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TTA show 09
Much to read but it's worth. Take time for the first Lego Comic awards presented by Tall Tales.
About this creation

Drum music is slowly starting, the stage is still dark. Suddently, off-voices sound from somewhere...

“The high academy of Tall Tales presents, live from the Kjeld-Kirk-Kristiansen-Hall in Lego City, the most amazing show of the year, the night of the artists, welcome to the Tall Tales Lego Comic awards 2009...”

Then, soldiers are running on the stage...
Marines shouting: “Death to the E.O.S.!!!”

Trolls: “May the kingdom fall!!!”

Instead of a fight, they perform a dancing.

Suddently, a Mysterion object appears from the roof.

A door opens...

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome your host for tonight...”

“...the beloved actor of Johnny Thunder, here’s Joe Freeman!!!!!”
The audience applauses.

Joe Freeman: “Good evening! Here we are , at the first Tall Tales Award- show, to celebrate the most entertaining and best Lego Web Comics and stories. It had needed a long time before comics were accepted as a literature genre and honorable art, now, also Lego-build comics have their own award, the TTA!! What’s the special about Lego Comics? It’s an easy way to produce entertaining tales on low budget and independence. You don’t need an art school, big money or giant studios, every MTV- Someone’s Country’s Idol- Jerry Springer- and Spongebob damaged child is able to live its creativity and tell original, fantastic and incredible stories for young and old readers! Of course, many stuff can be crap, but today, we present the masterminds of Lego comic arts you can find on”

“2009 we’ve seen, how a parentless boy becomes the best assasin of his kingdom, another young soldier faced great armies of trolls, undead and vikings together. In modern days, the legends are not that epic, but funny adventures in a multimedia world entertained us. And tomorrow the galaxy may end in a bombastic sci-fi war, where unknown Alienboxes appear or intelligent robots explain us philosophy. In Comics, you can do everything and everywhere. And in worlds, far far away, you also can find your inner truth. One truth for example is: GOD IS A MACHINE what the hell??”

more applause

“The first laudation will be presented by one of the most famous european comic characters. While we’re celebrating our first show, he already has his 50th year anniversary in 2009. Here’s Asterix the Gaul!”

Asterix“Bonjour mesdames et messieurs! Originally, i was supposed to come with my friend Obelix but i lost him somewhere in the catering area. I’m not sure why they choosed me for the Best short story-category but i think, it’s an interesting topic. In a short story, you have less time and only a few pictures to let the reader join a fictional world and to tell a thrilling plot. But some short-time projects burned in our minds this year. Here are the nominations for the category:

Best Short story/Story telling Moc/ Mini series
- “Checkmate” by Josh LaFollette
- “BotB Origins: Tale of Tadith” by Christian Schlichting
- “The Adventurers goes to egypt“ by Dr. Alternative

And the winner is..... BotB Origins: Tale of Tadith !! Congratulations. Toutes nos félicitations !”

Tadith: “Yipee! Thanks much to all readers and fans. And i would like to thank my mommy, the rest of the cast like Brik or Jake or the ugly man who played the troll and our producer. Finally, i’m very happy to announce, that we’ll start making a sequel this year. And here some words of our producer and author.”

Christian Schlichting: “Puh,... i’m very surprised that this little story get an award. It seems to be more regognized than i thought. Especially i would thank Nufalak of Mythada for creating the original fantasy world where our tale is set. Without his permission, imagination and ideas, also the success of CoM: Severed and the Brotherhood of the Blade, we wouldn’t get the chance to develop this little spin-off. Thank you all. We’ll see us next year!”

Joe Freeman: “For the author’s award, which honours the best narrated single episode, we have a special man. Our next guest mustn’t left in every comic related show. He’s the godfather of comic arts, a visionary man, he’s the most successful, talented and famous artist of this buisness, he’s bigger than we all."

"And no, i’m not talking about Mark Kelso. Please, a great welcome: Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the grandfather of Mark Kelso, here’s the ONE AND ONLY.... Mister STAN LEE!!!!”

