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LIU Atlas - Pelago
There are billions of stars, millions of planets, but there is only one man, Terrance McDoogal. Welcome to LIU Atlas.
About this creation
LIU Atlas - Pelago

The Ludgonian Industrial Union's galaxy contains billions of stars and billions of planets. Unfortunately, most residents of the LIU could only name a handful of these worlds. In order to improve astronomy grades across the LIU, TV2 has started a new program called LIU Atlas. Follow our host, Terrance McDoogal, as he takes you on a tour across the LIU and some of its more obscure worlds.

Note: This episode is presented in full screen. The corresponding dialogue is underneath each photo. This should allow our viewers to get the best view possible. If this format is too troublesome, please let us know.

"Welcome to another episode of LIU Atlas. I'm your host, Terrance "Doog" McDoogal. Today, for the first time ever, I am actually happy to be visiting a planet. Usually, I’m dropped off on some unknown outer rim hellhole, but not today. Today, I’m visiting the Jewel of the Mid Rim, the Land of a Million Beaches, the Planet of Endless Babes. That’s right, we’re on the Tropical Resort World of Pelago. I’ve never been able to afford a visit here, but I’ve watched all the commercials on TV2 and seen the brochures at various spaceports. I’m sure we’re in for a good time.
As you can see from the mapping scan above me, Pelago is made up of several islands spread across the warm Pelagion Sea. Only thirty islands, of the nearly one million, are large enough to be imaged at this height.”

“Our first stop today is Pelago’s largest city, Eluceo. Eluceo sits on five pristine islands in the planet’s equatorial region.”

“While some of the city is devoted to commercial interests, the vast majority of it is dedicated to tourism.”

“Eluceo sports some of the galaxy’s best hotels, condos, casinos, and restaurants.”

“Eluceo also has several monuments for tourists to visit, like the Old Clock Tower and the massive, bronze Statue of Economic Freedom.”

“The Blue Lagoon Casino, the blue and transparent yellow building to the left, was specifically designed to be a tourist trap. While it is easy to find your way in, it is nearly impossible to find you way out. The casino’s holographic windows display daytime images at all hours, removing any sense of time the gamblers may have. The building to it right is the five star Su Li Hotel.”

“This section of the city, known as the Island of the Gods, is reserved for Elite Citizens only. It is home to several high ranking citizens’ condos and estates. Illegal use of this island, including trespassing by sub-elite citizens, is punishable by death.”

“The Pelagion Lighthouse sits at the center of the city. It no longer serves any navigational purpose, but it was preserved as a reminder of Eluceo’s maritime past.”

“The three largest islands of the city are connected by large bridges that contain hoverways and high speed trains. The smaller islands are accessible by ferry only.”

“Well, we’ve finally landed. We circled the city enough times, and besides, we were running out of gas. We’re now here on one of Pelago’s greatest features, the beach.”

“We are outside of a small beachside resort. The first thing I notice is that there is an insane amount of attractive females walking about. I am strongly compelled to conduct several in depth interviews with these locals, but I must wait here for my guide.”

“Ah, here he comes, LIU Socialite, and former adult movie star, Big Adams.”

Doog: “Hey Big Adams.”
Big: “More like Gigantic if you ask the ladies, Doog.”
Doog: “Whoa Big, too much information. Tell me, what do you do here?”
Big: “Well Doog, after I finished filming Juicing a Flingarian, I retired here to Pelago. Now, I hang out among the other elitist. On occasion, tourists hire me out to show them the islands.”

Big: “Hey wait Doog, check this out. Hey baby! I can tell by your shirt you like horses. Well it’s your lucky day, I’m hung like…”
Doog: “Stop! We’re on TV Big. You can’t say that.”
Big: “Of course you can, I said it on TV several times.”
Doog: “We’re on a slightly different show here Big. Besides, I’m a man of honor…”

Ten minutes earlier

Doog: “Hey, let me get a couple copies of that.”

Doog: “So what’s on the agenda Big?”
Big: “Well, we’ve seen the beach. I thought we’d check out one of Eluceo’s other tourist traps, the casinos.”
Doog: “Sounds good. Let’s do it.”

