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MOCtag #28
MOCtag continues! Hoorah!
About this creation
Apologies for the lateness, but at least it is finally done now. Enjoy!

Clarence Manning woke up with a start. Slowly, he got out of bed and stood for a moment, wondering whether the events of the last few days - being contacted by Mr Black, the Orgone Accumulator, the disco balls, and not to forget the croissants - had actually happened.

And just as he was beginning to get used to the fact that they hadn't (whilst ignoring the aftertaste of warm croissant in his mouth), it turned out he was wrong.

On his kitchen table was a small device, on which a screen lit up as Manning walked into the room. On the screen was the one person Manning hoped never to see again - Mr Black.

"Good morning, Mr Manning."

"Oh, go away, please."

"I'm afraid the discos happen every saturday night, and the flying bicycles of Universe X-1-5 perform Bhangra dances to the Large-tentacled Archaeoterapixes every twelve quadrillion years. So, for those reasons, I cannot go away. Also, you could say I am a lamp which doesn't need an energy-saving bulb to stand out. My incandescent bulb is enough."

Though confused by Mr. Black's most recent outburst of stupidity in the form of a 'riddle', Manning ignored it. "Ok then. What do you want now?"

"Good question, though one which is extremely average in sentence structure. Basically, Mr Manning, we want you to work for us."

"Yes, you said." Manning foresaw a long and arduous argument coming up.

"Ah. Yes. So I did. Well, we thought you might like to see the sort of stuff you would do if you worked for us, so we've assigned you a case. Just a small one."

"A... case?" This was getting more and more worrying by the minute.

"Yes. It is our job, at Orgone corp.Ltd.©®, to deal with any disruptions in the space-time continuum, notably creatures getting from one universe to another. If ordinary people find out about the multiverse we live in, I'm afraid I'd be out of a job."

Manning started to say something sarcastic, but was quickly interrupted.

"So we have a small STC breach in universe RT-3-6, no biggie. That one's always been a little unstable, and usually we let real small STC problems slip. Y'know, currencies suddenly changing, people stopping existing, the reversal of gravity on certain planets, yada yada yada. But this one's a little bigger. Look, why don't you just try it? It shouldn't be too much to handle."

"Uh... alright then" sighed Manning. It looks like he was going to do it now, whether he liked it or not. "Beam me up, Scottie."

"I'm sorry? WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!?" screamed Mr Black from the small screen.

"Wh- nothing, Mr. Black, nothing at all."

"Right, Mr. Manning, here goes. Good luck!"

~ ~ ~

Arnaj Wokkl-hafte always knew he was different. Life just wasn't right for him on Axlopontis XVI. Sure, most people living there found it as dull as he did, but he just felt like he didn't belong. He'd seen counsellors, cows, donkeys and even a USB plug, but none could help. The best advice he got was "Live with it, sonny, and get off this damn hellhole when you're 18". That was from the USB plug.

But Arnaj didn't want to go to any of the galactic capitals, such as JimčKăhr XI or Askwojifixi'wojj IMMM. He wanted to go to the moon. Few knew what was up there in the warm pastry folds of Axlopontis XVI's moon, for it was Galactic Heritage property and most people got shot down who drove their spaceship too near it. Many said it was full of gigantic microbes. All Arnaj knew was that it was a massive croissant and he wanted - needed - to get there.

Arnaj was fifteen when he began his journey to the Moon. Having accumulated all the ladders on Axlopontis XVI, he started climbing them. He didn't know how long it would take to get to the moon, but he was persistent and never gave up. Thanks to a slight mishap in the Space-Time Continuum, the gravity of Axlopontis XVI had been screwed up and so Arnaj was able to stack each ladder on top of the other without having them follow the law of gravity.

It was only the two thousand and twelfth ladder at which Arnaj realised she had changed gender. However, due to a lack of monetary, time and small mammal resources, I am not able to disclose such information as to how that happened.

Two years, three months, twenty-four days, nine hours, thirteen minutes, fifty-nine seconds and two nanoseconds after Arnaj placed the first ladder in the ground on Axlopontis XVI, the final ladder touched the moon's soft pastry. Arnaj climbed onto the moon, her square feet sinking into the warm fluffy bready stuff on the floor, and a wonderful sight met her eyes.

She was home.

Arnaj spent the next week having a party with the beige 1xn Lego bricks which lived on the moon. They called their home 'OMGIMSOGUNNANUEKUNOOBS' but Arnaj preferred 'the Moon'. They partied from seven in the morning to one o'clock the next day, with excessive booze and some weird drugs that grew on the surface of the Moon. At the end of the first week, Arnaj had the greatest hangover known to man. She thanked the 1xn Lego bricks and left their camp (which they called 'OURPIMPEDOUTBRICKCAMPWHATSGUNNAKILLYA') in search of other citizens of the moon.

Two days of searching, eating the pastry-lined ground of the moon, and trying to stop her addiction to the weird drugs later, Arnaj came across a small village. The 2xn Lego bricks who lived there made a happy existance by farming the herds of water coolers which ran free through the pastry plains. So Arnaj bought a small ranch and several water coolers, and settled down into her new life as a farmer.

