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Snake's Bounty Hunter Team.
These are a whole bunch of minifigures which I plan of using as main characters for my upcoming Comic series. If you can't make it through the stories, and are just looking at the pictures, please look at my credit disclaimers and such. Thankyou.
About this creation
Compromising of seven men, Humans, Aliens and Humanoids alike, this gang has had many battles before and during the Clone wars. They have been known to work for many clients, including Seperatists, Crime lords, Hutts, even the Grand Republic. Their Diversity of skill, ranging from combat to repairing to hacking, have made them a force to be reckoned with.*

Heres the team, from left to right: Snake, Techy, Bandit, Hevy, Cyborg, Void and Detonate.*

More Weapons and stuff.


Codename: Snake
Species: Kla'gerv*
Gender: Male
Weapons: Vibrosword, vibroblade.
Skills: Planning, Close combat, Sniping/Sharpshooting, Piloting.
Distinctive features: Yellow skin (Due to planets radiation), One eye, bare chest, fedora, big-buck-teeth-which-kinda-looks-like-a-mod's.

Snake is the leader of the team. A Kla'gerv*, he is a mastermind at heart and can figure out strategies for nearly any occasion. He is a master of the vibroblades and can even elude some jedi.

He was born on the world Kla'gervia, a planet in the outer rim with a toxic atmosphere where only some creatures could survive. Because of this, merchants tried to not get involved in any trading with Kla'gervia, which derived the economy badly. Klagervia was desperate, and the government decided to make use of their high deposits of ore, steel and nova crystals to set up a small illegal armour factory. Snakes' father was a poor worker with hardly anything, and so the boy grew up in a rough environment. It was bad enough, but when the jedi knight Qui-Gon Jinn intervened and killed his father, he used funds earned from a ransomed jedi to gather enough credits to buy a ship, and grew into a bandit that was intent on gathering bounty hunters and avenging him.*

Yes, I know its a SP Snake with a fedora. Please forgive the unoriginality of it, but once I used the head, I had to use the body, and when I used the body, I had to use the legs.

He is armed with a vibrosword and a short vibroblade. He has a gold epoulette to show he's the boss, and a rubber band. Yes, its white, but all my blacks have snapped. Dang.


Codename: Techy
Species: Dlit Si'agg*
Gender: Unigender, prefers to be refered as a male.
Weapons: Energy Taser, Spiked Shoulder Armour.
SKills: Hacking, Repairing, Strategising.
Distinctive features: Funny Head, bulging red eyes, nakedness (the updated version has pants, don't you worry).

Meet Techy, the Technician and saboteur of the lot. Techy is notably the first Bounty Hunter to join Snake's team. A Dlit si'agg genius, capable of intercepting hyperwave transmissions and hacking into even military security systems. He and Snake are a good team when making strategies, although Snake tends to have things his way all the time. Whether you want something stolen, a prison break, a hacked system, you know where to go.

Techy grew up in the rich planet Si'agg. He was a technician for the Si'agg Weapon Works Ltd., and gained a fairly good pay rate, but he wanted something more than that. He saved a large sum of 15,000,000 republic credits in his bank account and travelled the galaxy, selling souveneirs from different parts of the galaxy. However, his taste for adventure was still not yet fulfilled, and joined Snake's Bounty Hunter team.*

He, like Snake, is very unoriginal, just being a SP Squidman with shoulder armour and no cape. He will be changed as soon as I upload the updated version, so don't you worry. He carries an energy taser, which although short ranged and inaccurate, can shoot at multiple opponents and is very effective against machinery.


Codename: Bandit
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Weapons: Repeating blaster, vibrosword, vibroblade.
SKills: Combat, piloting, gunning, smuggling.
Distinctive features: Scowl, eyepatch (good thing Ghazab had a sieve pattern instead of it being a silly black or we'd all be in trouble), valuble items all over belt.

Bandit is a Zabrak (which is canon) raider, who has developed skills for combat, piloting, gunning and smuggling. He is one of the toughest in the group, and likes to bully around others for the fun of it. If you getin the way of anyone in the gang, make sure its not him.

Bandit grew up in a roaming space pirate crew with his father and mother, pillaging towns and cities throughout the outer rim. When he was 16 years old, his gang got arrested when they made the mistake of raiding in the inner core, and only he and his father escaped. After crashing on the world Tatooine, they tried to start a moisteriser repair shop, and later importing water and food from other worlds. But the jedi did not stop even when Bandit and his father started to go clean. The Jedi tracked them down and arrested them. After 4 miserable years in a cell on Coruscant, he was broken out by Snake, Techy, Detonate and Hevy, who had heard about him and were interested in his abilities. After an aggravated conversation, Bandit reluctantly joined them. Now Bandit is good friends with Hevy, and is forever plotting to break out his father.*

Bandit is a bit better this time, having Black legs, a PoP Dastan Torso, a PoP Ghazab head and a blue pirate bandana (which is good to hide nonexistent zabrak horns). He also has a gun made out of three pieces: A Modified camera (The handles were already broken off, so don't critisize me of being a non-purist), a black telescope and a black droid arm for the ammunition chain.

