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The Battle of Mailbox Hill
About this creation
And you thought postal workers went off the deep end!

Infuriated by the repeated destruction of their beloved mailboxes by careless snow-plough drivers, the residents of 158th Ct NE, Redmond, WA, have grouped together to blockade and protest those careless civil servants. However, anticipating trouble, those state transportation employees have brought some trouble of their own! The stage is set just out front of Jane Doe's house for a showdown that will go down in subdivision history!

After nearly getting involved on one too many skirmishes in town, the John Smith and Jane Doe had moved to Suburbia in hopes of a quieter extravagant middle-class overspending lifestyle.

Refusing to be arrested in it’s surge of forward motion, the plough, well, ploughs straight through the resisting homeowners, scattering their ineffective stand and propelling them high into the air in a glorious and undignified display of wingless flight!

The first to go is the local custom weapons dealer and acclaimed chef Mr. Chapman. He only caught a glimpse of the enemy before he was launched into the air, but he could've sworn that those crazy people were wielding his own weaponry. His only consideration during his voyage through the heavens is absolute disgust at having been talked into this crazy scheme.

His revulsion is only rivaled by Mr. Banks’s shock at the demise of his expensively tailored suit. The only reason he had come to protest was because he wanted to make a statement of his personal disdain for Government employees and how they were obviously not fit to be overseeing his financial chain. Still, this dire situation could yet be turned to his advantage; tax-paid Department of Transportation workers gunning down helpless citizens- what better case did he need against Government incompetence? He only had to live to present it to the court!

Katie Wilson may look like a nice young lady, but her fourth-degree black belt strikes fear into the hearts of those that know her. If only the truck's occupants had known about that and her distant relationship to Chuck Norris, they might have hesitated, but as it was, they were fortunate to have caught her unawares.
“You wait till I get down from here, then you'll pay big time for this! These gloves hide fists of steel!”

Moe, Ms. Doe's brother-in-law mechanic is visiting for the holidays. This is only one of numerous diversions that Jane has resorted to in order to keep him out of the house and away from her select group of friends.

“And his manners are atrocious! It's no wonder he's still single after all these years.”
“You poor thing, I can only imagine what a bad influence he is on the children.”
“Oh, you have no idea, some of the things he does are not to be repeated in civilized company! Say, did I tell you about the time...”

Mr. Cole is about to discover whether his exercise regimen, designed to help hold off the holiday pounds, will keep him one step ahead of certain doom, or if he will be joining his compatriots up in the sky.

She may be running for her life right now, but her thoughts follow a different stream. Even now she's imagining the demise of Moe and the flurry of gossip that it would generate:
“It must've been terrible, having a funeral so close to Christmas. What a shame!”
“Yes, I know, I really don't know how I survived this terrible ordeal.”
“Your poor husband must be an absolute wreck over the loss of his brother.”
“Well, my husband was always saying that he wouldn't be surprised is his crazy younger brother got himself killed one of these days. I'm sure he'll be fine, and now I won't have to worry about Moe getting car grease all over my newly upholstered sofa...”
It always helps to keep a positive mindset.

In a last-ditch effort to save the fleeing would-be militia from artificially achieving high elevation, the next-door neighbor Ray hoists a sweet home-made rocket launcher up on his shoulder and gets ready to blow away a small portion of crazed, out of control government workforce.
“If I hit them, do I get to keep this thing?”

If there's one relative Jane dislikes as much as Moe, it's Leroy, and for many of the same reasons: A garbage collector by day, and an inventor by night, he is as the bottom of the social order and doesn't care in the least.
Right now, his technical skill is helping tremendously as he helps load his jury-rigged cardboard-and-duct-tape rocket launcher in a bid to buy everyone some time and possibly get to blow something up.

That's the other thing about Leroy: he loves explosions, the bigger the better. Consequently, the kids can't get enough of him.

Speaking of the kids, Timmy and Bobby are completely oblivious to the chaos raging around them, engrossed as they are in their own intense battle among the shattered remains of their mailbox. Their enemy lies across the driveway behind a wall, with who knows how much ammunition. The twins' only asset is Bobby's secret snowball recipe.
1 Part ice
1 Part slush
2 Parts gravel-filled snow
Pack firm with the ice in the center, and serve at extreme speeds in the direction of the enemy.

