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Classical Chess Set
Well, here it is. My Chess Set. Unlike character, I went ahead and decided to build something that there's already, oh, so much of. Personally, I think it looks pretty good. Then again, some people prefer blondes to brunettes, so what do I know? Poll: What board games do you like?
About this creation
Unlike most of my other projects, I don't actually loathe this thing... In fact, I really like the way it just sits there sturdily, right on my work desk (or commandeered family-library-reading-table-that-is-now-part-of-my-Legoratory). And yes, I am aware that the setup for the pieces is mistaken (the bottom-left square is meant to be black, and the bottom-right square is meant to be white).

I've provided a list below, showing other peoples Chess sets that I looked at for inspiration during this undertaking.
LegoBendy and his2009-0107 - Chess Set
Shannon Young and his Chess Set
Jeremy Moody and his Lego Chess Set
Plan B and his (I'm assuming) Chess Set
Todd Dillard and his Chess set

The Setup

The Chess board minus the pieces. I really think it gives a "glamorous, yet simple" feeling. After the Chess board was built, I got a serious case of "Yellow-fear". I was afraid to have this thing anywhere near sunlight. And I promise you, I chose my whitest bricks, and it still looks a bit yellowed. Argh!

Now THAT is what I call SNOT work. Seriously, smooth... *insert yo momma joke here*

Tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles, tiles, BRICK!

If you saw my WIP post, you'll know that the actual gaming board is a separate piece... or separate bunch of pieces-whatever. This view shows the bottom of the gaming board... When sideways.

Smooth, straight-cut lines and angles, a bunch of black brick... What more can one ask for? Don't answer that.

Here we see our hero-I mean the black side's piece drawer. Did I mention that this Chess set has drawers for the pieces?

The contents of black's container. That sounds suspiciously wrong...

And the contents of white's box. Basically, how the sorting system works is like this: the very bottom of the container/drawer contains the Pawns, middle contains the "middlegame" pieces (now that's ironic), and the upper part contains the royals (king and queen). That fact that the way the system works is pretty interesting; the lower society into the bottom, middle class (I know there's another term for it, but I just can't think of it. If anyone knows what I mean, please leave a comment) in the middle, and higher society at the top.

A nice little view.

The drawers are removable, and here they are shown. With the exception of the coloring, these drawers should be constructed of the exact same types of elements.

Another cool thing about this is that, if one wished to, one could exchange the "classic" play pieces with minifigures.

Whenever I see this photo, I keep thinking that space-opera music will suddenly blast open, and that the Millennium Falcon will suddenly appear, being sucked into the hole... I need another hobby.

The inside of the Chess set. That horizontal pillar is key...

This is the bottom of the board. 44x44 studs.

The Players

The Pawn, who's bottom half was shamelessly ripped of Shannon Young's design . The reason why I had the primary colors of the pieces either done in light or dark gray was because I was going for a 'stony' look. I then decided giving them an accent color couldn't hurt, so light gray got white, and dark gray got black, completing the circle... Wait, what?!

Ah yes, the Rook. My previous design was much, much worse. I thought I took a photo of it, but I couldn't find it anywhere (trust me, it's for the best). Basically, it involved using inverted 1x2 slopes (the ones with two studs on top), and creating a pillar where they were stacked in a stair-like fashion, giving off a mountainous vibe. Anyway,I'm really digging the accent flags I put on these. I must be some kind of genius...

The pillars of the Rooks are reinforced with Technic goodness. For those of you that don't know, Technic goodness is a bit like when you pour out 1000+ LEGO pieces from the newly opened box, only it's Technic. Yeah, I don't know what I'm talking about either.

I actually found the design for the Knight pretty easy. I was briefly considering placing some figurine to represent the master somewhere on the horse... Guess that idea didn't last long. Admittedly, it doesn't have all the angles involved in the original Staunton pieces, but I wasn't in the mood for conquering all the angles in something so trivial. Besides, I like the design I already have; simple, but effective. Unfortunately, I don't own any 1x2 slopes that I used for white's ears in dark gray, so I was forced to settle with jumper plates and cheese.

