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MocOlympics round 4 Kevin Fedde vs Master Shifu Leo J
About this creation
Category: "Instrukshuns"
Opponent: Master Shifu
Note, its really long, but its the only way I could get all of my points across...

K: Greetings, MOCers! I am your illustrious host, Kevin Fedde!
7: and I am the star of the show, Universe Fig #7!

K: Lets get this train wreck a rollin'! What are we doing today, 7?
7: Well Kev, today we are going to be introducing all of the fanboys and their mothers to a great technique that is only rarely used correctly.
K: And that would be...


-In 20 easy steps-

K: Ok, 7, what are we looking at here?
7: This is NOT a greeble, folks. This is a collection of random, almost same colored parts stuck together to try to resemble some sort of ... toaster? Maybe?
K: Well it seems that these kids (and adults here) would need a few starting pointers:

1. Sticking a couple levers and claws together does NOT make it a greeble. It just makes it a lever and a claw stuck on the side of (insert creation).
2. Try to keep the color scheme in the area as close to one uniform color as you can. Don't mix a near equal ratio of, say, black, light grey, and dark grey. That just makes it look dirty (like Chris) and busy.
3. Some "accent colors" are all right, as long as they serve a purpose (as will be seen later)

K: Ah, now HERE's a great shipment of Greeble parts!
7: Absolutely! This is something I can sink my fingers ... er ... claw into!
K: Speaking of Claw, why do you have a golden claw?
7: Well, Kevin, I really needed something that would set me apart from my identical brothers, so I chopped off my own hand and replaced it with a stolen Pirates claw!
K: And how many brothers do you have ... let me guess ... 9
7: How'd you know?

7: Anyways, here is a limited selection of some of the best parts for Light Grey (or Blay) greebling.
K: Since that's the color we have the most of, that's what we're sticking to for the day. As you can see included here, the lever, pneumatic T bar, and 1x1 plate with the ... thing on the side are all probably the most useful greebling parts easily available to the average foolhardy judge ... I mean child.
7: Thats right, but there are also many other parts you could use to great affect. But I digress, lets get started, shall we?

K: Ah, one of the building blocks of modern Greeble-dom. The 1x1 brick with studs on all sides (note, I'll be calling it the "travis brick" from now on).
7: This revolutionary piece allows for nearly unlimited application of any piece in any direction, making it perfect to start our demonstration with.
K: Lets get to it!

7: As you can see, pieces can be applied in a number of ways off of that one simple brick.
K: Here we have started with a clip, 4 long bar, some studs, and some minifig hands (not from 7 over here)
7: The pieces are applied in usual ways, so far. Here are some tips for getting started out

4. Keep it simple, don't try to make it too complex from the beginning.
5. Even though its simple, think ahead about what you want to do, and try to add as many connection points as possible.
6. Be creative with pieces and connections. Later you will see some more applications of this, so stay tuned.
7. Mixing greys is OK. Just keep one to a minimum, used as extras and accents.

K: All manner of parts can be applied in the Greebling process.
7: Whats that you are holding there?
K: This, my good sir, is a broken tube. My giant cat decided to chew on it so I had to cut one end off. Then she saw fit to chew on the other, so ... Viola!
7: Just going to prove that many pieces can have applications in the art of Greebling.

8. Broken parts are ok, as long as it is used correctly.
9. If you didn;t already have a broken part, though, DO NOT MODIFY A PIECE! The whole point of Lego is to use the pieces you are given to get a result as close as you can to the one you want.

K: Now here, just keep the construction process simple. Work on one area at a time, one piece at a time.
7: Thats not what YOU did...
K: This is a case of "Do as I say, not as I do, or I'll F***ing KILL YOU!!!"
7: ...

7: Here, we have turned the model upright! Oh, what a cardinal sin!
K: Not really, 7. I build upside down all the time.
7: But ... Lego taught me ...

K: aside, *what has the Lego Universe been teaching these people

7: Now bring all of the parts together.
K: Yup.... Ah, yes, I almost forgot. Accents. As seen here, I have a trans-green stud here. That, in this case, is a targeting computer.

10. Colors are Cool. Don't keep it only grey, include lights and guages and stuff that give it a bit more visual interest
11. Connections are important. Make sure that they are strong enough to support anything that they need to.

K: Connect the other parts to the studs left over on the original Travis Brick.
7: Also, hook on the targeter onto the tap piece on top.

K: Then we take our (unfortunately) broken piece, and hook it all the way around the back.
7: ...


7, from back: Why is this so heavy!!
K: Dunno, maybe you should chop off your arms and repace them with plain yellow ones, that seems to somehow make peoples Sig Figs and Clone Commandoes stronger
7: Maybe... But can I keep my hand?
K: Sure...

12. Weapons can be an integral part of any Greeble, and can in themselves be greebles. Just keep in mind that it has to look like the systems for a weapon, and not just randomly tacked on black or grey junk.

K: Oh goodie! Weapons!
7: The best part!
K: Unfortunately, they are not the focus of this program, so we must just sit idly by and admire it.
7: Aaaaaaw.
K: Well, the first portion of our Journey is now complete! Tune in next ... time ... for the next installment.
7: We're not getting payed to NOT BUILD! Just get on with it.
K: We're getting Payed!?

Well folks, you've endured enough of us talking for now, take a break!

Our show this half hour (cause thats probably how long its gonna take you to read this) has been Sponsored By..., as well as a generous grant from Another place, and the support of veiwers like YOU!!! YEAH, YOU!! In the front row! Put away your Cell phone before I come down there and beat it out of you!



