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TurboTag #4: Dawn of a Legend
It's here.
About this creation
First of all, I'd like to say that I'm really, really sorry about the whole seven-month wait. I have solely posted TurboTag #4 without the pictures because my bricklink parts still haven't arrived and so you guys can continue with the story.

You guys can't believe how guilty I've felt over the whole TT #4 thing. Again, I'm really, really sorry about it all. I hope you will accept my apologies and, maybe someday, tag me again if I don't make any more epic kludges like trusting the lady who owns the bricklink store, 'BRICKCHICK**FREE SHIPPING!'

Well, I hope you enjoy it. I've worked a good month or two on the dialog...

I have enjoyed the previous TurboTags, with participants SHARPSPEED, (Adam Janusick), tommy n, (Thomas Nunez), and Dylan D (Dylan Denton), and now it is my uber-melodramatic honor to participate in this marvelo - oh heck just read the damn thing. TurboTaggers, please note that in this episode there'll likely be a lot more text than in others. That does not mean it will be photo-less. If you're a moderately slow reader, you should have this over with in about an hour. Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present you the newest episode of this story, please welcome Turbo-Tag #4, Dawn of a Legend!!

First some introducing to the new characters . . . . You know Tommy and Greg and Tala already, right? And who could possibly forget Tommy, hempseed, genius, kind person, weirdo, inventor of the also unforgettable crystalline white Rogue Sequencer?

Raphy, a muscle maniac, although he also likes hypercars. Energetic, although lazy sometimes after a night of working on his masterpiece muscle car.

Gabriel's more of a 'Lac cruisin' kind of guy, although he loves muscle cars and Jaguars. A really nice guy, doesn't care much about going fast. He's Raphy's idol.

Daniela, mechanic-in-training - just got her driver's license. Eager to work on new cars, she doesn't have a favorite. She'll take anything if it's fast!

Now that we've got the characters introduced, let's get on with the story!

(By the way, Lino, I'm sorry if I bragged about me being the second best American customs designer in the part where we come to your garage. I know it's of course not true, it's just my dream, my wish :D So I know it's really not so, so please don't think I was being immature and a show-off. Also, Jay Lino is a pun on Jay Leno, it's supposed to be you in the story :) Thanks ~raphy~)


"It's . . . . beautiful." Tommy said. "It's . . . . like . . . . like it's been blessed by angels."
The crowd at the Alpina Motor Show stood, mesmerized. It had been five minutes already, and the crowd had been quieter than ever, with the occasional camera flash. A truck, a pickup truck, though unbrutal, stood before them, black matte paint not shining. An unsleek, squarish front gazed down at them from the stage, where there should have been headlights it was painted over.
Tinted windows gleamed, reflecting the yellow light of the roof lamps. A shockingly thick and colourful orange stripe shot down the body. Orange flames, painted in candy paint style, adorned the side, with a bold "46" painted over it. On the bulging hood two lumps told them something astonishingly powerful was underneath - and, yes, when the hood was opened, behold! - a sparkling 6.3 liter V8 sat, patiently awaiting the track . . . .

It's rival, yet from the sister company, was even more mesmerizing. It was crystalline, white, simple, modern, like an Apple product. It had not been yet at the Alpine Motor Show, it had slid off the trailer while being taken there . . . .
It too looked like it had been blessed by angels. The LEDs shone, lighting up the whole garage. Large chrome rims glinted, with a sort of evilness, and yet it didn't look evil . . . . it looked beautiful, like it was supposed to be.
It was also revolutionary technology . . . . it had sleek fenders with chips for body color change, for performance. It was indeed revolutionary, as was the also sleek shape - the whole car was sleek and shining, looking like a sort of white molasses being poured out on the pavement. It was so low to the ground, and when turned on, a magical idling sounded out from the carbon fiber hood with an occasional turbo whistle. It rolled smoothly off the garage's platform.

These two cars would soon be put to the ultimate test.

Two poeple are night-driving down a desolate old highway coming back from the Alpina City Motor Show listening to trance music. One of them spots something, some abandoned car on the road. They tone the music down and get out from their muscle car. These two poeple happen to be some of the best car designers in the world, and certainly the best muscle car designers, having close relationships with Jay Lino, Ralph Savelsberg, Rabidnova Racer, and other famous hot rodders.

