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BRC: Overview
All anyone needs to know about the BRC. Will be updated regularly. And don't worry Sean: it has a lot of MOCs on it too :)
About this creation

Plot Items

Anti-Phage Shell: The kind dropped on orgo-Hul, this was designed to eradicate smaller beings like Kraken while leaving Akonians and Tokia alive. Causes massive property damage.

Azalgor Crystal: Sentient crystals that like blood.

Baterra Blade: The baterra killed Telzira's husband-to-be. She kept the blade, until it fizzed and melted through the crust into the core of the planet.

Chronodermis: A remarkable chemical that has properties allowing it to alter time. It is a staple in trade for Tempesta Celesta, and the Matoran have just discovered it.

Chronodermis Cutter: When chronodermis is put to medical use, it can put someone's injured body back to a time when they were once well - up to a maximum of 48 hours ago. The process is painful and involves a lot of syringyness. Cutters are used to remove the chronodermis from anyone under it in stasis so that it doesn't ignite.

Deathsteel: An unrefined form of chronodermis with necromantic properties.

Dragon's Rage Shell: BOOM!

Falcon Gunship: Used by akonians, this model of gunship is very versatile.

Heartlight: An indicator on one's chest that shows whether or not one's internal functions are working properly. It goes out when you die.

Kiril: A kanohi mask that can repair inanimate objects. These masks are used by Tokia soldiers to rebuild settlements after disasters.

Korrothis: The island of the Korrothean lords, it was adapted to be able to fly through space in search for the Mask of Life.

Lord of Destruction: An extremely uber powerful weapons array from Drachen's collection.

Old King Chaos: A slightly less powerful weapons array from Drachen's collection.

Reno-sphere: A 3-mile wide sphere which restores energy to those inside it. It is used to replenish starships. Foolishly, the akonians on Tempesta Magna built a city in it, but this did not stop Ezru using it to restore some of his powers.

Thornatus V10: Perditus the Glatorian made a new vehicle. His tenth. (the V9 was the set).

Thornax: Exploding goodness! Mmm!

Thornax Cider: Tasty alcoholic yummyness made from Thornax. A favourite drink of the Vampirik, and for those Glatorian who think themselves man enough to handle it.

Toxic Rum: This potent beverage is enough even to knock the socks off a vampirik.

Violet Firesabre: Agamemnon's blade. It has the ability to summon storms, and purple fire.


Agori: Native tribespeople of Bara Magna.

A.I: Synthetic consciousnesses made by mortal hands.

Akonian: Native people of Tempesta Celestis, they are remarkably similar to Agori or Matoran, but are slimmer and longer limbed.

Baterra: Mechanical enemies of the Skrall.

Beasts/Rahi: There are many beasts across the galaxy, a lot of which are very nasty.

Bio-Racer: One of the wheel-footed, raceing-obsessed inhabitants of Veloco-Nui.

Cyclonoid: A race of Makuta-like beings made up of air rather than shadow. They live on Tempesta and Fosphauros Magna, and posess an evil disposition. They relish chaos and destruction, and all have the ability to manipulate metal and use sonic attacks. Older cyclonoids can use telepathy and telekinesis.

Daemon: Malevolent creatures leaking in from other planes, The Sirrushians are the galaxy experts on these malevolent beings.

Element Lord: In the Core War of Spherus Magna, these beings led the opposing armies.

Elf: One of the races in the Sirrushian empire. Completely biological.

Fincayran: One of the races in the Sirrushian empire.

Glatorian: Strong defenders of Bara Magna, a lot of these beings fight fro money, or sport, or guard caravans across the sesert.

Great Being: Creators of life on several planets, most Great beings do not interfere with mortal affairs.

Great Spirit: A powerful being created by the Great Beings as a sub-worker or keeper of a planet.

Gurital: A race that branched off in evolution from the Agori. These are stronger, and still retain their tribal ways.

Gyrasar: A race of one-eyed beings that lived on Aqua Magna before a plague released by Lord Cartilax destroyed most of their civilisation.

Hordika: A being who has transformed after being bitten by a Visorak.

Human: Not only are there Humans in the Sirrushian Empire, but also the UNE. YOU are a human - or had you not realised?

Hynak: Bestial people that live on Sampa magna, and a couple other moons. They are tough, strong, moderately intelligent, and can shapeshift between quadrapedal and bipedal forms.

Juggernaut: A race of gigantic beings from Bara Magna who enjoy good fights, good women and good drink.

Korrothean Lord: A citizen of Aqua Magna risen to the highest station, the LOK hold guard over their elements and monitor their flow in the universe. Recently they have gone into space in search of the Mask of Life.

Makuta: You know what THOSE are.

Matoracer: A small person from Veloco-Nui.

Matoran: You know what THOSE are.

Naren: Vorox-like, skinny creatures. The naren are almost extinct, but those who remain are extremely intelligent.

Neconight: Ask ToaJuine.

Neo-Gori: Swift running, runty Agori.

Rahkshi: Hands up who doesn't know what a Rahkshi is?