Big: “The LIU has suspended its monopoly on gambling on various areas of Eluceo, opening the door for out of galaxy companies to open several casinos. The LIU imposes several steep taxes on these companies insuring that there is still profit to be made. These taxes are collectively known as the Stupidity Tariffs.”
Doog: “Stupidity Tariffs?”
Big: “Yes. Its an extra tax on anyone stupid enough to gamble away all their money.”
Doog: “Ah, I see.”

Big: “We are outside of the Spinning Sun Casino, a favorite among the tourists.”

Doog: “Shall we head inside Big?”
Big: “Just a second Doog. I see a chick with a big tree on her shirt. I have good line for that.”
Doog: “No! No! Let’s go inside.”

Big: “The Spinning Sun Casino has several unusual, and somewhat unfair, table games. The Galactic Gamblers Association has listed these games as a zero on the integrity scale.”

Doog: What games do we have here?”
Big: “Well, on the left side of the screen we have ‘Guess What Color I’m Thinking Of‘ and on the right, we have ‘Guess What Emotion I‘m Feeling Right Now‘.”

Doog: “Hmmm, I put a day’s salary on lime green.”
Dealer: “Nope. It was red.”
Doog: “Ok, ok, I’ll put two day’s salary on pink.”
Dealer: “Nope. It was tan.”
Doog: “Dang, so close!”

Doog: “I think I’ll try my luck over here. Let’s see. I bet a day’s salary that you are angry.”
Dealer: “No. I am happy.”
Doog: “Dang! Your face really threw me off. Let’s see, I bet…”
Big: “Maybe you should stop Doog. You are already doing this show for free now.”
Doog: “Crap! You’re right Big. Let’s get out of here.”
Dealer: “Thanks for gaming at the Spinning Sun Casino. The LIU appreciates your contributions to the Stupidity Tariff.”
Doog: “Why you Son of Pelagion Beach!”
Dealer: “SECURITY!”

Doog: “Well, we narrowly escaped the casino security, and we are now aboard a LIU Party Hoverboat. Hoverboats, like this, are common in the waters around Eluceo and its surrounding islands. We are taking this boat south to the Cliffland Isles. Who knows what kind of party we will find there.”

Doog: “These Hoverboats hover just above the water, giving guests an illusion of a cruise without the pains of sea sickness.”

Doog: “The LIU Party Hoverboats have several amenities, like a built in pool and several bars. Hey Big, where did you go?”

Big: “Hey do you ladies want to see something bigger than a Hoverboat?”

Doog: “Big? Big? Where are you?”

Doog: “Well, I finally found Big and we’ve been dropped off on one of the Cliffland Isles. What’s the deal Big? I don’t see any parties, hot chicks, or resorts. I thought Pelago was a Tropical Resort World?”
Big: “Well, it is and it isn’t. Eluceo and some the islands closest to the city are dedicated solely to being a Tropical Resort. The vast majority of the islands are dedicated to agriculture.”
Doog: “Agriculture! You’ve got to be &%#$$@* me! I thought this trip was going to be fun. I never saw anything in the brochures about agriculture!”
Big: “Well Doog, like it or not, agriculture is an important part of this planet.”

Doog: “Fine. Let‘s get this over with What kind of agriculture does this planet support?”
Big: “Well, here on the Cliffland Isles, there is very little real estate. The little patches of land available are used to grow various tropical fruits and vegetables. Here, they are growing Pelagion Dingleberries.”
Doog: “Dingleberries?”
Big: “Yes Doog. These juicy berries are world famous. When fermented, Dingleberries make a delicious wine that is extremely intoxicating. It’s popular among college age males. It knocks the chicks right out.”

Doog: “Well we’re done with the agriculture. Let’s grab a barrel of Dingleberry wine and head out.”
Big: “Oh, not yet. The Cliffland Isles have many forms of agriculture. Besides, after this, we still have to check of the northern farms.”
Doog: “Alright, let’s hurry this up. And don’t forget to grab a barrel. I always need all the help I can get.”
Big: “Don’t worry. I already have three barrels at my place.”

Big: “There are also several banana farms here on Pelago. I have several pick-up lines dealing with bananas if you’re interested in hearing any.”
Doog: “Absolutely not. Let’s move on.”