After a while of examining the car, one of them, Raphy, looks at the other and says,
"You're crazy."
"Well that's good, cause if I weren't this would probably never work." His older brother, Gabriel, says.
"I was just along for the ride, you know. "
"I know. But someone's car has probably fallen of a trailer or something. Who would abandon a hypercar like this? Or, as Jay Lino calls them, carved bars of soap?"
"I say we take it back to the garage and stick a supercharger in it."
"You don't put a supercharger on a carved bar of soap, dude. Stop thinking muscle, start thinking hyper." He says, rolling his eyes.
"Hey, wait . . . . THIS IS A ROGUE! JESUS! Look at the logo! Could it really be the concept car of our friends? Look! I hafta say, it looks pretty neat."
"Wow! I'm callin' them up. Tell them their hypercar is missing. Now get that messy hair out of your eyes and check for damage."
Gabriel said nothing, ignoring his silly little brother as always, dialing a number on his cell phone.

Fuming, Raphy checked for damage. He looked at the back, surprised. The bumper and part of the back cockpit was shaved off like cheese on a meat slicer.
Lying about ten meters away was what was left of the bumper and some shattered glass.

His brother was talking on the phone. "Hey guys, how's it goin'! Yeah, well we were just coming back from the show with - yeah, you saw it? How did you like it? Wow thanks! Thanks, that means a lot . . . . Listen guys, we just found a car on the side of the road, and it's a Rogue! And a Rogue like I never saw! Was is going to be your car at the Alpina show? Darn! What luck, I can't believe it fell off, guys, anyways we'll try to get it on a trailer, looks pretty scratched up. it can be repainted. Great, bye!"

(somewhere rather farther away in a hotel. . . .)

"I miss my baby." Tommy said in their hotelroom, sighing, looking at a photo of the Sequencer. The last time he'd seen it, it had been over six hours ago. Oh noes!
"I do too. And you forgot to buy me that cotton candy." Tala snarled.
"Errrrm, right. To hastily change the subject, it's great the folks over at Appaloosa called us up. Great that they're repairing the Sequencer. The Alpina Motor Show is still going on tomorrow and the day after, we'll be able to pop in there and get our Sequencer back. Problem is, their garage is 300 miles away."
"Yeah we know that. But their transport rig will get us back in no time. The part I'm not looking forward to is taking the bus there. I hate buses . . . ." Greg said.

Koichi Yoshimitsu, head of Zephyr inc. cruised around Tokyo in his Zephyr Blackwind. Those darn idiots at Rogue somehow designed that new car and unveiled it at the Alpina Motor Show. He'd been there in California just the night before, the only car he'd actually liked and considered copying was the Yamato Sunrise. He hadn't seen the Rogue though. But he knew the folks at Yamato weren't no wet cookies either, Koichi thought, crossing a red light amidst seemingly thousands of cars, neons bouncing off their metal. The Zephyr he was driving was one of the few cars he'd actually designed. He was proud of it, too.

Koichi parked the Blackwind by a McDonalds. Food, he mused, was probably the only thing Americans could do well. His little mobile phone rang.
"What?" He snapped irritably in Japanese, chomping on a cheezburgr. From the other end of the line, the voice of one of his henchmen droned. "Sir, on the way to the Alpina Motor Show, it turns out Rogue lost their new car, it had fallen off their truck! I was there passing, I saw it! And then, I stuck around, I saw the guys from Appaloosa come and take it away. We have to steal the design plans for the Sequencer! We all know Apaloosa and Rogue don't think of Zephyr very highly, I also heard the Rogue designers in a hotel, I snuck up on the balcony, I heard them discussing us, saying that they were sure we'd steal the plans, exactly what we were plotting, it doesn't sound good, I know Rogue and Appaloosa are like sister companies, big friends, looks like they're probably going to ask them to pick it up or something. It'll be unveiled at the Alpina Motor Show sometime soon anyway, I think you'd better come to California and sort this out. Bring some henchmen with ya. " The henchman clicked off.
Koichi thought for a while.
So that's how it happened, eh? If they found out what Koichi had been planning was 100 % sure, Koichi would be dead meat. Better make sure that doesn't happen, then. He burned the Blackwind in an elegant wind of smoke out of the parking and set off full speed to the Tokyo International Airport. Those fools were going to soon regret they were ever born.

