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Captain Zac Part 2: The Fall of Caz Omno
You are entering a restricted area of the Jedi Temple Archives] [Enter Password] *****************CC-7832 [Password accepted] Search: Captain Zac [Searching… Searching… Found…] Zac information Clone: Commander Zac (CC-7832) Homeworld: Kamino. Born: 32 BBY, Kamino. Species: Human Clone. Gender: Male. Eye color: Brown. Hair color: Blonde. Specialties: Agility,Battle tactics,Mechanic,health. specialist, weapons specialist. Affiliation Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire.
About this creation

This is Captain Zac's Episode 3 squadron.

It consists of old and new recruits, such as Hunter...

Red Commander...

and a heavy trooper named "Rond"

The shuttle flies to tattooine so the squad can start their next mission.

The shuttle lands...

...and the crew unloads.

Zac:"In formaton men!"
Caz:"This mission could be our most difficult yet. I wont lie...theres a possibility that not everyone will make it."
Zac:"Thats right, we must eliminate the source that has been mysteriously taking clone crafts down and eliminating all forces we send to destroy it."
Caz & Zac:"Alright men lets get prepared. Pilot, into the DT-ST. Gunman and ST into the speeder."

Zac:"X, Get in the shuttle and meet us at the rondavou point."
X:"yes sir!"

X walks to the shuttle.

The shuttle takes off making an earth, i mean, tattooinequake.

Caz:"Everyone that doesnt have one, grab a gun."

Zac:"Speeder trooper, go scout ahead to see if you find any seperatist activity."

The speeder flies past everyone.

After wandering the desert the squad hears a loud explosion.

A piece of metal flies at the squad and almost hits Zac and Caz.
Zac:"That was clo- AHHHHH!!!!!"

The rest of the speeder came at them and knocked Zac and Caz over.

Then ST fell off the remaining speeder.
Zac:"Whats wrong? Wheres Gunman?"
ST:"They took him! there was a big droid, like nothing i've ever seen before. It had 4 legs, 2 snipers, 2 rockets,and a lazer with eyes at the bottom!"
Zac vividly imagined what the droid was.
Zac:"We must go back, its our only hope of us living."
Caz:"No. our mission is clear, eliminate the disturbance. no matter how difficult the enemy."
Zac:"O.K.,but be warned this droid is not as vulnerable as others."

The squad was in a line, firing at battle droids.

The droids died in different ways.

Rhett:"4 left, 3 left, 2 left, 1."
Then there was one left and a loud THUD, and electical wires cutting loose.

Caz:"What is that thing?!?!?"
Zac:"Our worst nightmare."

The insecti-droid fired its lazer directly at Rene.

But Rene dodged and got over-confident. He tried to fly up and shoot it to death.

But it was to late, the lazer hit his chest, went through, and hit the gas valve, blowing up Rene.

All that was left was his helmet and blaster.

Then the insecti-droid shot of all that it had except the rockets.

Rhett tried to shoot it with his heavy blaster, but it didnt even leave a mark.

Then, as Zac vividly remembered from his experience, it propped up ready to charge.
Zac:"Everyone get away from it! its gunna charge!"

But Rhett was to late. it pounced on him ready to crush him to death...

Pilot:"Back away!"

Everyone got a few yards back.

Then the rocket came out of the DT-ST...

...and blew off a leg and an eye.

It retreated into an abandoned (strangely futuristic) vehicle.
Zac (to himself):"Whats it doing?"

Then there where some cries of help.

And Gunman flew out of the vehicle and landed on the "leg".

And the insecti-droid came down after him...

Dragged him down...

And put it in front of itself, as if saying 'shoot and ill kill him'.

Zac ran as hard as he could, blasting the droid with as many shots as possible...

Then a rocket was deployed, and hit Zac's gun.

Zac blew into 3 parts. his body, legs, and an arm.

Pilot:"Sorry Gunman!"
And he shot multiple times to make sure the droid was dead.

It susspended Gunman in the air for a short while.

But then a piece of the droid flew at him and stabbbed him.

Caz:"You guys check on Gunman, ill get Zac!"

Caz ran to check Zac's pulse. it was there.

But a droid snuck up behind Sly and prepared to shoot.

Caz:"Oh no you dont! Tell me where your closest medical base is!"
Droid 1367:"Why should i tell a piece of space waste like you?!"

Caz:"Because if you dont, ill have to drop you."
Droid 1367:"O.K.! Its about 1/5 of a mile to the north west!"

Caz:"Kill it men. he knows we are here."


Droid 1063 & 1583:"AHHHH!! JEDI!!!"
Caz:"I've come for your assistance."

Droid 1583:"Sound the alarm!"
Droid 1063:"Why in the world would we help you?!"

Caz:"Because this wont happen to you!"
He then cut off droid 1583's head.

Droid 1063:"OK! OK! ILL HELP!"
Caz:"Thought so."

The droid moved around some of Zac's orgins to where they originally were.

Droid 1063:"OK, now i need to get his heart pumping more, so i must electricute him."

Zac:"Thank you droid but-"
Droid 1063:"But what?!"
Zac:"Your a witness."

