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GGWU: The Great Galactic War Universe
“People of earth jumped over their limits, we united our world and discovered the space. But the circle of mistrust had brought us into war again. For centuries, earth was lying down under the feet of others. Now it’s the time for glory to come back, to unite what was once arch-nemesis, to bring our galaxy peace. A new era has begun. But shadows of our earliest days awaited their chance. Before hope can grow, the limits of terror will be expanded. Only together the 31st century earth time can end luckily. Many will fight, many will loose and only one race can left. This time, war is not about empires, power or space. This time it’s about surviving. Today, we met to bring the 4 most powerful human empires together. The Earth alliance, Maox, the coalition and the new empire Of Skaborr, we’re creating the Quad Power war council for just one reason: To face the greatest galactic war of all time...” – President Michael Abdullah Obama (12.September 3001)
About this creation
It’s my 100th MOC on Mocpages, so i interrupt my comics to show something special.

By this moc i’m presenting the most important facts and factions of the Great Galactic War Universe and some new miniscale ships. So, after many discussions and irritations came up time by time on mocpages, the official answer about this theme can be found here.
The GGWU is a sci-fi universe mainly based on the popular 23rd century universe by John Moffat and Ian Macdonald and so an inofficial spin-off. Its main idea was to create an own background for many “third”-factions started by Maox, that aren’t part of the UNE/COP war but still based on that story. To open the canon and make other stories possible without annoy or destroy the original ones, the GGWU storyline is set far away from the great human war. Additionally, some possible problems with the continuity, the GGWU can be seen as alternate universe, too. It should be said, that these are additional stories (like SW expanded universe) and mocs, and NOT activity offending the UNE or COP, which stories are still going on in their groups.

All GGWU factions and stories are set in a possible future, exactly the late 30th and early 31st century.
Different than before, ther’re many interstellar factions fighting each other for power, space or trying to keep peace. The superior influence of the Coalition of planets has broken after an ugly civil war and now, others are trying to get their cake. But recently some long forgotten alien races like the Sluur, Krill and Mysterions have come back and changed everything...

Coalition of Planets

Once spanning the entire Galaxy, bringing peace and unity on a scale not seen in hundreds of thousands of years, the Coalition of Planets is now a vestigial empire that lingers on in face of outside threat and civil war. In technical terms, it's a socialist monarchy, ruled over by one man since it's re-founding, the Emperor of Tarsis, now only a shadowy voice that rarely speaks. It's capital is the planet Tarsis, which has nearly all landmass covered by city (though the oceans are still there). Tarsis is the home world of one of the two races of Man, the older race. The younger Human race comes from Earth, in the biggest cosmological coincidence ever to happen.

Though, the coalition isn’t very active outside its territories in the GGWU, it has some appearances in the series “The U.M.R.C. project” and is background story for several factions. The “Tekahn”-class is the only ship type used in this timeline yet. It was developed on Tarsin shipyards in the 23rd century and equipped with many offices, quarters, laboratories and such stuff planned as adminship aside the E-class warships. Less powerful, the Tekahn are often used as operation center while the stronger ships of a fleet are in combat. In 31st century, they’re still used by royal loyalists of Tarsis as diplomat carriers.

The imperial yacht of “Vogelia”-class is a small armed transport ship for diplomats, politicans and othe rimportant transports and equipped with the most modern technologies. The “Tarsis-1” is reserved for the Emperor and his highest generals.

Conservative as ever, not much changed in the Coalition Army, so uniforms are mainly the same but some additional special forces were added.

Earth Alliance

Formerly known as United Nations of Earth, the interstellar federal space isn't much of a political important faction anymore. After many years of war and occupation by the former Coalition of Planets, earth alliance decreased to its nearest colonies in the solar 1 system, Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri A and B and several neighboured sectors. Earth alliance space is divided by different human and alien governments like the Blacktron Consortium. The diplomatic relationships between these colonies are very different.

Since 3000, Michael Abdullah Obama exchanged John Gilbert Clarkson as elected president of earth and his work had the biggest influence in the conference of the great galactic war council.

If the new begin leads to a peaceful future or the next big war, is open...

After the military reformation in 2990's Earth Navy took back the role of Maox defence. The structure of the actual fleet is mainly the same than in old U.N.E. era though ship technology has increased. Aside, earth trusts more in smaller vessels but higher amount these days. The earth alliance navy provides missions of war, defence, diplomacy and also science and exploration and is under strict control of the earth parliament.
The new “Athene”-class belongs to its most developed battleships. It can hold much firepower, even from a Coalition E-class, and is equipped with FTL, energy shields and several rocket launchers, phaser weapons, bionite plating and other Maox technologies.