"Thanks for picking it up for us, guys - and gals - with any luck we'll be able to tow it to the Alpina show again by tomorrow, it's a lasting 10-day event. My jaw dropped when I saw that Tornado! So did everyone else's! The cops came and called the fire brigade with a water-sucker truck thingy to suck up our drool. Haha, just kidding, but srsly, I just loved that matte orange paint and the flames on the side . . . . that hellish V8 bellow it emit when turned on . . . . And the lingering fact that it could outstrip everything in the show . . . ."
Daniela grinned, petting the puppy-eyed Weimeraner, Elvis, named because he wiggled about a lot when he was happy, they had as a companion in the garage. being their 'apprentice' or, so Raphy and Gabriel joked, getting praise from a professional as the Rogue designers was amazing. She was the one who thought up the side decals, paint scheme and the spoiler. In building, Gabriel was in charge of the technical elements, Raphy the body and interior.

"It was nothing, guys. I was going to put a supercharger in it" - Tala recoiled - "but I decided not to. After all, it's a hypercar right?"
"Darn right."
"Well, I'm gonna catch some sleep. Haven't slept since yesterday. Ah'm plum tuckered aht, if you know what I mean." Gabriel said.
"Heh! I know what you mean."
Daniela yawned pointedly and slouched off to the Appaloosa Torrent-90's back seat. At Appaloosa, they considered it below them to sleep on beds. Their devotion to their fruits of their hard labor just meant they'd sleep in the back seats or sometimes, in the Summer, on the cool hoods.

The Sequencer stood on the lift looking beautiful and shiny. Tommy sighed, picked up a rag and started polishing the rims.
"It's a nice car, I'll give you that. I prefer muscle cars and hot rods, as you probably well know by this time, but once in a while I need a change of scene, a sweet hypercar like this one will be welcome."
"I'm glad you don't think solely of muscles, pal." Greg said.
"Yeah, you'd think making muscle cars would be kinda tiring after a while, eh?"
"Captain Obvious."
"Yeah, well I thought you needed reminding."

"Sigh. Tala, mind passing me the WD-40?" Raphy asked Tala, walking over to the Tornado muscle truck and pssss-d some chemicals on an unknown part of the engine.
"It'll be a blast today at the 3rd day of the Alpina Motor Show. I can't wait to see what poeple have in mind, even if they're off-roaders or sedans or supercars. I just hope there won't be any tuner hatchbacks . . . ." Tommy said, yawning. He was tired too, and needed sleep if he wanted to stay awake in the crowd. That would be embarassing, if he started snoring as the announcer was speaking.

"WHAT? It's 6 oc-lock? Jeez! Look, the sun is rising." Raphy pointed towards the horizon through the open Apaloosa company's garage door. (It was a huge garage, with a capacity of about 30 cars.) Across the desert tumbleweed, miles and miles away, a shimmering sun was sluggishly rising above the thin clouds. A strong breeze ruffled their hair. The beauty was heart-stopping, even comparable to the new Tornado. And that was saying something.
As they gazed, mesmerized, a Zephyr Blackwind cruised into the driveway.
"Looks like there's someone up the drive . . . . Business back to normal. OI! You two lazy bums get up, we have guests."
Raphy winked and strode over to the parked Blackwind. The tinted window rolled down, and Koichi Yoshimitsu himself stepped out of the car.
"Yeeeaaaah?" Raphy said, narrowing his eyes slightly. He knew what a gang of jerks Zephyr was. Elvis growled.
"I wanted to take a peek at your garage. . . . you know, see what's going on . . . . I've never taken a tour of the grandiose Apaloosa's garage. Sounds interesting."
"Hmm. Yeah, sure. Only, we're a little busy at the moment, so I'll have to give you our assistant, Daniela, to show you around."
"Fine with me!" Koichi gave a huge fake grin.
"You requested my services, master?" Daniela said in a perfect imitation of a Jedi apprentice. She yawned again.
"Yep. Show Koichi Yoshimitsu, owner of Zephyr Motors, Inc., around the garage, please. . . ."