Joe Freeman: “Mister Lee, you are a mastermind. You created uncountable Marvel characters like The Hulk, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, the X-Men, Fantastic Four...”
Stan Lee: “Yes, i made them. I’m Stan Lee. I created all cool Superheros!”
Joe Freeman: ”Unfortunately, noone of them is nominated this evening. Only Superman and he’s DC.”
Stan Lee: “Superman is cool. I made him!”
Joe Freeman: “Sorry, but no. Joe Shuster created Superman.”
Stan Lee: “I made all cool Superheros. I made him!”
Joe Freeman: “No, you didn’t.”
Stan Lee: “I’m Stan Lee! I made all cool...”

Joe Freeman: “Well....please, just read this.”
Stan Lee: “Oh...ehm. The nominations for the category

Best written episode 2009 are:
- “The Southern pass” in Chronicles of Mythada: Legacies
- “Corruption” in Chronicles of Mythada: Severed
- “Ep.04: A big failure” in The U.M.R.C. project
- “Ep.07: The wrong turn of Mr. Clarkson Part 1” in The U.M.R.C. project

The TTA goes to... Nufalak of Mythada for “Corruption” in CoM:Severed.“

Jacob Giles aka Nufalak waves to audience: “Thank you. Thank you all. Wow, I can't believe I won this. Especially against all these other great builders, like Mark, Brik, and Bryan. Huge thanks to all my fans that made this possible. You guys are one of the reason's I've continued this series over the course of the year. Man, I can't believe it's been almost a year since Mythada started. Anyway, thank you all, and keep your eyes open for the conclusion of "Risen" coming soon. And for more short stories in Mythada and my upcoming sci-fi series "No Refuge"”

They exit the stage waving award in the air.

Joe Freeman: “Ladies and Gentleman, welcome two of the top actors in this years fantasy adventures. Irrek and Ache.”

Irrek: “Hi, we are Irrek and Ache, the stars in 2 of the 3 Chronicles of Mythada- Series. And...But hey, Ache, why did you come in costume? We said smoking yesterday.”
Ache: “Yeah, you know, how expensive they are? Not everybody is a king’s son like you and the economy crisis took all my stocks. My Daddy was killed and can’t help me. You have a kingdom, i only this role. We are not all rich like you, Irrek, understand?”
Irrek: “Ah, good...”
Ache: “...but fortunately i’m the more popular character in Legacies...”
Irrek: “Come on, diva. You’re just my side-kick. I’m the talented one. And talented is also the word for the following comic creators, who made the nominees as best fantasy series.”
Ache whispers: “The only talent would be him in his death scene at the end of Risen...upps, did i said this?!! Nevermind, in one of the nominated fantasy series, a poor boy like me becomes a great hero but finally he gets corrupted.”
Irrek: “And in another one a brave warrior like me saves his kingdom by a troll army, undeads and vikings.”

Ache: “And don’t forget the simple peasants, who took us in an epic tale of an adventure of a quest. The nominations for

Best comic series Castle/Fantasy:
- “Chronicles of Mythada: Legacies” by Nufalak of Mythada
- “Chronicles of Mythada: Severed” by Nufalak of Mythada
- “Tale of an adventure of a quest” by Brik Masta
- “The Sir Graham Saga” by Bryan Graham

Both: “And the TTA 09 for the best fantasy series goes to... THE SIR GRAHAM SAGA!!”

Bryan Graham: “Thanks, everybody, for this award! I'm just glad that my comic was able to compete with all the really great Fantasy Comics out there! I'd like to specifically thank all the readers of my comic and all the members of the Squires for their feedback and comments! Thanks again for this honor, and remember, Keep on Building!”

Alan Moore: “Hi, you people out there! This is no magic, and no, that’s not a beamer there, i’m just a graphic effect. My name is Alan Moore, i’m the creator of intellectual comics like League of extraordinary gentlement, From Hell, V for Vendetta or Watchmen. But please, don’t watch the f&%$ing movies! Hollywood is making mainstream sh&%$t out of my work. Except Zack Snyder, he’s a great director and creates unbelievable visonary pictures. Someone said me, that some guys on this list here can do that, too. But they’re making Lego comics.... comics made with Lego? What a retarded freak is doing this?! Well, artistic eye is an artistic eye, here are the

Best visual work/Special effects
- “Fright Night Story” by Mister Bones
- “Apocalypsis” by Mark Kelso
- “Dawn Conquest” by Dylan B
- “The U.M.R.C.project: Season 1” by Christian Schlichting

Ok. Who’s getting this stupid thing for his unimportant little work... And the winner is....the Zack Snyder of Lego arts, Mark Kelso!”

