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Commander Blast: The History
This is the complete history of Elite Commander Blast Senior. Every time I add a new Episode this page will be updated. Please Comment, Rank and Enjoy!
About this creation




    NAME: Robert Kit Blast
    RANK: Elite Commander
    LEGION: 609th
    DEATH: 16ABY
    AGE AT DEATH: 41
    UNIT NUMBER: A22495


    Blast (Known then as just A22495) was created just like any other clone soldier in the year 25BBY. He was grown in a bacta tank in one of the many Cloning facilities on Kamino.

    But A22495 was a little bit different from all the others. He was selected to be one of five people to be put into an experiment using Medichlorians; the microscopic organisms that gave the Jedi their powers. He was injected with extra Medichlorians to try and create a Clone with Jedi powers and reflexes. He was then sealed into an oxygenated tank filled with liquid Medichlorians, and had his growth and progress closely monitered.

    But then once he was fully grown, he went back to join the other clones in the strict training regime. But A22495 was a very quick learner and was soon ahead of all the other growing soldiers.

    He then got his armour and went on to training. He first used plain old targets, but he was so quick and skillful with his blatser that he occasionaly left the target in a smouldering wreak. He got his name; Blast.

    He was then moved onto the droid target range. There he spent a couple of years of his life battling it out against the partialy disabled droids.


    Then the day that all clones looked forward to arrived. Helmet day. Blast was one of the first to get his helmet.

    But when he did, Jedi Master Yarel Poof pulled him to one side and gave Blast something extra. Brand new armour. He had been selected to be a Commander.

    Then Blast was introduced to Jedi Master Tez Kora. And so the bond was formed. Mastre and Commander. Mentor and Learner. Friend and Friend.


    Blast went with his brand new legion and by now best friend, to Geonosis to fight in the famous battle that marked the start of the Clone Wars. They faught galiantly but when Master Kora was knocked out and the rest of his legion killed in a gunship crash, Blast was left to fight a huge Seperatist Spider Droid on his own. Luckily his training and quick blaster skills enabled him to take down the massive walker but unfortunatly he was caught underneath it as it fell and he was crushed. His helmet rolled away and was never recovered and the rest of his armour cracked and buckled.

    A couple of hours had passed since the battle of Geonosis had ended and the rebublic were doing a huge sweep of the area looking for any last survivors. That was when they spotted Blast and Master Kora. They were rescued and taken away to be nursed back to full health.
    Then came the time for the troopers to get their Phase 2 armour. For Blast, this was an oppertunity to forget all that had happened and all of his failures and start a new life.

    He got his new helmet and armour and put them on. He felt like a new man. But his new armour also came with something he had never had before: A jetpack. He tried it out but wasn't very good at it so asked if it could be removed. It was time, for the Clone Wars!




    The Electro started off as just a normal Republic Gunship but when it was given to Blast and the 609th to use as their transport, he instantly set about customising it and it soon became his home away from home.


    Blast, Kora and the 609th were sent to Rodia for their first real mission alone together as a team. The 609th legion had now been built up again and were much stronger than before, but when they came accross a droid army there, they were overwhelmed and some of the team died leaving only, Blast, Tez, a scout trooper and a Stealth Troop.


    After escaping Rodia in a bashed old ship, the team were shot down onto Aridus.They all survived but when the attacking ship landed nearby and it's crew came out, they turned out to be two Droidicas and an evil Sith named Darth Caradon. Blast and the team battled the droids while Master Kora faught the deadly Sith. Eventualy the droids were destroyed and Blast managed to scare Caradon away. They then found an old base with transport inside and flew away.


    The group had landed on Mimbam to re-fuel but were ambushed by a droid army including Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress and Darth Caradon. Commander Blast contacted the senate and called for help just as the last two troops of his legion were shot down. He battled along side Kora until a gunship arrived with lots of troops and Jedi including Master Aayla Secura.

    But then tragedy struck. Master Tez Kora was swiped in half by a smiling Darth Caradon. Blast screamed and fired with all the speed he possesed at the Sith but could not catch him as he escaped along with Dooku and Ventress. Blast was left to mourn him dead friend in peace.


    Blast then went with the other troops to Taanab, where they had found out Darth Caradon had gone to. They landed and took part in a huge battle against a droid army led by Dooku, Ventress and Greivous. But nearing the end of the fight, Ventress and Dooku flew away in a DTS (Driod Transport Ship) and Greivous ran away to somewhere unknown.