Koichi gave another fake grin and stepped inside the garage's oil-stained workshop carpet, making a steeple of his fingers as Greg also narrowed his eyes. They all hardly noticed when eight other Blackwinds drove up and hid behind the Appaloosa transport rigs - ninjas started stepping out of them.

Daniela led Koichi around the cars, placing an especially long and proud description of the Torrent-90 and the Desperado (a custom '67 Lincoln). From time to time, Koichi would say 'fascinating' or 'that's a lot of horsepower, even for such a big engine!' or 'wow'. It drove Daniela mad, but she didn't show it. He didn't seem that interested. She wondered why the heck he was here then. Maybe she was imagining it. She winked at Tommy, exasperated at Koichi, and Tommy stood for a moment, and fell backwards into Tala's arms, little hearts erupting from his head.

Gabriel and Raphy were deep in discussion, out of earshot of Koichi.
"What the heck is he doing here? Did you invite him?" Gabriel shot at Raphy, looming over him in the familliar big-brother pose.
"'Course not, he's a noob. I wouldn't have invited him. Dunno why here's here. Says he wants to take a tour of the garage."
"Yeah, right. He's gonna steal some designs, I'll bet."
"Crap, I haven't thought of that!"
As Raphy and Gabriel paced, nervous, Koichi came back from his 'tour' with a sour-faced Daniela.

"Well, thanks for showing me around. If you ever need any hope with your Blackwind - I'm sure you've got one - just call, I'll come over personally and fix it! I'm an expert mechanic, you know, you kinda develop a sense of cars after you been mastering designing for over 10 years!"
Gabriel grit his teeth, strode over to Koichi and held him, who stood his spot, stunned, as Raphy rode him over with a material sensor. He dug out some scrolls from Koichi's jacket, and snarled, "I'll have that, thanks very much!" as he felt a sharp poke in the back that made him stumble. The seven heroes, especially Elvis, yelped as they found themselves surrounded by eight ninjas.

"Bleeping bleep-of-a-bleep! What the bleep are you bleeping doing here??" Raphy yelped again. The ninjas narrowed their eyes through their headwraps and did some fancy moves into attack position, swivelling and twirling their katanas. Daniela would have called it cute if they weren't in the situation.
"Bleep!" Gabriel said.
"Bleep!" Daniela said.
"Bleep!" Tommy said.
"Bleep!" Greg said.
"Bleep!" Tala said.
"Bleep?" Koichi said, puzzled, though happy his ninjas completed their mission.
"You sent them here?" Daniela snarled at Koichi.
"Why yes, my dear young damsel, I did. "
One of the ninjas whispered to Koichi, 'what do we do now?' in Japanese.
"Oh, I don't know. Make it a fair fight." Koichi whispered back, flicked away a cigarette butt, went to his Blackwind, and took off.
"WHat? WHat? He's not even going to fight, the coward?" Tommy growled.

"Wow, look! A Robin Green-bellied Blacktail Yellow-beak Purple-breasted Lime-throat! They're rare!" Raphy cried out, pointing behind the ninjas into the sunlight outside. While they were distracted, Gabriel lunged at the one closest, took two pistols, threw one at Raphy, shot at the cords holding a pile of tires in place (they came tumbling down on the ninja, he muttering 'ow' beneath his breath as he tried to get out of the caverns of rubber), Raphy disarmed one by firing at his katana (it flew in the air, Daniela cought it, disarming another, the ninja rubbing his fingers as he hid behind his fellow), Gabriel disarming two , leaving only three more ninjas left - Elvis bit a leg, he ran off into his Blackwind, locking it; Tommy stole a fallen katana started yelling 'waaaaatchaaaaa' while twirling the katana, he finally managed to back the last two ninjas, who were bravely but in vain fighting back, into barrels of oil. They surfaced blacker than their outfits.