He also has a vibrosword and vibroblade, held on by a blue rubber band, which keeps a colour scheme.

Bang! Gotcha! Yes, the gun is completly hollow, and you can actually see the light at the end.


Name: Hevy
Codename: (None)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapons: Chainsaw fitted Heavy weapon, Missile launcher located on jetpack.
SKills: Combat, Sniping/Sharpshooting, Mutilating things.
Distinctive features: Facial Hair, armour, Big gun, Flying Helmet, Jetpack, wounds.

Hevy is one of the oldest members of the team, second only to Techy. He is a very elite fighter, and has managed to kill even jedi. Even though he has a high reputation and just may be the most dangerous bounty hunter of the lot, he is fairly modest and kindhearted (for a bounty hunter, though. To a civilised person he's a coldhearted killer, so be warned) and has a sense of chivalry. Hevy is especially fond of Snake and Detonate, and are good friends.

Hevy grew up the son of a rich buisnessmen, who was actually linked with the factory Snake worked at. Hevy became a favourite client of Kla'gervian Armour Industries Ltd, hence where he purchased his armour. One day, he was in the secret factory when Four jedi attacked. With Snake and others, he managed to kill one and capture another. However, the remaining two shut down the factory and drove everyone out. Later, Snake managed to get in touch with Him and was eagerly accepted by Snake and Techy into their band.*

Hevy is basicly the same as the Hevy featured beforehand. To see pics in detail, including his gun and jetpack, click here.


Codename: Cyborg
Species: Twi'lek Cyborg
Gender: Male, Masculine Programing
Weapons: Pulse blaster, enhanced strength and speed.
SKills: Close Combat, Agility.
Distinctive features: Helmet, Armour, antennea.

Cyborg is one of the newer members of the team, coming in at the start of the clone wars. He was once a Twi'lek Freedom Fighter, but was shot down in the arm, leg and lekku by battle droids. Snake and his gang found him and operated on him, giving him amazing strength, thinking and agility powers.

When Ryloth was forcefully occupied by the Coporate Alliance, The Twi'leks fought back. A massive fight ensured when Allied Republic Forces and Twileks charged against seperatists, and it was that fight where *CLASSIFIED* went down. Later, a wandering Snake, Techy, Hevy, Detonate and Bandit found him, and Techy discovered that he was still alive, even though invalid. Over the watchful eye of Snake, droid surgeons gave him life support and artificial limbs. He wasn't that badly injured, and the resulting creation was incredibly powerful. However, Cyborg was very reluctant to join them, and he actually adorned the jedi, so he was mindwiped. Unfortunatly, that meant that Cyborg took a drop in IQ down to 90, but was compromised when it was computer enhanced, giving him an IQ of 270. Cyborg has the qualities of a true bounty hunter, but his motivation for his tasks are no better than a Mindless robot. The result? A completly loyal conquerer which is one of Snake's Favourite clients.

Cyborg Uses a Golden City Takeshi Torso and legs, and a brick-built head compromising of 3 pieces, which are a Dark Red 1x1 Headlight Brick, a Translucent Blue 1x1 round plate (or a 1x1 stud for some) and a Black 2x2 Dish.. His gun is also made up of three pieces, a black Minifig Tap, a Black 1x1 Round brick and a "2" Technic Pin. If you are wanting to make something simalar to this, a "3" Technic Pin instead of a "2" pin will make it look way cooler. It is also possible to make both in light grey (and possibly blue and tan? I need to check what colours the taps come in).

Oh, and before I forget, Cyborg has an aeriel sticking out of his back. If the brickbuilt Helmet doesn't make it feel like a robot, this should (I think).


Codename: Void
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapons: UZI Blaster, RPG Launcher (Not Shown)
SKills: Piloting, Zero-Gravity Movement and Combat, Sharpshooting/Sniping, scouting.
Distinctive features: Pressurized ArmourSuit, Helmet, Oxygen Tanks.

Void is the newest member of the team. He is skilled with piloting, and is the best pilot the team has. He also has a special ability to adapt to many environments, including underwater or in high/low/nonexsistent gravity. He is most of the time silent, like Detonate, and Hardly voices his opinion unless absoloutly neccessary.

Void was born in an inner core planet, known as Kha'ti*, and started training as a commando when he was 18. However, he was framed for a horrible explosion which led to 49 deaths of his friends. Void managed to evade the security and escape, but the police force of his planet was forever after him. Void ran into the wilderness, possessing only 1 weeks worth of food, a Multi knife, a blaster pistol and a armoursuit. He was left starving and was on the verge of insanity when Snake and his bounty hunters found him. Void is competant with his modified armoursuit, and always carries an Uzi and an RPG Launcher. He now vows to find out just who framed him and have revenge.