    Eventualy Blast managed to sneak inside the enemy base and found his way to the top floor where he found Caradon overseeing the battle below. After a small fight, Blast scored lucky and got a shot into the enemy's stomach, then continued to fire upon him until he was blasted from the window and fell down into the electricity storage below. Kora had been avenged. When Blast got back outside he found that the battle was over and all of the droids had been destroyed. He flew away as a happy leader.


    Blast was then introduced to Jedi Master Zen Fossus. The two if them would soon become great friends and go on many missions together.


    Their first mission together was on Balbork. There they found a small droid army and wiped it out.


    They then went to Tzalt. There they arrived at a droid base where a new type of droid was being created. The Wolf droids. There was a huge battle and the Wolf droids destroyed the Electro then took Blast and Master Fossus captive.


    Blast and Zen were thrown into holding cells inside the droid base. There they searched for a way out but were unsuccessful. Suddenly they heard a sound and hid each side of the door. A security droid with a plate of food for them came in but they jumped on him and destroyed it before running out and away.


    While they were looking for a way out, they ran into a battle droid squad. The droids were soon destroyed and the duo continued.


    But soon they ran into a control room and went in. There they found General Grievous with plotting with some Niemodians. Master Fossus faught with the droid General but the Niemodians escaped, shortly followed by the general himself.


    After Grievous escaped, Blast and Master Fossus found a hanger bay and hijacked a DTS. They landed on Coruscant where they were greeted by Master Yoda who gave Blast new special operations armour.

    ORDER 66:

    ORDER 66

    Whilst on a mission to Zelto 4, Blast recieved a mesage from Chancellor Palpatine telling him to "Execute Order 66". He was not happy but he put on his special Op's armour and turned on his friend. He fired at Zen untill he eventualy collapsed off of a cliff.




    Now that it was the Dark Times, and all the Clone Soldiers were under the control of the Emperor, they were given shiny new armour, brilliant new weapons. But still none of this could make them forget what they had just recently done. Nobody liked the extermination of the Jedi, but it was their job. Blast's first mission with the upgraded 609th, was to a Tie Constuction yard on Kessel, where a small group of surviving Jedi were in hiding. The team was put under the control of Darth Vader, and when they arrived and faught the Jedi, he was there fighting as well.


    After defeating the surviving Jedi on Kessel, Blast and the 609th traveled back to Coruscant with Darth Vader, where the Sith Lord then took the Commander out on a mission to find and kill the famous Dark Woman. After a long search in the lower parts of Coruscant, the duo found their target and faught her. She was eventualy slain by Vader and another Sith Lord named Darh Valconon.


    After killing the Dark Woman and a couple of other Jedi in his last mission, Blast was requested to meet the Emperor in the Imperial Palace that stood where the old Jedi Temple had been. He met Palpatine and was told that he would now go to Rusaan where a small band of people were rebelling. So off he went with Vader and the 609th, but when he arrived there he was greeted by one of the Emperor's assassins; Vantel Quasmac. Just for that one mission she joined the team and helped them wipe out the rebels apart from the two leaders who escaped while one of Blast's Stealth troopers was shot down.


    Blast was then introduced to a trio of Sith. A master with two apprentices. Darth Borgon and his apprentices Darth Valconon and Darth Drexas. They were all teamed up and sent to Mustafar where a droid factory had been re-activated. They all battled with the droids but one of the 609th's Stormtroopers (That was what they were now known as) was killed. Eventualy all the droids were destroyed and the factory was shut down for good.


    But just as they were about to leave, they got a message from Palpatine telling them to return tothe factory. There they found three re-activated Wolf Droids. They all faught and eventually the droids were destroyed. The Empire left Mustafar.


    Blast and the 609th had been sent to Kamino with Lord Vader to wipe out another band of rebels. They all faught but during the choas the rebel leaders got onto the landing platform where the Empire had landed. They set a lode of charges then flew away in all of the ships as the charges exploded, wiping out all comunications. Blast and the 609th were stranded.


    After stealing a passing trade ship, Blast, Vader and the 609th were sent back to Rusaan, but this time to the famous Lava fields. They were looking for an old Clone War bounty hunter named Seli-don Fatourus. They landedand allmost immediatly found him... Dead. With Boba Fett. Fett spotted the team and started firing at them. He told Vader to leave the troops out of the fight, so Blast and his legion held back while the Sith and bounty hunter faught. Aftre a long fight, Fett managed to grab Vdaers lightsaber, and chopped off vader's right arm. The Sith lord collapsed next to one of the Lava pits, and surrendered while his old arm bubbled away in the firey lava behind him. Blast ran up to him and held off Fett, untill the two called a truce. From that day on, Vader had the upmost respect for Fett.