The harnesses/collars for the Knight actually came by on accident. I'd already planned to use the old jumper plate techniques for the horses head, and I remembered that using this technique would leave a small, unacceptable gap. I was considering just having the hole represent the mouth somehow, but it went against common biology, so I opted to fill it somehow. I came up with one of those lightsabre (or is it lightsaber?) bars. But it was too long, which was then when I figured I could use it as a collar. The rest was, unlike most projects, downhill, at least for the horse. It also allowed me to further enhance my white/black trim idea. I just used hands and arms for the rest of the collar. Unfortunately, the collars do tend to slip down occasionally, which gets pretty annoying. I'm fairly satisfied with this design.

Ah yes, the Bishops. I don't own any of those 2x2 cones in dark gray - so I was forced to compromise.

I actually like the way black's bishop has that "statue/memorial" look. The reason why I had the Bishops given shields was for two reasons. One, the Bishop sometimes acts as the 'captain' in some Chess sets. And two, the Bishop is more of a defensive piece - both realistically and figuratively.

And here we have the Queen. I really like the feminine look white's Queen has. I'm not too happy with my black design, but it'll have to do. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve her, please leave a comment.

Another view.

'Nother view.

And finally, we have El Rey. Or The King... Same thing! Again, I just happened to make black's version more like a statue/memorial. The reason why I gave the Kings' form such a literal meaning was for two reasons. One, it's the King. There's only one (shut it, queenie) - and since it's such an important piece, it deserves to receive that instant recognition. Reason two, I couldn't think of any other methods with the parts I had left. I've never liked the whole 'cross' thing as a head, even if the kings usually were really religious. And since I was feeling pretty lazy then, I left it at that. Besides, the King having a gold crown just... Looks right. Again, if you have any suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment.

The Tale

Construction shots! Woo-oo!

Tiles, tiles, tiles.

This would be the first of many reconstructions. In this one, I had to exchange a few pieces... Don't ask. All I'll say is it was a PAIN.

You'll note that the interior elements are color-coded - to an extent. It makes it look better, and it saves time resorting when all of it is in a big pile of multicolored plastic goodness. Yeah, I'm drooling.

All of the colors make me dizzy...

Putting the tiles back on... The fact that I haven't been able to think of a single Monty Python reference throughout this entire ordeal is kind creeping me out. Ah well, may as well wing it.

'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!'

These are the supports that allow the drawers to slide out.

'Amongst... Our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and almost fanatical devotion to the Pope... And nice red uniforms-Oh damn!' Hehe, gotta love that.

The laying of the bottom plates. I really hate building backwards...

The Sting

'Alright, people! Let's move! C'mon, keep it moving, keep it moving!'
'Awww crap! The whites are already here!'
'Oh man."
'You gotta be kidding me!'
'You can't be serious!'
'We made all this trouble to get this far... And, and, and-'
'We are so f***ed"

'Hey dude! It's my turn to see!'
'No way, dude. I've only been up here for like a minute.'
'You have not!'

'Woohoo! Horseeeey!'
'Yeah, get off.'

'Everyone ready?! Ruargh!'
'Not really.'
'Yeah, screw this. I'm outta here. Pawn #3, you comin' with me?'
'I'm not Pawn #3, he is.'
'Sorry, my bad. Alright, you, Pawn #3, you comin' with me?"
'Dude, I'M Pawn #5... I though you were #3."
'No, not you. Him.'
'Pawn #3... Or was it #5?

'Oh come on! The military transport is leavin' without us. HQ pencil-pushin' b******s.'
*sigh* 'Which one are you again?'
'I'm pawn #7.'

'Troops! You ready?!'
'Uh... No.'

'Hey, see that rock over there?'
'I bet you if we threw it at them, we would totally win.'
'I don't know...'

You think I took the whole "playing" part a step too far?

