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A Story Reborn Chapter 6 THE HIDDEN ENEMY
A Story Reborn Chapter 6 THE HIDDEN ENEMY
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Last time we saw our heroes they were outside Malumís cave, Unsure is he was alive, or sane! As our friends were about to enter the heard a strange voice coming from inside, Is the voice Malumís? Or Makutaís latest threat!...

(The voice that the Toa heard attracts their attention, and they all look at the figure that is exiting the cave...)
Malum: Ackar, how long has it been! I see youíve brought old friends! ...
(Malum looks at Gelu)
Malum: ...And new ones!
(Malum glares at Mata Nui and Cossy)
Ackar: It has been a long time hasnít it! These are some of my new friends Malum, Their names are Cossy and Mata Nui, They have a story that will... Well blow you away!
Malum: Hmm... I see...
(Malum jumps down to shake Ackarís hand)

Malum: It has been a long time hasnít it!
(Malum and Ackar shake hands)
Ackar: Yes it has, now I have to tell you the reason Iím hear
Malum: Is it a long story Ackar?
Ackar: You could say that...
(Ackar, with Mata Nuiís help, explains the whole story up until this point, including everything from the early tales of the Toa Mata on Aqua Magna, to now)

Malum: ...Well... It seem there are so many things we didnít know about!
Mata Nui: I know itís a lot to take in Malum, but you must remember most of it if youíre going to help us
Malum: And who says Iíll be helping you?
Ackar: Itís for your own good Malum, If you donít Makuta will kill you!
Gelu: Speaking of which, how on Bara Magna did you survive that blast Makuta sent out?
Malum: HE KILLED ALL MY VOROX! My friends, brothers, sisters all of them...
Gelu: Iím sorry Malum, but how did you survive?
Malum: I donít know, that blast swept over my Vorox dissolving them into nothingness! But when it hit me, for some reason it... improved me!
Cossy: Improved you?
Ackar: I though you looked different!
Malum: Yes, it upgraded my armour, and made me better, faster, taller and stronger!
Cossy: Huh, wonder what it would have done to us! Then again probably a bad idea to take that risk
Ackar: People please, we should really get to the point, Malum I ask you one more favour of you, please...

Ackar: ... Makuta is doing everything in this power, which is a lot, to kill every last person who defines him! We need to stop him before he stops us, and the only way thatís possible is with your help! We need to take shelter here; Makuta will never find the location! And itís perfect for us to stay in! Malum, please, will you join our rebellion and bring Makuta to an end, once and for all!
Malum: So let me get this straight! You want me to give you my home, join your team and stop something that could possibly kill me before I can even attempt to strike it?!
Ackar: I know it seem a lot Malum, but itís for your own good! If you donít join us, you will be killed!
(Malum starts to walk back into his cave pondering whether or not to join Ackar and the others...)

Malum: Whoís to say Makuta isnít the better option to pick? He seems more powerful! He gave me this new armour and strength, why not join him?
Ackar: MALUM! He cannot be trusted! He only wishes to rule, and will do it at any cost! Including killing his own men! Not to mention Malum, He killed your Vorox!

(Malum pauses to think...)
Ackar: Malum, please, Iím only trying to help you!

(Malum walks back into his cave, still thinking of what to do...)
Malum: Alright Ackar, I will join you! Send the rest of you men inside!
Ackar: Youíve made the right decision brother!
(Ackar looks over towards the other Toa)
Ackar: All right guys come on in!

(The Toa start walking in as Ackar tells Malum all their names...)
Ackar: You already know Gelu; this is Raxonax, one of the other-worlders
Cossy: Yo Raxonax, get over there!
Raxonax: Will do ma brother!
Ackar: And behind him is Gresh
Malum: I see...

(By now almost every Toa has entered the cave only a few still need to enter)
Ackar: And finally, thatís Tahu, another one of the other-worlders
Malum: Alright, I think I get it!

Malum: Itís getting late, I think itís time we go inside!
Raxonax: Way ahead of ya!
Ackar: Yes, Weíll discuss are plans once we enter
Malum: Sounds good, Iíll do whatever I can to crush that fool!
(Cossy looks off into the distance and sees something)
Cossy: NO! It canít be!
(Everyone else looks other to where Cossy is looking)

(Everyone stares at whatís heading towards them in amazement, but it seems Cossy is more amazed than the others...)

