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Star Wars Imperial Forest/Jungle Base (Endor/Yavin/Naboo) ***4.0 - NEW !!!***
The fourth version of my popular Star Wars Imperial Forest Base - now much bigger and better; and with a comic strip :)
About this creation

Well... here it is, version 4 of my Imperial base. 42 people liked the 3rd version, so since this one's much better, we should be able to beat that number !


Hmph. That was a bit pathetic for a presentation. There's actually lots to say about this. First, it's much bigger and better than version 3 (you might be curious to check out the evolution of this base since the first version - all the pages are still up).
This is probably my biggest MOC; on par even with the 1/3 scale lamborghini (much less parts, but similar size). It took a very long time to finish this - and by that I don't just mean building. That was the quick bit... unlike my cars, where I'm restricted to respect scale and copy the real car; here I have free reign to build what I want, how I want - so building was fun and easy. But then there's the myriad of photos (count them if you're bored... I haven't done so myself but I wouldn't be surprised if there's between 100 and 200 (imagine how long it took to upload them all...) then the little comic strip at the end took a little while, too. Sorry for the 'production quality' of the comic, it's not supposed to be professional, it's just for fun - I wasn't going to sit there and spend hours properly photoshopping each image of the strip.

Those who have followed the base's evolution so far might notice that the left and center section of the main building are basically the whole main building from base 3. This wasn't laziness; the idea all along was to improve and expand the base whilst recycling as much parts and ideas from the last version as possible. So I've basically just added a right wing to the building.
I apologise for the fact that the photos of the left and center portions of the building are recycled from the page for the version 3.0 base; but since those parts are the exact same, I saw no reason to take new photos when I already had good existing ones.
It wasn't easy finding a good picture to use for the main photoshopped picture, though I think this one ended up alright. I had to make the road and lake look a little bigger so it fitted in with the picture better.

Unlike most of my recent models, I'm going to go back to my older style and put a bit of effort into presentation - instead of a long description then a million photos, I'll describe the contents of each photo one by one.
Talking of going back to old things; I've given my MOCs a complete overhaul - now each and every one of my MOCs has had a photoshopped main image to make it look batter, and, where they weren't already, the photos have been re-uploaded in large format instead of thumbnail size. It just makes it nicer, check them out if you like - some photo edits went better than others, though i'm quite happy with the one for my James Bond Lotus submarine :)

Just for fun I've made a little comic strip story of the base at the end for you :)

So here we go, let's take a tour of the base...

Angled aerial view of the whole base

Lego Dude point of view of the front of the base.

Aerial overhead view of the base. Pretty cool layout, huh ?

Aerial view of the main building.

Bird's eye view of the main building.

Aerial view of the right side (landing and refueling, sniper tower, power generator)

Aerial view of the left side (communications tower, eating area, lake)

View of the lake. In the background we can see the jetty and water speeder, communications tower and seating area.

Yep, there's still that fishing stormtrooper. Looks like he's gotten lucky with a nice juicy bite, this time! The water speeder has been upgraded too - we'll come to that later.

The seating and eating area, very similar to the last one; not much has changed here.

The chef, now named Chris (as one of my friends recently got a job as a chef), serves a fried egg (yep, that's still all he knows how to cook) to a hungry stormtrooper. The recent addition to the family, Darth Puss, seems quite hungry too.

Those two scout troopers are still at it, on their game boys ! They've upgraded now, though - no need for a link cable, they've got wireless now !

Another view of the seating area, from another angle. You can just about see inside the communication tower's interior. We'll get to that later, too.

Chris the Chef again. His barbecue and draught beer stand are still the same. Those imperials preferred to spend their budget on military stuff instead, silly people...

Aerial view of the front and two towers. See the AT-ST ? Well, we'll talk about that later. Check out the towers for now - much bigger and better than the turrets from the older versions of the base. Heavily based on the Death Star cannons, these are taller than the trees and feature rotating, twin cannons that can repel many aerial attacks.

Front view of the turrets.

Another front view, more zoomed in. Check out the trees, I was quite happy with how they came out (the willow-like tree at the seating area, too).

A nice shot showing both a turret and some trees.

Aerial shot of a turret (and AT-ST).

Some more foliage and AT-ST.

More AT-ST (yes, we'll get to it soon!) and a stormtrooper doing nothing very interesting.

