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Intro into what I love to do. (Edited 12/19/10)
This is how my story begins by taking a different path then lego has.
About this creation
((scroll down for a short version of how this started if you don’t care for ‘story’ very much))
((at the very bottom is a editing list showing what edits I have donea nd when))

After the fight between Takua Nuva the Toa of Light and Makuta the god of darkness, which destroyed them both.
The Toa Nuva Warriors discovered a decaying ancient, highly advanced city underneath Mata-Nui. They led the Matoran populace along with the wise village leaders, the Turanga and explored.
They found amongst the many marvels, thousands of Matoran in stasis as well as an entire archive of exotic and strange Rahi.
Returning to Matanui with many marvels and much more Matorans the Turanga had decided the right course of action and during a great meeting of all the villages and Motaran's that had lived there already and newly awoken.

Vakama stood forward speaking for the other elders.
"This island of Mata-Nui is rich in food but is not nearly as grand as the city below us of Metru-Nui. Alas Metru-Nui is in such disrepair that it can no longer be a safe city to live in."
After a pause he stretches his hand to the night sky.
"There are what we believe to be large vessels that can take us to the heavens!"
It was decided, some would stay behind that where fascinated with Metru-Nui and wanted to get it working again and others simply cherished the simple yet hard working life on Mata-Nui.

All the Toa, Turanga the majority of Matorans embarked except for Kopaka the Toa of Ice who stayed behind to watch over the people on both Mata-Nui and Metru-Nui.

With them they loaded up one of the large ships with the creatures from the archives and from around Metru and Mata Nui to help spread them across the stars.

Now after the first ships left a few more had launched from Metru-Nui and up through the waters around Mata-Nui. The Bohrok had awakened when Makuta died but disoriented and without direction or conquest, so collectively they decided to venture to the stars for purpose.
Also within the city of Metru-Nui Rakshii had lived there without Makuta's influence even though they had originated from him long ago and learnt to reproduce with the aid of a Rakshii Queens. Few figured out how to work the machinery of the ships and many Rakshii boarded the ships in hopes of finding better prey to hunt.

((SHORT VERSION: They found space ships in the city they found right after the first movie and went into space!))

A thousand years have passed and the various main races have spread to the far reaches of the Galaxy. Rahi where already found on many planets and some where even found to be of high intelligence but still are animals.
The four main races are Bioniclin (Toa, Matoran and Turanga), Rakshii (Hunters and Queens), Borhok (Borhok and Va) and the Tech.

An important fact is about Protodermis, Protodermis or otherwise known as Proto is pure energy that is also part of the fabric of the very existence of matter and all life. Technology has progressed quite far and nearly everything uses Proto to power it and many ways to harness Proto has been found with unique and interesting results.
Magic is also a term used to explain how Protodermis can be used to alter and control the forces of nature and reality in a non scientific way.

Spiritual energy is a term used to describe the phenomenon that Bioniclin and Rakshii (not as much) as well as rare cases of Borhok can increase the residual Protodermis that is the building block of all parts to an extent that it can aid in magical abilities and produce abilities that are classified as Proto abilities. The downside is that if someone with a high amount of spiritual energy reserves a wound and that part is removed by a sword or a blast, the removal unbalances the Proto and if it is not mended it can cause a Legonians mind to be erased from the strain.

Because of the advancements, a greater understanding of the very mechanical operations of all life is well understood. Minds are commonly referred to as CPUs as many amongst the various races have learned how to digitally store items by transferring the physical matter made of Proto into a different form of Proto that still keeps the original in memory but is now digital inside their mind. Only those with a crystal CPU can do this.

Now for the races.