(The vehicle stops as the Glatorian on it look at Malum and the others)
Ackar: My word, is that you Perditus?!

(Perditus stops the Thornatus V9 and gets up off it, as does the other Glatorian)
Perditus: Ackar! Malum! Itís grand to see you! I thought that blast had got the better of you!
Ackar: I thought the same of you! Tell me how did you survive?
Malum: How bout we discuss it inside? Just part your vehicle over there!
Perditus: I agree, letís go inside!

(Perditus parks his Chariot and everyone walks into the cave)

(After Ackar explains to Perditus and the other Glatorian the same thing he said to Malum, he asks him...)
Ackar: So Perditus, tell us, how did you survive? Was it the same that happened to Malum?
(Cossy stares are the other Glatorian, as if he is amazed to see him!)
Perditus: Far from it! No no, the two of us were on the Thornatus, searching the Blackspike Mountains for an artefact, The two of as are chroniclers! Anyway, when we saw the blast heading towards us were we both figured we were doomed! But for some reason it appeared to... I guess you could say dissolved once it reached the Blackspike Mountains! And it just stopped before it could reach us; everything else it touched was completely obliterated!
Mata Nui: Interesting! Perhaps these, Blackspike Mountains have some kind of bond with Makuta
Perditus: It would make sense, still, none of the less it was one scary moment!
Ackar: It would have been
(Cossy stops staring at the Glatorian, Realizing he was daydreaming, But he is still amazed to see him here...)
Ackar: Iím sorry, I never got your name?
(Ackar looks at the other Glatorian)
Fortux: Iím quite sorry! My name is...
(Cossy interrupts...)

Cossy: Fortux, Heís called Fortux...
Fortux: Wow, I havenít even spoken since I came here! Not to mention I donít think anyone even mentioned my name! How did you guess it?
Ackar: Yeah, What a guess Cossy!
Cossy: Um...Yeah, I guess Iím just a good guesser...
(Before anyone else can talk, Malum interrupts...)
Malum: Anyway, Enough chit chat...

Malum: ...This day marks a new day in history! Today the rebellion is formed! Together we can stop Makuta and take back what is rightfully ours!
Mata Nui: Hear Hear!
Everyone else: HEAR HEAR!
Malum: Now, whatís next? The sooner we stop Makuta the better!

(Meanwhile Teridax and Vezon are commencing with the next part of their plan, Makutaís wounds have finally healed and he is ready to fight, but first he wants other things...)

Vezon: Your wounds have finally healed Makuta, now you can finally destroy Mata Nui!
Makuta: Not so fast Vezon, Mata Nui must die the worst way possible, and the only way that will happen is by making him watch his friends die, One by one! But first we must get that mask!
Vezon: How could I have forgotten! How do you plan on getting that mask Teridax?
Makuta: ...Easy! ...
(Makuta extends out his hand...)

(And unleashes a blast of shadow to create...)

(...Two new warriors! Sand Stalker, an assassin and excellent tracker, created to be able to eliminate any target and A.D Lord of Darkness, A creature so powerful and terrifying, any Toa would be afraid to fight him, and even if they did, they wouldnít last long! These warriors will help Makuta get that mask)

(The new warriors bow before their master as he explains to them his future plans...)
Makuta: Now, you two, I have created you to serve me, and me only! I have given you all the knowledge I possess, Everything I know about this planet, and my own, you also know, there are some things that I must keep from you...For obvious reasons... NOW! Your missions are as follows!
(Makuta opens a small hatch in his foot and three Rahkshi step out)

Makuta: Sand Stalker, your mission begins now! You shall take these three Rahkshi and scout out were the Toa are hiding, once you find them, which you will! Stalk them until you know their next plan! And if you are caught, which you wonít be! Kill all witnesses.
Sand Stalker: Anything...master...You three! Follow me!
(Sand Stalker and the Rahkshi leave...)

Makuta: Now A.D, I have a speacial mission for you! Yours is more important! Unlike Sand Stalkers, Iím sure he will fail! Even if he does, youíll do it, I only made him for minor missions, unlike you...
A.D: Thank you my lord!
Makuta: Now, your mission is that you shall leave for Aqua Magna, with Vezon; the two of you shall round up the new leaders of Metru Nui and make them report to me! Once that has been done I have another mission for you, one of more importance! Now, leave...
A.D: Of course Master!
(Vezon and A.D open a Rahkshi portal and leave for Aqua Magna)

(Meanwhile on Sand Stalkers mission...)