“This fortress is insurmountable! Indestructible! It can handle anything you little twerps can dish out! Sheltered behind these impervious walls, we can not be conquered! Soon you shall bow before our- AAAHHHH!”
Bobby's secret recipe works a treat, and Jeff is shocked stiff by having his claims contradicted quite so succinctly.

Known as “Aaron's hippie throwback friend”, Jeff is yet another victim of Jane's instant profiling. It doesn't matter that he's a fine, upstanding youth, one glance at his hair and he was branded for life. Right now, his normally unruffled disposition has been put to the test by the appearance of a projectile passing within inches of his face after ripping through an “Indestructible” wall, sending snow flying in myriad directions.

“So, you said that this fort was insurmountable, did you? This wall could end up looking like Swiss cheese if they keep that up!”

Because I had to do something with my extremely discolored white bricks. Even if you can't really tell because the picture's so white, those bricks are pretty darn yellowed.

In the other end of the yard, little Todd is working on a surprise:
“Hey, Mommy, I'm makin' snowcones for everyone, and I think they're lemon flavored!”

Cousin Alexander is home from college for the time being, so with nothing else better to do, he watches the drama with contempt. With no brain surgery or rocket science studies to get A+ scores on, he has had to resort to irritating everyone around the house with his condescending manner. The best part is that everyone actually has to pretend to be happy to have him around, even though he knows that they would love nothing more that to be rid of him. Perhaps next year they'll have the foresight to send him to Harvard or Yale, somewhere that he can really shine and pile up his brilliant academic achievements, and where he'll be too far away to visit. With any luck, he'll get one of Todd's snowcones.

Alexander's teenage sister, Chelsea, is a bit of a priss, but she can't sit around all day and let everyone else have all of the fun! Appropriating John Smith's rifle from his cabinet, she intends to unleash hell upon those no good mal- mala- Whatever! Even though her vocabulary is flawed and she actually has no clue how to operate a firearm, she is more than willing to help, unlike her insufferable pig of a brother.

This is the 'figs flying into the air from another angle because I want you to be able to see how many I have stacked up without glue! ;) Yes, I feel the need to impose my superiority upon my faithful fans again. :P

The mighty curved plough makes short work of the fleeing 'figs, and all thanks to three BrickArms U-Clips from BrickFan (I've said before that I need to buy a ton of them). Absolutely no Lego parts would give me the proper angles without huge gaps. I would've made a curving, half-shut garage door as well if I'd had more clips.

Ed is particularly proud of his mighty plough, and it shows. Right on the rear bumper, to be exact.
“My other plough is a Ferrari!”

Ed almost can't see the road because of that strung-out Scottish daredevil Mack on the hood. Mack is a great believer in the energy enhancing capacities of Will Chapman’s Secret Coffee Blend that he buys in bulk at the store.

Joe just came along for a ride after being promised that he could keep the gun. I don’t know how Joe, Mack, and Ed came to be such stereotypical names for construction workers, but I went with it. Even if this isn’t construction.

As of this point, I had four minutes to post this before the contest ended, hence my lackluster commentary here. Like the snowman? He couldn't have a carrot nose because the orange tuber would be the size of a minifig's leg.

In a completely random turn of events, Undercover Kid blasts onto and away from the scene in record time on his malfunctioning rocket-powered skateboard.
“Hey, get me off this thing!”

These explosives, located in the back of the truck, are responsible for the destruction of this entire entry. They were the reason that I tried to pick up the whole thing and rotate it for a better shot.

Unfortunately, my fingers slipped and tore the house off of the base, which fell to the ground and knocked everything else out of place and all over the table. I suppose I could fix everything back up, but I don't want to have to go to all of that trouble a second time.

Okay, first off, this was another entry to the Brickarms contest along with the Drug Bust, but it was built in far less time in the last week of the competition. I felt it was a good concept, but one of my weaker efforts, yet people still seemed to like it better than the other one. This one seems to have a better design concept, while the other one has a funnier narrative.

This was my first experiment with a homemade lightbox (which can be seen in the last picture), and all I have to say is that I’ve got a ways to go with it. While the background came out wonderfully white, everything else was somewhat lacking in contrast or color. I spent quite a bit of time with the photo editor retouching everything and trying to get the color back into everything.

I also learned that you should never take pictures in certain directions. Use the whole build to your advantage and make it your background. Try to have parts of it showing in every picture instead of just white.