Big: “This Cliffside plantation is growing Pelagion Hot Peppers. They are one of the largest peppers in the universe.”

Big: “They are also one of the hottest peppers in the universe. These peppers are grown for industrial purposes only and are not recommended for consumption.”
Doog: “Industrial purposes?”
Big: “Yeah, like the production of Pepper Spray.”

Doog: “So they aren’t going to help us with the chicks?”
Big: “Not unless you want to move into illegal territory.”
Doog: “Nope, I’m not that desperate, yet. Let‘s move on.”

Big: “Pelago’s vast ocean contains millions of fish and supports a large fishing industry.”

Big: “Independent fishing boats catch their quota of fish and bring them to Cliffside processing plants, like this, to unload and sell.”

Doog: “What kind of fish are you catching?”
Fisherman: “We catch the Pelagion Snub Nose Longfish. They’re worth a pretty penny on the open market. Unfortunately, that’s all the LIU gives us for them. A penny.”
Big: “Man! It’s too bad there are no chicks around. Id like to show them my Snub Nose Longfish.”
Doog: “Big! What did I say about that!”
Big: “Sorry.”

Fisherman #2: “The LIU processing center sells us bait at five cents a pound, nearly eliminating our entire profit. We can barely get by.”
Doog: “Well cry me a river. I’m working for free this week. Stupid casinos…”

Doog: “Well, I left Big outside, and I am now inside the Cliffside Processing Center. I’m joined by the Chief Processing Manager, uh…we’ll just call him Chief. Give us a quick rundown of this facility.”
Chief: “Well, the fish are kept on ice until they can be processed.”

Chief: “When we are ready, they are taken to this first room.”

Chief: “Using table saws, like these, engineers remove the fish’s head and tail. These parts are known to contain deadly parasites.”

Chief: The head and tail are then incinerated in these giant furnaces. It prevents any accidental contamination.”

Chief: “The fish bodies are then moved to this room to be processed even further.”

Chief: “Engineers then remove the skin from the fish with this grinder.”

Chief: “The skinless fish are then chopped up into smaller pieces. This is a bad job to have if you have problems paying attention. Right Jim?”
Jim: “Grrr…”

Chief: “The small pieces of fish are then placed into a can and closed up.”

Chief: “The cans are then boxed up and shipped out across the universe.”
Doog: “Thanks Chief.”

Doog: “Well I’ve rejoined with Big and we’ve headed north to the Northern Farms. I see no isles in sight and I have no idea what they could be farming. What are do they farm out here Big, dust?”

Big: “The farms are actually at the bottom of the ocean Doog. Here, they cultivate large Kelp fields.”

Doog: “Kelp?”
Big: “That’s right. Workers use the LIU Kelp Tractor to process the Kelp growing on the ocean floor.”

Doog: “Well folks we are out of time. Thanks for joining us once again. We hope you’ve enjoyed this first season of LIU Atlas.”

Note: The first season of LIU Atlas is now available on DVD.

Episode 1: LIU Atlas - Colluvio
Episode 2: LIU Atlas - Solus
Episode 3: LIU Atlas - Mordax
Episode 4: LIU Atlas - Obex
Episode 5: LIU Atlas - Fuscus
Episode 6: LIU Atlas - Boletus
Episode 7: LIU Atlas - Vastitas
Episode 8: LIU Atlas - Pelago

The DVD also includes several special features, including:

Episode 2.5: LIU Atlas - Chauca
Behind the Scenes: LIU Atlas - The Magellan
Press Release: Doog Gets Released From Prison