    Blast and the 609th were invited to visit the now fully operational Death Star. There they met with Darth Vaderand talked. Then the Emperor appeared and offered to take Blast round the battle station in person. The Dark Times were over, but a Civil War was about to begin!...




    It was now the Galactic Civil War. The Emperor had totaly disolved the Galactic senate, and the first Death Star was complete. That was were Blast and the 609th's first mission during this new era was. There had been a breakout on board the Death Star in the prison area. Blast was sent with his men to sort it out.


    Blast and the 609th were just one of the many legions sent down onto the forest planet of Yavin 4, to fight in the famous battle. They landed and were instantly attacked by the rebel forces. After a long fight, they were forced to retreat, just as the Death Star exploded.


    Once again, the 609th and their leader were sent away to fight in a famous battle. This time it was the battle of Hoth. They landed with Lord Vader and faught their way into the rebels base. There they captured the leaders but had to let them go when they were attacked by a Wampa creature.


    Blast was told to take his new second-in-command; Seargent Groz, and go with Lord Vader to Myrkr. There they would wipe out a band of rebels struggling to hold on to their lives on the poluted world. But shortly after they landed, they were met by Darh Borgon. Blast was starting to realy hate the Empire.


    Blast was then promoted to Elite Commander. He was then teamed up with Darth Aarott and they were sent to Nubia to kill a small group of rebels. The team landed near the rebels base and went to attack. But the rebels charged out and the battle began. After a while all the rebels were dead apart from the leader who was unarmed. Aarott wanted Blast to kill the rebel saying it would be fun. That was just too much for the commander and he snapped, firing on the Sith, leaving him dead and letting the rebel leader escape.



    As a punishment for killing Darth Aarott, the Emperor took away the 609th from Blast and put them under the control of COMMANDER Groz, and Blast was made to stay on the Death Stra while his old legion under it's new leadership flew down to fight in the battle of Endor. But during his stay on the Death Star, Blast saw something that would change his life for ever. Luke Skywalker was brought into the Emperors throne room and he started to fight with Lord Vader; his father. In Blast's mind, it should not have been happening. A father should never have to fight his own son. So there and then he made up his mind. He turned and fired at the Emperor, but unfortunatly Palpatine was too strong and forced him backwards through one of the throne rooms glass floor panels.

    A short time after being forced through the glass panel, Blast arrived at one of the Death Stars many hangers. There he saw something amazing. Luke Skywalker ws dragging a dieing Darth Vader towards one of the ships. Vader had betrayed the Emperor. There had been good in him after all. Blast took off his helmet and looked deep into the eys. Then came to a decision. He threw it away, down into an electricity pit were it was disintergrated.


    Blast landed on Endor and met up with his defeated old troops and told them about Vaders betrayal and the death of the Emperor.However Groz was not happy and tried to kill the former Elite Commander, but Blast retaliated and killed him. Then the 609th started on Blast. After a long fight, Blast was wearing out and he thought his life was at an end, but then he saw a group of rebels run past him, shooting down the 609th, and after a few minutes, every single member of the famous legion lay dead on the floor. The 609th were no more. A22495"Blast", was a rebel.



    Blast traveled to Bespin's Cloud City for his first ever mission as a rebel. There he found out that his old Clone War friend Commander Iadsgb had turned traitor and had become a rebel as well. They were with a huge rebel army that included Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa and Chewbacca. They charged into the floating City and faught against the Imperial forces. At some point during the battle, Blast found Commander Rex and shot him down. He also teamed up with Iadsgb and Luke to kill Darth Borgon and his new apprentice Darth Byron.

    The battle was then over. The Empires grip on Bespin was extinguished and it's total reign over the Galaxy was falling apart. The rebels had won. And just as Blast was leaving the City with all his new friends around him, somebody appeared that he thought he would never see again. Master Tez Kora. The spirit smiled at him and he smiled back. Master and Commander had been re-united. It was the end of the Galactic Civil War.


    Blast, Iadsgb, Luke and the other rebels then traveled to Kamino. There they entered the cloning office for the 609th troops. They scared off the Kaminoian and set charges. They flew away as it exploded. All records of the 609th were destroyed and no more troops from that legion could ever be made again.


    R.K. was in the Jedi temple on Yavin 4 when Master Skywalker pulled him to one side. He was told that a Jedi survived the Jedi purge at the end of the Clone Wars and was here to meet him. It was Master Windu. Mace told them that he had survived being thrown from the Chancellors office and would now be teaching younglings at the temple.