Sirrushian: Someone from the Sirrushian Empire.

Spheroid: A race of bio-mechanical, musical beings, often sold into slavery. They posess an unmarked sphere for a face, which also provides their bodies with power. Their singing can charm and influence other races.

Skrall: The Males are warlike and getting killed by robots. The Females have magic powers and are off on a wild goose chase after Angonce. Fun.

Titan: A really really really big dude.

Toa: You know what THOSE are.

Tokia: Like toa, but with weaker powers. They are made when an Akonian is exposed to Energised Protodermis, rather than a matoran. They have good technology to make up for their lack of powers.

Vampirik: A strong race that can absorb energy from their surroundings. They breed like any other race, and any rumours about you turning into one if bitten are untrue. Most look like glatorian with fangs, but the more powerful of them are more bestial in appearance. They are all long-lived, and all have remarkable capacity for drink.

Vorox: Evil scorpiony glatorian thingies.

Spirit: Either the consciousness of someone who died, or who has never lived.

Tempesta Celestis

Tempesta Celestis is made up of one white star, a gas giant, one rocky planet, an asteroid belt, and eighteen moons - seventeen of which orbit the rocky planet.

Tempesta Magna:
A realm of constant storms and nightmares, Tempesta Magna is a planet four times the size of Earth, and has over eight times the atmosphere.
It has seventeen moons, all but two of which have life. The native, dominant species there are called Akonians. Their protectors are the Tokia.
Tempesta Magna's equator is a constant ring of fire, while its poles freeze to over -80 degrees at night. Its year is long. The storms are powerful, and full of lightning and ice and jet-force winds - enough to throw around a human like a paper doll. The atmosphere takes on a reddish brown tint, but clearer at the poles, as the atmosphere is full of dust from the surface.
The akonians are forced to live in an underground series of city-vaults and tunnels. Termosynthesis in plants there allow them to feed without putting their crops in sunlight - and for good reason. The climate is not the only deadly thing here. Cyclonoids dominate the surface of Tempesta Magna, and kill all that get in their way.
Ezru is great spirit in charge of Tempesta Magna. After half a millenium trapped in the planet's core, he has returned to the surface of the planet.

A gas giant composed mainly of chlorogen. It is three times the size of Tempesta Magna, and holds some religious significance to the akonians.

A white sun that is the centre of Tempesta Celestis. When it dies, it will become a black hole. It provides almost all of the energy on its planets' surfaces.

Quetza's moon. It is a dull rocky place with no life on it. If it had water, it would always be continually frozen. There is an akonian colony here, but it is small, and dedicated to the exploration of further space and research.

Sampa Magna:
This moon is a verdant, salubrious paradise. The akonians and tokia here have grown fat and content here on its bounty, and it serves as a major tourist attraction for akonians from other parts of the drakian system.
It is made up mainly of sea, with an archipelago of islands making up most of it. The city of Miagorus is the only city on the planet, and its only spaceport. The rest of the planet is very rural. On the other side of the planet is The Continent - a stretch of land going from pole to pole.
Most of the planet is coastal, and has sandy beaches and mangrove swamps. The Continent posesses a mountain range.
Aside from akonians, Hynaks and Khraken also inhabit Sampa Magna. The Hynaks are feared - the Hynak Wars ended only seventy years ago. The Khraken are even more feared, just because of what they can do to a population.
It is under the command of Lady Elizaris.

Arbo Magna:
Both hemispheres of this moon are covered in biomechanical rainforest, and a warm sea covers the entire equator, leading to large amounts of rain across the planet. The forests are sentient things, each tree and plant linked into an electrical, intelligent network. The north and south forests are seen as kindred spirits, and they love each other like no other beings in the galaxy can.
The tokia and akonians here share their home with a multitude of beasts and creatures. The people are longer armed and slender, and at home in the trees. There are cities, but these do not harm the forest. One tree is often big enough to hold a whole city, and a branch can house an entire village.
Lord Silvenar rules here.

Hydro Magna:
Another life-giving moon, Hydro Magna is almost completely covered in water, and most of its cities either float on it, or are on the sea floor below. There are only six islands on Hydro Magna, and all of these are left untouched by akonian hands. It is usually raining.
Lady Harren rules here.

Pyro Magna:
Pyro Magna is a realm of fire and lava. It is a fairly new moon, geographically speaking, and its surface is still young and runny. The Akonians who live here do so artifically, although there are some creatures that make their home amongst the pyroclastic flows and lava pools.
Lord Mezzinus rules here.

Meta Magna:
This moon was once barren, but it was converted into a military station after the akonians' first contact with alien races. It is concerned mainly with the construction of ships and weapons, and has cannons and missile salvos on it capable of attacking ships across almost the whole system.
Lady Atheri is chief of command here.

