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Bionicle Quests#1: Inferno Cast
Different Heroes, Diffferent Villains, Different Island, Different Rules , different mission Deep in Lor-Racha, the mighty volcano that stands tall and proud in To-Santra, there is a series of abandoned tunnels and caves. Inside of one of those caves, there lies one of the most dangerous objects known to the Bionicle universe. That is the Kanohi Candrekka, the mask of Doom. Now, the evil Brother-Hood of Makuta are after it. The Toa Mystrya must stop them to gain the dreaded Kanohi, and dispose of it. But, danger lies in every shadow. With unexpected enemies, and allies, will the Toa succeed? Or will they suffer a horrible fate? Search for a myth...
About this creation
In the blazing hot forest of Lo-Santra, a lone traveler is walking about. His destination? A mysterious cavern inside Lor-Racha, the mighty volcano based in To-Santra. Inside this abandoned cave, there is one of the most dangerous artifacts that ever existed. The Kanohi Candrekka, the mask of doom. The traveler is Makuta Verax himself. Behind him, there is a rustling in the bush. Through glowing red eyes, the leader of the Joshrox tribe stalks him.

The mysterious creature let out a series of loud, and strange clicks. “What the Kanoka disks was that?” Verax demanded as he spun around. As he turned, three Joshrox jumped out of the long aisles of tall shrub. While the first charged, he whipped his chain around its neck and dragged it to the ground. Using his Kanohi mask of power, the mask of invisibility; he transformed into his transparent form and flipped over the downed Joshrox. Once on the other side, he fired three Zamor spheres filled with energized Protodermis at the injured Rahi.

Two of the deadly spheres hit it and exploded inside of the Joshrox. The other one was blown of course and hit the white Makuta. “Aaaggh!” he cried as he fell to the ground. This had broken his concentration so he became visible once again. Seeing this as an opportunity, the two remaining Joshrox had pounced on him. One had impaled its extremely sharp bone-of-a-front-leg into Verax’s stomach, while the other one injected Hordika venom into his neck with its fangs. Still spying from the bushes, the leader had found it amusing and let out a strange noise which was laughter in its language. He turned around and headed away while the struggle continued.

Later, in the last known Agori village, a long, well constructed hut that was coated with metallic Protodermis; a small band of Toa had gathered here. These included: Skeletrok, Ironui, Cranta, Philadall, Viciu, and Gallale. “We need to find other Toa! We are but six to fight against thousands! We had lost three at the hands of Joshrox, nine to Verax, and two to the rest of their Brotherhood. And there is going to be many fight-bates we will not win if don’t get our team!” yelled Skeletrok who was furious. “Leader, come down. We must use all of our positive energies to do all that we require.” pleaded Gallale who is the calm one of the group. “Save your speaches for your lectures, She-Toa.” mumbled Viciu, who had always something to say.

Outside the hut, Philadall had been wandering in the outdoors to escape the argument. He had rather listen to the quiet sounds of Nature than endure the sarcastic remarks of Viciu, or the non-stop ramblings from Cranta. There were plenty of sounds from the nocturnal Rahi, who were all out hunting for their food. He had observed something out of the ordinary: a strange shape limping out of the bushes. Out came the badly injured Makuta Verax, who had wounds all around his body. His white body armor was rusted, dented, crushed, and broken. Even some of his Antidermis was leaking out.

“Brothers! Get out here, quick-hurry!” cried the Toa of Mutagen. “What, what is it?” demanded Ironui. As they all came running out of the hut, they saw what was wrong. “Please…” Verax started before his voice trailed off. “Ah, so you wanted to finish off the rest of us, huh?” asked Viciu, who was immediately prepared for a battle. Weak, and in pain, Verax was not willing to battle six beings for had a dyer hatred for him. But in this case; he had no choice.

As the leader, Skeletrok was given the chance to strike him first. His Crystal Axe had lighten up, and started flashing. He lifted it up over his head and swung as if he were hacking a Visorak. He had been too far away to strike the hideous Makuta. Although, he had not tried to. A long, red beam of lightning mixed with lazer blasted out of the tip of the Axe. This had stricken Verax in the chest. He was sent flying into the thickest tree in Lo-Santra. The Makuta had shot right through the mammoth tree, and came back out the other side. The other five Toa had leaped in his direction. Philledal had arrived first. He aimed his Cyclone Structor at Verax. He let out a huge blast of Mutagen at the injured Makuta. “Aaagh…” cried Verax. His right arm had begun to change colors. He had also began sprouting a small arm on his back.

Then, Gallale, Toa of Water; had created a huge tidal wave underneath Verax. “Whoa!” he yelled in shock. She then slammed him on the ground, but had continued to blast him with powerful riptides of water. It was now Viciu’s turn. He had used his mask power, the mask of imprisonment, and made a cage as hard as rock from Gallale’s water blasts. He put his hand against it, and used his power: electicity. “Ooooohhh!” he whimpered. Ironui stepped up to the plate. He now turned the water prison into pure steel. The Toa of Toxin climbed on top of the steel cage, and drilled a hole into it. He used most of his energy to create an energetic storm of toxins inside the metallic box.

Cranta muttered something under his breath, and ran into battle. The Toa of Energy had knocked the box down on its side, flipped over it and ran into the woods. Two seconds later, he came back out, jumped on the ground and shot two massive bolts of energy at the box. Upon impact, the prison exploded.
All the Toa who had witnessed this had gasped. Incredibly ashamed of himself, Cranta had ran off into the forest again. “What just happened?” cracked Viciu. “Cranta believes he killed Verax, so he ran off.” explained Gallale. It started storming. “Come on, let’s get into safety-shelter. We don’t want our armor wet-soaked when it is not necessary.” suggested Skeletrok. Soon after that, the Toa had turned tails and ventured indoors.