    Eventualy, Elite Commander Blast; or R.K. as he was now known, officialy joined the rebels. There was a huge ceremony and hundreds of people crowded around to witness the famous Clone Wars Commander join the good team. He was presented with a medalion by Master Skywalker and then there were many parties through the night.


    R.K. took a group of rebels and traveled to the desert planet of Tatooine. Darth Vader's old home planet. There they found a surviving group of Imperial troops. This time Blast had no reservations about killing them all. The rebels and their leader left with only one casualty, and the Stormtroopers all dead behind them.


    Once R.K. got back to the Jedi temple on Yavin 4 that was now his home, he was informed by Master Skywalker that he had Jedi powers. The serum he had been given as a young Clone had worked. He would be trained as a Jedi. So he did lots of training for the very short period of two years, and was taught by Luke himself. Blast was a very quick learner because of his extra Medichlorians and he quickly became a very skillful Jedi.

    But then one day near the end of his training, he was practicing levitating objects, when he was told by his best friend Iadsgb, that the temple wasunder attack. The pair raced outside and saw hundreds of Dark Jedi swooping down from the skies and attacking the base. After a long and hard battle the evil ones retreated and flew away. That was when R.K. realised some thing was wrong. The Dark Jedi had taken Luke with them.


    A tracking device leads R.K. and Iadsgb to a Dark Jedi base on Iego. They have a brief fight with a few of Luke's captors but the fallen Jedi run away into their base and jam he doors, leaving the two friends stuck outside.

    Inner Circle

    The two friends tried unsuccessfully to break in then found another entrance. They went inside and walked down a huge corridor that ended on a balcony inside a huge chamber. Blast and Iadsgb looked down and realized that they were standing above a Dark Jedi council. They jumped down and three of the council ran away but the rest stayed and faught.


    The battle continued. Both sides were evenly matched but after a while R.K. succeeded in killing one of the Dark Jedi. The winged Dark Jedi landed and ran away leaving the last coucil member to be killed by the two republicans. R.K. and Iadsgb chased after the escaping Dark jedi but arrived just in time to see them fly away in thir ship.


    R.K. and Iadsgb went back into the base but suddenly spotted a cage at the other side of the room. They went over to it and opened it up to find Master Luke laying unconcious on the floor. They dragged him out but were fired at by Boba Fett who flew down from the balcony and attacked them. They all faught but in the end Fett knocked them both down and flew off with Luke.


    The pair got up and ran after Fett only to find that he had allready escaped. They got into their ships and followed the tracker to the Dark Jedi who were on Balto 9. They got out and discovered that the dark Jedi were squaring up against Fett and a group of other Bounty Hunters. A fight broke out and R.k. and Iadsgb both joined in. Unfortuantly a couple of the Dark jedi escaped with Luke and then the bounty hunters flew off leaving the two friends standing there.


    So they set off following the tracker, and came accross a small camp on the mining asteroid of Corbos, so they landed and watched. Once they were certain it was the Dark Jedi's camp they charged in and faught them all. After a while the Dark Jedi were all dead, but Luke was nowhere in sight. Blast found a note saying that the Dark Jedi who took Luke were long gone, and that they had gone to Coruscant."Follow if you dare!"


    R.K. and Iadsgb followed the note but had to stop of on Balto 90 to re-fuel. But here they were ambushed. A group of cloned famous Sith Lords including Darth Vader and Nihilus attacked them. After a while they were all dead but Blast heard a shout and looked up. There was Luke being held captine in one of the Dark Jedi's ships. But before the pair could reach him, the Dark Jedi took off and flew away.


    After the last battle, Blast and Iadsgb suddenly realised that they were getting old. Who was going to replace them when they were gone? So they decided to take a diversion and stop off on Kamino on their way to Coruscant. There they went into one of the Cloning centers and requested a son each. They were to be exactly the same as themselves, no alteration, but growth exeleration until the age of ten. So they were created and put into a growth machine. When it was finished, two exact ten year old copies of R.K. and Iadsgb walked out. They were fathers!


    After leaving Kamino they were told to stop off on Faleen to check on battlefront supplies. While they were there they spoke to Master Ben Rodack and his apprentice Roland Necker who told them about the angered locals. But as they talked, the army of locals approached them and they all prepared for battle.


