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AEGAKS-APB 005 D-Or 'Axios Custom'
The Sixth Production Type D-Frame. Equipped with Schrado Industries signature SHINIGAMI System, as well as the Experimental Triple Drive System.
About this creation
AEGAKS-APB 005 D-Or 'Axios Custom'

This is the sixth production model D-Frame, customized with an alternate mode and the Experimental Triple Drive, codenamed ‘Axios Custom’. The Axios Custom is the first APB equipped AEGAKS not built by the NAARA. It was constructed using combat data from Susano and Cerunnos Kaiser, which is why it wields similar weapons. It uses the Kaiser’s signature Folding blades and a pair of sub-machine guns similar to the ones used by the Susano.

The guns are more streamlined than the Susano’s and they have larger ammo clips, they are also equipped with Schrado Industries’ VAT (variable ammunition type) System.

The 005 is less armored than its predecessor, the 004K, but it retains the Orichalconium and Titanium alloy armor, and is also equipped with basic energy shielding. This shielding is mainly there as a projectile deterrent, and it is next to useless at stopping physical weapons. The Axios also has a slight difference in the frame as compared to the rest of the D-Frames, the shoulders are a bit higher, giving it a slightly more human appearance.

The 005 only has three projectile weapons; its guns and it’s high-powered, short-range eye laser. The eye laser is really a weapon of last resort, but the 005’s pilot modified this one to give it more range in exchange for less power. It can still cut through opponents with relative ease, it just takes longer.

Here is a shot of the back, it is easy to see the 005’s signature feature, the triple SHINIGAMI Cores. The central one doubles as a particle beam generator and emitter, but because of its dual nature, the particle beams are far more powerful than ordinary particle weaponry. The Cores on the left and right double as protective shield generators, but their main use is providing extra power to the 005. The central Core’s energy is mainly used for particle beam generation and projection, so the 005 essentially is a Dual SHINIGAMI core mecha. In order to avoid the pilot’s death, the power level generated by these cores is at a reduced level as compared to other SHINIGAMI cores, but together they exceed the power of a standard core by one-half.

SHINIGAMI System activated. The 005 has fewer cooling fins than most other D-Frames, because of recent advances in heat venting technology in the core units. If the Pilot chooses to do so, he can funnel the full power from all three cores into the frame at once, increasing Axios’ power by twelve hundred percent, but it is nearly impossible to do this because of all the fail safes in the control systems, and the fact that it would certainly be fatal to the pilot.

SHINIGAMI is an acronym which stands for:
The way the system works is: Basically, the pilot activates their secondary Neural Uplink, providing a direct access between the unit’s main computer system and the pilot’s mind, unlocking the full abilities of the Neural Trace system, including the head, because the SHINIGAMI System requires the sheer processing power of the Human brain in order to perform the complex equations that come with fracturing the crystal rod that makes up the core of the Drive Booster unit. The crystal rod contains enough energy to power a D-type frame for several months, so when it shatters, all of that energy is released at once, quadrupling the weapon and motion systems output for about fifteen minutes. The rod actually releases more energy, but fifteen minutes is about the maximum amount of time that the pilot can handle, and after about twenty minutes, the D-Type frame will actually explode from within, destroying or severely damaging anything within about a half-mile radius, as well as completely destroying the unit. A beneficial side effect of this system is that it will completely recharge the main and auxiliary power cells. The crystal rod is partially used up once the system is activated so it should be replaced after use. The prohibitive cost of the core of the booster unit consequently means that there are very few SHINIGAMI equipped mecha. All of the cooling fins must be open when the system is activated, or the Frame will melt. In order to activate the SHINIGAMI system, the pilot has to verbally disable the limiter and manually input a code word of his choice, one for each of the four levels of the SHINIGAMI system. Levels one through three increase the output of the unit exponentially, but level four is a desperation move that funnels all the generated power through the frame at once, burning out the circuits and killing the pilot nine times out of ten. The one time that it didn’t kill the pilot, it left him catatonic, so level four is a method of last resort. The four levels of the SHINIGAMI System correspond to the amount of the Crystal Rod that was shattered. Level one takes one fourth, level two takes one half and so on. The unbroken pieces of crystal Rod can be recycled into other cores and used again.

Another side effect of the Triple drive system is that the 005 is able to transform into a crude facsimile of a tank. (Yeah, this is my first attempt at a transformer, so please don’t be too harsh.)

First the arms are raised…

Then the torso spins one hundred and eighty degrees…

The feet rotate almost completely around, the lower legs fold into the upper legs, then the legs fold up.

Then the blades unfold, and the arms lock onto the upper leg ‘wings’. This is the back of the ‘Pseudotank’ mode.

Here is the front. The Pseudotank can hover, but it is quite slow. Generally an Axios Custom unit would be deployed in Pseudotank mode to help provide covering fire, before switching to Mech Mode and carving its opponents into scrap.

If the Triple Drive System is activated in Pseudotank mode, it is possible for it to briefly become airborne. This function is most useful for surprise attacks, transforming back into Mech Mode in midair and unleashing devastation on its foe with both its guns and swords.

A frame reveal of Axios Custom, showing both Folding Blades, the energy cell, the SMGs, SHINIGAMI cores and the Pilot Block. The standard Axios has a single SHINIGAMI Core, and it lacks the Pseudotank mode.