Aerial shot of the right side, from a different angle. We'll check out the various things here in a bit.

Darth Vader comes to inspect the base. For some reason his lightsaber is ignited [I forgot to take the blade off], but he's impressed nonetheless.

Front of the right wing of the building. We'll be exploring the inside once we've finished the outside.

Aerial shot of the landing pad and fueling station.

Here we can see the shield generator (similar design, but much improved upon from the previous version) and some of the sniper tower. Oh, and a stormtrooper apparently staring at a tree.

Lego Dude POV of the landing pad. Here we currently have an imperial dropship and two speeder bikes. The speeder bike compliment has been enlarged, by the way - there are now 5; one of which is under repair inside the garage.

A pilot stands in front of the fueling station pump.

Top view of the shield generator. See the some of the difference from the last version ?

Front view of the landing bay.

Bird's eye view of the landing bay - notice the 6 lights meant to guide the ships when landing. The two on the back wall (right side in the photo) are also floodlights that light up the place at night, as you can notice in one of the previous photos.

Ladder to the sniper tower, and side view of the shield generator. The stormtrooper is still staring at the tree; what's his problem ?

Better view of the shield generator - you should be able to see how it's been beefed up from the last one now.

Aerial view of the sniper tower, which has been let to naturally overgrow to help camouflage it.

A sniper stays guard in the tower, waiting and watching for threats...

Another view of the sniper in his tower reaching above the trees.

Another shot from a different angle of the right side of the base.

Back to the left side, a nice shot showing the radar tower, lake and eating area.

Shot from the left side, here we can see the side of the radar equipment - much improved upon from the previous versions.

An aerial shot of the center part of the base, and the AT-ST.

OK, on to the communications tower ! Here's what you see when you're walking up the opening. It never had an interior before, but now that the rock has been made bigger I thought the space inside was wasted, so decided to fill it up.

Two imperial communications experts man the radar equipment, which gets relayed from the dish to them; and once they've processed it, from them to some of the nerds inside the main building.

The main data coming straight down to from the dish comes into this big boxy computer like thing.

The desk with computer equipment the comm experts have to deal with on a daily basis. I hope they're not running Vista [I am...].

Whoops, looks like we're bothering them - better leave them to their work...

Top of the communications tower, with the radar dishes (much better than those of the previous versions)

OK, on to the inside first ! I'll start with the left wing, then work our way to the right (new) wing, so these first few photos are recycled from the previous version's page. Which explains why the stormtrooper is still on the toilet after all that time.

The bathroom; with toilet and loo-roll dispenser, sink and hand dryer. Come on, you need the necessities.

Armoury - a nice array of guns - blaster rifles, heavy blasters and a portable turret among others.

Another view of the whole length of the armoury wall.

Aerial view of the armoury.

The garage. I just realised that this shot is obsolete as the lladders have been used to get to the top floors and sniper tower; the fire extinguisher and ... other thing have been moved elsewhere to make the opening to the right wing.

Again, it's been moved, but here's a nice zoomed photo of the fire extinguisher.

And a nice zoomed photo of the smaller indoor fuel station.

The garage's sink and hand dryer.

The tool bench, on the left side of the garage.

Another shot of the tool bench.

Back to the left wing, here's the base commander's room. He's now been promoted, by the way - you might have noticed the fancy epaulettes added to his uniform in one of the older photos. Here you can see a lamp, safe and fingerprint-encoded blaster rifle.

Well, he's still playing his video game. That's probably why those scout troopers can get away with their game boy addiction...

The commander's desk, personal computer and desk lamp; as well as suitcase and coffee mug (or caf, as they call it in star wars).

Pong on the nintendo entertainment system. I know it's originally an atari game, but you're quite limited to what you can make out of lego at this scale. I'm quite happy with how the console turned out, actually.
EDIT: I just noticed, this is quite funny... the guy's playing the NES ... and well, look what you can see through the back window of his room :)

Another shot of the base commander completely immersed in his game.

Aerial view of the left side of the garage, where one technician is operating the runway controls.

And here he is, operating those runway controls.

Now you can see what I mean by the runway controls. A bit like very simplified air traffic control.

Top view of the commander's room. Not sure how that got mixed in here and not with the others earlier, but never mind.

Top view of the computer room, where nerds process all sorts of data.