Combusta Magna:
Fossil fuels are abundant under the barren surface of Combusta Magna. The moon is covered with smoggy, grimy cityscape, and most of the akonians there must wear breath masks or implants to survive the fumes. The moon manufactures many things, including fuel, metals and plastics.
On Combusta Magna is The Mass. This place is a twisted, mad, sentient realm made up of machinery. Quantum physics are involved here. All who live within The Mass are twisted also - all but Lord Graldus, ruler of Combusta Magna, who has his throne there.

Milita Magna:
Main barracks and secondary military base of Tempesta Celestis, it was chosen for its strategic placement. It is always one the other side of Tempesta Magna that Meta Magna, and so allows defense of the system from all angles.
Lady Artremi holds command here.

Necra Magna:
This moon is dead, and the dead walk it.
Vast amounts of Deathsteel (an unrefined form of chronodermis) lie within this moon, and it used to be dedicated to mining. After a civil war, the great spirit, Lady Vermiru, was slain by her own people. The people then died, and the curse of the Deathsteel hit them. Time-bending properties are often fickle, and in this case, it stopped them from ever truly dying - but will not let them truly live either.

Urba Magna:
This moon's losty city-towers are well known, and it is the most popular tourist attraction of all the moone, seconded by Sampa Magna. It is a moon-wide city dedicated to capitalistic trade, entertainment, and pleasures of the flesh.
Lord Econai rules here, in a council of akonian elders.

Alpha Magna:
This beautiful moon is full of forest and wildlife. It is forbidden to the mortal akonians, and the great being Ezru chose this moon as the seat of council for him and children. The spirit, Lady Andraste, holds vigil over Alpha Magna, and awaits the others for council in times of stress, war, or just change.

Orba magna:
This moon has akonians, but the bulk of the population are the mysterious Spheroid race. The akonians, like most other races in the galaxy, treat the Spheroids as slaves, and Orba Magna's slum-like countenance reflects the love and charity given to them: not much. Thankfully however, the slave trade is ended. There is still a bit of racial quarrel between them, but now, withing Tempesta Celestis, the Spheroids are a free people.

Fosphauros Magna
Cyclonoids have always inhabited Fosphauros Magna. It is so close to Tempesta Magna that it is actually partially within the planet's atmosphere, meaning cyclonoids can pass freely between it and planetside. The moon's atmosphere is mainly Chlorogen Oxide: the lifeblood of the cyclonoids.
Lady Cyclonace rules here, and gives the race she rules their name. She is revered as a sort of "hive queen."

Neo Magna:
Tempesta Celestis' newest moon, this has only a small population of akonians. It is a captured moon caught in Tempesta Magna's gravitational pull. The Sirrushian Empire have their embassy here.
Lady Orenni holds negotiations here.

Aris Magna:
This moon may be full of rocky desert, but life here thrives all the same. In its summer, Aris magna is barren and hot, but in winter, it blooms into life. The akonians scratch a bountiful existence from this place.
Lord Ashtara is khalif of this moon.

Cryo magna:
Icy wasteland best describes this place. It is devoid of life, but for a few colonies on its equator. It is used to being completely frozen over when it is behind the planet Tempesta Magna.
Lady Fria is the leader of this moon.

Flora Magna
A beautiful planet of lush forest and brightly coloured flowers. At first glance, this moon appears peaceful, until the bloodthirsty nature of the plants are revealed. Vegetarian akonians here have to hunt to survive, and any settlements built are quickly overrun by bloodvine.
Lady Florymonde rules here.

Cata Magna
This is in fact a combination of two moons, which collided millenia ago. A great volcanic canyon runs across this otherwise uniform, grassland plain world.


  March 24, 2014
I would like to see this updated. I've been thinking of starting a BRC3, getting new MOCers involved with a big contest. I like that BRC2 has contineued btw...
  May 22, 2010
What about Veloco-Nui? Tell me! Also, have there ever been any Elemental Lord Bio-Racers?
  January 12, 2010
! Gringat you should have told me that you were making a Trescipius! Otherwise I wouldn't have posted my not so great version!
  January 3, 2010
know what i just though of something: you could have just put all this in the group disription :P
  January 2, 2010
By the by, Gringat, is there anywhere else across the internet, say Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, BZPower, wherever else I could contact you easier? This unnecessary messaging through contacting is rather silly if you ask me.
  January 2, 2010
very well done in all respects *_*o!(thumbs up)i would sugest adding an index of what was created by whom. i love when all the songs collide. EDIT: oh and when you get it all together you should link to all the brc mocs :) man we`re just dumping work on you :)
 I like it 
  January 1, 2010
Not sure if I skipped over it - links to songs? Those are awesome. Btw, the World of Warcraft soundtrack has some -very- nice sounds on it, if you ever get a chance to listen. Nice MOCs in the first pic; love the descriptions of the locations.
 I like it 
  January 1, 2010
Write Gringat! Write like an energy drink powered code monkey!(no insult intended)
 I made it 
  January 1, 2010
Quoting Supreme commander Gideon Fucci So there is allot of info on the planets but the current stories are not included?
I'm still writing :)
 I like it 
  January 1, 2010
So there is allot of info on the planets but the current stories are not included?
By Gringat the Repugnant
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