The new E.A. army holds the traditions of glory UNE days, so marines are in classic grey and red colourshemes though body protection suits and phaser weaponry are supported by Maox science. Aside the army, navy officers and other military ship staff are clothed in new uniforms.

MAOX Mercenary Army of Extermination

The Mercenary Army Of eXtermination is a consortium of the most vicious armed forces of the galaxy. Many have joined its ranks, rebels, mercenaries, bounty-hunters, small factions and even entire lesser star empires through out the whole galaxy. Being an expansionary empire and believing they're the Zordor Chosen, the growing rate of territory, economy, industry and mainly military is astonishing. Critics say, Maox is just an irresponsible capitalism but in the GGW its powerful military may decide the war.
The government, the Maox High Council is located on the Planet Zordor.

“X-4” is the newest project of conjoint Death Korps and Archeogenis shipyards. Plated in Bionite, and armed with powerful weapons, this medium thinship-carrier is used for fast assault missions. Aside, it experiments with a prototype camouflage-technology.

The Maox ground troops are multifarious and well known for their incredible mechs and battle droids. Also, Psi-forces, tanks and other special forces belong to Maox portfolio. Their only disadvantage is that mercenaries can change the sides easily if the command get better offers.

Group: MAOX
+ various subbranches

New Empire of Skaborr

From the ashes the Coalition of Planets and United Nations of Earth left of the old Empire of Skaborr, one of the strongest military forces in our galaxy, a new empire has risen in the last 600 years. More developed but less agressive, the empire searchs for a new place in interstellar relationships. But the old glory was never fully regained but did make lond strides, while a new enemy is running a war over the Skaborr systems. The genocidal killer machines of Dark Augusto seek to destroy all organic life and create a grand new empire out of total oblivion, and that includes blue grey and red of one of the most powerful factions in existence. Will the blue cross of conquerors disappear forever?

The "Trojan"-class dropships are light troop and mech carriers build for fast landing operations and with strengthened hulls.

"Krill's fear" is the name of one of the newest battleships designed on Skaborr. These small vessels are armed with modern plasma and quantum weapons especially to be used in the Krill War.

The Skaborr ground troops are ranked in 3 colours (blue,yellow,red) like all military ships. Heavy hardsuits are seen often in Skaborr lines but the decreasing number of soldiers is one of the biggest problems in the war against DA.

Group: New Empire of Skaborr

The Krill Hive

Nobody knows, where they come from, but in June 3000, a Corpcer’s ship made the first contact to this menace in the western spiral arm of our galaxy.

In June 3000, their invasion started in Maox controlled space and within a few months the Corpcer's homeworld Ifrith had fallen. Now the biggest mercenary army of our galaxy is hunted itself by one of the most bloody creatures human ever seen.

The Krill are a parasite like being and ALL Krill are made of at least one semi organic matter that shapes their bodies and builds up organs, bones and tissues like skin or scales.They are commanded by a Hive Queen which communicates with every single organism of the whole Krill hive trough highly developed senses, smells, sounds and some times even telepathy!
They have a very specific and terrifying skill which is an amazing advantage they have against their foes, the organic material that actually makes up their bodies can absorb most external materials like metal fibers, electric circuitry and other materials, making them potent creatures/machines... how they managed to achieve this ability that all Krill seem to master (some better then others) is still a mystery.
All Krill Hives have the common objective to consume all beings in the galaxy to satisfy their undying hunger for new, more powerful creatures and materials to absorb and increase their Hives lifespan.

The Krill “Punisher” is an early discovered battleship and heavy amored with explosive missiles. They’re mainly used to smash flagships or as orbital bombers.
“Black Shadows” are small fighters with extraordinary speed but less firepower. Appearing in swarms they are very dangerous.

Group: The Krill Hive

Dark Augusto

Unlike most factions in the Great Galactic War, DA wasn't driven in by personal ambitions. At first it wasn't really a part of the war, but when you attack a warring faction, you become a faction.DA was dragged into the war by its skirmishes with the Krill, and its invasions of the EOS, which carried on into the 31st Century NEOS-DA war. Mainly Dark Augusto is a race of high intellect insane genocidial robotic killers, intent on exterminating all organic life in the universe, and annex every inch of it into a grand empire, devoid of human or any other organic life, and fufill their programming: to "complete themselves and the galaxy". Nobody knows exactly what it means and what their real origin is.

The DA-Spiderdroids are true marine-slashers. Their only mission is chasing enemy ground troops. Special EMP weapons make Skaborr Hardsuits and mechs unusuable in just a few seconds. Air support come by big swarms of DA-drones.

