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Darth Stryfe
Darth Stryfe
About this creation
===Krayt's Fist===
{{Quote|Still, I ''smell'' Jedi. Target the Temple, Captain Meeshal. Level it. Burn it.|Darth Stryfe ordering the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Ossus|Star Wars Legacy 17: Claws of the Dragon, Part 4}}

The [[Sexes|male]] [[Human]] [[Sith Lord]] known as [[Darth]] Stryfe was a member of the [[One Sith]], serving [[Dark Lord of the Sith]] [[Darth Krayt]] and his [[Darth Krayt's Sith Empire|Galactic Empire]], after Krayt [[Attack on Emperor Fel|deposed]] [[Galactic Emperor|Emperor]] [[Roan Fel]] at the end of the [[Sith-Imperial War]]. In the [[time]] of the ensuing conflict, the [[Second Imperial Civil War]], he was selected to be Krayt's [[Fist]], the head of the Empire's military, a position that was once held by [[Darth Nihl]] before his promotion to a [[Hand (One Sith)|Hand]].''[[Star Wars Legacy 0˝]]

[[File:LegacyMeesh01.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Darth Stryfe alongside Captain Meeshal on a ''Pellaeon''-class Star Destroyer above Ossus.]]
In [[137 ABY]], Stryfe, aboard an Imperial [[Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer|''Pellaeon''-class Star Destroyer]], personally oversaw and led the Imperial search for [[Jedi]] on the [[planet]] [[Ossus]]. Rumors had spread that surviving Jedi were hiding in the [[Jedi Academy (Ossus)|Jedi Academy]] on Ossus, and the Sith were determined to eradicate all Jedi. Stryfe sent [[Joker Squad]] of the [[407th Stormtrooper Division]] to conduct a search of the surface, and the [[stormtrooper]]s of the unit were terrified of failure, fearing punishment from Stryfe. The Jokers looked around Ossus keenly, but found nothing; the [[Yuuzhan Vong]]—there to protect [[Jedi artifact]]s—and the Jedi present at the Academy had gone into hiding. As the Imperials were about to call off the search, Darth Stryfe commanded them to continue, as he could [[Force Sense|sense]] a whisper in [[the Force]] that suggested the presence of Jedi.

Ordered by Stryfe to continue looking for the Jedi, [[Sergeant]] [[Harkas]], [[Anson Trask]], and [[Private]] [[Orland]], as well as one more stormtrooper, continued the search amongst the remains of the Jedi Academy. Trask and a fellow stormtrooper reported that the Temple was empty after the [[Jedi Knight]] [[Shado Vao]] used the Force to [[Mind trick|persuade]] them. However, Lord Stryfe ordered [[Imperial Navy]] [[Captain]] [[Meeshal]] to [[Destruction of Ossus Jedi Academy|destroy]] the Temple, as he still felt the presence of the Jedi hiding on the planet. The Imperials proceeded to fire on the Academy,''[[Star Wars Legacy 17: Claws of the Dragon, Part 4]]'' and succeeded in injuring [[Jedi Master]] [[K'Kruhk]], who had been hiding within the Temple. Nevertheless, the Jedi were able to survive the attack, and unbeknownst to Stryfe, they eventually escaped to their secret refuge, the [[Hidden Temple]], which had been ordered into creation by the [[Jedi High Council (New Jedi Order)|Jedi High Council]] at the start of the Sith-Imperial War.''[[Star Wars Legacy 25: The Hidden Temple, Part 1]]''

In that same year, Darth Krayt succeeded in capturing former Jedi [[Cade Skywalker]], a descendant of the famous [[Grand Master]] [[Luke Skywalker]], who Krayt sought for his healing ability and hoped to turn to the [[Dark side of the Force|dark side]]. After Skywalker [[Skirmish at the Temple of the Sith|escaped]] from his Hands, Darth Nihl and [[Darth Talon]], in the [[Temple of the Sith|Sith Temple]] on [[Coruscant]], Stryfe was named Krayt's new Hand to replace Nihl.''[[Star Wars Legacy 27: Into the Core]]''

===Krayt's Hand===
{{Quote|You ''failed'' Lord Krayt once, Talon. I'm surprised he let you ''live''.''"
"''We ''all'' live or die as Lord Krayt wills, Stryfe. At his word I would cut out my own heart. Or yours.|Darth Stryfe and Darth Talon|Star Wars Legacy 30: Vector, Part 11}}
[[File:StryfeTalon.jpg|right|thumb|200px|Darth Stryfe speaking to his fellow Hand, Darth Talon.]]