Void has White legs, black waist, Exoforce Jungle Ha-Ya-To Torso and white head (or a skeleton head turned backwards). He has a White racing helmet with black visor, and another broken Camera piece (They are really fragile, its stupid) as an Uzi.

Void also has a black oxygen tank, which helps him underwater and in space.


Codename: Detonate
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Weapons: Energy rifle, Explosives.
SKills: Explosives, combat, gunning.
Distinctive features: Red armour, helmet, Dynamite, Gun, artificial hand.

Finally, Detonate is the explosives specialist of the team. He has been the center of many breakins, breakouts, robberies and annhilations. If Techy can't get in, then Detonate can. Detonate is, asides from his fighting ferocity, a fairly kind and modest person, like Hevy. Detonate is also quiet, secretive, and unpredictible, like Void, which does tend to make the others in his group a bit uncomfartable.

Detonate was, strangly enough, a miner, not a warrior. His planet was a great source of metals and ores, and since the customers were in so high quantities, he was set to work when he was only 14. He was rich, but he was still unhappy. Detonate decided to run away, so he gathered a large sum of his savings and stole a cargo shuttle. He travelled the galaxy, and found a home on the prosperous planet of Coruscant. He found a life of crime there, and was constantly robbing coruscanti residents in the lower levels, using his knowledge of digging and explosives to good use. Eventually, after he robbed a bank by force with a gang of fellow criminals, jedi were sent onto his trail, and the victor became the victim. After a vicious battle, where Detonate's hand got mangled by a deflected blaster bolt, his comrades were arrested and Detonate barely escaped. After wandering the lower levels trying to evade the jedi, he ran into Snake, Techy and Hevy, who were there to gather intelligence about the criminal *CLASSIFIED* who is now under the codename Bandit. Detonate eagerly joined their party and his skills did not fail him when they broke out the former Space Pirate. Detonate decided to join the 4 permanantly.

Detonate Uses red legs, an Original Exoforce Takeshi Torso (I swapped a gray hand for a black, because whats an explosives specialist without an artificial hand or two?) and a black head. His helmet is made out of a black aviator helmet and an old diver mask in red. His gun is made out of a light grey tap and a flick missile.

Because I had some red dynamite, I couldn't resist plonking that on his back (The updated version has a bit more thought to it).

Man, that was alot of typing! With that aside, heres a little bit of fun. Snake's team of psychologicaly invalid mercenaries pit themselves into battle with the Series 4 Darkdroid 199-738-Y Trooper and the Series 4 Darkdroid 199-738-X Commando. *Bam!* *Bam!* *Fzzakk!* *Boom!*

"Well that was easy."

Heres the lot walking away into the ice cream container sunset. Sorry, you have to Imagine that.

*= Not canon. Also please note that 0% of these stories are in any ways canon, and they may clash with other storylines, canon or non-canon. If so, I apologise.

Note: An updated version is coming soon. Look out for more stories, better figs and more purist weapons!
Another Note: If you want to copy my weapons, it would be appreciated if you gave credit, preferably with a link, but if you forget, or deny it being mine, I don't really care.

Be sure to Check out my other creations, and please rate and comment!


 I made it 
  April 29, 2011
Quoting Mark Eckerson Awesome job! If you want your awesome figs to get noticed more you should enter a contest to get some more traffic.
I might, but i'm stuck on the "awesome fig" part.
Andrew Evans
Mark Eckerson
  April 21, 2011
Awesome job! If you want your awesome figs to get noticed more you should enter a contest to get some more traffic.
 I like it 
  April 16, 2011
Hi. Thanks for commenting. I love these. My fav is cyborg. The weapons are awesome.
  April 5, 2011
I like these purist guys... Why is it in your Failed Stuff? It's good!
 I like it 
  March 31, 2011
Nice job, this is a cool collection of custom figures!
 I made it 
  March 31, 2011
Quoting Paperweight . Nice job! I enjoyed reading the back-stories for each character. And yes I am being honest.
Well, you sure have bad taste. JK!
Andrew Evans
 I like it 
Paperweight .
  March 12, 2011
Nice job! I enjoyed reading the back-stories for each character. And yes I am being honest.
 I like it 
  February 25, 2011
Nice Page Creations ... Thanks For Visiting Us ... It Takes A Lot Time And Patience ....
 I made it 
  February 18, 2011
I just want to say that I respect constructive criticism a hundred times more than mere compliments. Don't hesitate to give negative ratings if this sucks that bad, and please give honest ratings (Flattery is acceptible, though, but try not to put a tone of sarcasm). Thankyou.
By Andrew Evans
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