~The Bioniclin are divided up into two main races that are Toa and Matoran.
Turanga is a status given to a Toa or Matoran of an elder leadership role and does not require any physical changes.
~They're culture differs greatly depending on their element based on their color of parts. They are the only race that is element specific with their color.
~Because of their high spiritual Proto energy they naturally have Bioniclins have always had a way to regulate the energy inside of them. Their mask serve this task and without their mask and nothing to regulate their inner Proto energy they can suffer from mental instabilities and after a long time die.
~Bioniclin are the only race that have a gender in their identity and form emotional relationships to the other gender in such a way. They tell the genders apart by first glance because the males and females have a distinct energy pattern that is easily sensed.
~Life begins for this race as a Matoran that emerges randomly from a high concentration of Protodermis in one location. Temples are frequently built around such locations so that newly created Matoran can be guided as soon as they emerge.
~Any matoran can become a Toa by first having gone through vast amounts of physical training for combat, spiritual prowess and expanding their CPU through practice as well. Once they are spiritually ready and can afford it they go through an extreme procedure that has them physically altered into a taller and stronger form, a Toa.
~Toas serve as great magic users as well as great warriors to defend all Bioniclins from danger. It is uncommon for Toa to find interests in technology as Matorans strive quite hard to become Toa, but it does happen.
~The main populace is Matoran for two reasons. Not all Matoran have what it takes to become a Toa through training, school or other means. Secondly, because of their smaller and generally weaker stature, Matorans naturally become mechanics and scientists.
~Bioniclin over all are the most magical by nature. If they receive any bodily injury their spirit weakens because of their natural high amount of spiritual energy within all their parts as a race in general. If say an arm is cut off they must receive medical attention by having a spare arm, a medical device attached, or to mentally control their spirit to re-balance and regulate the spiritual energy until they can be re-paired.
~Their weapons in general, use an accelerated Proto blast, large in cannons or small in rapid fire weapons, to use kenetic force to damage an enemy.
~They are in a direct war with the Tech that has raged on for hundreds of years because the Tech see themselves as the perfect Legonian and Bioniclins as polar opposites for being able to use magic and being a heavily emotional race.
~Silver Drones are a form of AI that Bioniclins use sparingly, even with their great effectiveness at any task they are given they see Silver Drones as a negligence to a Bioniclin's Duty and remind them of the Tech.
~Bioniclins were the first race to develop the Massive Enhancement Combat Hardware or MECH for short. In essence it allows the user to operate a large mobile unit without having to augment their own body to become part of the larger unit. It was first developed to introduce Matoran's into the miltary as more effective pilots then just aerial craft and land vehicles. Repercussions have been that less Matoran's are focused on becoming Toa's.

The Borhok are a xenophobic race that mainly focuses on advancement of technology that affects the basic proto within all parts. They are not one collective mind as each Hive is run by it's own leadership and ideals. At times a few Hives of Borhok have gathered together and waged war on the other races for wanting more power. There is a Borhok home world where many Hives work together in an almost Governmental way, for a peaceful existence with the rest of the galaxy and even attempts to control the more savage Hives from attacking other races.
~Borhok are artificial sentient creatures that are created in two ways. Regular Borhok are actually living masks called Krana that have the ability to control live or dead bodies when they attach themselves. They are grown by condensing Protodermis and having existing Krana float within the liquid Protodermis. Krana form from the Protodermis and have unique minds by being a collective of various minds around it to form a unique mind. The original process devised by Makuta is long lost so new Krana can only be made with the presence of other Krana. The other way is Borhok Va which are used as drones and a main military force, they are simply an artificial intelligence that has been programmed into Borhok CPU crystals.
~A common Borhok would be a custom frame (bi-ped, tall, short, spiderish, it doesn't matter to them) made for or by the Borhok that has a single CPU crystal as well so that if the Krana is knocked off or destroyed the CPU can take over and either pick the Krana back up and re-attach or keep on fighting, or return the body to the Hive.
If a body part is destroyed from a Borhok it does not affect it very much as the Krana is simply controlling the body like a puppet and the Va do not feel pain and simply continue on until their body no longer functions.
~There is a very good reason as to why no one is at war or attacks the Borhok and when a Hive or two joins together and get's violent it is taken very serious. When a Borhok defeats an enemy on the battle field the body is almost immediately attached with a Krana. This cuts down on cost of manufacturing and can greatly increase their numbers in rank if they are even the tiny bit successful in battles. This is why they're weapons specializes in disrupting the Proto in the enemies parts rather than causing major physical damage so that the body can be used more efficiently afterwards.

~Rakshii are a heavily divided and anti social race focused on hunting. They are a heavily emotional and prideful race that takes great joy in either hunting other races or at times each other. Rakshii have long gotten rid of the need for their Krana like weak worm bodies that simply control frames by having a Rakhsii queen copy a small portion of itself into a crystal CPU and that new Rakshii begins as a blank and creates a personality and mind for itself. Rakshii Queens are simply a large powerful Rakhshi that has collected and added to its body over a long period of time so much that it has become mostly immobile. Rakshii Queens breed strong warriors to protect it and at times those warriors tire of hunting Rahi when not protecting the Queen and flee away to hunt more formidable prey.
~Rakshii are able to have quite strong magical and spiritual powers but on average not as strong as most Toa so they specialize in their fighting skills and use a variety of weapons ranging from various types Proto weapons and blades.
~Rakshii excel in the making of Proto weapons that work on collecting Proto and then violently releasing it as an ark of power that causes instability in the connections of the enemies parts and can have explosive results.