Mark Kelso: “Oh my God, I am just speechless! This is SUCH an honor to receive this prestigious award, and from such an amazing organization! I just can't thank you all enough! I love you all. And the money from this award will certainly...” *whispering* “...What?...” *more whispering* “...Nothing at all?...” *more whispering*


Security begins to drag him off the stage

Joe Freeman: “One half of this great show is done. And now we have an awesome special for you...”

From the background: “THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS THE MOCIES!!!”
“Mr. Kelso, please!! Just come with us.”
Joe Freeman“Well...We saw a lot of great projects from the former months. But now, the academy presents you, as world premiere, an exclusive preview of the coming Lego Comic blockbuster in the next weeks and months. Enjoy!”

[Risen made by Nufalak of Mythada; If your country is blocking this clip, i’m sorry but there are 2 more on youtube if you search and one in the following show made by me]

Johnny Thunder enters the stage whispering: “Finally, i’ve found the secret temple of Atlantis."

"This must be the holy crystal globe of the great pyramid, the most worthful artifact of all time. And it belongs to me...”

Indiana Jones: “Wait! I WILL GET the treasure!”
Johnny Thunder: “Oh no! It’s Harrison Ford, ladies and gentlemen! Still alive. Harrison, what are you doing all the time?”

a>Harrison Ford: Well, i’m training for the 5th Indiana Jones Movie. George and Stephen are still writing the script but i hope, we can start in one or 2 years. And whatever you heard, i’m not dead. The actor’s carrier of my wife is dead.”
Johnny Thunder: “Good to hear. I’m also preparing a grand new Johnny Thunder adventure the next years. But...we still haven’t decided, who take this expensive artifact now.”

Lara Croft: “I’ve found something more worthful, guys. The TTA for Best adventure series.”
Both: “Ah! Mrs. Angelina Jolie! Will you present us the nominees for this fantastic genre?”

Angelina Jolie opens the letter: “Of course, sweeties! One is spooky, one is funny and one is strongy. If vampires and ghosts, Hitlers and Hackers or Parasites and Lex Luthors, all three have fascinating villains. The nominees for

Best comic series Fun/Adventure/Other are:
- “The HXF Misadventures” by David Collins
- “Superman: Shadows” by Josh LaFollette
- “Fright Night Story” by Mister Bones

And the winner is... The man of steel. Superman: Shadows!!!”

Clark Kent: “Thanks. I’m sorry to say, that Josh can’t be here tonight but he gave me a paper with his speech. Here what he wrote: "For the past year I've been running a series of Superman comics on MOCpages. Thanks to my fans for ideas, comments, and support, it has become the longest running series on MOCpages. So I'm currently on my 18th season, and with my fans' continuing support, let's see if I can pull on another 18. Thanks, everybody!"”

Joe Freeman:“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Bob the Wizard and Ewart the Knight from Glomshire Knights.”

Bob:”Hi, i’m searching all wisdom of the World and so i need all questions, i mean the questions of the questions, nobody wasn’t able to solve yet. Will you help me in this eternal quest, young adventurer?”
Ewart:”Of course. So you, need a good riddle? What’s with these? Why do Dwarves need giant halls in their mine cities? Why an elf never freeze if wearing those curious pieces of cloth? Was the egg first or the omellette? When will Afghanistan become a democracy? When Florida? And does Star Trek 11 belong to the canon? Or do you have more mysterious questions?”
Bob:“Yes i have one: WHY THE HELL aren’t we nominated in ANY SINGLE category of this evening?!!!”

