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The Syblith mecha and the Megas Drepanon
A huge mecha, the Syblith, and its equally huge weapon, the Megas Drepanon.
About this creation
The professor grinned again and said in a low, mysterious voice. "You've probably heard of

it before...or probably not. Krypta Aletheia, the Ghost Land, the non-nation, the Country

That Disappeared. The biggest secret in history, and possibly also the one that people know

the least about".

This machine of war was developed as a part of the invasion force that was created by Krypta

Aletheia to explore, and eventually attack, the artificial planetoid of Ydaron and its

inhabitants. Thanks to Krypta Aletheia's incredible scientific and technological level,

quantifiable in an advantage over other Earth nations of about 1500 - 2000 years, many

technologies used for it and for its weapons are either completely unknown, or still at a

very early degree of research, and albeit Krypta Aletheia's usually peaceful attitude (the

weapons and vehicles used for the Ydaron invasion are most likely the first military

projects after several centuries), they have proven themselves extremely effective against

almost everything they have faced.

The only exception to this are Ydaron and its populations, who, after some initial trouble

(in particular when dealing with the most powerful weapons), defeated the Syblith and

the rest of the first invasion force without further difficulties.

The inhabitants of Ydaron (namely, the Emperor and professor H. M. Sanduleak) are also the

ones who named the Syblith and its main weapon, the Megas Drepanon, since the

original names (or, most likely, prototype codes) given by Krypta Aletheia engineers are

unknown. The reason why the two have choosen these names rather than others is still not

very clear either.

And now, after this mostly useless but quite-fun-to-write background information is over, on

the LEGO itself. I've been building this since last summer, then scrapped it in September,

then resumed in March when I finally completed it. It's quite tall (55 cm from the neck

thing to the ground, and no, I'll never use inches, you Anglo-Saxon weirdos...Metric System

rules! :P), and it's very far from fact, even if it's been a while since

I posted it on Brickshelf, I've decided to put it here on MOCpages only now. If I wanted to

re-build it now (and I'm 99% positive I won't do it, since I need all these pieces for other

things), for example, I'd completely change the legs, right arm, some portions of the

back...overall, I can't say it's plain ugly or badly built, but many things could definitely

have been made better...and as a partial excuse, I could also mention that my LEGO

collection is quite outdated. I haven't bought many new sets after 2002, and if from a

certain point of view this is kind of an advantage, since I don't have many pieces with

those new, horrible greys, I also completely lack a good number of 1 x plate clicky hinges,

curved slopes, and those Titan XP joints that would have been so useful here. Since I didn't

have those, I had to use something much more complicated, and ugly, that don't allow much

poseability either.

Anyways, my first version (sept. 2005, IIRC) was even worse. These are some comparison pics

I've made to show at least how much it improved after the helpful criticism I've received

from SSLF members (el_Rolly , Fallen

Phoenix, and Artyr).


The torso...


The right arm weapon array...


and the ever-dreaded main weapon, the Megas Drepanon!

The mugshot. This incredibly cool reddish light was obtained by turning off the flash, and

replacing it with that little red light that can be found on most digital cameras. Of

course, all this was purely accidental.


Oh, no! It's he Syblith! "Run for your lives!"

"We're lost! It's too powerful!

"Is that thing in the background actually a blanket?"
I'm afraid it is...I didn't have

anything both made of paper and big enough.

Anyways, the humanoid shape is not incidental, of course. It's the only one that allows a

centre of gravity stable enough in many situations: climbing mountains, for example, is one

of these, and since Ydaron is surrounded by a several-thousand-meters-high mountain chain,

this feature was strongly needed to make the Syblith effective during the invasion.

Now, just some random overall shots.









The torso, showing the head and its wide array of sensors (the eyes) and incredibly strong

headlights, useful for blinding enemy soldiers and pilots. The presence of the 'head' is not purely aesthetical, but it surely contributes

to the impressive look of the Syblith, which may come in handy on the battlefield (you don't

see many teddybear-shaped machines of death, do you?)