In Co-Santra, the ginormous waterfall pounds into the River of Unending Despair. A dark figure runs out from the bushes connecting with Lo-Santra. He runs towards the edge of the waterfall, and jumps. This mysterious shape is Toa Cranta, Toa of Energy. He and his friends had just done battle with the most evil Makuta of all. He had believed to have slain Verax. 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, 0 ft, he plunges down. The Toa lands face first into the canyon. As he lays there, stunned, a tall beast known only as Skirmix trotted out from the jungle. On top of the legendary beast, there rode Lawra, Queen of the Joshrox. “Ah, a Toa. Weakened too. Joraka would be very pleased to have a commander of the swarms.” she said with a diabolical voice. Skirmix whipped his tail around him, and dragged Cranta away.

On the distant planet of Bara Magna, evil plans stir about. In the large temple dedicated to Tuma, now deceased, the new leader of the Skrall; Vamprah discusses their sinister tactics with their elite warrior, Skarr. “You must follow the trail in the sky left by this Kanohi back to its rightful place. Once there, call upon me using your telepathy. I will then send the rest of our empire to conquer that world.” explained the ancient Makuta. Skarr stepped out the door just to be confronted by a Glatorian, the champion Gresh.

In Mangaia, inside Makuta’s fortress, the Joshrox had taken over. It was winding hard outside, when a large, red figure with a tiny black person riding on it, burst through the door. It was Skirmix, and on top was Lawra. Behind her was a large cocoon made of moss which held Cranta.

Standing behind the green Glatorian, was Mata Nui, in his new form. Stripped of his powers, and banished from his own universe, he was sent to Bara Magna. “Vamprah, I do not know how you survived the energy storm in Karda Nui, but I will make sure that you will never endanger any one else again!” stated Mata Nui, who was enraged. Skarr had managed to escape the conflict and voyaged into the desert. He let his gaze fall upon the ruins of Vulcanus. The day the Skrall had destroyed their rival village was a proud one indeed. He began following the trail in the sky back to the original location of the Ignika. Back in the temple, a battle raged on. Gresh had been fending off thousands of Skrall, while Mata Nui fought Vamprah.

Back in Mangaia, Cranta had been buried in a hole of 1 kio deep. Then, the Joshrox had begun feasting on his organic tissue, while replacing it with bizarre energies which took solid form. “I will offer you a (hiss) deal.” whistled the king of Joshrox. In Bara Magna, Gresh had finally fallen to the Skrall. After they felled him, they began to swarm around him. Mata Nui had crushed Vamprah’s Tridax Pod, and shattered his Kanohi. He is now disintegrating by Mata Nui’s beams of light.

In Skirma Nui, the Toa were about to take off. “We all ready?” asked Skeletrok. “Yup!” they replied in unison. They had all used they’re flying power to soar up in the sky. As they pierced the atmosphere, a large black being sent them flying back by his sonic boom. “Who are you?” demanded Gallale. “I am Skarr, champion of the Skrall, and destroyer of islands.” he proclaimed. “Attack!!!” cried Skeletrok. Gallale charged first. She swung her double bladed swords at him, slicing his organic tissue. He let out all of his power on her, sending her flying back into the waters below, unconscious. “Gallale!!!’’ Skeletrok cried. The other five of them let out an all-out attack on the weakened Skrall. “Noooooooooo!!!!!” he cried out as his legs, and right arm was obliterated. He fell down on the shore, half in water. His face landed first, so it was buried in the mud. “Skeletrok, we can’t go back for her, we have to keep moving.” said Viciu. Soon after that, they flew off. It was a long journey, battling Rahi and Makuta along the way. But they finally arrived at they’re destination;Bara Magna!

After they landed, Philadell took out the nine Keystones that they had collected from the remains of Mahri Nui. Cranta popped out from behind them and struck them all with Energy. “What..” asked Ironui as he was stricken down. “I am no longer one of you. I am now a member of the Joshrox tribe. My organic tissue has been replaced by they’re own. Now, you must all die!” stated Cranta. He was about to finish off Skeletrok, when Ironui, Philadell and Viciu had blasted him all the way back to Zakaz.

They had found the structure they were searching for, and Viciu had placed the stones into place. The ground beneath the five Toa had given way to a teleporter. It had brought them into Lor-Racha, the volcano in To-Santra. “Look, there’s a glow up ahead!” cried Skeletrok. All of a sudden, Verax had appeared in front of them.

“I will have that mask!!” he cried. He then sprinted all the way into the narrow walk-way down to the mask, which was surrounded by lava. As he burst into the chamber, two tall guards with giant axes, whose armor were all in black, stepped out from behind the door, and zapped the Makuta. He stumbled over his own feet, and fell head-first into the lava. The truth is, that only his head fell into the lava. Then, the Toa combined they’re powers, and blew the guards into the other side of lava. “It’s ours now!!” yelled Skeletrok as he ran over to its stand. Just then, another guard(actually Karzahnni merged with Vezok, and Makuta Antroz) with the Staff of Fusion and the Mask of Duplication merged with the Mask of Shielding and the Mask of Disruption struck Verax and Skeletrok with the Sword. They both split into two beings. Then, the guard shot out a beam of Fusion at the duplicates.

Skeletrok fell from the shock off being ripped into two people. The others blew up the stone beneath the guardian so he too fell in the lava. While they were helping up they’re leader, the duplicate, who named himself Makutoa ran for the Candrekka. He snatched, and slammed it onto his face. Then, the strange being teleported away. The Toa had all been reunited and are back on Skirma Nui.

The End


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  August 3, 2009
Quoting Toa Darkness Of The Shadow Toa/Glatorian great story!! how long did it take to type this??
thanks! it took me about two days to write.
By EVILTBOT13 ????
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