Sand Stalker: Hmmm... The Toa were here, their hideout is near...

Sand Stalker: Come, they are this wa...
(Sand Stalker pauses)
Sand Stalker: What happened to him?
(The other Rahkshi look at the empty space were the third Rahkshi used to stand)
First Rahkshi: Reeeii! *translation* WHAT THE! What happened to him?
Sand Stalker: Hmmm... Not important, let us go...
(The scouting party sets off, minus one)

(As they start to walk off, they relies somethingís following them...The mysterious hand pulls the Rahkshi back before it can even make a noise... A slicing noise is heard and Sand Stalker turns around)

Sand Stalker: Hmmm...
Rahkshi: REEIII!!! *translation* AH!!! He...HEíS DEAD!
Sand Stalker: Grrr! ...
(Sand Stalker looks over his shoulder)

Sand Stalker: SHOW YOURSELF!
(Sand Stalker hears another slicing noise and turns around)

Sand Stalker: Finally you showed yourself!
(The mysterious figure finished off his prey and looks towards Sand Stalker)
???: Finally we can talk alone Sand Stalker!
Sand Stalker: Enough talking!
(Sand Stalker runs forward to attack the warrior)

(The warrior is quick to react and blocks Sand Stalkers strike with his shield)
Sand Stalker: URGH!
???: Thereís no use fighting me! Your only gonna lose!
(The mysterious warrior pushes Sand Stalker off)

Sand Stalker: URGH!
???: Now Now Sand Stalker, thereís no need to get so aggressive!
Sand Stalker: Who the heck are you!? And how do you know my name!?
Nitro: Forgive me, My name is Nitro, Lord Nitro! I know your name because I saw you when you were being created!
Sand Stalker: Wa...What?
Nitro: I am rushing arenít I, sorry, Anyway, I saw you being created by that Makuta individual and I realised he sent you to attack those...Toa
Sand Stalker: So you hate the Toa?
Nitro: HATE THEM! They destroyed the Skrall! And killed one of the greatest individuals ever! Tuma!
Sand Stalker: Skrall? Tuma?
Nitro: *Sigh* Great! It seems Makuta knew nothing of the Skrall
Sand Stalker: You really were there when I was created...Huh...I know of the Skrall but not this...Tuma

Nitro: How can you know of the Skrall but not Tuma!
Sand Stalker: From what I know Makuta looked at the Skrall as a threat, but he then realized they were all killed, and that they are no threat to him!
Nitro: Dead! No threat! HA your ĎMasterí is wrong!

Nitro: Makuta is wrong! The Skrall are far from dead! They still live in the Blackspike Mountains! Living together in a peaceful manner! They would rebel and do as they did before, but they canít, they have no leader! I plan to be that leader! Then they can rebel!
Sand Stalker: Then why donít you just walk on in there and tell them to rebel! Become the leader you want to be?
Nitro: I would, but they wonít trust an outcast!
Sand stalker: Outcast?
Nitro: Yes...It a long story, but they kicked me out of their clan, they wonít remember me if I showed up and wanted to rule, they also wouldnít let me if I showed up alone, and was powerless, That is where you come in!

Sand Stalker: Me?
Nitro: Yes you, I plan to reform the Skrall army, but the only way to do that is to form a small strike force
Sand Stalker: Strike force?
Nitro: Let me finish and Iíll explain, I need a strike force, a small group of about...oh say four or five people, once I have this strike force then and only then will the Skrall accept me and even bother to appreciate me as a leader!
Sand Stalker: And Iím guessing you want me to join this team?
Nitro: I havenít even seen you fight and I know youíre powerful! If you join me then together we can rule The New Skrall Society!

Sand Stalker: Why should I?
Nitro: You hate these Toa right? So do I! They Killed Tuma, the greatest leader in the world! And once we form The New Skrall Society, then we can take our revenge!

Sand Stalker: And what makes you think I want to join?
Nitro: Well...
(Sand Stalker Interrupts Nitro)
Sand Stalker: You killed all of my scouts Nitro
Nitro: I couldnít have left witnesses! Itís best no one knows this! If they anyone knows we will be stopped!
Sand Stalker: We! I made an oath to Makuta, I said Iíd...
(Nitro interrupts...)