Group: Dark Augusto

The Mysterions

Mysterions...Named by their most popular expert professor doctor Shannon Ocean the curious objects visiting earth’s space since many centuries. It’s still unknown where they came from, what they are and what their intentions are. But in recent time their behaviour changed and encounters happen more often. Maybe it’s no coincidence that their heavy activities started just before the Krill invasion began. Are the answers of GGWU’s history hided behind the massive, solid canopies? Will the Mysterions decide our future?

Object 711 (buttom) & Object 712 (top) belongs to the first discovered Mysterion battleships of bigger scale. Huge as ordinary E.A. flagships these monsters unite massive firepower with nearly undefeatable armor. While 711 can fire with several mobile phasercannons and torpedo launchers, 712 only fire in one direction. So, 712 is assumed as Mysterion carrier with dozens of Objects attached on its underside.
What’s inside the giant cubes creating the ship design is still a mystery. All scans failed at first contact in the Mysterion invasion of the U.F.O.lien starempire in June 3000.

Group: Mysterion Lovers

This is just a short introduction of GGW-Universe, ther’re many races and stories more, so take a look in GGW Universe or one of the countless other subgroups.

GGWU official wiki: GGWU wiki
For those, who still doesn’t know where all began, official wiki of 23rd century: 23rd century wiki

Aside, this thing would never be so cool without the ideas of many different people who invented the factions and backstories. My special thanks to Bernardo Blitz Silva, Yuri Fassio, Supreme Commander Gideon Fucci, Awe-some-o-saurus, Ryan Tennant, Cody G, Delta Kevin 22, Shannon Ocean and all i am missing yet.

End Note: My GGWU series: “The U.M.R.C. project” is still under development in Season 3.


 I like it 
  October 17, 2011
I can't believe I only just now noticed this. You did quite well on it.
 I made it 
  February 17, 2011
Quoting Infrax . This is Great! love how youve designed all the different races, and soldiers, and ships and stuff
Thanks. But ii didn't invented the factions, just presented them all in one moc. All creations made by me are based on the original designs from the subgroups of GGWU.
 I like it 
  February 17, 2011
This is Great! love how youve designed all the different races, and soldiers, and ships and stuff
 I like it 
  January 23, 2011
Hey Christian, sorry wasn't sure where to put this. Just wanted to let you know I updated the story on my "Tempest" in case anything applies to the GGWU Wiki. Also, just let me know if anything needs to be changed. Thanks man.
 I like it 
  October 17, 2010
if you didn't notice my earlier comment 5/5! AWESOME moc. The way you put this together is like a gripping sci fi story.
 I like it 
  October 3, 2010
Nice little story thing. Lol, Awesome gets his name mentioned, but I don't? xD Kidding. 4/5! ~See you in Space!
 I like it 
  September 7, 2010
Could it be that the mysterions are an ancient force for destroying the krill? they didnt show up untill right before the krill did, and both of there distant pasts are mysterious and unknown...
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Wow this story has expanded so much since i joined a year and a half ago. I joined the COP, and i do have a faction of some sort, but it was not approved as a faction, it's just kind of part of my side story for the COP. The Kharrok Purification Fleet.
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
EPIC! Wow awesome work on this thing(love the spiderdroids)
  September 6, 2010
You won't regret joining, Anders. I certainly didn't. There's a lot more opportunity for things to happen than in our normal 23rd Century.
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
I just joined the GGWU wiki now, and browsed a bit. It seems interesting, I may have to take part in this...
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
I am glad my work has served you well. I'm with Silva, we all owe you quite a thanks for being pretty much the driving force behind GGWU.
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
I rerally love what you did with the Dark Agusto picture
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Very very great! - only the E.P.O.V. is missing :-P (just kidding) - Kevin
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
gongrattulation swith your 100th moc though I don't think that has a meaning, your pages hold much more than the thousands of others :p Great scenes
 I made it 
  September 6, 2010
Quoting Bernardo BLITZ Silva I think everyone involved in this project should give a BIG THANKS to Christian. He is the one who has been keeping it alive and running. Great ships, ground forces and effects, I think I would have get the story if I knew nothing about it, great introduction in that way. Something like this was needed. :D
Honestly i just put together what others already wrote in groups and the wiki and made some pics.
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Wow,nice to finally see the MOCpages canon in an organized form.Good Show! ~Sean
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Wow, excellent array of groups and explanations, I just might have to get the NEOS up and running again! :)
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
I think everyone involved in this project should give a BIG THANKS to Christian. He is the one who has been keeping it alive and running. Great ships, ground forces and effects, I think I would have get the story if I knew nothing about it, great introduction in that way. Something like this was needed. :D
 I like it 
  September 6, 2010
Astounding! What a wonderful panoramic! I love all those "in theme" builds you came up with!
By Christian Schlichting
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