"That wasn't that hard. I would have preferred more of a challenge. And I prefer more violence." Gabriel joked. "Anyways, we can't be here long, I see the tire-pumelled ninja dialling more reinforcements. Let's get outta here."
"Good point, big brother. We can leave the other cars . . . . they won't hurt them. We should be going to the Alpina motor show for the third day! We'll pack the cars on the rig, we'll see the ninjas tackling that titan."

They passed numerous cars, some fancy, some not, but they didn't see a Blackwind until they had arrived at San Diego for gas. Ominous, black and stealthy, it stood at one of the meters, but it was not a ninja filling it up, but an undoubtebly rich high school teen, looking very smug.
The rig guzzled quite a lot of fuel, so they had to stop again, this time by a lone gas station, broken down, at night, in the desert, with only half of its bright neons glowing. A pink 1959 Cadillac Eldorado was parked, tumbleweed gently sweeping the shining body, neons dancing on the metal.
"I'm really not getting enough sleep these days." Raphy said, yawning for the zillionth time in this story, jumping down, jellylegged, from the trailer. Gabriel drove up a minute later in the Tornado with the towed Lincoln, (late because he had to have his photo taken with a bunch of girls), also getting out.
"I hate pickup trucks." He grumbled, slamming the door behind him with a certain hidden fondness, if slamming a door with fondness is possible or even makes sense. He had only grudginly accepted making that 'darned pickup'. The garage's showroom needed a change of scene, and a pickup, no matter how gross, certainly was.
"Oh yeah? Then get a load of that fifty-nine Caddy." Gabriel's eyes became big as frying pans and he was in immediate heaven.
Greg and Tala were sitting in the cab of the rig, playing cards. Tommy was absent-mindedly chatting with Daniela, who were both leaning against the Lincoln, about the new swedish Acro Seirvra track car.
"Yeah, I drove one a few months back - "
"Excellent handling - "
"But it looks awful - and looks are kinda everything in a car, right?"
"Errrrrrrrrm - let me calculate that - wrong."
"I was joking! Joking."
Raphy spoke up. "Enough joking around! We've got to move if we want to get there before late morning." He gave a sharp tug on the security ropes holding the Sequencer and jumped up on the trailer, apparently wide awake. He looked uneasy.
"Anything wrong?" Tommy asked.
"Yeah, actually." Gabriel finally tore his eyes away from the Cadillac and pointing to the dim but brightening horizon."There's 6 Blackwinds heading our way. We'd better go."

"C'MON! FASTER!" Tommy urged the rig, as its monstrous custom V8 rumbled along the interstate, reluctant to accelerate as fast as wanted to, i.e. faster than the SSC Thrust.
Grunt. Rrrrrruuummble. Slowly, the horizon started getting nearer. They hardly noticed they were going 70 miles per hour. That is, eight stupid ninjas is ok, but not six in their cars, which could easily ram into the rig and send it off the road. The rig might have weighed 34.6 tons with cars, but the Zephyrs were powerful beasts. The Zephyrs were barely 100 feet from the bumper. Raphy gave them a venomous look from the trailer.
Suddenly the one in lead zoomed up and rammed into the bumper. Tommy, Greg, Tala and Daniela, in the cab, didn't notice they'd been rammed into. Gabriel was outraged, slammed on the brakes (the Lincoln was attached specially, not by rope, so it didn't smash into the Tornado's bumper) and ended up behind the Blackwinds. He took the pistol he'd stolen earlier, took careful aim, and shot into the tire. It blew and the Blackwind slowed down, its tire making lollop-lollop sounds.

"Ha!" Gabriel muttered to himself. Raphy, on the trailer, inched toward the end, beckoned Gabriel closer, almost losing his grip as three Blackwinds rammed into the side - Gabriel zoomed up - Raphy jumped - and fell right on the bed of the Apaloosa Tornado - he slipped and almost fell under the Blackwind behind them, but grabbed onto the Apaloosa's spoiler just in time, his resting his feet on the protruding exhausts . . . . Gabriel slammed the brakes again, and the Zephyr swerved to avoid a collision, smashed into two others, and three of them ended up as piled hunks of junk in a ditch.

