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Microcity Addition 2: Lakeshore City Conversion
My grand city you see here is Lakeshore City, and the biggest expansion yet: A 30x16 area was covered with lake water, beaches, roads, and more buildings, doubling the size. This is my biggest city..... So far.
About this creation
Welcome back, or if this is your first visit, welcome! This is the revolutionary, latest, greatest, addition to my microcity, which I have named Lakeshore City.... For now at least. Improved photography, better captions, newly installed roads and beaches, and as you may notice, conversion to a fresh 15x15 inch baseplate, perfect for endless expanse of new plastic urban sprawl. As this MOC has many, many pictures, more than any of my MOCs by dozens, this is separated into four sections for those who have not seen the city before or those who only want a certain area of it. For those who get utterly confused or bored by some of the captions, I apologize. It's very easy to run out of ideas when you have to do this many buildings....

Part 1

This first building you see here, the grand BCO, the Branch Corporate Office, is the first building I built in the microcity. This is one of the smaller government buildings you will see in the city.

The famed Sunrise Hotel. This is one of the fanciest hotels in the city. It has a great view of the ocean from even the lobby, for the beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and the occasional water-skiing wipe-out. At nearly 20 stories and 84 pieces, it is the tallest building for many blocks. The penthouse is amazingly expensive, and has slanted orange 20 foot windows for the best views in the city, rated 23 times in Micro Magazine. It would probably be cheaper to fly with a family of ten first class international and book a hotel for a week than stay here by yourself for one night.

The Orange Sandbar, a beachside shack that is run by the hotel. It has annoyingly high prices, because you have to walk hundreds of feet to the next beach restaurant, so you are kind of stuck there to buy lunch.

Luke's Luxury Lodges. Rumor has it that these were founded by a man from a galaxy far, far away, but the manager, Lucas "Thai"walker, denies that such a noble man exists.

Tree Huggers Guild. They say that without organizations like these, the ice caps would be long gone. Then again, they are slipped weekly paychecks from environmentalists to protest in front of random office buildings to just use sunlight.... Even during the night shift.

The Log Cabin Co., Inc. This factory is the most productive log cabin real estate company in the city, and has built over 75% of the city's log cabins.

The Red Flame Apartments. (As if people don't think of flames being warm colors....) Good priced housing with friendly neighbors. (Maybe the stifling heat affects people's brains) Ironically, no one here owns a coat. Could it be that is because the thermostat has never dropped below 85 degrees..... Celsius??? Whew.

Assorted office space, ranging from people who plan cheesy birthday parties for kids all the way to some billionaire tycoon who rents out the top two floors as "his bubble". Don't pop it, or he might call security. You don't want to end up like that last guy.... Shame what they did to him.

The Beachside Municipal Prisoner Containment Facility. It's a mouthful, but it's much better than getting a mouthful of fist over at the place in the center of the city.... As if the word "jail" comes close to describing it.

The Ocean Lovers Seafood Restaurant. Obviously, the serve gourmet seafood. This fancy eating establishment is run by the Ocean Lovers Headquarters, which is truly sad, because they claim to be trying to save sea life.

The Random Yellow. It is only called 'Random Yellow' because it is a vacant building. It isn't an office, hotel, house, restaurant, or anything else. Just an empty building with ugly tile patterns.

Part 2

The Rainy Day Cafe. If you like burgers with cardboard patties.

This building which has no official name. It's one of the biggest paper manufacturing companies in the country. Believe it or not, they don't even use their own paper for documents.

The Zirconium Jewelry Shop. Gullible citizens somehow believe that they can buy jewels like the one on the roof, which has been stolen by [gullible] robbers three dozen times just to find it is a massive plastic shell. Some lucky customers who don't blow their money are usually told by past customers that everything they sell is tacky overpriced cubic zirconium.

The Honeybee Museum. This is dedicated to the famous Shannon Young, who is one of the most popular legends in the city. They say he gave the mayor all the ideas for the architecture of the city, which is undoubtedly true.

The Treetop Hotel. This has nothing to do with trees, it's just painted green and has a pointed roof. People on the third story and below, beware. The parking garage is a very ugly view through the windows on the right side.

The school block. The administration offices and the elementary school (windowless building) packed into one ugly block of bley. The only good teacher is the one who isn't a-- What? Oh, never mind. I guess whenever the P.E. teacher lets the kids bungee jump he cuts the cords.