Close-up. Yes, the joint is very crude, but it works.


Another 'headshot'. I don't mind how the head turned resembles very vaguely an

ancient Greek helmet, which is a good thing since Krypta Aletheia was originally a Greek

polis, a city-state.


The back, with the reactor casing, and the two massive trusters. You could also notice the

flux collapse hydromagnetic mass accelerators, two anti-aircraft cannons that can move

independentely to fire semiliquid metal projectles at more than 3000 km/h. Overall, messy.


The rear-mounted reactor uses a phased array of high-frequency pulsators to induce a

phenomenon similar to sonoluminescence in a hyperdense, non-isotropic core, producing an

amount of power that can reach peaks of almost 5 GW, which isn't bad for something not

much bigger than a phonebox.


Since the Syblith was designed mainly for exploration and long-range tactical

strikes, the modular weapons mounted on this version were choosen accordingly. The longer

ones are variable frequency sonic cannons: piezoelectric nano-accelerators are used to

generate and gradually magnify a sonic pulse. When properly cooled, the cannons can fire

continuously, and the resulting shockwave is so powerful and concentrated that it can

destroy almost any kind of target as if it was a solid artillery shell, with the obvious

advantage of not needing any kind of bullet storage or reload mechanism.

The smaller ones are oleodynamic blasters: they fire overheated bullets, and used primarily

against vehicles. They are said to be so powerful that "they make a tank of any kind as

useful as a knight in armour".


Those two prongs are used during some situations (again, climbing mountains is one of these)

when maintaining its balance using only the legs is too difficult.


The left arm! You might notice that I managed to build this one slightly thicker than the

other one. The prongs serve the very same function of their right-arm counterparts.


Shown without the terrific main weapon, usually assembled on the modular supports.


And, at last, here it is! The Megas Drepanon, one of the deadliest devices ever

conceived by human mind!

Basically, it's a hybrid massive particle accelerator, capable of propelling a coherent

amount of subatomic particles to velocities very near to the speed of light.


It was also a great occasion to experience a bit with greebling, something I've never

actually done before. This shot shows the main body, with the preacceleration chamber, the

power coupling, and some various pipes and hoses of obscure functionality.


The synchromagnetic rails, used to accelerate the particle bundle to 99.9998% of the speed

of light.



The same weapon from different angles, showing the cool but mostly useless power coupling,

and connectors and hoses of various kind.


The tracing wave emitter, an essential part of the Megas Drepanon, since it creates a

momentary perturbation of 'void space' along the path of the particles, allowing them to

pass undisturbed through the atmosphere. Once all the deviations caused by the planet's

gravitational field or curvature are corrected by the twin computers that control the

Syblith, the particle beam can nullify any target within several hundreds or even

thousands of kilometres.


The terminal part of the Megas the way, I didn'd make up this name. I

wonder if someone can guess where I've taken it from...I'm not a huge fan of the

thing-where-I've-taken-this-name-from, but I liked some things in it.



The abdomen and the waist, showing the only joint sturdy enough to support the weight of the

upper part, and other stuff I've put there to make this part a bit less plain. The 'abs'

were inspired by EVA units' from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


This is actually one of the most important part of the mecha. Without it, I wouldn't have

been able to get that precise angle that in turn allows the Syblith to hold by

itslef, without support.


Side view of the hips, showing part of the legs. Too complicated? Yes. Ugly? A bit, yes, but

displacing the legs in that way was the best thing I came up with that could support that

much weight and keep it balanced. Bricks can quickly get very heavy.


The crotch part has actually a purpose...


It contains the Resonator, a low-pitched sound wave emitter, that comes in handy when light

vehicles or aggressive infantry approach the Syblith. Effects on human or humanoid

individuals vary from annoying feelings like nausea, a strong headache or temporary loss of

hearing (usually sufficient to make enemy soldiers unable to combat), to something more

extreme such as implosion of internal organs or collapse of blood vessels in the brain.


Of course, it devastating effects on infantry and light vehicles make the presence of

anti-personnel machine guns absolutely unnecessary.