Tommy, up in the rig's cab, grinned with his co-pilots. This was too easy. Elvis started howling his pleasure.
Gabriel drove up to the trailer again, and Raphy jumped back onto it again. And then they heard sirens.
Three cop cars drove up in front of the chaos and formed a barricade some 200 feet in front. Everybody slammed on the brakes.
The cops stepped out, waving handcuffs. The ninjas started stepping out of their cars, and advancing on Raphy, Gabriel, Tommy, Daniela and the others. They started screaming at the cops. "They were ramming into us! We don't know why, we were just on a nice innocent ride in the desert - it's against the law, sir -"
Lies, of course.
Raphy and Gabriel stepped out, now yelling their objections and explanations. The cops smirked, pulled Raphy towards them, two of them grabbed him and one snapped handcuffs on him. The situation suckethed.
"Now wait just a minute!" Gabriel roared. Then he stood quiet. Who's to argue with two ninjas and a bunch of cops? Instead, he grabbed Raphy and the keys from the cop, (he was quite tired of being grabbed) and sprinted towards the Tornado, unlocking Raphy's handcuffs, threw him in and burned off. So did the rig, with the cops following, in their Crown Victorias.

The two ninjas looked at each other and looked puzzled. "This is getting better by the minute." They said in Japanese.

"Gabriel, we've broken the law."
"Har har, I know."
"It's not funny."
"Well, as Jay Lino says, 'Dude, you've got a mugshot already? You're a badass!' So can you wait to get a mugshot?"
"You're already awesome, my friend. But take your mind off badassery and look out for those - ARGH!"
The Crown Victoria that was in the lead did a fishtail on the Tornado and Raphy and Gabriel felt the pickup sway, losing its ground. It started powersliding in a weird sort of way, Raphy trying to regain control - there was an incredible 'SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH' and then a huge 'CRUNCH'. The world was upside down and right side up - twirling and smashing - the rig was caught in sight for a moment, in the distance, surrounded by cop cars -
They stopped. The world was swaying before their eyes - the last thing they heard was the cop car's sirens blaring as everything blacked out.

Tommy awoke in a bright room with too many lights and murmuring voices. He immediately realized he must be in a hospital because that's the most cliched line in writing history. He remembered bashing himself against the window while the rig fell into a ditch, pushed by the cops, and was discovered ten minutes later on the side of the road, half conscious. It hurt. And the more he thought about how it hurt, the more it hurt. It was hard to think properly. He tried turning his head to look left, and saw his comrades Raphy and Gabriel in beds identical to his.
It hurt.

Daniela and Greg and Tala and Elvis had been brutally shoved into a jail cell after a quick medical clean-up, interrogation and a mugshot. They'd managed to lightly beat up the guardian as he was shoving them in, and they'd escaped easily, it being a small unprotected jail in a small Route 66-style town. They'd, without permission, reclaimed their rig with the cars and drove off with a squeal of enormous tires. It was early in the morning, almost nobody was awake, so they would not have been heard. It had taken all day with the cop affairs, they'd missed Day 3 of the Alpina Motor Show, and they didn't know how they'd do Day 4, what with them being 'outlaws' already . . . . And of course, the smashed and bashed Tornado . . . .

An hour later, they'd arrived at the place where the Tornado was, after picking up Tommy and Raphy and Gabriel, who thankfully were all right, give or take some pretty bad bruises - Tommy was worst off, with a broken arm, clumsily bandaged by the gang. The Tornado was a disaster. All the windows were broken, the front was something not to talk about. Two tires were missing, and the beautiful matte-candy paintjob had been scratched so badly . . . . sob . . . .
They stood, tearfully looking at the automotive art on its deathbed. Then Greg spoke up.
"I know."
"You know what? And what does it matter what you know? What does it matter what anyone knows? The Tornado is gone. My point in living - is gone."
"It's not. There is still hope. We can take it to Lino's garage! He'll have it fixed in a matter of days."
Gabriel raised his eyebrows, slightly, not taking his eyes off the crumbling car. He strode up to it and gently carressed the front right tire. It fell off as soon as he touched it. I was definitely a disaster.
"You're right. Let's take it to Lino's. Thank you, Greg. You saved my point in living."

