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The U.M.R.C. project: S1 Ep.07
season finale of my Mysteron comic
About this creation
Production note: Ok, welcome to the epic season finale. It’s more “plotty” than the episodes before and a bit long, but also just the first half. But honest, we had enough action scenes in the past, or?

december, 1st 12:00

Beginning december, in the living room of Olivia Johnson’s apartment, who listens to a speech of president Clarkson...

Anchorwoman: “TV 2 get the affirmation, that the lost contact to station 77 was caused by an alien attack 2 days ago. Over private subspace lines we got these short clips. A civil freighter took it before it escaped. The pilots reported, that they’ve seen the agressors...”

“...And yes, our first fears were true: It’s official: A Mysterion fleet, which was first discovered by the L.S.S. Beko in sector X-459HJ some weeks ago, appeared unexpected and destroyed the trade station quickly. Aside the freighter crew ther’re no survivors. In these hours, experts of the government analyse further encounters of the last days. It seems, that the fleet consists of more than 100 objects and their course will pass the sol system.
President John Gilbert Clarkson declared, that the earth alliance will face every invasion on earth alliance home worlds.”

President Clarkson: “We’re a proud race. The human people survived 3 world wars, we overbeared our failings, conquered the space, retook the earth from the coalition and now, we won’t bow for an alien race, nobody has ever seen. In all years of space exploration, no Mysterion was ever directly hostile, but now, the Mysterions declared us war. They should get their one. But i am not willing to wait for their invasion. In the last months, my chief generals ordered to build more than 40 new standart and deluxe battle cruisers, which will command our defence forces. The first time, we’ll see a Mysterion in our space again, this fleet is prepared for a first surprising strike. The enemy has no chance to start an organized attack on earth. May god bless you!”
Anchorwoman: “We’ll inform you about any news. Please, keep being calm and trust in our government. If you stay on earth, nothing can happen.”

Olivia Johnson: “Governmental experts, why they didn’t asked us?! That’s it? We worked for nothing? Let the weapons decide?”
Mortimer Bishop: “The human eye sees, what it wants to see... From psychologic view, we see a bunch of Mysterion objects. But we have no evidences for an invasion. It’s right, the Nagasaki got destroyed, station 77, too. Both threated them. The Nagasaki was too near, station 77 prisoned an object for months. But between station 77 and earth there are many important military and civil settlements and stations not attacked. Why? Mysterions aren’t interested in political forces, so why attacking earth and ignoring all the rest? That’s not even a war logic if you ask me, but to be honest, i can’t say much about Mysterion logic.”
Olivia Johnson: “I doubt, that earth is their goal. Maybe the fleet just cross our system and there are no dangers. That doesn’t matter, because president Clarkson is afraid. He’s not planning a defense, he’s planning a first strike, a war to the end. If we attack the fleet, it will fire back definately and without any diplomacy. I sent our commendation to the parlament to wait.”

Mark Johnson: “Don’t worry, honey. We all knew, that this day would come. Mysterions are just agressive aliens. I’m sure, the military plan will success. It could help, if you offer your technology database to them. Olivia, i will always protect you, you know?”
Olivia Johnson: “But in worst case, we aren’t safe here anymore.”
Mortimer Bishop: “By the way, where is Carnway?”
Olivia Johnson: “He arrived yesterday. I commanded to take Mr. Lentz and other visitors and to bring them away from here as long as they can. Hopefully, the Beko leaves the sector before Clarkson can block all travels.”

The L.S.S. Beko is escorting Dr. Adrian Lentz back to the Archeogenis laboratory after his failed Mysterion experiment, but then an earth alliance ship stops it...

Commander: “Here’s E.A.S. Idiocrazy. We’re sad to order you to fly back. The earth alliance government commands, that no travels from neighboured systems are allowed to leave before the military strike against an actual alien menace is over. Sorry, but the Beko has to return to earth. Contravention will be answered with weapon power.We’ll escort you.”

december, 2nd

Meanwhile protests against Clarksons plans are hold on different planets. Especially feared citizen of earth are against the military plans...

The Beko has to return. The captain is not amused about...

Cpt. Carnway is angry: “NO! He can’t attack an unknown encounter. Before we know, what the Mysterions are planning, we shouldn’t act. Do you listen, Calak? How can they want destroying the earth if object 362 rescued us on Alpha Centauri only some days ago? Or object 680, it left us peaceful and now, they all attacking the planet, they visited so many times? That doesn’t make sense!”

“...I will speak him privately. Your orders are to keep your eyes open. If the fleet starts any actions, the L.S.S. Beko have to try everything to stop or at least annoy. I know, it’s not easy, what i want from you, but...”
Commander Calak: “Yes, sir. I’ve understood. And the choice is logical.”
Cpt. Carnway: “I can always trust on you. Be careful while i’m away and stay in shadow before the fleet acts. We can’t help if we got arrested early.”

december, 3rd 16:43

The president’s office...

