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Nova Refuge Fan-Fiction Vignette
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This is a Nova Refuge fan-fiction vignette of sorts that sets the stage for a Nova Refuge story I had in mind. The decals you see are from Saber-Scorpion and you can get your own here: And yes, I did take this outside. Nova Refuge and all of it's factions, characters, etc. by Saber-Scorpion
About this creation

Zygbari Border. Merchant Town Outpost
An important meeting is about to take place
Xarkon Diplomat: Is everything clear Soldier?

(Cut to a Xarkon Spec Ops soldier “Sammie” keeping watch in a nearby tower)
Sammie: We're tight. But be careful all right? I'm the only man Xarkon could spare for this little negotiation, so here's hoping things will go smooth. Fingers crossed.

Xarkon Diplomat: I'll keep that in mind

Shot of the Xarkon Diplomat. I used Carnor Jax decals for the body and painted a Scout trooper helmet red because that's more or less what Xarkon soldier's helmets look like.

Town Mayor: Greetings. I'm so glad to see that Xarkon is up to negotiations. Those dogs in Zygbar have been bleeding my town dry, and the fatality rates are increasing as well. But I just know that you folks in Xarkon have the man-power to drive this scum away for good!

Side shot of Sammie the Spec Ops troop. The shoulder-pad with the knife sheath is actually from Emile's decal set, not the Xarkon Spec Ops soldier. I'm just mixing and matching.

(Sammie thinking to himself): Here I am with all of this special training and I'm put on basic guard duty. Why not just get a couple of snipers and have them do this job? Oh right. Because I'm better.

Xarkon Diplomat: For the mayor of this town, you seem strangely devoid of any real protection. Aren't you afraid Zygbar or someone they hired will come for you?

Town Mayor: Oh don't worry. I've got my personal bodyguard droid, along with this bounty hunter I've hired. Gave his name as..."Yorrick" I assume it has to do with his skull mask.
Xarkon Diplomat (to "Yorrick"): I take it you realize why you're here?

"Yorrick": More or less. So long as I get paid, and no innocents get hurt though, it really makes no difference to me who I have to kill. Zygbar, Victory, whatever.
Xarkon Diplomat: A bounty hunter with scruples? Never thought I'd live to see the day.
"Yorrick": Just that one...

Town Mayor: Hey, do you hear that?

Sammie: Checking...

Sammie: Oh no...

Nick Wolf: Tell me what you see Sonya.

Sonya: Very light resistance. Just one sniper, one droid, and one bounty hunter.

Nick Wolf: Just our lucky day. S'krelt! Drive us in!

S'krelt: Yes sir!

Sammie: Sirs! Mercs on the far side!

Town Mayor: Mercenaries? Zygbar must have hired them! Bounty hunter! You and my droid get ready! Protect me and the diplomat at all costs!

Town Mayor: Oh no!! Here they are!

Nick Wolf: Go! Go! Go!

Sammie (again, thinking to himself) Rules of Sniping 101...

...Always shoot the other snipers first.

Mercenary: Fire in the hole!

Sammie: Oh crap!

Sammie: Geronimoooo!


Bodyguard droid: Please reconsider your aggressive attitude.

"Yorrick": Hiya!

Mercenary Sniper: Arthur!

Sonya: Not bad bounty hunter...

Sonya: But try me for size!

Nick Wolf: Find the mayor! I'll take this chump!

Mayor: Oh no...

Nick Wolf: What the heck...?

Xarkon Diplomat: Stand down mercenary. That's the only warning you get.

Nick Wolf: I don't surrender. Ever.

Xarkon Diplomat: So be it.

Mercenary: Hey, I found one! He's out cold!

Mercenary: So long Xarkon scum!

Mercenary: What!?

Mercenary: *Hurk!*

"Yorrick": You're good...

Sonya: You're not too bad yourself...

Sonya: Little slow though...

Mercenary: Hit the dirt!

Sammie: I'm just going to warn what few mercs are left that I may not be with my choice gun but I'm still an excellent shot.

Mercenary Sniper: Taking aim.

Mercenary Sniper: Bye-bye Xarkonian...


Sammie: I warned ya...

Xarkon Diplomat: I believe you just lost another mercenary.

Nick Wolf: All right, that's it! Retreat! Anybody's who left! Fall back, we're pulling out!

"Yorrick": How long are you gonna keep this up?
Sonya: As long as I want.
"Yorrick": Try me.

Nick Wolf: Sonya! We're leaving now!

Sonya: What a shame...Well, we'll finish this another day. Until next time tall dark and handsome.

Sonya: So, Nick, what's Grimm going to say when he learns we failed?

Nick Wolf: Not a thing, Sonya. We didn't fail. We did exactly what Zygbar wanted...

Sammie: We make a pretty good team bounty hunter. Ever considered working for Xarkon?
"Yorrick": Depends on how much you pay me. I'm also not going to become one of your soldier-boys.


Sammie: Damn...

Xarkon Diplomat: Yes, we will need to move quickly...
Sammie: Wait, what..?

