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Empire of Darkness: Chapter 13
Chapter 13 of my comic series taking place in the Imperial time period of Star Wars. I've left 'ya waiting for a long time, haven't I?
About this creation

[Play this music for a more movie-like experience]

A team of rebels, led by the Jedi Ricky Seneria, are trying to regroup with others joining them in their fight against the evil GALACTIC EMPIREÖ

[Ricky, Allana, Davis, and the Twi-Lek servant are walking down a city street]

Allana: Alright, we have some rebel friends here. We'll have to go see them.

Allana: First we need to get some civilian clothes; we'll be able to disappear.

[Allana walks up to a shop]
Allana: It'll be a few minutes.

[A few minutes later]
Allana: Done.

[Allana points to some men down the road]
Allana: Those are my friends.

[The two men walk up to them]
Man in fedora hat: Allana! So good to see you're okay!
Allana: Hello Streve! Ricky, Davis, these are my rebel friends, Streve and Shaun. Streve, I just got some civilian clothes.
Streve: Nice to meet you, Ricky and Davis. We have a small room we rented down the street, you guys can change there.

[Streve turns to walk down the road]
Streve: Follow me. The room is down this way.

[They follow Streve to a doorway about twenty feet down the way]

[Streve and Allana walk in]
Allana: Itís nice and cozy!

[The Twi-Lek follows Streve and Allana in. Davis and Ricky follow him]

[They all are in. Ricky looks at the Machine Blaster on the wall]
Streve: I always come prepared, Ricky.
Ricky: So you have a way to Polis Massa?
Streve: EhÖ not exactly.
Allana: What happened to the ship?
Streve: WellÖ
Shaun: Stolen. We left it at the spaceport. We shouldíve known better.
Ricky: Well, thatís another thing on my list. I noticed thereís a cantina across the way. Iím going to change into these clothes Allana bought and go over there to get us a ship to Polis Massa.
Streve: Okay. The bathroom is the door down to the right.

[Ricky walks to the bathroom]

[He enters it. The others are seated, conversing]
Streve: Your friend Ricky here, he is a confident man. He needs to realize heís not invincible.
Davis: Heís close enough to it. Heís a Jedi after all.
Streve: Heís avoided the Empire for all these years? Hmm, he truly does have reason to be confident.

[Ricky comes out of the bathroom]
Ricky: Iíll be back.

[He turns to look at Streve]
Streve: Good luck, Jedi.
Ricky: I donít need luck.

[Ricky starts to walk out]

[Davis gets up]
Davis: Wait! Let me come with you!
Ricky: No. Itís too dangerous. I feel the Force, but I canít tell if itís Light or Dark. Stay here.

[Ricky leaves]

[He walks out, but there is a terrorist shooting a blaster in the air]
Terrorist: Get on the ground!

[Ricky lunges to the ground, as the terrorist wildly shoots]

[The Stormtrooper and Urban Ops Commando fall to the ground, dead]

Terrorist: Now give me all your money!

[The terrorist reaches down to steal some money from a pedestrian]

[But Ricky jumps up and Force Pushes the terrorist, who drops his gun]

[Ricky walks over and picks up the gun]

[He holds the terrorist at gunpoint as the Urban Ops Commando comes]

[Ricky turns to leave, but the Commando stops him]
Urban Ops Commando: Hey, thanks for that. This scum, this city: frankly, itís insulting being put in a worthless duracrete jungle like this. Hey, donít I recognize you? Yeah, youíre a Jedi! Put your hands in the air!
Ricky: I donít need to put my hands in the air.
Urban Ops Commando: You donít need to put your arms in the air.
Ricky: Iím not who you are looking for.
Urban Ops Commando: Youíre not who Iím looking for.

[Ricky walks into bar]
Ricky: That never gets old.

[He walks up to the bartender]

Bartender: You have a lot of nerve coming here, Jedi.
Ricky: And why would that be, bartender? And how do you know Iím a Jedi?
Bartender: The scum of the earth hang around here: drinkers, bounty hunters, and the like. If I were you, Iíd get out of here soon before someone makes a connection.

[The bartender points to a ĎWantedí poster of Ricky on the wall]

Ricky: Huh, thatís nifty.
Bartender: You better find what you came for and get out quick. Good luck.
Ricky: I donít need luck. But I do need a pilot.
Bartender: Over there. Constantly claims he has Ďthe fastest ship in the galaxy.í His nameís Han Solo. Heís who you wanna talk to.

[Ricky walks over to Han Solo]

Ricky: You Han Solo?
Han Solo: Yeah. You Ricky Seneria?
Ricky: Yeah. I can see the Empire has a need for me, so we best be done with this quick. I need a ship. And I need to get to Polis Massa. Thatís where you come in.
Han Solo: Well, seeing as I have the fastest ship in the galaxy, it was a good idea coming to me. Itíll be 5000 creds.
Ricky: 5000? Are you nuts?
Han Solo: If you want the best, you gotta pay premium prices.

[Bounty Hunter walks up and pulls a blaster to Rickyís face]
Bounty Hunter: Evening boys. I think itís best you came with me, Seneria, before we make a mess of things here. Empire wants you dead or alive, and, from my experience, living ones bring in more cash.
Ricky: Is that so?

[Bounty Hunters from around the bar pull out blasters to him]
Green-armored bounty hunter: It is so.

Ricky: Well, I just have a little bit of business to attend to. NOW!

[Woman from across the table jumps onto the table]

[And then she pulls out a lightsaber to the green-armored bounty hunter]

[Ricky jumps back and pulls out his own lightsaber]
Ricky: Good bounty hunters know when their beat. Better ones leave right away.

[Bounty hunter puts down his blaster]
Bounty Hunter: Letís go.