Mr. Clarkson: “The demonstrants annoy me. Who is that organisation, which wants to tell me, what i can do and what not?”
Senator Obama: “Universal Mysterion research center, sir. The leader is Olivia Johnson.”
Mr. Clarkson: “Arrest her. I don’t want any protests on earth while the military prepares an offense. The morality of our soldiers are most important now.”
Senator Obama: “But...”
Mr. Clarkson: “IF YOU interrupt my work, i’ll sent someone else! I know, your family is famous in history books and you want to become the next president, but today, I AM the president! The U.M.R.C. has nothing to say in military decissions.”
Obama leaves the office angry.

december, 3rd 23:00

That night, someone in the U.M.R.C. Med lab has curious dreams...

...while the mars observatory watches the first objects at 23:00 at border of solar system.

A huge Mysterion fleet passes the outer planets in direction of earth.

The defence fleet is prepared.

Mr. Clarkson: “This will be my final speech to the crews of the defence fleet. The Mysterions just arrived pluto and will attack earth within the next 24 hours. WE will attack in about 12 hours when the objects are on their way and slowed down by the big planets gravity powers. I whish you all luck. The whole human population stands behind you.You can win and you will win for them, for the united nations of earth! God bless you.”

More boring things happen...then:

december, 4th 10:00

Olivia Johnson: “Thank you, Josh, that you are here to help, but the government doesn’t want to listen. The news say, i’m a criminal. And we can’t do anything until the operation at 12 o’clock.”
Cpt.Carnway: “Calak knows what to do. And as long as we are hidden in this hotel, noone will arrest us.”

At same time on board of the E.A.S. Atlas, earth alliance flagship...

Commander: “Commander, all ships on red alert and under your command. The hostile fleet ist just between pluto and Saturn now... wait, there’s another ship coming from earth orbital, calling us”
Admiral Noxton: "On screen!"

Commander Calak: “The L.S.S. Beko here. We’ll escort the Mysterion fleet. Our last analysis says, that their route cross the earth beside but isn’t directed directly to. If they keep this movement, the invasion is not planned. The Mysterions are not hostile, not yet.”

december, 4th 11:30

Against Carnway’s order to contact anybody, Olivia phones her husband.

Olivia Johnson: “Are you there, Mark? I’m in the city hotel as i told you. Please, come. They’re searching me because i believe, that the president’s decission is wrong! All i worked for, is in danger today and i need someone, i need my husband now. Please, come.”

Mark Johnson: “I’m sorry, honey. Your love for the job is one thing, i understand, that you are crazy about them because your brother was killed by an object,... but fighting against the president, that’s too much. The planet stands just before attack. I can’t go on your way. I love you. I love you so much, so i did the best to help you out of this. Sorry...”
Olivia Johnson: “What did you do? Say me, Mark, that you didn’t call the police. Mark, please.”

Mark: “Forgive me, it’s just for your best, honey.”

Mortimer Bishop: “What happens?”
Cpt. Carnway:
“They’ve found us! Quick, hide yourself!”

Suddently, governmental officers take control of the house...

Policeman: “Earth police. Open the door, you can’t escape!”
Cpt.Carnway: “Damn! Ok. Ok, ok! We come out but only if you promise, that we can speak the president before! If not, we’ll kill everybody entering this room...with...our energy guns!”
Mortimer Bishop whispers: “We don’t have any weapons, Mr. Carnway”

Policeman: “Err... Ok, no problem. The president sent us. And now come out. We’ll solve this peaceful.”

While Carnway, Johnson and Bishop are brought to the parliament, the L.S.S. Beko faces the human fleet, which prepares a big attack on the Mysterion fleet. As long as the ship patrouils in front of the human fleet, it can’t start to face the Mysterions one...

Admiral Noxton: “I’m saying it a final time: civil researchships have to stay in earth orbit! Commander Calak, the Beko is on a wrong position. The enemy is at the gates!”
Lt. LeGonze: “We are, where we should be: Between you and the Mysterion fleet.”

Commander Calak: “I’m sorry, sir, but you won’t attack the Mysterion objects and provoke a deadly battle with the earth alliance. As i said, not Mysterions attack, we do. We did. It’s our own fool that station 77 was destroyed. It prisoned object 600 for several months torturing in different tests. ”
Admiral Noxton: “We have no time for this. The L.S.S. Beko is ordered to return to earth orbit or we’ll interpret your bothering as criminal act to support an enemy. We could get the agreement to fire, if the president decides to. Lieutenant, set a course to the last objects quickly: 692,701, 702 and 19! The fleet mustn’t pass the outer planets.”
Commander Calak: “Sorry, that’s not wise. I think, you don’t listen. If any military ship tries to attack any of Mysterion objects, if that’s your willing, you’ll have to destroy the Beko before. You surely don’t want to fire on a civil ship without governmental agreement. The president is busy with chaos in capital city. In logical conclusion, we still have much time before anything is decided. Time enough for the Mysterion fleet to cross the system safely.”