TYNYHQ. Otherwise known as Tyblo's Yucca Newts Yodel Headquarters, where they somehow teach mutated newts from yucca trees to yodel. Sounds far-fetched, doesn't it?

The RedLev Resort. It was named so because it appears to almost levitate, only held up by a scrawny trans-red elevator shaft. It is one of the coolest, most futuristic hotels around, though, and is immune to most strong earthquakes. One of my personal favorites.

The Low Go Restaurant. Despite the looks on the outside, it is quite the fancy, colorful restaurant. The reason for the black paint is to keep their heating bill low.

The Chrome Place. This is a building designed for people who love the shiny hue of chrome. Little do they realize that this building is metallic silver, not chrome.

The Lime Mime. This restaurant is known throughout the city for it's sour food. Anything not sour is dyed green with food coloring. On Friday nights, they hire a mime to paint himself green and perform. It takes an extra 10% tip, but it's worth it.

The Community Aquarium. One of the best aquariums in the city, and rated #21 in the world. Unlike most aquariums, it goes up rather than out.

The Stadium. This is one of the largest stadiums in the city, and is home to many events including the 2009 MOColympics. This mammoth was also home to the 2008 MOCie Awards.

The Section 1 Beach Hospital. This was built by construction workers in triple overtime, due to the massive amount of food poisoning from the Stadium Food Court's Sporttime Special.

The Sandy Playhouse. This place is a 10,000 square foot party area for kids, including a small splash pool, a sand room, a couple bowling lanes and a candy counter. Of course despite the fact that the beach is right across the street. Winter, you say? Nope, because to make it more "natural", there is no air conditioning. And after a summer of serving hyperactive, dirty kids, most of the employees quit and the boss takes all winter to find new ones.

Evergreen On the Beach. Don't ask.

Say, look at this random overhead shot.

GlassCo, Inc. They have the world's largest revolving door at 45 feet high. Though you won't see it on any record books.

Part 3

(Ah, so finally I gave up trying to pave the roads. Captions coming soon, I hope. Don't fret over these buildings with gigantic gray lumps instead of roads in front of them.)
I don't even know what this building is.... I've done enough research for the Santa Fe Trail as it is, and I'm not typing more.

Now that I've gotten over my panic attack (I hope) here is the Amarillo Grande. Possibly the most popular Spanish themed restaurant in the near surrounding area, although it doesn't have a very Spanishy look.

Big Bulger Medical Facility. They claim they are the biggest hospital in Lakeshore City, but it isn't close to true. Once I build the center of the city, there are going to be some awfully big microscale buildings. When will it come out? Who knows. Heck, when is it going to be that you're actually done reading this thing? We're only about halfway through, sadly.

Long Beach Market. Somehow named the "Biggest Misnomer Business" in Lakeshore City. I'm not sure how that happened, because it's a market that's long and by a beach that's also long. (If this joke makes no sense, it means I'm secretly encouraging you to stop reading before you go crazy after looking at so many of my buildings and puns.)

Joe's Office Space. 90,000 square feet of blue walls and floors for rent. Did I mention Joe is a blue fanatic?

Bley Towers. Specifically aimed for older, more boring financial workers that have not gained a sense of optimism after three decades of ugly black and white paperwork with endless sentences full of legal terms like "Jim is in financial debt" and "Tom has invested all his money in the wrong stock". Each apartment only has running water and a bed.

The Unknown One. Simply called this because this odd structure was created before settlers first came to Lakeshore City, and was at a whopping size compared to any current building, even the old fort. Voted 36 times as "Most Mysterious Place", it is said that a mysterious light often glows eerily at the spire, which doesn't even have a window.... Or does it?

The Evergreen Exhibition Center. Everything green you can imagine, taking up 5 floors, each 30,000 square feet each. It's actually quite sickening.

The log cabin industry expands it's unique headquarters with a marketing building and a small factory expansion, making the production of the city's log cabins at a slightly larger 82%.

High Court Plaza. One of the biggest buildings outside of the city's center, The Plaza is a large courthouse with one of the biggest paved non-road surfaces in the city. The hold huge concerts here on Wednesdays.

Yep, the Plaza is so big that it takes TWO WHOLE pictures to show it. Whew.

Plaza Observation Decks. A tourist attraction built to dramatize the Plaza. Even though it's gray, it is absolutely whopping in size.

Part 4

The Mermaid Cafe. A cafe with a rather cool climate, themed to look like underwater. It actually looks quite good, and the food isn't half bad.

The Beauty Beach Real Estate Office. People across the street at the office building are reassured after seeing this wonderful place after getting a pink slip from the C.E.O.