However, this universe's peaceful existence was about to be blown into several pieces (not recommended for viewers under 5 years of age due to choking hazards), and Arnaj would be right at the centre of that demise.

"Mr Manning, it is now your job to sort it out. Good luck." Said Mr Black. Then he disappeared into a puff of awful riddles.

What's gunna happpen? Who knows? Well, Zack NewRight does, for he's doing the next episode! Hoorah!

Here's a long list of them episodes. As per protocol, I have to say that Shannon Young started it all off, Garth Danielson handed it over into my crazy hands, and Zack Newright is now the Banana King.

MOCtag 1 Shannon Young
MOCtag 2 Keith Goldman
MOCtag 3 Sir Najrod
MOCtag 4 Lee Jones
MOCtag 5 Mark Kelso
MOCtag 6 Chris Phipson
MOCtag 7 Shannon Ocean
MOCtag 8 JD Luse
MOCtag 10 Austin S
MOCtag 11 Blue Star
MOCtag 12 Sam W
MOCtag 13 Matt S
MOCtag 14 Dave Shaddix
MOCtag 15 Heather LEGOgirl
MOCtag 16 Nickre
MOCtag 17 Shannon Young
MOCtag 18 Joe Haddad
MOCtag 19 Nate Bush
MOCtag 20 Uspez Morbo
MOCtag 21 Giovanni Seynhaeve
MOCtag 22 Gone Baby Gone
MOCtag 23 Sebeus I
MOCtag 24 Glorius Shadow
MOCtag 25 Andrew Colunga
MOCtag 26 Alex Eylar
MOCtag 27 Garth Danielson

Wow, sorry Shannon for this being late. I've been busy with school, my websites, discovering Twitter, taking assemblies and film screenings and whatnot. Don't kill me. I deserve to live.

I hope I've pleased you all, Garth's was a hard episode to follow, but I wanted to inject my own crazy personality into it. I've also left it at a handy cliffhanger.

And so what if it's too long? So's the Great Wall of China.

Arnaj ah - naj
Wokkl-hafte wok - uhl - haf - ta
Axlopontis XVI Ax - loe - pon - tiss - Sixteen
Askwojifixi'wojj IMMM Ah - skow - jiffix - ee - worj - Two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine
JimčKăhr XI Jim - ehy - kae - r - Eleven

Oh, and STC stands for Space-Time Continuum, if you haven't already guessed.

I will be posting a more pictures MOC later on this week, so come along and check that out for extra info and some deleted scenes, as well as getting a better look at some of the sets. Why not just add me as one of your favourite builders (hint hint)?


 I like it 
  April 15, 2012
There is no Moctag 29!!!
 I like it 
  May 9, 2010
Ahhh... MOCtag is finnaly starting to make sense again. The part with the zombie plauge got kinda' confusing.
 I like it 
  June 22, 2009
I'm very late discovering this, but I'm very glad I did. Your lighting and photography is exceptional, and your story . . . let's just say the others described my thoughts pretty well. I got a good laugh out of the water cooler farm especially. Great addition!
 I like it 
  May 17, 2009
So you were what, a few days late? That's nothing compared to other late MOCtags. The story has taken an interesting turn and I do like it. Your alternate universe story is ridiculous (fittingly) and very entertaining.
 I like it 
  May 8, 2009
Another great episode of MOCtag, maybe it'll stay alive after all.
 I made it 
  May 7, 2009
Quoting Josh Barron-Proeliator of the 74th floor Oh. I didn't realise that Saturday, Sunday and May Day holidays were such work. Any way, where abouts in England are you?
Greater London. Around there.
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
Okay, I now officially enjoy MOCtag again.
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
Ohhhhhkaaaayyyy... Weird drugs from the Moon, yeah, that explains it. Nice. I know you want me to yell about it being a few days late, but not this time. It's sort of a holiday -- MOCtag turned a year old during your turn. That's almost as crazy as this part of the story. Party hats for everyone!
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
Pretty darn silly. In a Monty Python kind of way. I've just been chainwatching the series and it's all I can think about right now. That croissant moon sure does look good enough to eat. Looks like there's been a good disturbance in the STC. That will require some fixing. Good luck to Zack. Hope his imagination is up to it. see ya. garth
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
Oh. I didn't realise that Saturday, Sunday and May Day holidays were such work. Any way, where abouts in England are you?
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
This really leaves me hanging. So many options. Where to take this story.
 I made it 
  May 5, 2009
Quoting Josh Barron-Proeliator of the 74th floor Finally! Hang your head in shame! Yet smack shame in the face because it's up!
*hangs head* *smacks shame in face* Well, I only had saturday, sunday and monday to make it, photograph it and Photoshop it (it's a three-day weekend: in the UK we call them Bank Holidays). Sadly, that deadline was not met and some photoshopping had to run over 'till today.
 I like it 
  May 5, 2009
Finally! Hang your head in shame! Yet smack shame in the face because it's up!
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