Oh, yes, I just remembered something else I wanted to bring to your attention. Because I used a SNOT baseplate, and made the snow higher than the road, I had to try and create some gradual elevation between the two heights. This was a major headache because I had to use white tiles on top of each other (lacking white slopes). Unfortunately, three studs long is two and 2/3 bricks high, so I had to use all of these conflicting measurements and make them connect in such a way as to keep the baseplate strong.

Still, all of the trouble put in paid off. Even though I didn’t even place in the contest, people seemed to like it, and I learned a lot. Now I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!


Jeff Fauble
 I like it 
Cligra ?
  June 3, 2011
Jeff Fauble
 I like it 
Thoy Bradley
  November 3, 2010
Haha Jeff, I dont know how I missed this, and I don't know how you didn't get a placing - its Phat with a capitol P! I really was hoping Chelsea would take pot shots at the flying civilians... LOL. ~Thoy
  November 3, 2010
No, don't tone it down. It's for us to get used to slapping ourselves after we're done reading, and go back to look at the build.
 I made it 
  November 3, 2010
Quoting Tom Simon Your stories are a minefield of distraction. Make it too easy to lose track of the great building.
Thanks. And you're quite right, the stories often distract from the builds, but I feel like the creations are bare without an accompanying narrative. Perhaps I could tone it down a bit, but for me the joy is in creating a crazy story and illustrating it with Lego.
 I like it 
  November 3, 2010
"surge of forward motion" Phipson's radar must be damaged. Your stories are a minefield of distraction. Make it too easy to lose track of the great building.
 I like it 
  May 5, 2010
 I made it 
  April 1, 2010
Quoting Leda Kat Love the stack of figs and the yellow snow, and Moe Doe and the snowball flying through the fort.
I never realized that Moe's last name would be 'Doe'. Moe Doe, it sounds really strange.
 I like it 
  March 31, 2010
What a wonderfully creative build. So much detail and real sense of character. Each fig has a whole back story worked out and a personality that just lights up the whole moc. Love the stack of figs and the yellow snow, and Moe Doe and the snowball flying through the fort. Cousin Alexander cracks me up, he looks so smug and stuffy. A really unique and well designed piece of art!
 I made it 
  March 16, 2010
Quoting Shannon Young The people that come to my page for entertaining writing need to pay yours a visit. And hey, the builds ain't half bad, either! I love the stack of people flying into the air.
Thanks. I really enjoy creating fun stories to go with my creations. Actually, I have a very hard time creating anything without a story in mind! Right now, though, I'm having a bout of writer's block.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
Wow... Bobbys' secret weapon FTW.
 I like it 
  March 16, 2010
The people that come to my page for entertaining writing need to pay yours a visit. And hey, the builds ain't half bad, either! I love the stack of people flying into the air.
 I like it 
  January 23, 2010
Awesome build, and I've gotta say the commentary is what really makes this thing stand out! Also, I to live in a place where the snow never falls (Florida). Great job =)
  December 2, 2009
I was re-visiting this and saw your response to my comment, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Still, this creation should have way more comments.
 I like it 
  December 2, 2009
I'm loving this. Seriously, this is probably my favorite scene here.
 I like it 
  December 2, 2009
Quoting Freela and BrickFan93 I'm not going to say how great this is, or even how wonderful you are, Yuri, others may waste petty words on that. I'm going to propose to you instead. ;P
And if I weren't otherwise engaged, I'd give it a good deal of consideration! <:D
 I like it 
  October 12, 2009
Awesome vignettes!
 I made it 
  October 2, 2009
Quoting Mister Fang Great, great creation! Hilarious as well, guess this would be a bad time to state I am a Federal Employee.....
Get. Lost. :D Glad you liked it, and please keep away from my mailbox. (Now that I think of it, there is an advantage to living where it doesn't snow!)
 I like it 
  October 2, 2009
Great, great creation! Hilarious as well, guess this would be a bad time to state I am a Federal Employee.....
  September 20, 2009
So great,so beautiful.Nothing more i can say about that.
 I like it 
  September 20, 2009
You did a great job on this! The cabin and snowplow look awesome! Keep up the good work!
 I like it 
  September 20, 2009
Another awesome little vig! Love the snow plough, and the use of the discoloured bricks made me lol!
 I like it 
  September 20, 2009
Awesome, It has so many things I like, like the snowfight, snowplower, great effect of the snow on the street, humanic tower,... Great job
 I like it 
  September 19, 2009
The Lego snow-plowing alone does it for me. Awesome!
By Jeff Fauble
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