Lakeshore City Volunteer Fire Department. Helping you since 1982.

The Ruby Roof Delicatessen. All cool, as the city folks say.... Except the last part.

Somehow I feel Shannon Young's pain. I have been warned in all his Shannonia updates that coming up with a new caption for each building is horrible.... And it is. I feel like by expanding the log cabin industry, I would be "overcompensating". All this AFOL talk.... It gives me the giggles!

Ink Inc. Ink.

Mellow Yellow Tower. It's TALL..... But sadly lacking in comparison to the Sunrise Hotel. Lacking, I say, lacking! But the only reason I say that is because I can't waste any more space in these captions without SPAM SPAM SPAMITTY SPAMMING.

A random ugly parking garage. Looks kind of creepy in this picture, doesn't it?

Orange Sherbet Ice Cream Shoppe. They only have one flavor here. Can you guess which?

Lakeshore Optical. Seeing double?

The Cosmic Launch. The most wild place you'll ever be, including the lion pit at the zoo. This took me 20 minutes to design the way it can spin 360 degrees and move up and down.

The Landing Pad. Just in case.

Shmurple Purple. Try the double decker gurple. Did I mention this part of Lakeshore Drive is the place where the tides are most freakish? The road here gets flooded weekly, and the Purple has 6 sump pumps in the basement.

A random, highly expensive boutique. Buildings like this appear when I'm seriously out of ideas and pieces.

I like this design....

My studies show that this was built by suspicious citizens to watch the optical people. If that thing was right across the street you'd be scared too.

Alas, the addition is over, all the long roads, dizzying buildings, and the ridiculous captions. But more comes this way in terms of microscale buildings. Lakeshore City will expand massively in the next expansion (if one ever comes), with another large surprise. Thanks for visiting!

~Mayor of Lakeshore City


 I like it 
  November 4, 2011
Lakeshore city, love it! Great micro build here Ryan!
 I made it 
  April 29, 2011
Quoting Paul Wellington Hey, I was thinking about doing a Micro City tribute for MOCpages and was wondering if I could use one of your images? You would receive full credit and a link to your page. Whatever your decision, thanks.
Oh, sorry I haven't been on in a while. Sure, you can use a picture.
  March 19, 2011
Hey, I was thinking about doing a Micro City tribute for MOCpages and was wondering if I could use one of your images? You would receive full credit and a link to your page. Whatever your decision, thanks.
 I like it 
  July 13, 2010
Ha Ha! Mellow Yellow tower. I was just listening to Mellow Yellow by Donovan. That's where you got the idea right? Totally awesome micro city. 5/5.
 I like it 
  April 8, 2010
Awesome! One of the best micro scale mocs I've seen!
 I like it 
  April 7, 2010
Great Micro-scale, great pictures too.
 I like it 
  April 1, 2010
Good looking addition, with much improved photography so visitors can really appreciate your city. You say I gave you the idea for all the architecture, but you've taken the basic formula and made it your own with so many distinct buildings. Developing your own style, not just copying mine or anyone else's. I love it. Keep expanding!
 I made it 
  February 4, 2010
Quoting Taylor Lex how do you make your city so good? it must have took forever to write for every building. check out my city
About a week, actually.
  February 3, 2010
how do you make your city so good? it must have took forever to write for every building. check out my city
 I like it 
  January 28, 2010
Awesome! I love the detailed descriptions of each structure, as well as the overarching theme that unites them all. It reminds me of the meticulous detail and management involved with sim-city.
 I like it 
  January 28, 2010
I love RedLev Resort. And yes, nothing will ever match up to Shannonia. =)
 I made it 
  January 23, 2010
Quoting Sebeus I Nicely done, I like the redlev resort, good job on detail, quite an impressive microcity, great job
I like that one myself....
 I like it 
  January 23, 2010
Nicely done, I like the redlev resort, good job on detail, quite an impressive microcity, great job
Ryan T.
 I like it 
Thomas N
  January 10, 2010
Your city seems to be expanding faster than you can write for it! Lots of the new buildings look great. Keep up the good work! ~T
 I like it 
  January 9, 2010
WOW...I like it.
 I like it 
  January 7, 2010
Okay, that is a HECK lot of pictures. Probably the biggest moc on MOCpages!
 I like it 
  January 7, 2010
I like it! Well done micro city, gets me even MORE interested in doing a micro city of my own.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2010
Lots of cool micro structures in there!
By Ryan T.
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