Half a day later, they were in San Diego, where Lino's garage was. Shiny with thousands of neons, it was stunning to behold. And inside! - thousands of wrenches, oil-stained floor, and the hot rods and lowriders! The highest-quality American customs came from Lino's, and everyone knew it. (Appaloosa came in a far second, but Lino's was never beaten and it never will be.)

"HAH! I knew you'd do that! I was just waitin' for the day you'd crash one of your customs. Surprise, surprise."
Raphy looked embarrassed. Tommy, along with the gang, told Lino the whole story.
"This looks pretty serious, raphy. huh? wait . . . . So now the cops are after you? Fishtail? Broken arm? Well, I can't say you didn't get owned. By the way, Tommy, your Sequencer is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. Keep it up, young grasshopper. "
Daniela smiled. She liked the way he talked.
"So, Lino, you can fix it?"
Lino examined the car, taking fifteen minutes doing so. He looked at the chassis, the engine, everything.
"Fella does it right, it should take him about three days, with youses' help. Tommy, Greg, Tala, Raphy, Gabriel, come work on it, Daniela you're let off because you're a girl, you can sit in a corner and look pretty, and the dog couldn't handle a crescent wrench to save his life." He winked at Daniela, and Elvis bounded up to him and wagged his tail, barking. Everybody laughed and set jovially to work. It was all very fun.
. . . . but, what about the cops? And, Koichi?
This wasn't over . . . . yet. We needed revenge.
And revenge was the way of the appaloosa.
And of rogue, but that didn't sound as good.

The next couple of days passed uneventfully, apart from Tommy, Greg and Tala polishing the Sequencer. After a while, they realized they were polishing the paint off, and headed to Lino's paint shop to repaint it. Daniela thought this was hilarious, and laughed so hard she had a minor asthma attack. Tommy always jumped five feet when Daniela laughed.
Lino, grumbling about kids these days, was twisting wrenches and working drills with Raphy and Gabriel. When three days had passed, it looked good as new. Lino wasn't the only one working in his garage, he had some of his friends, such as Tim Inman or Ralph Savelsberg, their magnificent works were also stashed around the garage.
When it was finished, the gang thanked Lino very much for his time. He said jokingly that next time they crashed it, he wouldn't be so patient.
"Well, I guess we're on the road again." Raphy said, cheerfully.
"Yeah, I'd only want to know how we're going to convince the cops we're not guilty of anything besides exceeding the speed limit."
Raphy's face fell. Another problem.

Koichi was pleased and not pleased. His ninjas had let his enemies escape and he had the lead at the moment. He was staying at the same hotel Tommy, Greg and Tala had been at the night before going to Appaloosa's garage. Weird. Not that Koichi knew this though.
They would pay. He had a plan.

"Here we are, at the halls. Dam, I sure hope the news of our 'guiltyness' hasn't been leaked all over Cali yet. Because if so, we're dead meat."
The rig and the Tornado were at the Alpina Motor Show halls in Sacramento, yet again.
As it turned out, they hadn't, thankfully. The glistening Rogue and the Lincoln Appaloosa were ready for the show, and soon they were both wheeled onto the stage. The stages were different, as they were in a different hall this time. This also served as a handy excuse for not having the parts to build Dylan's superb stage contraption. The Alpina Motor Show company had many halls on the property.

Afterwards, they rented a room in the nearest hotel, and waited till morning.
As it turned out, the crowd was amazed again the next day. Oohs and aahs echoed around the clean, light blue-painted hall, and when they announced the custom Lincoln, the gasps of the audience were not as amazed as when the Sequencer was yet again showed, but they were astounded just the same. Ninety feet long and with dark grey pinstriping, the Linc was a sight to behold. It was Gabriel's "baby", after all. They'd have to leave the rig here for the moment, the crowd was ecstatic. Everybody was amazed at the Sequencer's fender performance change system.