A nerd at work.

New piccies ! Here's the right wing; the bottom floor. Right next to the garage we have the med bay, with bacta tank and all necessary computer monitoring equipment. A medical droid tends to the injured.

New improved ladder to the top floor of the left wing.

Right side of the garage, with the new home of the indoor refueling station and fire extinguisher.

The med bay as seen from top floor of the right wing.

Against the front wall, opposite the bacta tank, are the stretcher and medical desk. Some of those tools look nasty !

On the far right of the right wing's bottom floor is the briefing room, where the commander details missions to the troops.

bird's eye view of the briefing room.

Side view of the briefing room.

On the top floor of the right wing are the dorms. Boring, and simple, maybe, but necessary. All the troops are certainly grateful for this new addition to the base.

Lego dude POV after you've just climbed up the ladder to the dorms.

A zoomed shot of the beds. This room can sleep 16, potentially more if any of the stormtroopers are gay (no offense meant to anybody, there).

Now that we've seen the base; let's check out their new vehicles, starting with the new improved water speeder. The one from version 3 was alright, but now they've gotten the next model up - longer, faster, sleeker. Just plain cooler.

Side view of the water speeder.

Front view - much better with that windscreen now !

Rear view - not much changed here.

Aerial view from the back, proper control panel this time and a generally better design.

Now for the AT-ST. I told you we'd get to that one eventually :)
This isn't, and isn't based on, any of the official AT-ST sets. My brother wanted to help with this base, and did a few bits of bobs; and half-built this AT-ST. He did all the bottom half, which I mostly left untouched (just widened the legs apart a bit, and added the round bits at the joints). I then used my recently acquired UCS AT-ST as influence for the top half here; it might just look like a box on legs but trust me, it's not the easiest ting to make an accurate lego-dude-scale copy of. Anyway here's the top view of the cockpit.

front view of the cockpit.

Front view.

Side view. It was also awkward making this as I was getting to that point where you start running out of the parts you need and have to improvise.

Rear view. I like how this turned out.

Top view of the head; check out the main cannons and side minigun.

View of the other side; it was quite hard to get these side cannons and top flaps correct (or as near as I could anyway)

Rear view of the top 'head'. I think this is probably the most accurate part of the model.

The bottom of the legs, and feet. Again, influenced by the UCS version as that's more accurate and detailed than any of the lego dude scale ones made by lego.

... And that's it :)
I think I've spent about just as long uploading photos and writing out all this than I spent actually making the thing (well, maybe not...but still a long time).
I spent ages on this considering all the work involved, and I sincerely hope you like it. The last version of the base, version 3, is one of my most popular models, with 42 people liking it, and well, personally, I think this one's just so much better, so in my logic this one deserves far more :)

And just to make it that little bit better, I've made you a little slideshow story as well :)
It's more for the idea, story and (hopefully) comedy of it (if anybody's sense of humour is as terrible as mine, that is) so the production value looks like that of somebody half my age, but never mind... my brother's the stop-motion and animation geek, not me :)

Enjoy !!!

P.S. Hardcore Star Trek fans (or at least those hardcore enough to still be looking at a Star *Wars* base on here...) don't take anything too seriously, I'm a big fan of both :)

