrators, sub-space engines, thruster engines, various ship weapons , intergalactic s.o.s. transponders, flight data recorders, ship logs, ship I.D. telesponders, even a few "false" ship I.D. telesponders ... and the list just goes on and on.

The clan would quickly sell many of the damaged components (before they utterly failed). But as for the most reliable hardware, the clan would add these surplus items to their massive stockpiles of "prime merchandise"... which they kept hidden in underground warehouses (beneath their desert fortress).

The traveling band of Jawas (aboard the Sandcrawler) would usually return to their village every month. BrightEyes wasn't exactly fond of that at first, but once he realized that he only had to "observe" the Bantha Hair Trials, it actually became entertaining !

During their short stays, BrightEyes (and a few of his friends) would also do some hunting. The surrounding area was home to alot of wild game, such as ... glim worms (hunted for their hides), wraids (lizard-like creatures; hunted for their meat), worrts (frog-like creatures; hunted for their meat), and profoggs (prairie dog-like creatures; hunted for their meat and hide).

Upon their return, the females would cook their catch, and cure the hides (to be used for crafting leather items). And at night, the men and women would enjoy themselves around campfires, feasting on tender meats, and washing it down with their special clan brew called "Jawa Juice".

Oh Yeah, BrightEyes quickly began to enjoy their periodic visits. In fact, he was beginning to recall fond childhood memories. He could remember exploring all those derelect ship hulls, which their village was mainly constructed of. He remembered playing jokes on friends ... by re-wiring blaster doors, messing with gravity-decking settings, and goofing with environmental controls (just to name a few of his pranks). But his favorite past-time was playing in the cockpits of all those different ships. He often wondered what it would be like traveling in space, and to other worlds.

Yep ... those were good times. =]

Starting Equipment:

1 dusty brown Jawa cloak (and 2 extra cloaks stuffed in a backpack), 1 braided Bantha-hair-sash, 1 pair of brown leather sandals, 1 brown leather toolbelt, 1 toolkit, 1 laser cutter, 3 brown leather backpacks ... 2 of them are carried by his droids, 1 diagnostic scanner, 1 data pad, 9 restraining bolts, 3 remote droid callers, 2 leather bandoleers, 1 Jawa ionization gun (3D ionization damage),1 Tusken Raider Rifle, 1 small (lightweight) personal blaster pistol, 1 leather gun strap, 1 brown leather food-pouch, 5 weeks concentrated rations, 3 canisters of water, 3 canisters of Jawa Juice, a brown leather credit-pouch, 1 remote waist-strap, 12,000 credits on a data chip, 1 Black and Silver colored droid, and 1 Protocol droid.


 I like it 
  September 6, 2011
Hey Just wanted to let you know that I'm back on Mocpages and back on my Caching up with the storm series.
 I like it 
  December 13, 2009
LOL wow nice! Would you mind commenting on this:
 I like it 
  November 14, 2009
Darren Adams
 I like it 
Al truelove
  October 18, 2009
Looks good! What I was talking about when I said my altered star wars story line was that it's meant to be like a fake star wars. Me and my friends just thought it would be cool to make are own personal figs.
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
Nice. I saw on your front page that you searched everywhere for a chrome C3PO. I hate to break this to ya, but TLC has already started producing chrome Darth Vaders in 2009 sets. So you may have to go on another search for one.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2009
Nice job on it. I love the ion blaster and the rifle. The droid looks awesome and the whole thing is great! PS could you check out my Millennium Falcon?
Darren Adams
 I like it 
Padfoot .
  August 13, 2009
Can you please check this out? thanks.
 I like it 
  August 12, 2009
A tall Jawa!?!? SAHWEET!!!
 I made it 
  July 16, 2009
Quoting Ryan Degener I nominated you for Lego Ambassador ...
WOW ... thx Ryan. =]
  July 5, 2009
I made pt 5 of Caching up with the storm check it out please!
 I like it 
  June 9, 2009
I nominated you for Lego Ambassador. Go Shadow Force! Also, if you have a computer at work, you could check your MOCpages at work during spare time. I used to do that at school until the school district blocked the site, the Lego-haters.
 I made it 
  June 7, 2009
Quoting Ryan T. M. are you still on mocpages darren? its me googoo under a new name
yup, i'm still here, but not as much as i like to be ... i been busy with work lately, and it's been seriously cutting into my "play" time (lol) =P
 I like it 
  June 2, 2009
are you still on mocpages darren? its me googoo under a new name
Darren Adams
 I like it 
RingMaster23 42
  May 27, 2009
thats funny... (have a look ay my stuff...)
 I like it 
  April 28, 2009
Ahh! His eyes! They're...too...bright! Great job! Ca you check out my Venator? BTW how's your tower coming along?
 I like it 
  April 27, 2009
I like it very much!! You shud create a part of Mos eisley and make like a story, that would bee great!
 I like it 
  April 25, 2009
Hey Darren... You know that set that had Admiral Ackbar in it? And how you asked what set it was from?... WELL GUESS WHAT?! The set's on my page. It's in the folder "New sets". Go on...
Darren Adams
 I like it 
Adam Jacomay
  April 16, 2009
Nice! Lots of info!
 I like it 
  April 12, 2009
  April 11, 2009
wow thats a long story and for a while i thought brighteye was the robot in the middle but brighteyes himself looks awesome especially the gun on his back. can you check this out
 I like it 
  April 9, 2009
cool...what was the rpg game
 I like it 
  April 7, 2009
The story is most entertaining! Even though it takes fifteen minutes to's a relief to find yet another LEGO nut that puts some though into characters and opposed to the usual "dude this is like the coolest fighter jet to ever cross the galaxy and like ya know lol cuz it *like* da bomb"... Nice job.
 I like it 
  April 4, 2009
cool jawas and droids- it is good to see you active again and doing mocs!!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2009
LOL, cool! Love the jawa. His personal Protocol droid is cool, he carries a backpack, he doesn't just walk around. It makes him seem more human, if you know what i mean. Anyway, great job! PS, where did you get the chrome C-3P0? Online, or in a set?
 I like it 
  April 2, 2009
Roleplaying rocks! He looks awesome!
 I like it 
  April 2, 2009
Coolio, Can you check out my latest MOC's. AcK! (shadowself choking me)
 I made it 
  April 2, 2009
Quoting Ryan Degener Good story. Where did you get the sash? I might be able to make BrightEyes.
the sash is a small Lego techno (black rubber) band.
 I like it 
  April 2, 2009
Good story. Where did you get the sash? I might be able to make BrightEyes.
Darren Adams
 I like it 
general cody unit 2224
  April 1, 2009
i like those jawas oh and the jawa jedi wasnt seen in episodes 3,4,6, but a jawa was. sorry , i should fix that.
 I like it 
  April 1, 2009
Nice the name seems a bit i don't know like my stuff:) Its okay tho
 I like it 
  April 1, 2009
Hello darren, p.s. My name used to be marathonman
 I like it 
  April 1, 2009
nice moc man... i have new mocs
Darren Adams
 I like it 
Patrick Leon
  March 31, 2009
That's pretty cool, and I like the story. I finally made your trophy thing for winning the contest. check it out!
By Darren Adams
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