The next day, it was time to go home. They'd be going to the Rogue company - the road was smooth (well, no surprise, it was in downtown Alpina) and the sun was shining. It didn't look as if anything could go wrong. They drove and drove through the metropolis, admiring the sights, the unlit neons, the traffic, the many cars. America had once again came back to the age of the cruisers, the muscle cars. It was ten years after the financial crisis, after all. Though with modern touches, a blue mass oozed down to them at a stop light. Dual one-meter fins adorned the back, which had rows and rows of chrome shapes, with large arrow-shapes sticking out. The glowing back lights were surrounded by "thrusters". This era in American history was known as the "21st Century Motorama". Chrome, fins, wild colors, these were everywhere these days. Superchargers, stripes, drag tires were also common, Japanese eggshells and Korean tin cans were rare in the era, too. Alpina was something of a smaller Detroit, only not as grand, it was called the "Baby Motown". It took approximately two hours to drive through the downtown, there was lots and lots of traffic, though that traffic was very nice to look at . . . .

A few miles later, they found themselves on Hot Rod Pass, a giant iron gray bridge roughly the size of the Golden Gate bridge, and in the style of the Charles Bridge in Prague, only except for monuments and statues there stood shiny chrome, supercharged engines, with plaques. Halfway across, they stopped, got out of their cars, and admired the view of Alpina, confidently humming with cars. This city wouldn't die soon.

Tommy noticed someone had shut down the bridge with warning lights and black-yellow signs.
"What's going on?" He asked, puzzled.
"Beats me, but it's not going to end well, for you at least." A familliar voice said behind them.
They felt the tip of a gun poke their shoulders.
"You may give us the cars, or their plans, whichever - we'll let you go unharmed." Koichi looked at his fingernails. His ninjas sniggered. It was amazing how all-of-a-sudden he could appear. Scary, almost.
"Should you not cooperate . . . . " He looked up. "You may find yourself in certain pain, and me in certain glee."

"Last time I looked, ninjas had katanas, not guns." Daniela said very loudly. The traffic went on, way past a surprisingly quite, windy bridge.
"NEVAR." Raphy broke in. "EVAR."
"Okey dokey. You sure you don't want to change your minds?"
"Pretty sure, you mostly mindless cheating nosy neatish stealing punk-like twerpy little twat with less than two braincells."
"Steps and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." Koichi said in a sing-song voice. Suddenly serious, he gave a signal to his henchmen.
The next thing Tommy knew, he was hurtling towards deep water at increasing speeds with the others. He found himself in a blue, watery, weedish world before emerging, sputtering, watching as one ton of solid Titanium speeding right at him - he swam away just in time as the Rogue Sequencer, white finish, performance fenders and all blew into the water with an allmighty splash, almost sending Tommy out of the air. He looked up - gasped, and as their was no way to swim, dove down deep with his comrades, human and canine, as the Appaloosa Tornado, also, plumetted and - they were only ten feet deep as the Tornado reached them - and killed all of them instantly. It all happened in twenty seconds.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

Deep below, Tommy felt the vibration in the water. He needed air. As he turned around with the last of his strengths, (for now, at least) he noticed the Sequencer in weeds, facing him, with a sad look on its grille. The sight broke his heart. His friends weren't conscious.

The sand felt so cool against his cheek . . . .




Now that we have finished TT #4 - without the pictures, but only for a littl while, they won't be eternally absent - we must ask ourselves these questions:

1. What will happen to our heroes?
2. Will the cars be ok?
3. Will Koichi get arrested or will he escape? (I know it would be extremely tempting to kill the little punk off but I wouldn't, my Mom has been reading TT. ;))

And now... I tag...

SHARPY aka. SHARPSPEED aka. Adam Janusick! Yay!

Please comment! :)


 I like it 
  January 22, 2012
Nice! I wish it has pics though. You know what? I'll start something like this soon!
  October 16, 2011
when will the pics come in? please reply
 I made it 
  February 28, 2010
Yeah, I want to be an author when I grow up. I'd be a hot-rodder and a best-selling author. With luck. ;P Anyway, I'm glad you like it, I worked two months on it. The pictures will come sometime. I'm kinda low on pieces for low projects, and that's the problem, yanno? I never really realized that when I accepted the place for TurboTag #4. "And that is why you fail!" - Yoda ;D
 I like it 
  February 28, 2010
Haha, I actually took the time to read through all of this :) It's really really good! You should consider being an author when you grow up Raphy! When can we expect some pictures to go along with this?! Bleepin-bleepity-bleep! :D
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