    The battle began and everyone faught well. In the midst of the battle, the two Juniors were hiding behind a defence wall when suddenly a local was shot down next to them. R.K. grabbed his gun and shot another local. Iadsgb Junior grabbed that gun and they stood side by side firing at the enemy. it was the first of many missions together. After the battle had ended, Master Rodack thanked them and they flew off to continue their quest to find Luke.


    Blast, Blast Junior, Iadsgb and Iadgsb Junior landed on Coruscant a short distance from the Dark Jedi's base. There Blast Senoir contacted the Jedi temple and called for help. Just as a republic gunship full of Jedi and rebels landed, the doors to the Drak Jedi's base swung open and hundreds of Dark Jedi poured out. The battle began. Master Kora's spirit who was also there stayed back against the ships with the two kids and watched on. Then he spotted someone on the roof of the skyscraper next to the Dark Jedi's base. He pointed him out to Blast Sr.. As R.K. looked up, a Jedi fell by Iadsgb Sr. and he picked up her lightsaber. It felt good so he ditched his blasters and followed R.K. up onto the rooftop.


    Once R.K. and Iasgb Sr. reached the roof-top, the mysterious person turned to face them. It was Darth Spiden; an extremly powerful Sith Lord. The battle bagan. Iadsgb used his new weapon well and the three battled for ages with their sons watching on.


    Blast's last few moments of life were spent on that roof-top. The Sith Lord dis-armed R.K. and Iadsgb, then chopped them both in two. Blast and Iadsgb Junior cried as the bodies came crashing down into the ground. Then the battle was over and the Republic had won. All the Dark Jedi were dead, but it was still a sad day for everyone.


    But the day was not yet done. Just as everyone was hearing the news, Blast and Iadsgb appeared as spirits and everyone's faces lit up. So the battle was over. The war was Won. And there were two new ghostly figures to teach the next generation of leaders, how to be just as great as them!


    The bodies of Blast and Iadsgb Senior were burnt at Midnight in the courtyeard of the Jedi temple on Yavin 4. A crowd of friends and family watched on as the two famous leaders were burt. The spirits of the Seniors took their sons for a walk and told them that they would be trained as Jedi.
    It was the start of the era of the sons!






 I like it 
  December 8, 2009
Wow, nice!!
 I made it 
  November 15, 2009
Quoting The Seeker And Dead One I didn't read it all, but in the CLONE WARS Section, how did over 3,000 men die in the Legion?
They were caught by suprise and ambushed during the night. Most men were killed really quickly. As they slept the stealth droids marched through the camp allmost silently killing everyone they came accross. It was only once a scout spotted them that he raised the alarm and the 609th could fight back. But there were still too many droids and Blast ordered a retreat. Only that small group in the first episode survived.
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
The Seeker And Dead One
  November 14, 2009
I just read it, and it's AWESOME!!!
--R.K. Blast--
The Seeker And Dead One
  November 14, 2009
I didn't read it all, but in the CLONE WARS Section, how did over 3,000 men die in the Legion?
 I like it 
  November 7, 2009
WOW! Your creations (espicially this one) are sooooo amazing!
 I made it 
  November 1, 2009
Quoting elite general callum but how does the clone wars episodes and lost story its blast senior so how does that go
Because those series are about Blast senior, the upcoming series is me (Blast Junior) in the Clone Wars. If you wan't to get a preview look for the trailer on my homepage. It is a trailer. "Juniors Legend: Time Paradox."
 I like it 
  October 31, 2009
but how does the clone wars episodes and lost story its blast senior so how does that go
 I made it 
  October 31, 2009
Quoting elite gernal callum IADSGB DOES NOT DIE!!!!!
What are you on about Callum? Iadsgb Senior dies, Iadsgb Junior survives. The Iadsgb on Mocpages is Iadsgb Junior, like I am Blast Junior. Our fathers died. How we got to the clone Wars will be reveled in my Juniors Tales series that will be released early next year.
 I like it 
  October 30, 2009
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
Lucas Halseth
  August 20, 2009
 I made it 
  June 9, 2009
Quoting Null-9 "Denser" nice but a bit inacurate rex legion the 501st was on corusaunt during order 66 with Aniken skywalker killing the jedi so how can he be there if he supose to be in corusaunt
It dosent say anything about Rex in Order 66.
--R.K. Blast--
 I like it 
Adam Jacomay
  May 9, 2009
 I like it 
  May 6, 2009
Thats awesome
 I made it 
  May 6, 2009
Quoting trooper: SC-14 codename:cob chob AWSOME EPIC AMAZING!!!!!
Thanks. And finaly someone has commented on it!!!
 I like it 
  May 6, 2009
By --R.K. Blast--
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