When Cade Skywalker set his plan to kill Darth Krayt in motion, he initiated [[Mission to Had Abbadon|an attack]] on a Sith outpost on the [[Deep Core]] world of [[Had Abbadon]], which was under the command of the [[Devaronian]] Sith Lord [[Darth Reave]]. Reave managed to escape, and brought the news to Krayt on Coruscant. During the attack, Reave had been bitten by a [[rakghoul]]—an ancient and thought-to-be extinct form of [[Sithspawn]]—while fighting Skywalker and his companions,''[[Star Wars Legacy 29: Vector, Part 10]]'' and before he could complete his report, he succumbed to the [[Rakghoul Plague|effects]] of the bite. Transformed into one of the rakghoul mutants, Reave charged to attack Darth Krayt. However, he never reached Krayt, as Darth Stryfe intercepted the former Sith and proceeded to [[Sai cha|behead]] the creature. The head of [[Sith Intelligence and Assassination]] and Sith [[scientist]], [[Darth Maladi]], confirmed that the transformation was the result of ancient [[Sith Alchemy]].''[[Star Wars Legacy 30: Vector, Part 11]]''

Not long after, Lord Krayt was contacted via [[hologram]] by the [[Force ghost|spirit]] of [[Karness Muur]], an ancient Sith Lord who was controlling the [[Galactic Republic|Old Republic]] Jedi [[Celeste Morne]] through the power of the [[Muur Talisman]], an ancient [[Sith artifact]]. Muur informed Krayt that he was in control of Morne as well as the rakghouls, and proposed a meeting between the two Sith Lords. As an incentive, Muur offered Krayt his knowledge of dark side [[Force Healing|healing]], as a method of aiding Krayt with his afflictions resulting from Yuuzhan Vong implants. Furthermore, Muur presented a shackled Cade Skywalker as his prisoner, and threatened to kill him if Krayt did not come to Had Abbadon. Krayt ordered his Sith Lords, including Stryfe, to leave for Had Abbadon immediately.

While en route to the planet in Krayt's royal [[Starship|transport]], the ''[[Relentless (Sith Imperial ship)|Relentless]]'', Stryfe had a small confrontation with Darth Talon, stating that he was surprised she had been allowed to live after failing Lord Krayt. Talon replied that she lived by Krayt's command, and at his word she would not hesitate to take her own life or Stryfe's.

===Battle on Had Abbadon===
{{Quote|Mindless minions! Away from my Lord Krayt.|Darth Stryfe engaging the rakghouls on Had Abbadon|Star Wars Legacy 30: Vector, Part 11}}

Arriving at Had Abbadon, Darth Stryfe was one of the Sith who traveled to the planet's surface with Darth Krayt, along with Darths Talon and Maladi. Meeting with Muur, the ancient Sith Lord proposed an alliance with Krayt, offering to begin the healing process immediately as an act of good faith. As Muur began to heal Krayt, the pain caused Krayt to cry out, and Stryfe rushed to his Lord's aid. However, Stryfe was called off by Krayt, who could feel that the healing was working. It was at this point that Cade Skywalker took advantage of the commotion and unveiled his [[Battle on Had Abbadon|trap]], calling on his companions—who had been hidden up until this point—to attack the gathered Sith. Furthermore, Morne also regained mastery over Muur, and therefore control of herself, as well as the Muur Talisman which controlled the rakghouls. She engaged Darth Krayt, and ordered the rakghouls to attack him. Darth Stryfe defended his [[Sith Master|master]] from the rakghouls, cutting through hordes of the creatures as they charged, until Krayt was able to repel the creatures with a torrent of [[Force lightning]]. Stryfe then [[Lightsaber duel|dueled]] with Skywalker, who taunted the Sith Lord while they exchanged blows until Stryfe became enraged. Calling for his companion, [[Jariah Syn]], to create an explosion, Skywalker landed a Force-assisted kick which drove Stryfe back to where Syn had placed the explosives. Darth Stryfe was severely injured in the blast and could not continue in the battle.''[[Star Wars Legacy 31: Vector, Part 12]]''
[[File:Sai SWLEG31.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Stryfe dueling Cade Skywalker.]]