Nitro: Did you? You never said anything when I was there! Once you left I stayed a little longer to see What that other guy was gonna get, and it turns out Makuta couldnít care less about you!
Sand Stalker: ...What?
Nitro: Yep! He claimed you were just a pawn in his little game, and that you would be the first to go and first to die!
Sand Stalker: ...He...
Nitro: I can see that all you want in a leader is someone you can trust, I will be able to do that! I promise!
Sand Stalker: ...Iíll join, as long as you promise that we kill Makuta as well as the Toa!
Nitro: I want to propose a better idea, we wait for this war between these two forces to end, and then we destroy the victor and rule the planet, together!
Sand Stalker: I see, good plan... Fine, we shall do that, but this war will take much longer than you think! What do we do in the mean time?
Nitro: Find the rest of the members of our strike force, By the time we round them all up the war will be over!
Sand Stalker: Excellent!
Nitro: Iím glad you made the right decision Sand Stalker! We will set off now to find our next member! I already know who I shall pick, an old friend of mine!
Sand Stalker: Good...

Nitro: Now this way Sand Stalker!
Sand Stalker: Hold on, I still have a couple questions, First of all Makuta is going to try and kill me, Heíll know that Iíve betrayed him, Heíll find us and kill us! For my betrayal!
Nitro: Hmm... True, But your Rahkshi are dead! He knows you wouldnít fail him, he created you! So letís just leave some remains of you hear, like some armour and heíll think you were killed by the Toa!
Sand Stalker: An excellent plan Nitro! Also who is to say this army you want to reform is even going to be alive! That blast Makuta sent out Killed everything on Bara Magna!
Nitro: But yet Iím still alive!
Sand Stalker: True...
Nitro: The blast didnít affect the Black Spike Mountains for some reason, Both myself and the Skrall army were there at the time, that is why we still live, Every last one of them is still alive! Now shall we go?
Sand Stalker: Yes, but how can you be so sure that every one of them is still alive?
Nitro: Trust me Sand Stalker, Iím a Skrall! Every one of them is alive! ...
(The two set off)

(...Or has something killed the last of the remains of the Skrall? ...)

Please Read
Donít you just love cliffhangers :P I sure do :P Anyway, Up next is the long awaited Chapter 7 :D Were many of my other self MOCís will be joining the Rebellion... I mean appearing in my comic they may be joining it, they may not be :P Iím already giving away info I shouldnít :P

Anyway, I promise you Iíll finally post Volometix and some other new MOCís this weekend :D Anyway, Enjoy them when theyíre up :D

If you have any questions please donít hesitate to ask me ;)
Also Nick, let me know if your happy with how Nitro is, remember he will change later, and wonít die :P