[The Bounty Hunters leave]
Bounty Hunter: This isnít over, Seneria.

Ricky: Oh, Iím sure it isnít.

[Ricky turns to the woman]
Woman: How did you know I was here?
Ricky: I think the real question is how did you know I was here?
Woman: I guess it is. I felt you. Through the Force.
Ricky: Bonds are stronger between brother and sister, Rachel.

[They hug]

Rachel: Now what are you doing here exactly, Ricky?
Ricky: Fighting the Empire. Thereís a rebellion going on, and Iím part of it. I have some friends on this planet, and Mr. Solo here is going to fly us to Polis Massa to meet our other friends.
Rachel: Well then, letís go!

[They leave]

Ricky: Letís get my friends, and then we can go.

[Ricky knocks on the door]

Ricky: My sister and my pilot. Tell the others that itís time to go.

[Later. In front of a ship dock]
Han Solo: This is where my ship is.

Han: Lemme in. I gotta get to my ship.
Dockmaster: Credentials please.
Han: Come on! We need to go now!
Dockmaster: Sir, please calm down. I am legally bound to not let anyone in without credentials.

[One of the bounty hunters from the bar is there. He calls on a comm]

[The bounty hunter pulls out a blaster on Ricky]
Bounty Hunter: Just come with me quietly.

[Ricky twists around, pushing the bounty hunter with the Force]
Ricky: I never come quietly.

[The Bounty Hunter falls into some chains and is strangled]

Davis: Thatíll teach those bounty hunters a lesson.
Ricky: Sadly it wonít, Davis. Theyíll keep coming back, in the pursuit of money. The Empire will pay them well for my dead body, and undoubtedly yours as well.

Han Solo: Here are my credentials. Now let me in!

Dockmaster: Go ahead. You guys look prepared for something.
Ricky: Thatís because we are.

[They meet within the dock]

Han Solo: Yes please.
Droid: YES SIR.

Han Solo: Yes please.
Droid: YES SIR.

[Darth Vader and some storm troopers are outside]
Vader: This is where they are. I can feel that Jedi scum.

[Vader pulls out his lightsaber to the dockmaster]
Vader: Let us in.
Dockmaster: Not without credentials.

[Vader slices the dog]

Vader: Iíll give you one more chance. Let. Us. In!
Dockmaster: Not without credentials!

[Vader cuts off his head]

[The dockmasterís body falls]
Vader: Bad move.

[Han looks outside]
Han Solo: Imperials. Weíll need to fight them. I have blasters.

[Han hands Davis and Allana blasters]
Ricky: Get readyÖ I can feel the Dark SideÖ it must be Vader.
Han Solo: You never told me that Vader would be after you! Thisíll land me in a lot of troubleÖ
Ricky: Donít worry Han.

Fed: Go, go, go, go!
[Stormtroopers rush in]

[All of the stormtroopers are killed. A scout trooper rushes in]

[But the scout trooper is instantly killed]

[An Urban Ops Commando rushes in]

[Ricky jumps upÖ]

[...and cuts off the Riot Control Trooper's head]

[The Riot Control Trooper's head flies off and his body falls to the ground]

[Ricky walks out, and as he does so, Fed takes aim at him]

[A lightsaber goes flying towards Commander Fed]

[Fed's arm is cut off and he falls to the ground]

[Rachel grabs her lightsaber]

[Rachel walks up]
Ricky: It's about time you got here.

Ricky: Face it, Vader. Two Jedi against one Sith. Looks like you're on the wrong end of this deal. Now put down the lightsaber. I know there's still good in you, giving up now would show it.

Vader: You- you're right... I do feel good!
[Vader drops his lightsaber]
Vader: ...Or did I?

[Vader pushes Ricky and Rachel with the Force]

[Ricky and Rachel are knocked unconscious by Vader's savage Force Push]

[Vader walks away]
Vader: Typical weak Jedi. I am one with the Dark Side; how did they think there were still traces of the obnoxious 'Light Side' in me?

[Han walks across the fallen stormtroopers]

[Han steps out]
Han Solo: Gah! What happened?

Han Solo: Are you guys okay?

[Ricky sits up]
Ricky: Yeah, I'm fine.
Rachel: Me too.
Ricky: I'll go grab our lightsabers.

[Ricky picks up Rachel's lightsaber]

[Ricky gives Rachel her lightsaber]
Rachel: Thanks.
Ricky: No problem.

[Davis walks out]
Davis: Time to go. The ship's ready.
Ricky: Alright.

[They come in]
Ricky: Well, I guess it's time to go.

[They all walk into the ship]

[The ship's door closes]


Yup, that's EOD 13. Hope ya liked it. Sorry for the wait.


Rocky W.
 I like it 
Nick Shelton
  May 4, 2010
RUN! GO! GET TO ZAH SHIP! Good set making, I'll have to remember that when I make my comic here in June. You got the build on your side, but the writing is a little bland IMO. It needs Phaze to make it become so detailed you fall asleep.
 I like it 
  April 28, 2010
Nice job
Rocky W.
 I like it 
Michael Sloper
  February 14, 2010
Finally I'm done. That chapter was pretty long. You also added a ton of scenery, but after the first one the walls started lacking a bit. What makes this series unique is how you actually have this take place after episode III. I was getting SO sick of comics having clones running around shooting droids. The dialog in this is suburb by the way. Can't wait until the next chapter. Oh, and thanks for the positive comment you left on my Executor. I put a lot of time and work into it.
 I like it 
  February 14, 2010
Not bad at all- very nice- but well some elements- like minifigs are bit well un-star wars-like -but not too much fortunately- oh Vader slicing a dog- he is so cruel...
 I like it 
  February 14, 2010
Needs more OOM-27.
By Rocky W.
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