~The Tech was found by the Bioniclin after a few hundred years of exploring the galaxy. Nearly on the other side of the galaxy, on a dead world of advanced technology and massive cities full of the Tech frozen in time. When a Motoran jump started a powerless computer the entire planet came alive and the war began. The Tech are a purely technological race that uses no magic what so ever, probably can't.
~They are able to produce in vast numbers because the entire race is an artificial intelligence; their mind is located in the black orb that is also their main source of senses including sight, sound and sonar. Since they do not need a crystal CPU to function they are incredibly cheap to make yet are quite fragile for that reason.
~They come in many shapes and forms yet the short bi-ped form is the most common.
~The tech are an emotionless race that see the other races and all Rahi as illogical and inefficient so conclude that they should not exist.
~They're main weaponry is heavily based on solid Proto that emits a small burst of Proto that solidifies immediately and functions much like a bullet.

Planet Osri

~The plannet Osri holds an abundant number of higher then average intellengt Rahi that thrive in the ruined cities of a defeated Tech world. Much is un-known right now as Bioniclin scientists are still observing the planet from Orbital researchs tations.
~Confirmed Highly Intellegent Rahi:

~Malinko: They are tall bipedal water dwellers that are highly skilled at taking things apart and rebuilding them, sometimes even better. They communicate with their antennas by transmitting intentions, emotions or ideas.


Basic Technology traits shared amongst the races.
~Weapon types: -Solid Proto: Proto formed into a solid state as it is fired that impacts physical damage.
-Kenetic Proto: Proto is fired in a concentrated blast that compresses, when it impacts a target the Proto decompresses releases kinetic energy
-Beam Proto: Proto is fired in a constant stream that is ejected from the weapon, this can be constant or in bursts. A variant of this is Homing Beam Proto that has a controllable trajectory as long as sustained fire is maintained until it hits the target and the rest of the beam follows the directed path.
-Pulsed Proto: Similar to Beam Proto, except this form fires in short rapid burst that are more focused.
-Arcing Proto: Proto energy is built up in the weapon before it is released at the tip of a silver blade that sends out what appears as a small lightning bolt. This form of attack does not specifically deal physical impact damage but rather is absorbed by many parts as it spreads out from the spot of impact. This can damage a large area less than a direct hit would cause or it can overload various equipment.
-Negative Proto: Proto energy is inverted then fired which causes instability to the Proto that makes up matter.

Ammo and non-ammo weapons:
-All weapons can be made in three different ways. If the user can produce energy to the weapon through physical contact like Bioniclin and some skilled Rahkshii, it does not need ammo since the Proto being used to fire the weapon is being supplied by the natural spiritual abilities of the user. The secondary and more used method is to have a cartridge of Proto energy that can be removed when empty. Thirdly a weapon can of course be hooked up to a generator that supplies the Proto for the weapon.

Missiles and Grenades:
~Missiles and Grenades work quite similarly. Both are filled highly unstable charged Proto.
-Grenades can be thrown and launched from any attachable surface. When thrown it can have a delayed explosion but when it is launched the Proto activates and explodes on impact.
-Missiles comes in various forms that perform differently but the basic structure is the same. They can be launched from practically any attachable surface and fly in a straight trajectory expelling a small amount of its Proto behind it until it impacts and explodes violently. If launched from a specifically made device the missile can be guided in flight or target an enemy

Proto Spheres: -They are orbs of highly condensed Protodermis energy that has taken a physical form.
-Unstable in nature they must be contained and regulated properly or they could destabilize and release all the energy stored at once.
-Proto Spheres don't necessarily 'produce' energy for whatever they power; they are more like a battery. Proto Spheres can have a massive amount of energy stored but that energy is limited. So it can reach a high output but it will need to be recharged if it gets to low in energy or will completely dissipate if all used up.

There you go folks. I'll be adding or altering this submission from time to time as my galaxy evolves.

Edit Log
12/18/10 ~ Silver Drones and MECHs, point form notations, the Osri
12/19/10 ~ Technology section
12/22/10 ~ Proto Spheres


 I made it 
  December 16, 2010
Quoting Gringat the Repugnant I ought to do this for my own storyline. Yours sounds brilliant - I'd follow it if it were a series.
After I am done uploading and going into a bit more detail with the figures you see in the into pic, I will start uploading more recent things that have been advancing the story and technology.
 I like it 
  December 16, 2010
Agreement with Gat, but I'm afraid I didn't read it all, sorry. :D
 I like it 
  December 16, 2010
I ought to do this for my own storyline. Yours sounds brilliant - I'd follow it if it were a series.
 I made it 
  December 14, 2010
Quoting Nick Nitro Brick that is awesome but i didn't read the whole thing but those bionicles are awsome if i had to say one bad thing it would be that you need a better camera and a nicer backround.
Thanks alot. Yeah it's a fair bit to read. Just ramblings and idea's about their possible societies =D I know I need a better camera. I kinda like using my bionicle drawers as a background. I donno why.
 I like it 
  November 23, 2010
that is awesome but i didn't read the whole thing but those bionicles are awsome if i had to say one bad thing it would be that you need a better camera and a nicer backround.
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