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AEGAKS-APB 007 D-Wh 'Tenshi'
The eighth D-Frame developed by Schrado Industries. Now with better pictures! Equipped with both the SHINIGAMI and experimental TENSHI Systems.
About this creation

AEGAKS-APB 007 D-Wh ‘Tenshi’

This is the Eighth Production model D-Frame designed by Schrado Industries, codenamed ‘Tenshi’. Tenshi is the Japanese word for Angel, and it is also the name of 007’s flight unit. This is the only 007 model currently used, because of the nature of both the TENSHI and SHINIGAMI Systems. (Creator’s Note: Let’s play; Guess which Lego Set Schrado bought before building this! Your prize for guessing right is a gold star. It’s not so much gold as it is imaginary, and it cannot be used for anything.)

The 007 unit is unique among AEGAKS because it has only one projectile weapon, the cutting laser in its central eye. The main pilot, Telsan Dulandis, doesn’t like guns for some reason, thus the Tenshi was equipped with the most melee weapons on any AEGAKS ever produced by Schrado Industries. Its weaponry includes a Beam Sword, a Beam Dagger, two Beam Throwing Knives, a pair of Anti-Armor fighting knives, and a Beam Naginata.

Tenshi was originally constructed after the shattered Shinigami Prototype was salvaged by the robots, but without its cloak, SHINIGAMI Core or Pilot Block. The Amaterasu Celestus was destroyed in the same battle that took the Shinigami Prototype, and its pilot, Tristan Ventu, was heavily injured. (Creator’s note: Amaterasu Celestus was the upgrade of Amaterasu Kai that I never took pictures of.) While Rai Schrado and Tristan Ventu were recovering, Ryusei Haruki, the Shinigami Squad’s resident techie, was busily constructing the Tenshi from secret blueprints he secured from Eagle’s Nest.

Tenshi wielding its twin knives. The knives were actually salvaged from the Amaterasu Celestus, and as such, they share the characteristic shield piercing system pioneered by the Shinigami Prototype’s scythe-rifle.

Tenshi using its Beam Sword while preparing to throw one of its Beam Knives. The Beam Knives are based on the Amaterasu Celestus’ Heavy Beam Swords, and they share the swords characteristic shape. The Beam Naginata and Beam Dagger are also based off of those weapons, but they operate at a slightly reduced power level in exchange for greater blade stability.

Tenshi about to throw its Beam Knives. The Throwing knives were not designed to be used in combat like the anti-armor blades, as their construction is more fragile than the Beam Dagger mainly used in conjunction with the Beam Sword. Generally the Throwing Knives are a one-use item, due to their fragility, but it is possible to use them multiple times, provided they are retrieved first.

Tenshi reaching for its Beam Naginata. The Beam Naginata is the longest weapon in Tenshi’s arsenal, standing nearly as tall as the unit itself. The Naginata is also Tenshi’s strongest weapon, but it is difficult to utilize effectively in combat. Telsan and the backup pilot of Tenshi were all extensively trained in the use of melee weaponry to offset Tenshi’s lack of ranged weaponry.

A shot of the Naginata with the blade activated. Not much else to say here.

The pilots of Tenshi both have their own signature combat style, Teslan’s is more of a ‘jack of all trades’ type, meaning he can utilize all of the Tenshi’s weapons at a competent level, while Morgana focuses more on the Naginata and Throwing Knives.

Tenshi utilizing the Beam Naginata while firing its cutting laser. There is really only one thing to say here, and that is: SHOOP DA WHOOP!! I’M A FIRIN’ MAH LAZOR!!!!

Wielding the Beam Naginata with the TENSHI system activated.
TENSHI is another acronym that stands for:
Basically, the TENSHI System allows TENSHI equipped Mecha to fly. Not just hover, but true flight. The System is notoriously difficult to control, but it offers a massive boost in speed and aerial agility as compared to the Float System previously used by several D-Frames.

A shot of the 007’s back with both the TENSHI and SHINIGAMI Systems in their deactivated state. Tenshi is unique among D-Frames for another reason, and that reason is that it draws power from the SHINIGAMI core even when it isn’t activated, meaning that this unit has a higher base power limit than other D-Frames, but on the flip side, activating the System doesn’t provide as much of a power boost.