The upper leg. On the original version, the legs were way too skinny, so I beefed them up a

bit, and the result isn't bad.


The lower leg. One of the parts I didn't make as detailed as I wanted.

Some greebling.

the structural support for the knee joint. Clicky hinges may be strong, but not so strong.

The feet. Again, not as detailed as I'd have liked it to be.

This is actually an interesting detailed. If that 2 x 2 45 slope wasn't (apparently) misplaced in that way, the leg and the whole mecha would inarrestably fall down. It's the 90 angle between the Star Wars cannon, solidly connected with the leg, and the slope, that connects the legs to the ground, that makes the Syblith hold by its own. After building this, I can certainly say: the first one who calls LEGOs a 'children toy', I'll punch him right on the nose.


The head lifts the cockpit!





My usual 'cockpit opening sequence'.


The cockpit without the pilot (I apologize for his completely unfitting colours, but he was

standing on my desk and so I used him for these pictures). Those round-headed tools

make excellent control sticks.



This feature is actually quite silly...I initially built those 'plasma cannons' when I made

the cockpit area, but I never could be bothered to rempve them after thinking about how

dangerous would have been for the pilot if some 5000+ C hot guns fired continuously half a

metre from his head. 'Multifrequency sensor jammers' sounds way more sensible (not mentioner

safer for the pilot!)

A shot with a minifig for size comparison. Not really needed, but it makes the Syblith feel a bit more important.

If you're seeing this, you're probably going to be mercilessly squished.

Look, it's leaning its head to say goodbye! That, or it's adjusting its sensors to aim better at you...eiter way, thank you for making it through my extremely verbose commentary + background information, and I hope I've not bored you too much. If you want to toss a review in the review bin, I'll be more than glad to read them. Adieu!


  April 21, 2012
is that drool on my cheek?
 I like it 
  October 29, 2009
This is spectacular, pure awesomeness. Before reading your quote about evangelion, I commented my brother: hey!, that's just like eva's abs!, few secconds later I discovered you actually based it in evangelion!
 I like it 
  October 15, 2008
A-friggin'-astounding! I love ALL of it, and i'm gonna guess that the name came from... Megas XLR?
 I like it 
  June 20, 2007
Possibly one of the most unorthadox yet brilliant Mech designs I have seen for a very long time. Your construction skills are second only to you imagination and your descriptive analogies of the weaponry and back story of the Siblith is supurb but by far my favorite part is the cockpit deployment system - genius. All in all, a fantastic peice of Lego craftsmanship - 1st class mech!!!
 I like it 
  November 18, 2006
You inspire me with your skills to be cool (I'm a nerd ; ( )
 I like it 
  November 11, 2006
Wow. Fantastic work. The size alone is impressive, but the construction and details are also great. And the weapons systems! Great job describing them.
 I like it 
  August 27, 2006
O.O" -falls to the ground and bows- Teach Me Master of plastic!!! I wish i knew how to build something so...KOOOOOL!!!!! 900 out of 10 stars
 I like it 
  August 25, 2006
Hmm...I would suppose that the synchromagnetic rails function in a way to facilitate a physical occurance that could be modelled in some fashion by Gauss' theory of syncronic linear induction? I must say, Mr. Phlaminus, that I enjoy your use of science theory in your creations, as well as your increasingly impressive vocabulary and fine attention to maintaining a grammatically correct conversation.
 I like it 
  August 24, 2006
Wow. I'm actually going to think about making my first mecha. But seriously, this is one huge MOC. I wish I could have one or maybe two or 74.
 I like it 
  August 24, 2006
Wow. Just. Wow.
 I like it 
  August 24, 2006
Most intimidating, and quite EVA-like. I'm really impressed with the delicate balances used to keep it upright. This is structurally great considering the joint technology you used. I thought an anthropoid over 45 cm with click hinges would fail. After that, I projected based on my mech's joint failure weight that you would have to use worm gears in the legs. If only it was more poseable! Metric rules.
By Ryan Phlaminus
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Added August 24, 2006
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