Zac shoots in the body of the droid.

Zac calls the Kaminoin clone base.
Zac:"We need a gunship sent to tattooine."
Voices:"We will send a ship on auto-pilot."

The ship lands.
Zac:"Everyone into the ship! (To Gunman) Are you going to be ok in the bacta tank?"
Gunman:"I should be fine."

Zac gets in the co-pilot seat.
Pilot:"You know how to fly?"
Zac:"Yah, i used to have lessons."

But then 2 mysterious dark warriors secretly got on the ship, before take off.

They then opened the cargo hold...

And stowed away.

They took off!(Sorry about my hands! tried to give a "flying affect")

There was a shaking coming from the cargo hold.

Zac:"Rhett, go see what is making the ship shake."
Rhett:"Yes sir!"
Rhett climbs up to the top of the ship.

The hatch slams up making Rhett fly back.

The warriors emerge.

Rhett lands in front of Zac.
Zac:"Whats going on?!"
Rhett:"Dont worry. Its under control!"

Rhett leaps into one of the warriors.

Rhett:"Prepare to die!"

Rhett throughs one of the warriors off. But the other prepares to shoot...

...but Rhett back flips and lands behind the warior.

He is then hit by the warrior's gun and fell down.

He got up and punched it and the helmet fell off.
Rhett:"What are you?"

He hit Rhett in the pressure point and Rhett fell unconscious.

The warrior took off the engine cap and prepared to through Rhett in.

Rhett lie there on the engine.

He slid further down the engine.

and unfortunatly his head got caught in the fire.

Pilot:"uh-Rhett is gone sir!"

Zac:"WHAT?! NO! How?!"
Pilot:"I pick up finger prints on the scanner of the body. They are...not...human."
Zac:"Ill be back."

Zac crolled up the ship.

He saw the enemy. He snatched a rocket from the holster.

He prepared to through it...

The next thing he saw was the missile hitting the enemy...

and his head on the ground.

But...Then there was an explosion and sound of metal breaking coming from the cargo.

Zac:"Pilot!, whats happening?!"
Pilot:"Theres a life form in the cargo hold..."

Zac:"Im going to inves-AAHHHH! WHAT THE!?!?!?!"

The top COMPLETELY fell off, along with the wings.

As the gunship hurtled down, another warrior emerged.

...and it had a rocket launcher!

Zac:"My god."

The rocket shot off right towards Zac.
Zac:"Not again!"

Zac:"Woh! Someone help me!"
Warrior:"Theres noone here. And prepare to die!"

The warrior hit Zac's fingers to get him to fall.

He fell onto the door after having his fingers crushed.

Zac (to himself):"Didnt i put my gun in here?"
Zac pulls his guns from the box.

Zac jumps up and shoots the warrior off the edge.

After killing the warrior the ship obviouisly was still plumiting.

Zac then jumped off at the last second hoping he would land on the ledge.

The ship hit the ground and the wings fell on top of it.

Everyone got out of the ship.

Galactic Marine:"Is Gunman OK?"
FT:"Im afraid not. place."

Caz:"Where did Zac go?"
Zac:"Im up here!"

Zac drops and slides down the side of the gunship.
Zac:"So hes gone. Well there is no more suffering for him."
Caz:"Anyone seen Sly?"

Sly:"I cant take any more of Zac's stupid commands."
Sly to kaminoin:"I need a ship."
Voice:"OK for you and your squad right?"

A ship arrives and Sly prepares to leave.

The rest of the squad was walking to the rondavou point.
Zac:"A spy! shoot it men!"

Caz:"Run! It may have sent footage and they may be sending more droids!"

They finally arrive at the rondavou point.

Zac walks over to X.
X:"I brought someone with me that has something important to tell you."

The top opens and Cody emerges.

Zac:"Hello Commander."
Cody:"Hello Captain. I have very crutial info. Order 66 has been given."
Zac:"Alright ill tell the squad and we will eliminate the jedi."

Zac:"Men order 66 has been given."
Everyonee gets in a circle around Caz.
Caz:"Im not familiar with order 66."
Zac:"I understand. Im sorry Caz. Eliminate the jedi."

Everyone prepares to fire but Caz leaps out of the way.

He does a flip and slices off Cody's head.

X fires the cannons from the ship...

...and blows Caz into bits.

Zac to X:"Very good soldier. Prepare for lift-off to clone base."
X:"Yes sir!"

Everyone gets in and closes the top.

the ship lifts off.

Rane:"I see you lost some of your squad. shame. Anyway, Zac, Pilot, come with me."

Rane:"This is your heavy trooper/replacement for Rhett."

This is Hunter, your gunner/replacement Gunman."

Rane:"And this is Red Leader, your 'all around'/replacement for Rene."

Zac:"You are now 1 squad! No one is getting any slack, even if your new. youve been through training and i am your leader. Do i make myself clear?!"
Squad:"Sir, yes sir!"


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  June 12, 2009
Cool custom clones you have created! But I think the story might be to long , most of the people dont like to read that much.
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop Captain Zac Part 2: The Fall of Caz OmnoDroids, troopers, and armies

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