The TENSHI System, as seen here, can be activated separately from the SHINIGAMI System, though it is severely draining on the main power cell.

Both TENSHI and SHINIGAMI Systems activated.
SHINIGAMI is an acronym which stands for:
Acceleration (of)
The way the system works is: The pilot activates their secondary Neural Uplink, providing a direct access between the unit’s main computer system and the pilot’s mind, unlocking the full abilities of the Neural Trace system, including the head, because the SHINIGAMI System requires the sheer processing power of the Human brain in order to perform the complex equations that come with fracturing the crystal rod that makes up the core of the Drive Booster unit. The crystal rod contains enough energy to power a D-type frame for several months, so when it shatters, all of that energy is released at once, quadrupling the weapon and motion systems output for about fifteen minutes. The rod actually releases more energy, but fifteen minutes is about the maximum amount of time that the pilot can handle, and after about twenty minutes, the D-Type frame will actually explode from within, destroying or severely damaging anything within about a half-mile radius, as well as completely destroying the unit. A beneficial side effect of this system is that it will completely recharge the main and auxiliary power cells. The crystal rod is partially used up once the system is activated so it should be replaced after use. The prohibitive cost of the core of the booster unit consequently means that there are very few SHINIGAMI equipped mecha. All of the cooling fins must be open when the system is activated, or the Frame will melt. In order to activate the SHINIGAMI system, the pilot has to verbally disable the limiter and manually input a code word of his choice, one for each of the four levels of the SHINIGAMI system. Levels one through three increase the output of the unit exponentially, but level four is a desperation tactic that funnels all the generated power through the frame at once, burning out the circuits and killing the pilot nine times out of ten. The one time that it didn’t kill the pilot, it left him catatonic, so level four is a method of last resort. The four levels of the SHINIGAMI System correspond to the amount of the Crystal Rod that was shattered. Level one takes one fourth, level two takes one half and so on. The unbroken pieces of crystal Rod can be recycled into other cores and used again.

A shot of the Tenshi’s Frame with all of its equipment. I just realized that I gave it seven blades, so I suppose you could call this the Tenshi ‘Seven Swords’. Tenshi uses a modified version of the Standard D-Frame. The modifications include slightly longer legs, (Creator’s Note: you guys kept telling me to make the legs longer, so I did.) and the shoulders are almost at the top of the torso. These changes give Tenshi a much more human appearance than most other D-Frames, with the possible exception of Cerunnos Kaiser and Axios Custom.

Tenshi’s Seven Swords. From left to right, The Beam Sword, an Anti-Armor Blade, a Beam Throwing Knife, the Beam Naginata, the other Throwing Knife, the other Anti-Armor Blade and the Beam Dagger.

The Tenshi’s pilot block. Yeah.

The open pilot block. The Tenshi’s pilot block is specifically designed to interface only with Teslan and Morgana, since it is attuned to their specific brainwaves.

This is Telsan and his twin sister Morgana Dulandis. Telsan is the main pilot of the Tenshi, and his sister acts as the backup pilot if he is incapacitated. Of the two of them, Telsan is the calmer, more collected one, and he will often think a situation through before charging in. His sister Morgana on the other hand, is hot-headed and headstrong, preferring to fight battles her way, and letting her teammates get her out of any situation she can’t handle herself. The two of them were the only survivors of one of the smaller communities in the Rocky Mountains that was decimated in one of the earliest robot attacks. As a result, they were raised by the NAARA as part of their top secret Super Soldier Project. The two of them have undergone significant physical and mental conditioning which enables them to safely use both the TENSHI AND SHINIGAMI Systems in conjunction with each other, but it puts a tremendous strain on their minds and bodies to do so. Their bodies were also extensively modified to be both far stronger and faster than an average human. The reason they were paired as pilots for the 007 Unit is that so one of them could field the unit if the other was too sick or injured to do so. Telsan and Morgana fight simply because it is all they know, and they do it extremely efficiently.

Teslan and Morgana are also extensively trained in unarmed combat, and it is entirely possible that the two of them could take down a small to mid-sized drone on foot without weapons.