Ewart“It’s mysterious! I think, the whole academy is corrupt and the voters too inelegant to understand our complex storylines and intelligent jokes. But do you know, what’s cryptical, too? How all these comic makers are able to create those giant fictional worlds on just one table in their small studios. They only need these small, useless overprized plastic bricks and build mountains, deserts, all kind of landscapes and impressive castles and space stations. It’s just a bunch of danish toys.”

Bob:“And the best of them will get this award. It’s some kind of imaginary magic, so i’m the best man to present. Nominated for

Best set building are:
- “Mountain caves” in “Apocalypsis 2- The conflict within”
- “Caverns of the ancients” in “CoM:Severed” part 19&20
- “Overall Set design” of “Dawn Conquest”

And the Tall Tales Award goes to..., the Albert Speer of Lego architecture, Mark Kelso!”

Mr. Kelso’s assistant: “Unfortunately Mr. Kelso is currently unavailable to receive this award in person.” *under his breath* “...something about security performing a cavity search...BUT, ANYWAY! He would like to express his most heartfelt appreciation to know what? I can't do this. Kelso's a jerk, and for the record, he only used one brick for the whole creation! Everything else was Photoshopped!”

He walks off the stage leaving a stunned, cricket*

Cloneboy: “Hi folks! Chec ou my stuf! I’m here to announce my newest epic awesome cool and fantastic comic project. It’ll come soOon after my daddy give back the camera.”

“Be ready for Lego Star Wars: The clone war...argh!”

Joe Freeman: “And now, it’s time for our last official category. For that we invited some very special guests.”

“Unfortunately they didn’t have time so we invited someone else.”

“Prepare, for the masters of Science-fiction (after Gene Roddenberry, J. Michael Straczynsy, Ray Bradbury and Ronald D. Moore). Applause to Mister George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg....”

George Lucas: “Sci-Fi is a great genre, it plays with imagination, it creates fantastic worlds, lovely robot characters and cool storylines...”
Stephen Spielberg: “But not in an archeologist’s movie..”

George Lucas turns aside: “Stephen, i thought, we talked about. Are you still angry?”

Stephen Spielberg: “YOU F.... UP Indy 4!!!! You’d said, you have a great script. I believed you, but it was &%$&&! The people wanted to see Indiana Jones and no retarded CGI alien piece of &$§/! destroying half of south america and flying fridges in nucular bombs or Shia La Beouf! If i wanted to make a Michael Bay Nonsense, i would had engaged Roland Emmerich!! Yes, I AM STILL ANGRY!!!”

“Ok, back to topic. This year, a robot decided to break his leashes to find his own destiny, the endless war between C.O.P., the E.O.S. and U.N.E. was still running and mysterious cubes afraid people and scientists of earth. An impressive Sci-Fi saga can be action-packed, funny, tragical and everything else, all are unique but these are the best. The nominations for

Best comic series Sci-Fi are:
- “Philosophy of a machine” by Awesome-o-saurus
- “The U.M.R.C. project – Season 1” by Christian Schlichting
- “Circuits and Destruction” by Anders Hognerud
- “Captain Ahnee and the Dipwads” by Dan Jassim and
- “We’re not alone” by Casey McCoy

And the winner is Philosophy of a machine!”

Words… They wanted words. I have words a plenty. Forgive me if I ramble, but here it goes:
When I started Philosophy of a Machine, I didn’t have in mind much more than making a good tribute to Battlestar Galactica, which had just ended, and a comic that was different. But I thought: How far can I go with making this different? There were only two other comics going in the group-universe my comic would take place in, the Coalition of Planets. My mind began to spin. What if, I got Gus Indo and Anders Hognerud, the other comic makers, and made a plan? That Plan would be the eventual combination into one grand plot Gus and I came to call Precipice, after the name of the BSG music track that was very much in the mood this eventual super comic would be.
But, while they worked on their own comics, I worked on mine. A robot in a organic dominated world, being used and betrayed repeatedly, all the while dropping hints that he was destined for something greater. I had my doubts if I would finish POAM, let alone we all finish our comics, but we got there. It was a great journey, and now that Precipice is on it’s 4th chapter, 6 months after our Plan had begun, we have no doubt that we will finish this story. Our only doubt is retaining a decent number of regular readers, due to the delays between episode. A thousand curses to homework. Thanks to everyone who reviewed, or at least read, the series. Knowing people liked (and still like) my first serious comic made it that much easier to get done. I hope that Precipice will enjoy the same success, because the story is gonna’ be a hell of a lot better."