The trio of SHINIGAMI cores. The left and right ones, as mentioned earlier, are a weaker form of a standard type, generating about 75% of the power a standard core can generate, together, the boost the 005 frame’s power output by 150%. If the central core’s energy is factored in, then the power increases by 250%. The only humans who can pilot a Triple Core mecha are geniuses, whose massive intellect provides the control for the raging storm of raw power that is the SHINIGAMI System.

A shot of the Pilot Block and head unit.

This is Ryusei Haruki, a Japanese American pilot. He is a natural Genius with an IQ of 183. He is quite gifted as far as piloting skills go, but he is still a novice as far as experience goes. His high intelligence also makes him a talented tactician, but even he isn’t smart enough to utilize the Triple Drive without outside help. That help takes the form of a Berserker class AI named Veruis. Veruis is an experimental AI designed to integrate with the Triple Drive System. He is smart and autonomous to a degree, but there are many programming restrictions built into his base code to prevent him from betraying the humans. Veruis can pilot the Axios Custom, but it is difficult for him, as he is designed to help control the Triple Drive. Veruis’ holographic form is styled after a mysterious beast, shrouded in fog with red eyes. (I might get around to building something like this at some point, no guarantees) He is a Berserker class AI because of his ability to temporarily wrest control of the 005 from Ryusei in situations where it is deemed necessary, this is called the Berserker mode, and it substantially increases the power and speed of the frame. (Think Evangelion berserk mode). Though Ryu is a talented pilot, his lack of experience makes it difficult for him to judge when to fight and when to run, but with Verius backing him up, the Axios Custom is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Concerns were raised when the idea of an AEGAKS paired with a potential enemy, but it was quickly pointed out that the Human army was in desperate need of more power to face the robots on equal terms. Verius is mostly stable, but there is always the slight chance that he will 'go rouge' and take the 005 to the enemy side...

Creator’s Notes
Well, this took entirely too long to build. The reason for this is that I was trying to incorporate an alternate form, while not changing the frame at all. The result was a simple rotation, some folding, and that is about it. The sword arms were built using the Folding blade from the Cerunnos Kaiser as a base, but since the arms use the ball joins instead of the clicky ones, I had to cut back on the weight a bit. I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out. Credit for inspiration behind the frame, head, pilot block, and the AEGAKS name goes to Jason Dominguez. I already have pictures of my final AEGAKS and you can expect to see it sometime this week. The model Designation is AEGAKS-APB 01 R-Gr ‘Kutori’

Feel free to Rate and Comment, your advice helps me to become a better builder.

Until Next Time, Keep Building!


 I like it 
  March 30, 2011
Very cool! I really like the retractable blades, reminds me of Zone Of The Enders. A nice design.
 I like it 
  February 5, 2011
Very nice build, the colors are really cool!
 I made it 
  January 28, 2011
Quoting E.G.M.E. (Elite Galatic Military Engineering) Very nice, I personally like the color scheme. As for the transorfming part it still seems kind of mech-like innits tank form. If you wan to make a really good transformer try building a tank that concerts into something of a mech. Now I know that ses pretty far fetched but it doesn't have to be a perfect mech, just a tank that converts o something of mech. And what the heck do all these humans fight? You should build an enemy mech. A ninja mech would be cool you could have numchuks on it and maybe ballitic knives that rotate vertically when launched.
Nice thought on the Ninja mech, I might implement that later when I feel like rebuilding Shinigami. As far as the tank mode, I probably could've built something better, but I decided to go with a better looking mech and a sort of okay looking tank as opposed to a great looking tank with a mediocre mech. Since it was my first transformer, I wasn't expecting great things, that, plus an unwillingness to change the D-Frame limited my options considerably. Concerning enemies, I really prefer to build the Human Mechs, and I'm still suffering from a crippling lack of vital pieces at the moment, so you can't expect that to change any time soon. If you're interested in what the Humans fight, here is a link to the group these are posted in: Thank you for leaving a comment, and I appreciate your opinions. Schrado
 I like it 
  January 28, 2011
Very nice, I personally like the color scheme. As for the transorfming part it still seems kind of mech-like innits tank form. If you wan to make a really good transformer try building a tank that concerts into something of a mech. Now I know that ses pretty far fetched but it doesn't have to be a perfect mech, just a tank that converts o something of mech. And what the heck do all these humans fight? You should build an enemy mech. A ninja mech would be cool you could have numchuks on it and maybe ballitic knives that rotate vertically when launched.
 I like it 
  January 27, 2011
Incredible! The pilot block is one of the best modified ones I've seen. The folding blades are awesome. And the jets actually fit the whole mech. And it's ORANGE!!! The only small improvement I see would be making the legs a bit longer. so that he doesn't look like he got smashed or something.
Rai Schrado
Chris Kruining
  January 25, 2011
just freaking awesome
 I like it 
  January 25, 2011
Very nicely done. The White and Orange does make a good combo, I've experimented with it a bit myself. I like the shields on the arms. I'm not sure about the trio Shinigami, though.
 I like it 
  January 24, 2011
The color scheme is wonderful but I might of made the legs a couple of studs longer because the arms/weapons look almost too large. This is just my own personal taste and I get the feeling this one simply looks better in person. Anyway I can most certainly tell you skill is improving with each build you post.
 I like it 
  January 24, 2011
Forget what I said about Durandal, this one is your best so far. The great color combo is awesome!
 I like it 
  January 24, 2011
wow cool build,its back is awesome and i also like its hover mode,great job!
By Rai Schrado
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Added January 24, 2011

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