Project AEGAKS: Evolution Story
After the defeat of Mecha One and the destruction of the Robot Rebellion, the humans quickly began to require more space than they had, due to the ocean of radioactive fog that still blanketed the planet. The decision was made to construct a colony on Mars. The AEGAKS-APB 007 ‘Tenshi’ was sent to Mars with the initial group of human colonists, mainly to survey the territory for possible expansion for Schrado Industries, and also to remind the colonists that they weren’t alone. Only Teslan and a team of mechanics went with it, as Morgana chose to stay behind on Earth to test the next generation of APB equipped mecha. Despite its age as compared to the newer AEGAKS E’s (Evolution Type), Tenshi is still a mighty opponent with an expert pilot. When the Mars colonies rebelled against Earth, Teslan remained loyal to his home-world and refused to fight against his comrades and sister on the new Shinigami Squad. At the same time, he couldn’t bring himself to fight against his friends in the Colony Defense Forces. Teslan aws faced with a terrible choice, and finding that neither option was to his liking, he created his own. He chose to remove himself from fighting for either side, taking Tenshi and hiding out in the Martian wastelands.

Creator’s Notes
Well, here it is! The latest in AEGAKS-APB technology! I am quite pleased with how this turned out, but I regret that I had to dismantle the Amaterasu Celestus for parts. If you couldn’t guess, I bought the Ice Dragon set prior to building this, so, no gold star for you! Credit for the AEGAKS name and inspiration behind the Head and Pilot Block goes to Rabid Goldfish.
Oh and before I forget, Here is a teaser for the Shinigami upgrade, codenamed Shinigami Demon!

Until Next Time, Keep Building!



 I like it 
  April 4, 2011
this is an unusual design,but is by far the best mech i have every scene!its playable and well coloured,its got many good features! i periodontally like the cockpit and the usable hands and accessories!! its good and compact! if any thing to improved on would be the head,its not bad!, its just out of proportion and unlife-like
 I like it 
  April 4, 2011
Excellent excellent build. Love the details in the build and it's weapons. I like the color scheme, it's gives the mech a very sharp look.
Rai Schrado
 I like it 
Andrew AKA Hump-Free
  April 3, 2011
Hey Man, I'm Glad That You Liked My Review, Had Me Worried There When You Didn't Say Anything. About This MOC, Were You Interested In Becoming A Reviewer Mod, If Not, Could The Potential Review Mods Review This For The Testing Reviews? I Think It Would Be A Great MOC For Them Them To Look At, And Also, This Deserves More Attention. I Will Still Review This If You Let The Me Use This For The Test Reviews, Though I Would Feel More Comfortable With Emailing The Review To You, That Way The Potentials Can Review Without Worrying To Compare It To My Own.
 I made it 
  April 3, 2011
Quoting Andrew AKA Hump-Free Hey Man, I'm Glad That You Liked My Review, Had Me Worried There When You Didn't Say Anything. About This MOC, Were You Interested In Becoming A Reviewer Mod, If Not, Could The Potential Review Mods Review This For The Testing Reviews? I Think It Would Be A Great MOC For Them Them To Look At, And Also, This Deserves More Attention. I Will Still Review This If You Let The Me Use This For The Test Reviews, Though I Would Feel More Comfortable With Emailing The Review To You, That Way The Potentials Can Review Without Worrying To Compare It To My Own.
I would be fine with you using this for the Mod testing process, in fact, that would be amazing, since I want to get as much feedback on my creations as possible. I was considering attempting to become a review Mod for your group, but unfortunately, I don't think that my current schedule will allow me to do so at this time. If you want to email me, then my email is
 I like it 
  March 6, 2011
good work! i like the lazor part
 I like it 
  February 21, 2011
It's totally clear now. The white wing is quite good also the body shape.
 I like it 
  February 18, 2011
WOW! What a difference! The new pics reveal small but clever details! The wings are my favorite part of it.
  February 18, 2011
The new pics definitely increase the visual effect on the MOC. Definitely a well made model. I like the variety of weapons that you included.
 I like it 
  February 18, 2011
The new pics really help out in determining the detail you put into this mech and now it shows. This is especially true for the head because before I couldn't tell what it was! You have quite a line going here and the preview shot of the Demon looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it.
By Rai Schrado
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Added February 18, 2011
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