Wow, this is getting long... and booooooooring...

K: For our next dish...
7: Just get on with it.
K: Ok, fine. Our next part starts with one of our original basica pieces.
7: This one is just as good as the travis brick, except in different ways.

13. Start with a piece, and go with it. If you don;t like what you've gotten to, start over, with the same piece, or try a different one.

K: And here we have the components of the hip joint, conveniently pre-baked before our show tonight!
7: ... *sigh... Notice the levers underneath and on top. They are the same color as the base, they are not black.
K: Good eye, Sous Chef!

K: It all comes together like a wonderful, ABS Pie! smell those rich aromas and looke at that wonderful texture.
7: Enough with the Cooking show already!!!
K: Well fine... spoil sport... maybe I just won't talk any more...

K: ...
7: Ok, fine...Here is the finished hip joint. Note the use of hooks and clips for easy places to hook stuff on, as well as the reverse stud on top.

14. Be sure to look for new techniques that you didn't know about. Look around the internet, theres tons of stuff waiting to be discovered!
15. Be sure to leave places open for previous components to attach to.

7: Ah, one of my favorite pieces, the Battle droid arm! Great for just about anything in the greebling field.
K: ...
7: Ah, come on! You know more about this that I do.
K: ... fine ... and what is that guy doing back there?

7: Even the simplest connections can look great in greebles if placed in the right place.
K: Absolutely!
7: And make 3 of those, 2 of which were -
7: ... were conveniently prepared before the program...

16. Cram parts. Try to get as many pieces into a small space as possible.
17. On that note, unless its needed for something, like a gun or bomb to come out, don't leave huge gaps in greebles, it just looks empty.

7: Almost there, just a few steps more until we are done and you can get out of here.
K: Why do I have to stand back here... They can't see my vivacious smile!
7: Because that's where you were pushed when the producer was moving the set to take this shot. Deal with it.

K: And here we have our final lower portion.
7: Notice that this part is all of one color.
K: Just one more step to go!
7: Finally ... I have a date tonight.

18. Use pieces creatively. Like those claw parts. I love those. A

K: And last, but not least...
7: Putting the top on!
K: Drumroll please!

badda badda
badda badda
badda badda
badda badda
budda badda
badda budda
badda badda

K: And were done! Finally!
7: just a few last minute pointers for you.

19. Greebles are usually meant to look like machine parts that are there to serve a purpose.

K: Well, thats our program, folks.
7: We seemed to have gone Waaay over our alloted time period, but who cares!
K: Tune in next ... time ... for an exploration into the methods that Minifigs use to make their own food!
7: ugh... Cut.

Sorry for the crappy set and editing. I had a TON of homework the last 2 weeks, and my Swim practices have eaten through a lot of my time lately.
Chris, I hate you for doing this to me, so I gave a little back by making this Really, Really , REALLY long.

Sorry its so long, Its just hard to get your point across in a small amount of pictures. I think this was the hardest and longest MOCPage MOC submission I've done.
And let the elimination (of me) begin!

Eat a Steak!


 I like it 
  October 7, 2009
Amazing! I love your work Fedde!
 I like it 
  October 5, 2009
ZZZZZ...ZZZZZ...ZZnnfff...hmmm, what? Is he done? He's done? Oh, I wasn't dozing, I was taking a moment to meditate on the mind-numbing...I mean...mind-boggling techniques illustrated here today. Yeah, that's it, that's what I was doing. Just superb. (Joking aside, congrats on the win. Good stuff, Fed!)
 I like it 
  October 5, 2009
Well, your competitor had a more useful piece of advice, but your presentation takes it. Congrats on the win. Lee.
 I like it 
  October 5, 2009
Great greebling tutorial. I actually will use some of your advice!
 I like it 
  October 5, 2009
 I like it 
  October 5, 2009
You have my vote.
Kevin Fedde
 I like it 
Dave Shaddix
  October 4, 2009
Larger pictures would have been a lot better, visually, but I don't think that's part of the MOC and hopefully you will be judged according to the build itself and not picture size *HINT HINT* A lot of humor involved in this, I really like the presentation and the out of the box idea. Nice work Kevin! ~dave
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
awesome job. never knew there was such thing as a greeble...
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
Both entries were really close but you pulled out in the final stretch here! I think it was your feelings on me that did it hehehe. You got my vote my friend! Good luck with the other judges! ~ Chris.
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
I think "that's what she said" would go along well with most of the below comments. That aside, I was impressed by the amount of information you've included here. Nice work and good luck. &^)
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
A very nice lesson, good sir. Good luck! Good day
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
great lesson, and I agree that bricks shouldnt be cut on purpose
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
Finally! SOMEbody tells us a lesson about greebling, and a good one too. Really good competition here with your opponent, and I think I'm giving you my vote...uhm...heck, yeah, I'm giving you my vote!
 I like it 
  October 4, 2009
Very nice, have fun in round 5 without me.
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
Long, but informative and humorous! Best of luck with the judges.
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
I'm liking your new siggy's vivacious smile ;)
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
The fact that it's long means NOTHING to me! It's very informative, the best description of what greebles are all about. I have an Instructions group if you want to join:
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
Well done! I know it's long, but with bigger pictures we could go through it much faster. I like what you've done -- you taught me something! Now go study!
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
Yep, it's long. But very good. Nice job!
 I like it 
  October 3, 2009
Very long, but infinately enjoyable. The somewhat empty build makes for a stage that realy focuses your attention on what's going on. Poor Shifu is in for it.
By Kevin Fedde
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Added October 3, 2009

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