The battle continued as Krayt dueled with Morne and the spirit of Muur within her. One of Skywalker's allies, [[Imperial Knight]] [[Azlyn Rae]], was able to launch an attack on Krayt while he was distracted, and drove her lightsaber through the Sith Lord's back. This gave Morne an opening, which she quickly took, unleashing a torrent of Force lightning on Krayt before [[Telekinesis|Force-pushing]] him off a cliff. With the battle over, Krayt's most trusted advisor, [[Darth Wyyrlok (III)|Darth Wyyrlok]], arrived on the planet and recovered Darth Stryfe, as well as Darths Talon and Maladi, who had also been wounded in the encounter. Wyyrlok ordered the three Sith to be placed in [[bacta]] [[Bacta tank|tanks]] to heal their injuries while he proceeded to locate the body of Darth Krayt. Unbeknownst to Stryfe, Wyyrlok discovered that Krayt had survived the battle; however, Wyyrlok decided that Krayt had to die in order for his vision of the Sith ruling [[the galaxy]] as one to survive. Wyyrlok killed the Dark Lord with a burst of Force lightning, and brought his body aboard the same ship in which Stryfe was recovering; Wyrrlok intended to inter Krayt's bones among the ancient Sith on the Sith [[homeworld]] of [[Korriban]].

===A new leader===
{{Quote|I cannot feel the Dark Lord in my mind anymore—and Krayt is ''always'' present in my mind!|Lord Stryfe|Star Wars Legacy 34: Storms, Part 1}}

Taken to the [[Sith Temple (Korriban)|Sith Temple]] on Korriban, Stryfe was once again placed within a bacta tank in the Temple's [[Healing Chambers]], under the watchful eye of a [[Koorivar]] [[Unidentified Koorivar Sith acolyte|acolyte]]. Stryfe awoke to discover he could no longer feel his Lord Krayt in his mind, and was convinced that his master was dead. Breaking free of his tank, Stryfe demanded to know the location of Krayt from the acolyte, who quickly pointed him in the direction of the [[Stasis Room]]. Rushing to the Stasis Room, Stryfe found the entry blocked by a young female [[Chagrian]] [[Sith apprentice]]. Stryfe demanded to see Darth Krayt, but the Chagrian refused, stating that Krayt was in [[stasis]] and could not be awakened. Convinced Krayt was dead, Stryfe attacked the Sith apprentice, certain that she would not be able to stop him. After a brief fight, however, the Chagrian managed to subdue him using the Force.''[[Star Wars Legacy 34: Storms, Part 1]]''

[[File:WyyrlokIV Stryfe.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Saarai engaging Stryfe.]]

Having finished preparing Krayt's stasis chamber, Darth Wyyrlok appeared and stopped the fight, revealing the young Chagrian to be his daughter, [[Saarai (Chagrian)|Saarai]]. Leading Stryfe down to the chamber, Darth Wyyrlok explained that Krayt had been severely injured at Had Abaddon and needed to be kept in stasis to heal. Wyyrlok told Stryfe that the reason he was unable to feel his master was due to shields Wyyrlok had erected to protect the Dark Lord. Planning to take control of the Empire, Wyyrlok explained that he would again be assuming the duties that all [[Darth Wyyrlok (disambiguation)|Wyyrlok]] had held while Krayt was in stasis—as the [[voice]] of Lord Krayt and the [[regent]] of the Order—but this time he would also secure the Imperial throne on Coruscant. Aware of the many ambitious beings within the Order, Wyyrlok told Stryfe that he would depend upon the Hand's loyalty and strength to maintain control. Believing Wyyrlok's deception, Stryfe swore he would give his support to the Chagrian Sith Lord. Together, the two left for Coruscant to secure the throne and implement the next stage in Krayt's plan for a unified [[The galaxy|galaxy]].

Wyyrlok and Stryfe arrived on Coruscant, joined by Talon, Nihl, and Maladi, where they were greeted by scores of Imperial stormtroopers and [[Imperial officer|officers]]. The arrival of the Sith was watched by [[Moff]]s [[Nyna Calixte]] and [[Morlish Veed]], who had been informed that the mission to Had Abbadon had been a failure, and that Krayt was being held in healing stasis. The two Moffs, however, suspected something else was going on, and planned to find out what the Sith were hiding.''[[Star Wars Legacy 35: Storms, Part 2]]''


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  January 24, 2012
This is great! Much better than my version
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ok this is very good and put it in the custom minifig contest!
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 I like it 
Commander Rusty
  July 5, 2009
Nice! The paint job is great!
 I like it 
  July 5, 2009
this is very cool looking, and i dont know howlong ago u did it, but thanks for adding me and my group as allies
 I like it 
  July 2, 2009
He looks very well done- do you painted his face yourself- Impressive most impressive... Why not comments???? Just unfair -great job aren't always appreciated here...
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