Sammie: Hey wait a minute! I know you…


 I like it 
  January 10, 2011
Great comic! I really enjoyed it. I liked the use of existing Nova Refuge characters as well as new ones. I like all of your characters too, especially Yorick and Sonya. Maybe I'll try to work one of them into the conclusion of my Takeover of Mordark comic. Keep building!
 I made it 
  November 28, 2010
For those that are interested: The decals that I use are all Halo, Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Nova Refuge decals and can be found at Saber-Scorpion.Com If the link doesn't work, just go to and go to the shop. Enjoy! PS: For those that are interested, some of the characters have full biographies, and can be found in my next few comments. The full story of Nova Refuge (NOT by me) can be found here:
 I made it 
  November 28, 2010
Character Name: Sonya Creator Name: Redacted Forum Name: SPARTAN II-100 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Faction: Grimms Army Role: Mercenary Lieutenant Primary Weapon: Prototype Blazer Katana Secondary Weapon: Energy Revolver Short Biography: Sonya had a fairly comfortable life growing up and was just a little bit spoiled as a child. Her parents were some of the wealthiest in her area of Terra Nova, due in part to being well connected with people from both Victory AND Xarkon. They were also fierce opponents of Zygbar and Grimms Army, viewing them all as murders and terrorists. And Sonya of course, was raised to think the exact same thing. Right up until the day her family was caught in the cross-fire between Xarkon and Victory soldiers. The same Xarkon and Victory that she had been raised to respect and admire. Sonya was sure at least her mother had survived, but she never saw either of her parents again. During the aftermath, mercenaries from Grimms Army, working with Xarkon found her alone. The mercenarys leader brought her with him for the sole purpose of taking advantage of her. She wound up breaking his neck in self-defense. Impressed with her brutal edge, and apparent natural fighting abilities, Grimm I decided to see how she would fare as one of his mercenaries. Initially suspicious of the men and women she had been raised to believe were monsters, Sonya soon found that she enjoyed the thrill of it all. She was partnered with Nick Wolf and became a protg of his. He taught her how to lead and how to hone her brutal side. Douglas Boyle taught her how to shoot and how to duel. Lisa Sharp taught her how to use her beauty as a means of seduction. Eventually, she became a lieutenant of her own, and developed a reputation of being a bit of a femme fatale with a dry sense of humor, though just how much of this is really her true personality is unclear. Though still not a warlord, those under Sonyas command know her all too well. No one messes with Sonya.
 I made it 
  November 28, 2010
Character Name: Yorrick Creator Name: Redacted Forum Name: SPARTAN II-100 Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good Faction: Loner Role: Bounty Hunter of sorts Primary Weapon: Two Energy Swords, one red and one purple Secondary Weapon: Short Biography: He is known as Yorrick. He has no other name. Once he was a very happy, cheerful joker with a lot to live for. It had taken him forever, but he had finally found a fairly comfortable life. He lived in a nice small town, had a decent-paying job, and had found the perfect woman for him. But then things started to get rough. First, the town was hit with an economic crash, and he almost lost his job. Then soldiers (or more accurately thugs) from Zygbar came and took control of the city to use as a base against Xarkon forces. By the end of it all, the city was a smoking heap of ruins, and the young loving couple where separated. The man soon found out that his fiance was still alive, but Zygbar had her. He learned that they has sold his fiance. Enraged, the man stole a purple energy sword from the city ruins and left Terra Nova looking for her. He became a bounty hunter in the hope that all of the various bounties would take him to new, different parts of the galaxy, and eventually lead him to his lost love. He has never cared who he kills, so long as they arent innocents or children (he doesnt want other innocent people to experience what his town did), but besides that one scruple, he would take on almost any job. Initially pretty inexperienced, the man quickly got the hang of the job, having a natural talent for dueling that only improved with experience. During one particular assignment, he wound up killing a Xarkon officer (using somewhat underhanded methods) and helped himself to his Starblade. The act earned him Xarkons contempt for a while afterwards, but eventually, things cooled down after he killed some Victorian soldiers. But as he grew more experienced, he lost hope that he would ever find his fiance. He became more and more dark, depressed, and cold-blooded. Now, two years after their separation, he has lost nearly all hope but still keeps going all the same. He has since donned a skull-faced helmet, and, to further symbolize the death of his inner jester, has rechristened himself Yorrick.
 I made it 
  November 28, 2010
Here are the bios for the Nova Refuge characters I made for this vignette: Character Name: Sammie Creator Name: Redacted Forum Name: SPARTAN II-100 Alignment: Neutral Good Faction: Xarkon Role: Spec Ops Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle Secondary Weapon: Knife Short Biography: Sammie had a relatively comfortable life growing up at first, blissfully unaware of his parents dysfunctional marriage until the day his mother left them. Then his life changed drastically, and not for the better. Depressed, Sammies father quickly turned to alcoholism. After beating Sammie during one of his benders, Sammies father realized he needed help and sought out rehab, leaving Sammie alone. With nowhere else to go, Sammie joined the Xarkon military, thinking it would be good for him. Throughout his life, Sammie had a good eye, so he did indeed make for a good sniper. It wasnt long before he was turned into a Spec Ops soldier. Now, he finds himself doing a large variety of missions for Xarkon, all the while firmly believing that Xarkon and Victory can (and should) learn to get along. But as such thoughts would be condemned by his superiors as un-patriotic or even downright treasonous, Sammie keeps them to himself. Due to being a sniper and fighting from a distance, he has a talent for survival, but keeps a knife in a shoulder sheath in the event things ever get ugly. He has a picture of Lisa Sharp in his room.
By Daniel Lauricella
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