Ehh... Nah.

Well, there it is. More than 1000 pieces, all there for your enjoyment. Now I gotta go, I've got a date with Pawn #2... I think. And yes, I did actually rip off the sub-titles from The Sting. Great movie, you should see it if you haven't. And if you have seen it, watch it again. 'Nobody expects the Span-Oh bugger.' Poll: What board games do you like?


 I made it 
  September 6, 2010
Quoting Imajoredinrs The ultimate quester Those drawer handles look like they would break fairly easy.Did you glue them? Other than that cool build.
They are fairly week, but they do the job. They're enforced with lightsaber bars, which makes the structure much tougher to break. The real problem is the tiles at the end of the handles, as they have nothing to stop them coming off.
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Those drawer handles look like they would break fairly easy.Did you glue them? Other than that cool build.
 I like it 
  May 25, 2010
nice work! the society you're thinking about is the feudal system during the high middle ages.
 I like it 
  April 24, 2010
This is fantastic! I am jealous of those drawers. My chess set needs something like that, but just haven't done it yet. You have inspired me. One question... have you thought about doing the board in two pieces and putting the bottoms together so you don't see the bottom of the Legos, just the smooth tile tops?
 I made it 
  January 5, 2010
Quoting Hans Dendauw I'm glad Lee commented on this, giving me a chance to come back. This was one I saw on a REALLY slow MOCpages day, lost my patience, and I never got a chance to comment on how great it is! Those drawers are the perfect 'over-the-top' moment. The pieces are all well done and I have to say, I actually prefer the Black Queen.~H
Thanks for the comment and the feedback! MOCpages slow days can be sooo annoying. Happy New Year!
 I like it 
  January 5, 2010
I'm glad Lee commented on this, giving me a chance to come back. This was one I saw on a REALLY slow MOCpages day, lost my patience, and I never got a chance to comment on how great it is! Those drawers are the perfect 'over-the-top' moment. The pieces are all well done and I have to say, I actually prefer the Black Queen.~H
 I like it 
  January 4, 2010
Sad when one edits a comment and it strips away the rating at the same time, so here is another comment just so I can add the rating. Lee.
  January 4, 2010
It is not often that I throw a 'wow' out, but this is worth a wow. The drawers put it right over the top. Lee.
 I like it 
  December 27, 2009
Congratulations for your victory in the Santa's Little Helper's Contest :) Messy ChrisMas and a Peppy New Year!
 I like it 
  December 21, 2009
Awesome, its sooo smooth...
Topsy Cret
 I like it 
Rusty S.
  December 17, 2009
Great, I really like the drawers and the internal structure is cool to see. Also, I'm lovin' that funeral scene at the end. Keep brickin'!
 I like it 
  December 10, 2009
Excellent Chess Set! Too few comments on this very nice creation. The board looks perfect and the pieces are well designed. Now, board games I like? Risk and clue.
 I like it 
  December 9, 2009
Topsy Cret
 I like it 
Mark Legorski
  December 1, 2009
Wow. This is Awesome. I'll play you in a game of chess! (If any pieces go missing it wasn't me... hehe)
 I like it 
  December 1, 2009
Excellent work. I love the designs for the various pieces and the handy storage drawers that are built right in. I used to play Chess on occasion, but stopped when my youngest brother started to beat me.
 I like it 
  November 29, 2009
Great chess board. I like the storage drawers quite a bit. The pieces are good too. At least you can tell what they are, some sets I have no idea which piece is which. Not that I play chess. I haven't for over 30 years. I used to like Monopoly though I haven't played that for about the same. see ya. garth
 I made it 
  November 29, 2009
Quoting Dave and John Xandegar P.S. Although Johnny and I both love to play chess, his favorite is Monopoly. I'm a Scrabble Man myself!
It was a while since my last Scrabble game (I used to play a game every night with my family). Monopoly, eh? Looks like your son might become a corporate executive some day.
 I like it 
  November 29, 2009
By Topsy Cret
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