Admiral Noxton whispers: ”Contact the president’s office... Commander Calak, i know, the Beko has powerful weapons and most modern systems but it’s still a civil researchship. You won’t hold against a military cruiser. But it’s your fail, Atlas out... Raise shields and target them with all weapons, but don’t fire yet. The rest of the fleet should target the Mysterions. The operation has started without flagship. We’ll await the president’s message meanwhile.”

Commander Calak: “You heard the man, lieutenant LeGonze. Shields up. Red alert.”

Meanwhile Carnway and Olivia’s team have entered the president’s room...

President Clarkson: "So, what do you have to tell?"

Cpt.Carnway: “You cant’t do that! We’ve set all their objects free, since that no encounter was hostile, we can’t say if the fleet would attack us. A provocation would be a war declaration from our side. What if they leave this system peaceful?”

Mr.Clarkson: “I CAN and i will! They already declared the war. They killed hundreds of us and you think they’re peaceful? Whenever we meet a new alien race, they’re thinking about how they could conquer the earth and its resources, also these cubes. The Nagasaki destroyed, half of the crew of station 77 killed by a Mysterion, the big diseaster in your science center some weeks ago, that’s just examples of the last months. We lost plenty of ships, stations..., wherever they appear, they test our power or attack, this fleet is an offence to the planet of earth. The universe is smaller than we tought, empires will fight for living planets and the human race is in danger to loose this contest. Aliens ask, if we are strong enough to be with them on one level. And the united nations of earth will answer with their ful weapon power! Your analysis was a failure. The U.M.R.C. has had the responsibility long enough without finding out anything, but now it’s time, that the government takes the Mysterion files in its hands, and the government will act. Guards, arrest these people. A court will decide if they could be allies or spies of our enemies but meanwhile, they won’t stand in the way. From now on, Mrs. Johnson, the U.M.R.C. is a closed agency. And the Beko will be seen as enemy target if it defends that fleet. Mr. Marshall, i need a phone with admiral Noxton. We’ll blast the invaders away, probes, aliens or whatever as long as i’m the president.”

Some minutes later...

Olivia Johnson: “What now, Captain? We can’t watch him doing this. What would happen in case of an open fire?”
Cpt.Carnway: “War. One, the earth won’t win. I’m not even sure, if any of our factions would stay alive. Even if the fleet get destroyed, the earth alliance will use every information of the U.M.R.C. database to build weapons and Clarkson’s hunt for Mysterion objects, no, for possible dangerous aliens in general, begins. If Calak fails to stop the military, we are lost. Clarkson’s turn is an epic failure for the whole milky way...”

Will president Clarkson starts an intergalactic war against the Mysterions?
Can the earth survive this crisis and what happens to the L.S.S.Beko? Is Carnway able to escape from prison?? Will Olivia Johnson forgive her husband? What does the sleeping Psi-elite man know about Mysterion plans? What are their real intentions?
And the most important question: What are Mysterions and where did they come from?

We’ll may know in season 2!

The U.M.R.C. project got 3 TTA nominations!
Support the series here: Tall Tales award 09

Special thanks to Shannon Ocean and Yuri Fassio for inspiration.


 I made it 
  January 20, 2010
Quoting Jhon Todd I love it!! Can I put a U.M.R.C. station in my upcoming science and reaserch portion of the Dio-build Industrial Empire building? Thanks if I can! =D
Depends on the compatibility of both themes. There's not much information on your side.
 I like it 
  January 20, 2010
I love it!! Can I put a U.M.R.C. station in my upcoming science and reaserch portion of the Dio-build Industrial Empire building? Thanks if I can! =D
 I made it 
  December 18, 2009
Quoting Bernardo BLITZ Silva oh boy oh boy i cant wait for the ending! :D i watched some of your episodes before but then i forgot about them...their really awesome!
Oh, see my TTA awards. There's a first trailer.
 I like it 
  December 18, 2009
oh boy oh boy i cant wait for the ending! :D i watched some of your episodes before but then i forgot about them...their really awesome!
 I like it 
  October 26, 2009
I can't wait to see the grand finale! Masterful narration, as usual, and oustanding presentation.
 I like it 
  October 14, 2009
Very good. Nice story, with some good scenes. You obviously put a lot of effort into this. Can't wait for part 8.
 I like it 
  October 6, 2009
awesome job! it looks great!
  October 5, 2009
Nice job, I think you should work on the lighting alittle bit.
By Christian Schlichting
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