Joe Freeman: “Welcome, not many people know you, and you are busy but you have time to come here tonight for presenting our last award. Christian Schlichting, the founder of the TTA academy.”
Christian Schlichting: “Thanks much, Joe or Johnny. Yes, i’m glad that we had finished this great show for our very first TTA. The awards so far were decided by a voting, by the readers. Now, i’ll present the jury special award for efforts, that didn’t honored in the regular categories. It wasn’t easy because we had many great guys like Awesome, Mark Kelso, Me... but one created something very special. It’s a normal trend now, that everybody tries to add music backgrounds to their mocs but he was one of the first, more, he was able to combine pictures and music, visual and acoustical experience in a perfect way over a whole big series. It was the most outstanding and best done idea of this year’s comic genre. So the academy’s award 09 for the category OUTSTANDING SOUNDTRACK goes to Nufalak of Mythada.”

Nufalak of Mythada: “YEAH! THANKS. I would like to say...”

Joe Freeman: “Unfortunately, our time is out now for today. Time to sleep. This was the TTA 2009, we thank all comic creators, the fans, the supporters and voters of this award, Sean Kenney for running Mocpages, Youtube for support and the Lego Group for creating these genious bricks. Good night, ladies and gentlemen, keep it blocky, live your creativity, don’t fear Mysterions, hunt the robots, bomb the Krill and never, never trust an ugly troll! My last word: All scientists together can try to understand this one world, but one single open mind can create amazing worlds. This was a production of TV2 in Legocity. We’ll see next year, goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!”

[Trailer 1 from Nufalak, the others from me. All copyrights reserved for the comic creators. TTA show build, photographed and written by me. The winner speeches were all written by the artists (thanks). The pictures aren’t that good as i hoped but it was my first try on another lighting technic. They are too many for my usual comicsize so click them if you want see some details. And don’t ask why this comic wins or that one wasn’t nominated etc. It’s an audience-choosen award and this is what nomination rounds and votings left. At last i want to say, that every single nominated project deserves the award but there can only be one. Well, there’s a new year, a new chance. Discuss and wait for the next year: TTA AWARDS

And share your comics: Tall Tales]


 I like it 
  January 12, 2010
WOW! The amount of effort that went into all of this is really amazing. Thanks to all who voted for my creations, and I'll do my best to see that story through to it's completion. Meanwhile, thanks to you for working so hard to give us this awards ceremony. Brilliant presentation!!
 I like it 
  January 3, 2010
This is awesome, I love the trailers, great job on the show
 I like it 
  December 26, 2009
Hey, David Collins here, and I just have to say this was a really great thing you've done here. I express my deepest apologies and regrets that I wasn't able to help your effort here or comment sooner (I'm an idiot at school), but I strongly support and applaud the TTA Awards and I hope that it can continue to exist for many more years to come. Congrats to all the participants, nominees, and winners, and long live the comic and the brick!
 I like it 
  December 24, 2009
Why haven't I seen this sooner? Anyways, great work, I can't wait for next year.
 I like it 
  December 19, 2009
Great show!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2009
You put up a GREAT show, I enjoyed the page, and I'm very sorry UMRC didn't get 1st prize (I don't really like the Phylosophy series, although I liked the early chapters).
 I like it 
  December 18, 2009
Yay! *clap clap clap clap* Congrats to the winners!
 I like it 
  December 18, 2009
Excellent awards show, even if I didn't win, I mean, who's idea was it to put me up against Kelso? He bribes all the judges!! RECOUNT!!!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2009
Sweet, two awards? Woot! Anyway, nice build. The lighting and grammar could use some work, but I can overlook those. Some very creative scenes and characters. Well done.
 I like it 
  December 16, 2009
Aw, I was not nominated...(JK) Anywho, of course Awesome's speach was the longest.
 I like it 
  December 16, 2009
ROFL. nuff said. The part with george lucas and indy: Priceless.
By Christian Schlichting
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