 I like it 
  March 7, 2011
wonderful work! my only deception is the size of the hotel, it s a bit small, otherwise, great story! all around! full of genius ideas and concepts!
 I like it 
  February 8, 2011
The highlight of this episode was probably the ocean floor scene... that kelp tractor is really well-designed, it looks great!
 I like it 
  January 31, 2011
this was really great! but the spinning sun symbol kind of looks like a nazi swastika. haha im sure that was an accident. ;) anyways, again, this was really good, great job.
 I like it 
  December 26, 2010
Great closing episode ! The nano-scale city is very nice and I love the fishing boat. The Kelp tractor is great too. Well, in fact, everything is great !
 I like it 
  November 30, 2010
Loving the hoverboat and kelp tractor, the sets are fantastic and as always it's a joy to read. Going to check out series 2!
 I like it 
  February 17, 2010
heyy.... that tractor is an off-color neptune carrier! I am always blown away by the sheer size of the sets on this series, not to mention their quantity.
 I like it 
  January 2, 2010
Is the name of this city by any chance related to a certain paradise in Greek mythology?
 I like it 
  December 10, 2009
A worthy end to the first season. Lee.
 I like it 
  December 7, 2009
I loved the fish and the submarine. The agricultural part was really nice, too. :)
 I like it 
  December 7, 2009
When I saw some of the sneak peeks pop up on flickr I knew this one was going to be good. You sir, did not disappoint. Excellent season finale!
 I like it 
  December 7, 2009
This is really really impressive! The whole story! If I was a head of a tourist department of some island I'd use you to do promo materials for a next tourist season. Of course, using Lego ;))
 I like it 
  December 6, 2009
I find it amazing that you're able to write such a long story, while having a top-notch build for every scene! Great job =)
 I like it 
  December 6, 2009
Top notch yet again. I liked the kelp tractor the best. It was such a cool model!
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Amazing. I would give more praise if you could make them all different creations. The fishery is brilliant! Nice use of lighting effects and slope on slope techniques. Absolutely stunning.
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
The volume of work you put into each of these posts is just staggering. Absolutely WONDERFUL episode this time, too! Great work! If I ever get time for a vacation, I know where I'm headed. Hmmm, now where do I send my wife?
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
You're probably the only MOCer to have created a whole universe. And what universe ! Purely awesome and hilarious as usual. There even something "cute" for once, this nice little medium-blue house with a white roof. All those babes... Yeah ! PS If only the DVD was real :-)
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Every build is amazing.... wow.
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Awesome, I love that microscale, nice beach, funny casino scene, very nice sets, farming underwater ? excellent Idea, I love the detail you put in your LIU atlas, great job
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Oh great Emperor, your stories are always so amusing and your building skills are really hot (like Pelagion Hot Peppers). Sincerely a submissive citizen!
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Woah this is awesome! I soo wish i could get the DVD!
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
One of your best yet, Emperor! I am most impressed with your SNOT work and creativity in this one. You really do know how to give off illusions through your work (e.g. chopping up fish). Also, you did a neat job on how each photo seemed related to the next or previous with the help of dialog. I look forward to both season two and non-Atlas MOCs. Good day
 I like it 
  December 5, 2009
Fun as usual. So many interesting places to go in the LIU, so many workers to exploit. I like all the scenes but the beach house is cool. Nice column. Reminds me of Mr. Adams. see ya. garth
Ludgonious .
 I like it 
Thomas N
  December 4, 2009
Excellent, every single build was fantastic, from the buildings, to the boat, to the cliff side farms, everything is superb. Especially that microcity! I still can't get over that. expand it a couple dozen times and you could rival Young ;) ~T
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
Another awesome episode. So much in each build, it's fabulous! Can't wait to get the DVDs!~H
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
Where I can I make a reservation? I wanna go there!
  December 4, 2009
You sir... are AWESOME! There is so much work put into each of your posts. I don't even know where to start! Genius sir... PURE genius. And... there's a part of me that tends to agree with Ocean... just who was your inspiration there? HAHA ~ Chris.
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
Outstandig builds, and the story of course, too.
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
Sweet! Great variety of builds (love the party barge) and a funny narrative. The fish processing plant is very inventive. Thanks for not letting Doog make that special connection he so longed for!
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
What Liam said. Your LIU Atlas mocs are so consistantly enjoyble, your highness. But why does that Big fella remind me of Phipson?
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
Do you mind if some time in the next few weeks I mention your L.I.U.verse in my ArcheoGenis series? I'm going to post Abductors, and I wanted to mention the Unvolunteers of your previous chapter. BTW, amazing job as usual. The wave lining at the beach is wonderful, as are the farming facilities :)
 I like it 
  December 4, 2009
AMAZING work again. I love this stuff. There is nothing like this anywhere else. Bravo!
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