Oh and Sorry about the long paragraphs of speech, this was an important chapter

Thanks for viewing guys, OH and before I forget, If Cossy gets 100 likes this weekend; Iíll post an extra speacial surprise for ya guys ;) Trust me, I spent AGES working on it and itís one of my best works EVER :D Even the great Gringat will be amazed, Or heíll hate it, one or the other :P
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 I made it 
  July 5, 2011
Thanks everyone! Glad you like it :D
 I like it 
  July 4, 2011
It was pretty intresting when Sand Stalker and Nitro were talking. They were like talking to team up against the toa like the part in my storyline when this "?" teams up with my dark-self moc Blacklord. This is very intresting, even all the other parts (by the way, love the part where Malum comes into action!). This is awsome, nice, and good!
  June 23, 2011
AWESOMESAUSE! i love it! i love it! this entire thing is fantastic!!!!! :}
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  June 22, 2011
Is that Makuta a combination of a whole bunch of different people? I see a little bit of Maxilos and Hydraxon. Also, where did you get the goloden makuta mask?
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Ben Cossy
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JPfan65 Studios
  April 30, 2011
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  April 30, 2011
Sorry for the delay, After I post my next Iron Legacy mission (It'll be up tomorrow moring) I'll start Chapter 7, So it'll be up tomorrow, or early morning, the day after :D
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So...when's the next comic? :)
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hey cossy whens part 7 gonna be up?
 I made it 
  April 30, 2011
Thanks everyone! And yes, all my Self MOC's will be in this :D
Ben Cossy
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Sorry ben that it has taken me long to comment but theis week is a lazy week for me!! :P It's brilliant and very detail and the story really pulls you in,great work ben :P
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 I made it 
  April 12, 2011
Wiki page! :D And as a brief summary, they were created by The Great Beings to stop the Core War but now they kill Skrall because they are in there teritory :D But still read the page, there is a lot more on them I haven't talked about :D Thanks Wertman ;)
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Always great to hear I'm reliving others childhood memories Allarand. So glad to hear that ;)
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I see you have a lot of fun building these figs and these stories. When I was younger, I did these, before coming to MOCPAGES, in my living room... Such great memories come to mind when I watch your stories. Thanks for that.
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  April 7, 2011
Shhh... Don't tell the others that :P
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Glad your not offended bro ;) I understand ;) Thanks for commenting :D
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 I made it 
  April 3, 2011
Thanks guys, You may be right Nick :P Master N, I've answer this question serveral times now, You will be in it, but only the version that I've make of you will be in it, Sorry If I sound mean, it's just I've answered this before, Thanks again everyone :)
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  April 2, 2011
Thanks Galaxus, But my editing skills fail in comparision to yours :P Glad you like it Nick, You will actually be a very important character in this story :D And yeah he will be turning good, Or will he XD Legofreak, I'll have you have a big fight scene, but not with Vezon :P I'm saving him for someone else :D
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Thanks a million guys :D I'm glad you like this chapter :)
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WOWZA a brilliant job! nice to see some more self mocs in your story, plus your old mocs! great job!
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Epic.Will Destrin be in the next chapter? ps Cossy will be posted soon;)
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Ben Cossy
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Chaos Master
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EPICNESS! i can't wait until chapter 7, your doing a good job making a story within the bionicle story. one thing, your chapters are pretty long, which is a good/bad sort of thing. i would keep them how they are, cuz i like them long :)
Ben Cossy
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S.E.D. (The Editor)
  April 1, 2011
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  April 1, 2011
Thanks guys ;) Morack will be in Chapter 7 Legobob ;) S.T.S, I'll either have you be in the next chapter or...maybe chapter 10? Anyway, you will be in it :D Sorry about the longnesss Cody, but it had to be like that :P S.E.D thanks for letting me know that, I have a plan for how you'll be in it :D Connor, I have a feeling you might me right, but I always thought that it was just Mata Nui (Island) that was the Makuta robot, Even if you are right, A Story Reborn is an alternate ending to the Bionicle story, so I'll just say what I thought was true for my comic, but I do have a feeling you may be right, If anyone else knows the answer, please let me know ;) Red Lego, I'd love to put you in, but then again I haven't made you :/ Sorry about that, I'll put you in Trail by Fire, the sequel to this comic :D That is once I make you, which will be once I restart my Self MOC wave :D Ahpolki Ihu... You may just be right :P Thanks Callan, It's like you read my mined :P Thanks Chaos, I'll try and keep em long :D Pure, As much as I'd like you to be in early, sadly I can't :/ All the Self MOC's I haven't built will be in the sequel, Trial by Fire, You'll be in then, also I will be building you, once I restart my Self MOC wave :D Zupharo, Weird how our stories mix like that :P Baron Von Ben, Yes your right :D And no, You'll coming in during Chapter 8 :D But I feel your entry is better :D Thanks Legofreak ;) I'll have you in the best way possible Master N :D I'm so devilsh aren't I Owen :P I plan on putting you in during the next Chapter :D Hope you'll be happy with that, I could put you in the strike force, but then again I want it to be manly for Skrall :D Thanks bro ;)
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 I like it 
  April 1, 2011
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 I like it 
  April 1, 2011
I like the story but I think you may have a fatal flaw. (I'm not quite sure.) Metru Nui is the brain of the Mata Nui robot. Which Makuta is controling. (I think) So Metru Nui is no longer on Aqua Magna. So A.D. and Vezon just got sent to an empty ocean planet! Please correct me if I'm wrong, and this is just part of your story. :)
 I like it 
  April 1, 2011
Wow! great story! This is getting better each time!
 I like it 
  April 1, 2011
Wow, that's a long episode. Nice work!
 I like it 
  April 1, 2011
AWESOME!!!!! Hope I'm in Chapter 7 :D
By Ben Cossy
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