- Dan


 I made it 
  April 14, 2012
Quoting Grant Brenton Well lets see, where do I start? First off, you made me laugh. Instant kudo points for that. Loved your action story at the end as well as your play by play mini jokes. The base was pretty cool. I mean, as with anything, there is room for improvement, but after reading your bio about piece limitations (which I struggle with as well) I really thought you did an excellent job with what you had. The little living details, while not completely satisfying the inner greebler, really made this creation incredibly personable. Also your computer stuff was pretty cool. Overall, this has got to be one of the funnest creations I have observed on this site. Great build.
Thanks! Glad you like it :) haha yes, running out of pieces is such a classic situation... kinda frustrating when you have boxes and boxes full of lego bits, yet not enough of the ones you need. Oh well... I think this, at least for now, will be the final version. I broke up the base last summer as it was simply taking up too much space in my room - making an even bigger version would have been a little silly in that respect. - Dan
 I like it 
  April 13, 2012
Well lets see, where do I start? First off, you made me laugh. Instant kudo points for that. Loved your action story at the end as well as your play by play mini jokes. The base was pretty cool. I mean, as with anything, there is room for improvement, but after reading your bio about piece limitations (which I struggle with as well) I really thought you did an excellent job with what you had. The little living details, while not completely satisfying the inner greebler, really made this creation incredibly personable. Also your computer stuff was pretty cool. Overall, this has got to be one of the funnest creations I have observed on this site. Great build.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2011
all you need now is a jail
 I made it 
  June 20, 2011
Quoting MarshallsLEGO UK This is an amazing diorama, i love all the detail in this base and the models, this is a really excellent creation!! :)
Thank you very much :) It sure did take a while to get like this, as you may have seen it's the fourth 'evolution' of the base. It may potentially get bigger again one day, though I have no idea where I'd fine enough spare floor space to keep it ! - Dan
 I like it 
  June 20, 2011
This is an amazing diorama, i love all the detail in this base and the models, this is a really excellent creation!! :)
 I like it 
  June 19, 2011
Superbe diorama, avec des détails partout! Vraiment, beau travail!
 I like it 
  January 4, 2011
wow, I can tell you put a TON of work into this, and everything is perfect!! I love all the little details like the gameboys, fuel station, and toilet paper dispenser. And the battle with the trekkies was pretty funny :). Great job!!
 I like it 
  December 20, 2010
Awesome, epic, funny!!!
 I like it 
  December 17, 2010
wonderfull! awesome! there are so many details, a real home for little stormies :D a friend and me, we developed rules for a star wars table top game and we are playing it from time to time (one battle can last for a few hours in the middle of the night). this base would be perfect for this game! and the story at the end... man, that's simply hilarious, i can't stop laughing! thank you for this entertainment! (and also for your nice comments)
 I like it 
  August 31, 2010
I like it! Good design in a compact size. Very funny comments and inspiring for my project. Thanks for sharing!
 I like it 
  August 18, 2010
 I like it 
  August 18, 2010
awsome love the star wars v. the trekkies. 5/5
Dan the Man
 I like it 
Private Henderson
  August 17, 2010
Take that trekkies! :) That is an awesome base! I like the sniper tower, that is a really cool design. 5/5 Could you look at this? Thanks!
 I like it 
  August 16, 2010
That's epic. Can you say that about my jet. Just search F-42.
 I like it 
  August 15, 2010
haha, nice to see you back :)
 I like it 
  August 13, 2010
Very cool, hey if you get the chance could you please comment on this
 I like it 
  August 13, 2010
This is the best base I've ever seen. You should seriosly consider sending your designs into lego. You could make tons of money.
 I like it 
  August 13, 2010
very good build. i find that upon looking at this, and comparing it to mine... i need to make some...minor (cough-major-cough-cough) adjustments and additions. Great comic too btw :] keep building cool MOCs
Dan the Man
 I like it 
Mandalore The Ultimate
  August 12, 2010
Sweet! i like how the Stormy is fishing! Makes me wish i would have kept my base :P
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
A pretty awesome and huge base. The details and writings are pretty good, and the comic was nice too =)
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
super corn flakes!!! lol, anyway, i love this thing. the detail is great. Especially the barracks, bathroom, and armory. and i love the old video game refferences...God i hated it when i played pokemon on my gameboy color and had no link cable :| and i love the star trek invasion :P
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
They make Super Corn Flakes?! Anyway, nice job with the details. I really liked that sheild generator you made.
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Nicely done and very funny!
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Nice very nice. It all looks good. The only problem is armoury is spelled wrong. Its Armory but still good effort.
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Wow! That was too long :0 my eyes hurt :( but it is worth it, some much details and big effort all around, and it turned out bloody at the end! But may I suggest something? For the sake of your great MOCs try to make better backdrops for your creations; I really don't want to see your bed as a background :0 Any way this is just stunning, keep building and I can't wait to see your car MOCs.
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
I like the speeder hangar! the chef was funny too! check out my NEW mocs!
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
i love it except the pic with the person that got shot just scribbled out. I dont think its endor (water)
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Awesome job, love all the details, but the AT-ST could be better.
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Man i think you buy it from a store :D Just perfect!
 I like it 
  August 12, 2010
Very nice! The comic is hilarious. And the base..... you know how to finish that. Oh? you don't? Well I don't either because no "word" can describe it.
By Dan the Man
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